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TISHOMINGO, MS – A Mississippi police officer committed suicide after he admitted to molesting a 17-year-old boy he pulled over, as well as other minors.

The depraved activities of 53-year-old Russ Robinson came to light after he pulled over a 17-year-old boy as he left a Family Dollar.

After the teen pulled over, Robinson allegedly began talking with the teen and told him he’s had sex with two other boys before reaching in and grabbing the boy’s groin.

The teen told Robinson he wasn’t gay and then told his parents about the altercation, who then contacted the Alcorn County Sheriff’s Department. When questioned, Robinson admitted to molesting the teen and had molested other minors in the past.

Because Mississippi law does not allow a law enforcement officer to be charged with a crime without a probable cause hearing, Robinson was not immediately arrested and allowed to go home. The next day, Robinson was found dead at his home from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Normally, that would be the end of the story. But it is looking like Robinson had a history of this kind of behavior and nothing has been done about it.

Several years ago, Robinson worked part-time at Brooks Grocery in Iuka until he was accused of molesting a teen boy inside the store. Robinson left the job, but was never charged with a crime.

“Nobody ever contacted us or said anything,” Tishomingo Police Chief Mike Kemp said. “I had heard the rumor, but until I had concrete information, there was nothing I could do.”

But the store’s owner, Davis Brooks, said he turned over surveillance footage to the sheriff’s office that showed actual molestation.

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  • Saving the taxpayers dime on a trial and incarceration. Good riddance.

  • MI= Michigan, MS=Mississippi

  • ~*V. von Schweetz*~

    Wish he’d offed himself BEFORE assaulting those kids

  • Inferus

    Hey kid, saw you were alone. Kinda strange, teen like you. I like teen boys btw, no homo.

  • Inferus

    From bagging to, well, grabbing.

  • It’s great when the trash takes itself out.

  • That was 30 minutes from me.

  • Technomancer

    Fucking pedo-smile is a dead giveaway. I smell a lawsuit coming.

  • Well, that’s just great!
    Saved us taxpayers some moolahhhh.

  • Thanks. After typing Mississippi a couple of times, I had “MI” on the brain.

  • I’ve been on your site for years and know ya.

  • They should all do that.

  • Robin Wise

    Than it would’ve just been a sensless suicide.

  • lilly-parker

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  • mean birch

    Really gross man boobs

  • The boys family should sue for trauma compensation. This man should have been charged in the past.

  • itsknotme

    So, he’s a beat cop?

  • scotsims

    Tishomingo has 316 residents. I think it’s safe to say so.

  • Maria Luther

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  • Diva of Destruction

    Good riddance. I hate pedos. Hope he’s enjoying hell.

  • Sejanus

    Video isn’t concrete evidence?
    Chief Mike Kemp you are a worthless piece of shit and should eat a bullet yourself.

    Good riddance to Officer Diddler.
    No loss to the community.

  • JackofDiamonds

    looks just like the old guy that molested me back in 1975 when i was 10 years old. Guess what, i never ratted the old man out cause he bought me everything i ever needed since my parents couldn’t afford to do so. I often thought about ratting him out but never did since i was to embarrassed to admit it. He got away with this to this day although he his dead and long gone since 1980. He was 60 or 65 back then and his CB handle was MEATBALL. He was not circumcised and i always wanted to let his grand children know what a great man he was molesting me. This did not interfere with my life in a whole since i am happily married now with wife of 30 years and have several grand kids myself. I am okay folks although it did “f” with me growing up a little bit. Just venting and thanks for listening. PS he told me Sucking dick would give me popeye muscles. No kidding. That was his pick up line!

  • Jewelggonzalez

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  • Delirious Devil

    It would be a *sensible suicide. All people who feel the desire to molest children should off themselves before they do it.

  • CheckeredPresent

    gross and a cop too, probably wanted to get into a power position to make it easier. Looks like milton from office space. cops need to vet ppl.

  • CheckeredPresent

    Because Mississippi law does not allow a law enforcement officer to be
    charged with a crime without a probable cause hearing, Robinson was not
    immediately arrested and allowed to go home.” maybe this isn’t such a smart law

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  • Jantell Meeker

    Turned in footage of said molestation but no concrete evidence…this is why people hate cops

  • “Thanks. After typing Mississippi a couple of times, I had “MI” on the brain.”

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  • I3ird


  • I3ird

    Aren’t you special?

  • I3ird

    ….Why are you saying this?

  • I3ird


  • I3ird

    Nothing to do with “cops” specifically….


  • Barrayaran

    ‘ “Because Mississippi law does not allow a law enforcement officer to be
    charged with a crime without a probable cause hearing, Robinson was not
    immediately arrested and allowed to go home.” maybe this isn’t such a smart law’

    …Making it ideal for Mississippi, yes?

  • Nathan

    Wow, what a weird picture!
    Incompetence like the kind mentioned at the end of this article has got to be torn out by the roots, for the love of God.

    I’ve been thinking lately maybe I could use my degree for that once I finally get it.

    Incompetent people and departments maybe HAVE to be incompetent because to do otherwise would admit being completely wrong about everything and being a terrible person all along. People, incompetent people, will naturally surely justify their incompetence beyond belief.

    Again, indeed, when incompetent people meet they probably have to support eachother and double their incompetence, double down on it. Otherwise they are just as bad as eachother, as someone clearly incompetent, on top of the other possibly cognitive dissonance.

    I’ll work on this …