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CINCINNATI, OH – Witnesses say a man who accidentally hit a 4-year-old with his car was gunned down in the street as he begged for mercy.

Police say 44-year-old Jamie Urton was on his way back to work from lunch when he saw the father of the boy, 25-year-old Jamall Killings, yelling at other drivers.

According to witnesses, Urton was looking at Killings on his driver’s side when the boy was hit on his passenger’s side.

Urton immediately stopped but was attacked by Killings and 25-year-old Deonde Baber through his window. A witness said Urton was “bawling his eyes out” while saying he was sorry.

His apologies fell on deaf ears as either Baber or Killings pulled out a gun and shot Urton multiple times through his door. There still some confusion on who actually did the shooting, with several different news outlets reporting on either Baber or Killings being the shooter.

“He just fell, he just stopped and they kept going at, after he stopped. They kept shooting him,” the witness said. “After his arms just dropped and there was no life left in him anymore, they shot him again.”

Jamie Urton

Officials later released 911 audio in which a man can be heard comforting the boy while admitting to shooting Urton:

“You’re OK? And I took care of dude. I killed him. He dead. He dead. The dude that hit you by the car, he dead. I killed him. I’m serious he’s dead. The dude who hit you with the car, I killed him, Jamal. He dead. You hear me? He’s dead. I killed him.”

Four Killed After Water Ride Malfunctions At Dreamworld Theme Park

It’s not clear on who you are hearing in the 911 call as multiple voices can be heard, but it sure sounds like Killings is the one admitting to killing Urton. The boy is recovering and was not seriously injured. Killings would tell the press his side of the story.

“The car came from the bottom of my street, going about 45 miles per hour,” Killings said. “I initially stopped the car, you know a lot of kids play on that street — that’s residential, 15-25. I initially stopped him. He slowed down a bit and then swerve around me, hitting my other son. My son wasn’t hit in the middle of the street. He was hit on the curb.”

He went on to expressed condolences to Urton’s family.

“I apologize for your loss. I don’t condone violence. I don’t teach my kids violence,” Killings said. “That should never have happened … an unfortunate situation, unfortunate event, but I hope we all can learn from this.”

Baber and Killings are currently on the run from police and are both wanted on murder charges in connection to Urton’s death. Killings is also looking at an additional charge of felonious assault.

Crime Stoppers is offering a $2,500 reward for information about Baber and are asking anyone with information about his whereabouts to call 513-352-3040.

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  • There was no way the driver was going 45 mph “according to the witness”

  • An excuse to gun a man down. Awful. Glad the little boy is ok but I hope they catch the two guys and give them life in prison so they can “learn from it”.

  • link07

    “I don’t teach my kids violence….” says the man carrying a gun and assuring his son that he killed a guy.

  • “I don’t condone violence” says the guy who shot a man to death.

  • IronWoobie

    Maybe if Killings had spent less time screaming at drivers and more time keeping his kids out of the street, his kid wouldn’t have been hit.

  • Bet they were all standing out in the middle of the fucking street and letting their kids run wild. This happens here where I live all the time. Always having to avoid hitting people just standing in the middle of the road. I can’t begin to feel the heart break and fear Mr. Urton went through before he was killed. 🙁

  • Killings huh? Sounds like an appropriate name for a murderer.

  • If the colors were reversed this would be all over the news. The mainstream media would be having a field day

  • dammitall23

    Well! THAT certainly made everything all better!

  • Jesus, dude–instead of shouting at cars for using the street and going *blammity-blam-blam* maybe keep the kids out of it in the first place? I know–crazy talk, right?

  • Delaney3030

    So you’re saying there is more racism towards white people than black now?

  • Makes you wonder how the family *got* that name…

  • Jesus 🙁 really don’t know what to think 🙁

    They obviously killed him on impulse which I guess is a normal reaction?!

