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MARQUETTE, MI – An 11-year-old boy hanged himself after his 13-year-old girlfriend faked her own suicide on social media.

When this story was first making the rounds, the mother of the boy was talking about her son’s suicide in hopes it would get other parents to talk to their kids about the dangers of social media.

Katrina Goss did not go into details regarding the motives behind her son deciding to end his own life, aside from saying it was because of a social media prank. Her original statement read:

My son Tysen Benz was an 11 year old student, athlete, comedian, friend, brother, charismatic and all around amazing child. On Tuesday March 14th he impulsively chose to end his own life as a result of a horrific act of a social media prank which is under investigation by authorities. He clung on with the help of life support until Tuesday April 4th. He has now been set free and can Rest In Peace. He was loved by everyone he knew and he will absolutely never be forgotten.

Our family is completely heartbroken. I urge families to speak out, reach out and communicate with your children about life’s precious gift and the dangers of the internet and texting and how telecommunications can have the same effects as speaking face to face. I want Tysen to be remembered as he was and all the joy he’s brought to everyone. Keep his spirit alive by standing strong & fighting against social media bullying!!

On Thursday, Goss revealed more details surrounding her son’s death. She said it all started after Tysen bought a cellphone from a friend without her knowledge and began secretly dating a 13-year-old girl at his school.

Two Arrested After Two Children Found Dead Inside Storage Unit

For reasons currently unknown, the girl faked her own death online and had her friends help her pull it off. When Tysen read the news on social media, he believed it and responded that he was also going to kill himself.

Tysen wasn’t kidding and Goss would find her son in his room where he had hanged himself. He was rushed to the hospital where he has been on life support until he died April 4.

Police have not confirmed the details of Goss’ story, but Marquette city police Capt. Michael Kohler admitted they have charged a juvenile with telecommunication services-malicious use and using a computer to commit a crime.

Goss said she knows the people involved with the prank are young, but believes they are old enough to know right from wrong. She feels everyone involved in the prank should be held accountable.

“I don’t feel like it should be taken lightly,” she said. I don’t either, but charging these young kids a crime seems a bit much, doesn’t it?

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  • dammitall23

    I sure hope Miss Teen Borderline gets some counseling so they can find out if she’s a sadistic sociopath or just a juvenile jackass. She could stand some parental supervision as well.

  • Nice to see someone laughing at this story??

  • I thought the same think. Disgusting people that love getting attention.

  • No. Charging them with a crime is exactly what should happen. You want to act like an adult? You pay like an adult for your mistakes. Mistakes that you probably wouldn’t have made if you listened to your parents.

  • Aaaaand we have a weirdo.

    I don’t give a shit how edgy and dark you think you are, putting a laughing face on story about an 11 year committing suicide just makes you a raging dickhead.

  • There is another little prick in the dreamin’ demon group that does the same shit regularly.

  • When they laugh at things I share I just block them

  • M.E.


  • I agree. While some may feel it’s harsh, I do not. For every action, there is a consequence.

  • “I don’t feel like it should be taken lightly,” she said. I don’t either, but charging these young kids a crime seems a bit much, doesn’t it? ” I disagree with you on this point Morbid. This is what should happen. She was 13, it will be a slap on the wrist if anything and won’t follow her later in life. Now is the perfect time for her to learn that her actions have consequences.

  • Blocking them for being insensitive? You’re tolerant of differing attitudes. That really opens avenues of discusison. Raging dickhead, insensitive, troll, etc. i don’t care what you call me. It’s posted for people to see and comment on so you’re suprised that not everyone is a bleeding heart? Any and all death is sad, life is short, laugh while you can.

  • I agree with you Paula, they should be held accountable. But thinking back to 11, I sure wouldn’t kill myself over a boy so I’m guessing he had other things going on inside his head as well.

  • Good riddance to the stupid and weak. If he waas that dumb and weak to die over that crap than it’s for the best; he wasn’t cut out for this World and better now than later when he would harm more people. I pity his parents and don’t wish to know their pain as i have 7 kids of my own who are all grown but 1. Maybe if his parents monitored his internet usage, taught him the value of his life, taught him conflict resolution skills, etc. they’d have their son. Either way, at the end of the day, I am a suicide survivor and albeit ad, those who succeed are weak and those who live are strong.

