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Competitive Eating Contests Leave Two Dead

April 4, 2017 at 3:03 am by  

CT & CO — Two separate eating competitions, in two different states, have led to the death of two contestants. Yay for twofers?!

In the first story, we focus on a 20-year-old coed named Caitlin Nelson….

Nelson, pictured here, was taking part in a pancake eating competition at Sacred Heart University in Connecticut Thursday, when, after scarfing down about 4 or 5 pancakes, she began choking.

First responders attempted to clear her airway but to no avail. Nelson was transported to the hospital, where she died Sunday.

It was initially believed that Nelson suffered anaphylactic shock, due to several food allergies, but it has since been revealed that food allergies did not contribute to her death.

Meanwhile, in Colorado….

Travis Malouff, 42, was trying to polish off a half pound donut *drools* in under 80 seconds at a competition hosted by Voodoo Doughnut on Sunday, when he began choking.

The Heimlich maneuver was obviously unsuccessful — the Denver Office of the Medical Examiner confirmed Monday that Malouff died from “asphyxia, due to obstruction of the airway.”

Haven’t had your fill? Have some more! Death due to corn dogs, hot dogs, and cockroaches. Yes, cockroaches. Eat up, my pretties.

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  • Merica

  • Well i donut want to be in either’s shoes but i guess it would pan out to be pretty flat that these both die from doing something dumb. Batter brush up on your lifesaving skills if you plan doing this.

  • Hellvetica

    Jeez, such terrible food choices for eating competitions. They event creators were just asking for something like this to happen choosing things so dry.

  • IronWoobie

    Competitive binging is never a good idea.

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  • Sad.. Caitlin’s dad died in the 9/11 attacks. She was from where I grew up. What a beautiful girl and gone over something so innocent.

  • Don’t idiots just make your day?

  • Diva of Destruction

    These contest are stupid. What could be fun about gorging yourself on a specific kinda food. What is a person’s ultimate goal beyond a plastic trophy and being able to say I ate the most that day? Senseless deaths.

  • Old Man Metal

    Twofer Tuesday! Fuck yeah.

  • YouLieItFails

    Having seen Travis’ photo here (and a few others online)I have to say… I am truly shocked he shocked to death on anything….

  • Voodoo donuts suck anyways, that’s why he choked on it. Annies is where it’s at 😉

  • PurpleAnn

    Pancakes and donuts would turn into a paste that could very easily clog someone’s throat. Aren’t the ones hosting these things required to have a Paramedic/ambulance on standby? These people could probably have been saved if their airway had been suctioned or they were given an emergency tracheotomy.
    What a needlessly dumb way to die! This is part of the reason other countries hate us.

  • Sejanus

    She was cute but clearly no clue on how to swallow.

    I am all for doughnuts but lets be real.
    A half pound of doughnuts could give you a fair bit of variety instead.
    Just saying.

  • taffy550

    Carbs kill.

  • Dre Mosley

    Competitive eating is disgusting.

    Honestly, I’m surprised this doesn’t happen more often.

  • I’ll give you an A for trying. It was lame but you tried.

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    Too much sticky food caught in the throat. It’s nearly impossible to get that out quickly. Jello would be much better. Canned peaches. They should keep medical students on hand with tracheostomy supplies at the ready. Now that would be much more interesting. Who doesn’t want a trach scar? “I swallowed 3 1/2 pancakes for this! Didn’t even feel it. Course I was unconscious at the time…”

    Food allergies. That didn’t pan out either for the lawyers but they tried.

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    I thought the squirrel was the pic you put in for one of the people who choked. “Pictured here.”
    How embarrassing. Sorry, Jaded. I’ll go stand in the corner now.

  • Jewelggonzalez

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  • Valkyrie Ziege

    ; It’s time to stop competitive eating, and drinking contests. In 1991, ”The Guinness Book of World Records” dropped their “eating and drinking records” section of Human Achievements, over concerns that potential competitors could harm themselves and expose the publisher to potential litigation.

  • Valkyrie Ziege
  • Valkyrie Ziege
  • Plague78

    Two more candidates for the 2017 Darwin Awards. So far this year has seen some great entries in the category of stupid deaths, though choking to death in a binge eating contest has to be pretty high up on the list.

  • Old Man Metal

    I have to disagree. We have done way too much as a society to limit the hand of Darwin, leading to the gradual swampification of our collective gene pool. Competitive eating contests are one of the few remaining truly unfettered public opportunities left for morons to completely eliminate themselves (and their genetics) from the planet.

    If anything, we need to have more competitive eating contests. Self-harm is a *good* thing in some cases, and should be encouraged accordingly, as long as said self-harm is fatal.

  • dilldoeh

    Youd think a chick like that would have plenty of practice swallowing.

  • N??l?s ?ä?n?n?í? H4ns3n

    Nah, ‘s more of the whole drugs, obese, animal rape, white trash, annoying voices/music, etc.. but I guess we’re turning more and more into ya:/ so that would be quite hypocritical.. still.. screw the states!

  • Valkyrie Ziege

    ; Although I see your point, There are, also, sadly, the unscrupulous types giving ”heat-seekers” eating competitions, which use, get this, ”bear repellent pepper-spray” in their food mixes, and don’t inform the competitors of the hazards before the competition, which have caused severe medical problems, sending competitors to the hospital. Such passive/aggressive tactics have changed my mind concerning endorsing any such forms of ”competitive eating”. Not fun, son.

  • Old Man Metal

    Oh, I don’t endorse competitive eating… I just don’t think that protecting idiots from the negative results of their own actions is ultimately beneficial to society as a whole.

    Now if unscrupulous promoters use harmful additives without disclosing them to contestants, and someone gets hurt because of said non-disclosure… well, that’s what lawyers are for.

  • Da Mac

    But! Regulation! Uggh!

  • PurpleAnn

    Yeah, even worse choice of food. At least it seems like lessons were learned in that instance.

  • PurpleAnn

    Yup. Years ago there were a bunch of stories about deaths due to choking on marshmallows during the ‘chubby bunny’ game.

  • PurpleAnn

    This story, brings ‘stupid death’ to a whole new level by adding a layer of humiliation. Can you imagine telling someone how your mom died? Well, at least she died doing what she loved!

  • Compite for Real. Art. Or Music.

  • That’s TEEERRRIBlE!

  • Carolmbishop

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  • CheckeredPresent

    what is our country’s obsession with extremes? so stupid, it’s bad enough some people eat like that with no contest at hand. Or the whole binge and purge thing.

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  • I3ird


  • Nathan

    One of the articles says, “no one was trained.” How are you going to have an eating contest and act like you don’t know to prepare for the hazards or that you don’t know choking is a danger?

  • Nathan

    Hot dog buns

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    I won an amateur chicken wing eating contest at my local KFC. Let me make it clear that I undertook the effort with full knowledge that there is danger of injury or death in all sporting events, even pingpong. Also,, I trained and researched chicken wing eating techniques. I didn’t just go to the table and hog down. If I had died of chick flesh loaded airway blockage it would have been with my full understanding that I was the fool who signed up for the contest.


    Hot dog buns are generally dipped in water during competitions to help them slime down.


    I wonder what her dad said to her in heaven.

  • Betty Poo

    Dumb and dumber….