  • Sejanus

    Newsflash fuckhead…you DO condone violence and over reacting to things.
    Considering you gunned a man down in cold blood over hitting your kid in an accident caused by YOU raging in the streets like a fricking maniac.
    Hope you go away forever you worthless turd.


    We need to bring back firing squads for thugs like this worthless P.O.S. And no blindfold either.

  • How in the world do you comfort a child by telling them you killed someone? Jesus Christ that kid’s gonna need therapy.

  • ?????

  • Jamal Killings – if ever there was an appropriate name

  • Fucking animals need chained to a car and slowly dragged down a long gravel road . Piece of shit father caused the accident by yelling at cars. He should be charged with murder and child endangerment.

  • softrbreeze

    In the MSM there is.

  • He’ll grow up to be just like them.

  • Delaney3030

    I suppose I don’t monitor MSM as much as the vast majority of people in USA but it seems like much more attention has always been drawn to violence between separate races. Historically in USA, though, violence towards whites from blacks had always been sensationalized. It seems to me that only recently the mainstream media had been acknowledging systematic injustice against black people.
    This isn’t a case of a cop or community watch enthusiast shooting a man or kid to death in the back as they run away and going to court just to be acquitted.
    This seems not racially charged but more some fucking untrained idiot with a gun choosing his moronic gut reaction to kill the person that just harmed his child instead of going directly to check on the welfare of his little boy.
    And unlike the white cops that shoot “on instinct” , he isn’t going to get away with it.

  • How about you just DON’T HANG OUT IN THE ROAD, MOTHER FUCKERS?!!

  • Dude, I live in a trailer park and the kids next door straight up play in the road after dark. All day? Crickets. After 7pm till 1 am? Riding their fucking bikes, slapping my house because they decided it was a base. I mean, if they did this during the day time it wouldn’t bother me but I’m scared to drive in and out at night because of this exact shit.

  • “I don’t condone violence, I don’t teach my kids violence.” Really buddy? Your actions prove otherwise.

  • We have no street lights or anything. Living in Washington all fall and winter I’m worried I’m gunna kill someone’s kid.

  • ^^^ WTF?!?! Damn, that’s awful for you. That sucks :-/

  • “You’re OK? And I took care of dude. I killed him. He dead. He dead. The dude that hit you by the car, he dead. I killed him. I’m serious he’s dead. The dude who hit you with the car, I killed him, Jamal. He dead. You hear me? He’s dead. I killed him.”

    Getting recorded by 911 saying this does nothing to prove his statement about not condoning or teaching his kids violence. This POS deserves to be excecuted for this.

  • Talkin

    A normal reaction?! A normal reaction is to rush to the aid of your child and let law enforcement do their job. The shooter let his child play in the street then executed the man who struck him (causing minor injuries). That is no one’s definition of “normal”.

  • Lisa Black for real.

  • Inferus

    And who was in the middle of the street forcing the driver to swerve and hit his son.

  • Inferus

    My dad threatened to beat us if we ever went into the street. I don’t think I ever crossed a road alone until I was a teen.

  • 1 a.m. and people let their kids run wild? What ever happened to a good old fashioned bed time? I had one. At the time I hated it but looking back it was great. I wish someone would come along and make me go to bed at 8:15 every night. Instead I get to finish up the dishes and get the leftovers ready for hubbys lunch for the next day and fold the laundry I just washed. The joys of adulthood LOL.

  • Inferus

    “My bad. I shot the guy. Can’t bring him back, but we should just crack a Red Stripe, drop the charges, and then throw a block party.”

  • Naw, they are illegally Subletting I think. I’m pretty sure they only let them play outside when they aren’t proof of it and it’s messed up.

  • Like, no one is gunna snitch for them just existing. It’s super chill here.

  • Way too logical for Mr killings I guess. Apparently The bigger picture of murder and a heartbroken family and years and years of a prison bed and not so great food escaped him. I, personally, like your idea of keeping the kids out of the street but I guess some people have a different train of thought from people like you and me that think rationally.