  • esmerald 2006

    And there I go again, I love reading the comments of people that have poor English comprehension.
    And the discussion starts.

  • Stfu

  • You shouldn’t have survived. Next time finish the fucking job.

  • YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT A CHILD! Shut your fucking mouth!

  • This is a child. Moron

  • a child committing suicide isn’t something to laugh at. That’s someone’s child. If it were your child would it still be funny? If yes.. it’s obvious you’re not mentally well.

  • Sometimes it takes a strong person to stop hanging on. Of course, in this case it’s just a kid who probably didn’t fully realize the gravity of his decisions. Also, nobody wants your pity so maybe use the word sympathy.

  • Blaine Hudnall, I have no objection to you posting. I simply said if you’re laughing at a child’s suicide, you’re a raging dickhead. I’m pretty sure you’ll find my “opinion” on a child suicide not being funny is pretty universal and thinking you’re sick for doing it doesn’t make me “intolerant”. That word is so fucking overplayed.

    Edit: you said all death is sad, so why the laughing face? Just curious

  • Very heartbreaking

  • How was she acting like an adult?

  • What a handsome little boy who has 2 brothers that are missing him along with parents who will never forgive themselves, although it’s not their fault. As a mother, I can’t imagine their pain nor do I ever want to know. This wasn’t a joke, this was evil. I talk to my kids about things like this, I showed my 11 year old son this article because he just had a kid in his school commit suicide as well. I keep an open dialogue with my kids because the world isn’t rainbows and unicorns. Sad.

  • You are a disgusting individual – and sadly a survivor

  • Life and death are the biggest juxtaposition we manimals will face aside from the religion question. While I view death in all forms tragic and sad, it is on the part of the survivors (loved ones, friends and family, etc.). Aside from that, yes, I do find death, murder, suicide, etc. funny. I watch videos of death regularly. Julz Rhea : I have 7 kids actually and my world would crumble if any one of them chose the cowards way out. But, it didn’t. It happened to someone else. Maybe as an example to other people, maybe for nothing. It was his time to go. Makes me grateful we raised ours well.

  • MissBrazilian ????

    Charge all of them
    They all culprits

  • SoulShineCalifornia

    People need to realize that she will most likely be sentenced in the juvenile system as opposed to the adult system. Consequently, her sentence will most likely not be too severe but hopefully will be fitting nonetheless.

  • Marshall Mack agreed. 13 year olds lack a lot of foresight and shouldn’t be charged. How is a child suppose to predict how another child is to react?

  • It doesn’t always mean a child wasn’t raised well if they commit suicide. It can be but it isn’t a definite factor. Chances are if all of your 7 children have turned out well it’s only due to you not having your mental issues rub off on them.Due to your absence or whatever the reason may be it turned out good for them to not have let the twisted views of their father set their paths. Good for them for being strong.

  • That was unnecessarily ugly. There was nothing of value in that statement.

  • Kys

  • Ikr? So pathetic.

  • He definitely proved himself to be poor breeding stock. The strong survive!

  • So you failed at birth control and you failed at suicide… You sound like a stellar example to your half-dozen-plus kids, don’t blame this one’s parents til you can sort out your own issues.
    Sounds like you’ve got a bunch of them. Putting down an 11-year-old suicide victim… Keep it classy there, dumbass.

  • You find death and suicide funny? You sound like a fucking sociopath.
    But only when it’s someone else’s kids?
    Or just a terrible person who at least once thought her life wasn’t worth living. That may have been the best decision you ever made. The world’s already full of assholes.
    PS: For the love of the gods, please stop breeding.

  • 11 years old. I can’t wrap my head around that. As a parent (and sister of a victim of suicide) I know that family’s pain has to be just unimaginable. God help them.
    So…The age for becoming a completely self-absorbed, soulless little whore has dropped to 13? Good to know!

  • Tonnie. You won. Lol. ????????????????

  • Amanda Cogdill um, no. I’m full aware of the age of the idividual I was speaking of, no need to caps lock it all on sweetie. i understand i pushed a hot button. IDC 😉

  • Andrea Smith so, you’re God almighty and choose who should live and die? I was spared for a better purpose obviously.

  • Julz Rhea I’m aware it was a child, your point?

  • Walter Fate so, you speak for everyone when you say no one wants my pity? I don’t mince words and the truth is an ungly beast. Some can handle it and some can’t. Which are you? Oh, that’s right, you’re not.

  • Jennifer Zdeb Why would you think your opinion of me matters? You seem to know all about me in a single post? Youre about as shallow and pointless as your post.

  • Tonnie Goddard Moon How does having 7 children count as failed birth control when they were all planned and with the same woman? Stellar example because I had emotional problems as a teen and attempted the coward’s way out? Point in fact, I’m a better example for my kids because I’ve been down that road and survived a stronger person for it. By the sounds of your response, you may have a few issues you may need to work on yourself like not being an assuming judgemental douch bag.

  • It doesn’t matter if he had other things going on, this is what pushed him over the edge. The fact is he committed suicide. People need to be held accountable for their actions. The kids who get away with things like this are the ones who grow into bad adults. They don’t get punished.

  • If that were my child, I’d want justice.

  • A 13 year old should damn well know that pretending to kill yourself and making your boyfriend believe it is wrong. The deserve to be punished. When I was 6 days shy of turning 13, my dad hung himself. I found his body. Before that, I was well aware of suicide. At that age you should know right from wrong. This little boy was deeply affected by a “prank” that ultimately killed him. Actions have consequences and they deserve to be punished. Every. Single. One. Of. Them.

  • Blaine, you’re very clearly incapable of empathy and clearly have no sympathy. You do NOT know what it feels like to lose someone to suicide or else you wouldn’t be making those disgusting comments. Suicide is NOT funny. It has never and will never be funny. I found my dads hanging body when I was 12 years old. There’s nothing funny about that. There’s nothing funny about my dad doing counseling session after session, taking different anti depressants, writing in journals about how he feels completely worthless. There’s nothing funny about him sitting down with me hours before he took his life and broke down crying asking if he was a bad dad. There’s nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing funny about mental health and how it warps our minds into believing dark thoughts can sometimes are inescapable. Suicide isn’t a cowardice way out you fucking prick. My father was no coward. He spent over 9 years of his life serving this country as a nurse in the Navy. He worked at several hospitals and was an EMT and put his life in danger to save others. He brought people back to life. He fought mental illness for over 15 years, silently suffering, only writing his feelings out. He went through a horrible divorce. My dad was no damn coward. Nobody who takes their own life is a coward. When someone is so desperate that their ONLY OPTION is ending their life, it doesn’t make them a coward. You’re the coward. People like you who chalk mental illnesses and suicide up to bad parenting are the ones who are cowards. You’re fucking sick in the head if you think watching videos of people dying is comical. You aren’t fucking edgy saying how life and dead are juxtapositions. Mental illness does not always have anything to do with the way you are raised. The fact that men are 4x as likely to commit suicide than women are is something to be considered. Mental illness can be an environmental factor, but many times it’s just there. For no reason, or for every reason. Someone battling something inside them that causes them to end their life isn’t their fault. You disgust me. Honest and truly. You are so ignorant and such a disgrace to humanity to say such cruel things. You get one life and to be in such mental agony that a little 11 year old boy chooses to cut it short, is not funny. It wasn’t his time to go. It’s never any suicide victims time to go. It’s time for them to get help. It’s time for pieces of shits like you in society to shut the fuck up about things you know nothing about. You don’t know what it feels like to be suicidal. I do. I tried hanging myself in my grandmas backyard when I was 10. I wasn’t a damn coward. My parents went through an awful divorce and my dad had to quit the navy in order to keep his two biological children because my mom lost custody rights. My dad then had no money so we lived with his friends. We then moved over 1,000 miles away from my mom and half siblings to my dads hometown so he could be around familiar faces and have support. I was mourning the loss of a family I grew up with for 10 years. I was so sad that I couldn’t even talk to my mom or sister or brother. I was sad to see my dad sad. I was sad because I left all my friends I ever knew. I felt deep emotions that lead me to want to kill my self without even knowing what that truly meant. I didn’t have the capacity to fully grasp what death is. No one does. Death is forever. Pain isn’t. But when you’re feeling that pain, it feels as if it will never end. Mental illness runs deeply within my family roots from bipolar disorder, OCD, anxiety, to PTSD and chronic depression. I wasn’t a coward trying to run away from my problems. My problems had consumed me. My every waking thought was worse than the next. I also was suicidal after my dad died at around 15 once it really set in that he was never coming back and the traumas of seeing my dads lifeless body on a rope gave me nightmares. I was cutting and writing dark sad poetry. I read it back now and am so sad for the 15 year old little girl I was back then. The emotions I barely could process then flush through my thoughts now. I was miserable. I had no real friends. My family and everyone around me couldn’t feel anything but sorry for me. I felt like I should die. I wasn’t a coward. You have no clue what goes on in the mind of a person who chooses to commit suicide. No matter what age you are, your emotions are very real and your mental health is very important. Please educate yourself. Suicidal people feel as though no one and nothing on this earth will benefit from you being alive. You feel as though you are a burden on every single person in earth. You’re a burden on yourself for feeling that way. I’m 20 now and sometimes I still get that way. My biggest fear is I will grow up and kill myself. I’m not a coward for having those feelings. I am not suicidal now, but I have felt that way and the traumas in my life have made me change how I feel and think. I have a hard time functioning sometimes. I get anxiety so bad I can’t even go to job interviews or answer my phone without feeling some type of nausea. I’m not a coward. I’m a strong person. My dad was a strong person, but his mind broke him. That 11 year old little boy broke. Those cruel kids broke him.