  • Right? Even at a young age I had a conscious and I didn’t like to see people hurt or suffer. I would have been like “what!? Especially Please don’t say it was for me. A simple apology would have worked considering I’m gonna be fine dad.” Now that kid will probably feel guilty all his life (if he doesn’t turn out like his dad) even though it wasn’t his fault all because his dad implied he did it for him. Thanks dad. Appreciate ya.

  • That was crazy stupid. He could’ve detained him or just got his car plate info and called it in along with request for emt services. Shooting him dead was not necessary. He left too many victims because he was trigger happy. Shooters own boys and Urton’s family. SMH

  • Poor kids. It’s super chill in my apt. complex as well and I love it. Everyone watches out for each other and their stuff and kids and such. But i read 1 a.m. and I’m like what!? That’s prime sleeping time! But I remember as a kid I thought staying up late was the best when I was allowed to.

  • blacks have been known to do that.

  • Did you even read the article?

  • Did we read the same article? Did I miss that? Wth are you talking about, Nathan?

  • They’ve woken up my family so many times it’s ridiculous

  • My last neighbors step kids did that all hours of the night. A big part of the reason we moved. The mom went to jail and left her kids with her boyfriend and they had this your not my dad I don’t have to listen to you kinda attitude. I don’t like to be mean towards kids but these kids were hellions. No controlling them whatsoever. And our house was the main houses old garage converted into a one bedroom little cottage so we were literally like 6 feet away from their bedroom window…we got front row seats to their nightly meltdown. I felt bad for the boyfriend. He was in over his head with her kids. He finally brought his ex girlfriend of all people to live while his current g.f. was in jail to help care for the kids. Way too much drama though so me and my hubby gave our notice and split. I felt bad for their situation but it was too much.

  • If he was going 45 in a residential and hit a kid, I might have flipped a little too. That’s why residential streets are so slow not just to piss people off…

  • lilly-parker

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  • You mean how the pos father was yelling at cars? How urton was looking at the pos father,and accidently hit the child, then how because of this urton was shot by two low life pieces of shit one being the pos father? The fathers actions caused all of this. So what did you miss,and what don’t you understand?

  • Was he legally allowed to own a firearm?

  • Look, we have RACE BAITER!

  • Gee Ren, where’s Stimpy?

  • takurospirit

    I bet they don’t go to school or have any sort of structure to their lives. We had neighbors that had their kids out like that. When they moved we heard that family had totally trashed the inside of the house (it was a rental).

  • takurospirit

    They’re probably like idiots we used to have around here. They play in the street. And that’s fine. I did it as a kid. We played kickball or baseball or whatever and someone always yelled CAR! and we got out of the way. These little ass-holes would refuse to move and then glare at you like you did something wrong for driving down the street. You’d basically just have to start driving through them or they wouldn’t get the fuck out of the way. Really stupid people. I’m glad they moved. Though maybe they’re all dead for obvious reasons.

  • takurospirit

    Shooter is an idiot. He could have probably gotten a hefty settlement out of a lawsuit. Now he’s going to prison. Good decision making skills. I’m sure his quick thinking and wit have led him to a life of luxury up to this point.

  • LynnKayee

    Someone PLEASE tell me how to correctly pronounce Urton. I’m reading it as ” you’re done ” murdered by Killings…

  • I don’t understand how he gave that statement to the press yet he’s on the run…..?

  • bill2u2

    Has been for years! Don’t be afraid to see, what you really see!

  • This is just horrible

  • Delaney3030

    Everyone vision is obscured. Who claims omniscience? That’s the fool.

  • Rae Lin

    Nothing, and no one, is safe around blacks. Sorry, but the truth is what it is!

  • Tanya Stephan

    If he was doing 45 in a residential area and hit a kid, you’d think there would be injuries.