  • Carolmbishop

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  • If you don’t know the difference between right and wrong by 13, you deserve to learn the hard way.

  • Anyone who self harms or commits suicide is suffering a mental illness. Mental illness is irrational. It’s impossible to say that one event is the cause of a suicide when people who are mentally ill aren’t rational. What of he’d killed himself because she broke up with him? Would it still her fault? Even if this is what “pushed him over the edge” a child cannot be held responsible for the mental health of another person. I was seconds from stepping in front of the train after seeing my favorite band because I was happy. Mental illness is a fucked up thing.

  • James James

    You are all hypocrites of the highest order.

    You come here and laugh and laugh and laugh when some poor schlub falls into a confection mixer and gets torn to pieces just trying to feed their family, but some weak-willed little stalker in training ends it over a childhood prank and you’re all OMG OMG that little whore needs 20 to life for this!!

    The gene pool is better off without that little twat being a spineless beta creep for the next 60-70 years.

    Deal with it.

  • Delaney3030

    I’ve never read a post that long before.
    Don’t worry. Eventually you’ll find a job that makes you comfortable. You will feel more anxiety from not going to work than the soothing feeling of knowing that you are capable of completing your tasks.
    The hardest part is the interview and motivating yourself to get your ass to it!
    Try starting out as a dishwasher, if your job makes you nervous then fuck it, you can always quit. I think you’ll find, as I have, that living is much harder than working because it can take your mind right off of what bothers you at home.

  • She was stupid to do that in the first place knowing her action will be consequence.

  • Tori Anne Rouse, I’m so sorry for everything you’ve been through and that your dad was unable to receive what he needed to find the will to live. My thoughts on suicide are complex, but in a nutshell are this: shock and sadness when it’s anyone under 20 or so because I don’t feel they fully comprehend what they’re doing and can’t see around the corner that they have a long, long way ahead of them and things will probably get better. When it’s an adult, I feel nothing but compassion because they must have been in such overwhelming pain for such an extended period of time to make that choice.

    One thing I never think is “coward”. It’s actually a ballsy move to me. To want the end the suffering so much and actually take action to do it, while rough on those left behind, is actually bravery in a strange sense. They knew what the needed and they did it. That is a lot of complicated things, but it’s not cowardice.

  • Hate to break it to you, but… you’re not a suicide survivor.

  • What an ignorant self absorbed retarded little bitch!!!

  • jansav

    “charging these young kids a crime seems a bit much, doesn’t it?” I think it depends on their intent. If it was their intent to get this boy to harm himself then I do think they should be charged. People use social media like a weapon. The number of young people dying because of it continues to grow.

  • Pawleysgirls

    Tori Anne Rouse, I read your entire post. I am blown away by how well you described the pain your father was having to deal with that led to his decision to commit suicide. Also, your were able to describe so well what led to your ten year old self wanting to commit suicide. All I can say to you is how deeply sorry I am for you and your family to have gone through so many difficult and deeply despairing years. Although my own past is not nearly as difficult or despairing as yours was, i have not walked through a bed of roses, and I had many difficult years while growing up. I am 50 years old now. With the help of a few excellent counselors who clicked with my personality and had much experience with my particular traumas in the past, as well as trying different types of anti depresants/anti anxiety meds like Celexa and Lexapro, plus many years of learning to look for things to be grateful for each and every single day (by making that a daily and sometimes an hourly habit changes the half empty or half full view on life) I am not that sad, scared, bewildered, anxious and angry little girl, teenager or young adult that I used to be. I am not that person. I have grown and nurtured that sad, scared angry little girl and helped her understand what happened to her and today I make sure those hurtful things can’t happen to her again. Find your own similar path to healing those hurts. I listed three ways above that helped me infinitely and if you aren’t sure where to begin on your path of healing the hurts, you could try using my 3 ways (Find an excellent counselor or two, find a medication that lifts depression AND anxiety without horrible side effects, and write down on paper 5 things you are grateful for and keep that paper with you at all times and memorize it. Also, throughout each and every day, train yourself to pick up on things you are grateful for and say it out loud, write it on paper, and post it where you can read it again and again. These items that you are grateful for needs to be ongoing. You are literally retraining your brain to seek out and notice the better parts of life. It feels good!!) Good luck to you. The work it will take to heal that sad little girl will be the most worthwhile work you will ever do and the results will feel so much better than doing nothing!!

  • Meh. Small town highskewl yokel with few friends who uses his tiny dick to spew out way too many retarded spawn. So edgy, so dark and daring: nah. Tiresome. Ignore the trolls

  • mean birch

    Don’t let the heartless bastard get to you, people.

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    At 11 a child is not “brave” or a “coward”. They are just a child, learning the ins and outs of life. Apparently, this little girl meant a lot to him. Children ARE impulsive and do not understand death is final. He wanted to stop the pain. A grown person with 7 children of his own who does not understand this has a household of unhappy children. If you have no empathy, you are a cold person. I have empathy for your children. It’s never funny when a child dies, no matter how it happens. You should rethink your attempts at humor because it failed miserably. I bet you’re just a joy to live with.

  • Josh

    Amazing how stupid people have become.

  • Josh

    She was his girlfriend but he wasn’t her boyfriend.

  • Oh, I can’t handle the truth because I came to a different conclusion than your retarded one? You’re a fucking idiot or trolling or something.

  • Surviving suicide doesn’t mean you’re “strong” it means you didn’t try hard enough. Some people don’t try hard because they don’t actually want to die. They choose slow & weak methods where they can still be saved if they are found in time, like swallowing pills or poison. The ones who choose more extreme methods that will 100% ensure death, like hanging themselves, throwing themselves off the tallest building, or putting a bullet straight through their brain: you CAN’T survive that no matter how “strong” you think you are.

  • The one guy I’ve heard of who survived a suicide attempt via gun only survived because he missed his brain and missed his major arteries as well, so he survived. Has absolutely nothing to do with being “strong” and has everything to do with not knowing how to kill yourself properly.

  • And it’s your own weakness that means you’d rather someone you care about suffer just so you don’t have to lose them.

  • Debratrou Bletrent we have a winner!! Trolling 4 fun, ruffling feathers, etc. God, you gotta love the internet! 😉

  • Walter Fate Hey, you aren’t all that stupid now, are ya? Trolling for hate. I <3 it! I'm addicted to the hate and anger and pain, thanks. 😉

  • Walter Fate wtf is that supposed to mean?

  • Elizabeth Gerbush Didn’t know that I asked your opinion but thanks. BTW, I don’t give a fuck what you think. 🙂 Opinions are like assholes; everyone’s got one and it’s full of shit.

  • Da Mac

    Kinda ‘splains a lot about America and its future…

  • LucyJane

    Hmm… I wonder if they had an actual relationship, or if it was all in his head. I can see a stupid, immature thirteen year old girl pulling a stunt like faking her own death in a horribly misguided attempt to get a kid who was bugging her to leave her the hell alone. Not right by any means, stupid, bad idea, but if this was in fact the case, then I feel sympathy for the girl who has to live with the horrible consequences of not knowing how to handle a bad situation, and choosing the absolute wrong way.

  • Yeah mental illness is irrational, but maybe his bratty girlfriend and her friends caused him to irrationally act out and kill himself. There is always a breaking point in a mentally ills persons life that causes them to do what they do. No, it’s not the girls exact fault, but she had been a part of it and shouldn’t just get away with Doing such a disgusting “prank.” My dad killed himself the night his fiancé left him. I don’t blame her for his death, but had she not left him that night, I think he would be alive at least another day. You can’t blame suicide on anyone but the person who takes their lives, but we do live in a butterfly effect world. Every action, word, step has consequences and can affect a person in a multitude of ways. Those girls have some small part of why that boy took his life. Just like a bully. When a kid is brutally bullied at school and the one being bullied goes home and kills themselves, do you think the bully should walk free? Of course not. We all affect people’s lives and we all have to start taking some responsibility for suicide and other horrible things that happen.

  • Blaine Hudnall You did nothing to survive a suicide attempt except be lucky enough that someone helped you. That doesn’t make you strong, that makes you fortunate. And THIS is what you’re choosing to do with your second chance? Have fb tantrums? Lol, enjoy the attention, tomorrow we’ll have all forgotten that you even exist, but you’re stuck with yourself forever.

  • Wasted Fluid

    That’s the first thing I thought of when reading this. It’s probably exactly what happened.

  • Wasted Fluid

    Your absolutely right about the people on this site. It’s cool though, people are just people after all. I think we are all hypocrites in some form or another, we just don’t admit it, but often times catch ourselves in the midst of it so it only gets exposed when people have a clear mind and can think about whats happened. I believe this kid was just being a kid and made a stupid choice. We will never know if he would of grew up like how u say but its probably a damn good guess.

  • Kathleenamcmahon

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  • Sejanus

    One sided puppy love taken to extreme.
    Kid was dying to be loved literally

  • Just weighing in. As hard as it is to do, we need to remember the ages of the kids. MRI evidence shows that kids that age are not developed enough in the areas of the brain that allow them to truly understand the lifelong consequences for all involved. I’m not saying don’t punish the kids. I’m saying charging them as adults is unfair.

  • Yvonne Risinger Wojtalik Maybe you’re right, I do have better things to do than troll fb. I have an alter ego here that allows me to be free to be offensive, cold and distasteful. I’m actually a loving Father, devoted Husband, fun Brother and cool Uncle. Remebering me? I don’t care if I am or not by fb. My Family loves me and I’ll be remebered by those that matter to me. Trolling is a stress relief for me. Stuck with myself forever, I can live with that. After all, it is just the internet (virtual world), not real life.(real world)

  • Marytlash

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  • dammitall23

    I find it interesting you’re more upset with someone for peacefully blocking a person they don’t want to deal with than you are with someone for laughing at a child’s suicide.

  • Always tell your children how much you love and care about them each and every day. Otherwise they will seek out unhealthy relationships to fill the void.

  • dilldoeh

    this’ll never hold up in court. something that didn’t target anybody or give any commands to even suggest that someone commit suicide got posted online, someone read it and they killed themselves because of it…it’s their dumb fault, not the weird pranksters. Sorry lady, but feel proud, at least romance was truly alive for one brief second….it’s dead again.

  • This is sad and I think it will haunt her for the rest of her life and affect her greatly when she has her own kids, being young, you do dumb things thats part of being a kid ,sadly noone told him it was a joke soon enough but I really dont think this was their plan to cause him to kill himself , but sadly this the result

  • It would be hard as a mother not to wanna ring everyone of theirs necks,Im not saying I wouldn’t want them charged fully if it were my kid because honestly I probably would ,I believe you would have to be in a situation like this to know how you would fully react

  • SharonWatson111

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  • Considering children and teenager’s brains develop at different rates, and the brain isn’t fully developed for most until the age of 25 I’d say, no, its NOT reasonable for all or even most 13 year-olds to fully grasp the fully the extent of ALL possible consequences of their actions.

  • Gladysinault

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  • brittany!

    I am from Michigan as well and I had to bury my son last year. My heart hurts so much for this perfect little boys family. They have been in my thoughts since this story became public.

  • Understanding consequences and knowing right from wrong are two completely different things.

  • CheckeredPresent

    jeeze what kind of 13 year old 1) has an 11 year old boyfriend 2)wants to mess with kid’s head to that extent? 3) she needs to go to some reform school not just therapy, a child is dead because of a cruel and calculated plan 4) if they don’t send her to some group home, she no doubt will be another ‘throwing baby out the window’ or in a dumpster story

  • CheckeredPresent

    they need to ‘find out’ ? people who are ‘normal’ or at least mostly normal don’t do shit like this

  • CheckeredPresent

    you get to the point in life where you end up losing people through natural causes, sometimes too young who don’t want to die while people who are total shitheads continue on- and you sort of decide to live if only to spite the assholes who think this kind of shit is funny. People like that, people like the creepy girl in the story, they ‘win’ when they hurt someone, they get something out of it, so simply by staying in the fight another day, you win to grow stronger and less afraid of all these cretins, whom you should be more worried if you like and approve of them rather than if they accept you. The creeps can tell if you have a weak spot, just like dogs and people in prison and you will get better at sniffing these types out as time goes on and not making excuses or rationalizations ‘Oh they didn’t really mean that ‘ or some excuse as to why they are like that.

    Some get so fascinated in trying to analyze the minds of people like this, but in truth, there isn’t a whole lot there to bother with. It’s very often a huge mistake to assign some tortured, angst-ridden personality to these creatures but it is more like the shallowest black hole that ever was.. Don’t give them chances, walk away from them when you start picking up the wrong feeling. It won’t be worth any kind of exploring who they are or hoping they will change or figuring out why. Sometimes there is no ‘why’, it just is, just like viruses.

    As you get stronger, whether you do meditation or some other thing to let go of the fear and anxiety, these people won’t be able to get to you as they once might have- they will move on quickly, knowing they don’t have an easy mark. Don’t take it personally and let yourself accept some false blame story when out of their limited range of emotions they often get angry. Let them go be angry somewhere else, but let them go, it is a good sign that they want to, knowing you are not a resource for whatever they are trying to use you for or hurt you for their sense of ‘fun’. The more comfortable with yourself you get, the less fearful and approval seeking you will be, and the more you will value yourself and not be giving your power away to all these souless douchebags, or letting them intimidate you because they can talk a good game. Practice boundaries and saying no. You will get better at this.

  • CheckeredPresent

    If she actually had no grasp of the seriousness or finality of suicide, maybe she would have actually done it for real but no, she pretended, and in that is deceitfulness and guile which are not innocent stupid kid traits, it shows a more disturbed character, as does to some degree wanting to ‘date’ an 11 year old when you are 13. the whole thing reeks of power and manipulation. Likely it was similar to the other story where another creepy girl actually directly pressured the boy into killing himself. It’s very sick in both cases and far from what could be called a ‘prank’. That’s such a poor choice of words for this horrible story. I would bet she was manipulating, taunting and using this kid all along. bad seed

  • CheckeredPresent

    Im thinking this is possible trolling so don’t get too upset over yet another person who likes to pretend and pull people’s chains.. that just gives them more glee. 7 kids are likely pretend as well.

  • dumwise

    Probably the youngest Posthumous Darwin award recipient.

  • dammitall23

    Kids that young are pretty bad at thinking things through. Here’s hoping she never thought her “boyfriend” would do anything that drastic. Even so, she’s a jackass for even wanting to put him through that.

  • Antonio Valor

    Here’s my guess. She’s insecure and was thrilled at the attention. But he clearly having been someone with all the feels, was professing all the love, and she either got bored, embarrased, or scared and decided to dump him but being a stupid tween did it in the most stupid and cruel way possible.

  • CheckeredPresent

    well yeah if you were the defense attorney you would totally go for stupid over evil, of course

  • CheckeredPresent

    Its weird for a 13 year old to ‘date’ or be interested in an 11 year old. It’s really hard to paint her as the wide-eyed ‘I didn’t know what I was doing’ , when teen girls are supposed to be more mature than an 11 year old kid. People sure keep trying though. Don’t think a jury is going to throw her in prison forever either, but don’t try to make it look like the 13 year old was so clueless she actually thought this is oh so haha funny. No, it was a totally shit thing to do, and something calculated. People are waking up to the existence, and I believe there are more and more of them, to people who are being born without conscience, without empathy, just shells. No one wants to believe that about a kid, but it exists. I doubt anyone is going to believe she is low iq or disabled either. Good luck with all that to the defense, could backfire very easily.

  • Brew Pub

    This is just down the road from me. They raise them real , real dumb in Marquette. The end result of the everyone gets a participation ribbon generation.

  • Jeanavasquez

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  • Medusa Jordan

    Maybe not fully, but the basics of right and wrong, and empathy. Very few people grasp the fully the extent of ALL possible consequences of their actions, even as intelligent adults.

  • Medusa Jordan

    You seem to have a very limited view of the world. Having 7 kids does not make you an expert. It certainly has not made you capable of empathy.

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  • I3ird

    “normal” is relative….Find a better term.

    ..a life was lost, so there should be a repercussion, REGARDLESS. However, finding out whether there was malicious intent is an absolute necessity.

  • I3ird

    What other options are there besides stupid or evil? I think those (one or the other) would sum it up quite well for any logicical being…

  • I3ird

    Some people live only because they are afraid of death; others because they are attention whores and thus, survive. Surviving is not always strength; sometimes it is sublime weakness. Your dichotomy in speak depicts the latter…

  • CheckeredPresent

    Well of course they would go with stupid over evil because they are trying to ‘win’ , right? To get him less time or whatnot.. Oh there are plenty of other options than that but why help the defense, go and look some crap up for your 400 bucks an hour lol

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  • Pawleysgirls

    Exactly what I was thinking. This person does NOT sound like a full grown man who has been through all of the trials and tribulations it would take to raise 7 children! I have raised just two children who are almost ready to leave home and doing this for 18 years has given me so many insights into how humans operate, and many, many other types of life skills such as patience, tolerance, character, discussions about which values I want to instill the most into my children and other topics that I never gave much thought to before I had children. I think this person is about 17 years old, still lives with Mom, and just spouts out the first thing that comes to mind. He sounds like many other 10th or 11th graders I happen to know.

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  • PurpleAnn

    You make a good point about the age difference. With her being older, she was probably in control. At their age, 2 years makes a big difference. His self-image likely was wrapped up in this “teenager” liking him.

  • PurpleAnn

    On Monday, his mom is going to be on Dr Phil.

  • CheckeredPresent

    that is ridiculous as well as creepy and just plain stupid and wrong to do something like that. Besides, we don’t even know if he was “bugging her”. Assumes facts not in evidence.


    If kids were trying to do this kind of sick hoax in public they would never be able to pull it off. They would start laughing or feel bad because the boy was upset — but because it was done over the distance of texting the boy’s reaction didn’t affect the perps. I wonder why this boy didn’t run to his mother, confess about the phone, and cry and be comforted. There’s a piece of this situation missing somewhere. It is scary to know that your kid will disobey you and buy a phone to hook into social media — how can a parent protect against that?

  • Anna_B

    I don’t understand all the rage toward the 13 year old. 13 is -middle school-. There’s no way she had any way of knowing a kid was going to take his own life over a (terribly misconceived) prank. Unless her and her friends posted stuff like “You should join me in the afterlife” or begging him to Romeo and Juliet this shit, there’s no way there was any intended malice. Hell, she probably expected to surprise him at school the next day with chocolates and a fake funeral a la Empire Records.13 year olds are -dumb-. Like, seriously braindead in some really -important- ways. What the hell, peeps.