  • Farscape2

    Can’t you just hear it, ” I kilt him. He dead. He dead”. Hilarious. One of his kids over here, another over there, all of them out in the middle of the street causing problems in the middle of the afternoon, presumably on vacation from work. (Hahaha!) And then the poor bloke that was actually going back to work from lunch, is murdered without Mercy or remorse. Ironically, he killed one of the people that was paying for him and all his spawn.

  • Farscape2

    LOL, good one

  • Farscape2

    No, that’s just blacks being black. Normal everyday stuff. “Dad” was just passing down the fatherly skills he learned from his “dad”. I’m sure that kid has already seen and heard worse than that. I visit chicago, L.A, Sao Paulo, other big cities from time to time, and it is all the same no matter where you are, the more darks you have in an area, the more shootings, murders and violent crimes there will be.
    Anyone who does not see that, see the statistics, just does not want to see it.

  • Maria Luther

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  • Mz. Aquafina

    It is not normal everyday stuff for the “blacks”I know. It’s people like your ignorant ass that keep perpetuating the racism that we have in this country even up to now in 2017. Did you read about the white man who raped a four four year old little boy to death? Fucked up shit happens in every race you fuctard!

  • Mz. Aquafina

    Maybe it’s the ones you know

  • Mz. Aquafina

    Just like no children and no animals are safe around whites?! See how that works? Racism is so ignorant…just as you seem to be.

  • Wtaf?????

  • Ditto

  • No it is not a normal reaction to kill someone

  • Unless guns are legal….

  • Race baiting is a made up thing by stupid dummies that doesn’t exist whatsoever and is nonsense.

  • dumwise

    No one is listening to your boring monotonous musings

  • Delaney3030

    Obviously, you did if you responded.
    Duuuuhhhhh. Tardlordagus

  • Guns are very legal where I live. Its actually condoned that every person carry one (gotta love the southern states of the US lol) and its still not a normal reaction.

  • Delaney3030

    Your mom is boring and monotonous. Who the fuck knows who you are? I’m famous, bitch.

  • Animals. Every single person on that street

  • He gave his statement to the police right after it happened. It wasn’t until they dissected the 911 call that they realized he and his accomplice did it. Off he ran….

  • he also has committed armed robbery, burglary, assault and trafficked heroin in past 3 yrs

  • I think what he did was wrong. But you people in here with the racial slurs can eat a dick.
    R.i.p. to the victim.
    Glad the kid is ok.

  • Psychopath shoots a man over a tragic accident and then brags about it to the kid. Welp, all better! Fucking subhuman piece of shit.

  • Doesn’t have a shot. He’ll be bragging about how his daddy had his back.

  • if ob ama had a son

  • Wasted Fluid

    well jamie urton shouldn’t have been speeding, if he was in fact speeding. But on the other hand, that Is pretty fucked up to kill the guy. I would have just pistol whipped him until he pissed himself, and recorded the whole thing, Then just threaten to make it go viral if he ever spoke about it. The guy after all hit his son, even if they are all idiots playing in the street lol.

  • Jewelggonzalez

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  • Ian-rex

    he dead he dead he dead.. jesus christ.

  • Aren’t all parties involved the same race?

  • The mainstream media are race baiting. Me? It doesn’t matter what your skin color, sexual orientation, religious affiliation is. Stupid people do stupid things. But if you feel my comment is race baiting perhaps you need a safe space snow flake.

  • And yes Terence Scott we are.

  • ARRESTED !!!

  • Then he says he doesn’t teach his kids violence! Lol!

  • Not with a record of armed robbery and heroin trafficking.

  • You know, it’s really weird to see some racist comments here.

    Seems like some people must be new because with the Demon, everyone is trash.

    Or did we quickly forget about the toddler getting raped to death?

  • measyou

    I read it as “uhr-ton” short u like in up with a hard r immediately after

  • “I hope we all can learn from this.”

    Learn fucking what?
    How to kill people for no reason?

  • dilldoeh

    Driver sped his way to hell.

  • N??l?s ?ä?n?n?í? H4ns3n

    Both sides sucks satans arsehool..

  • Why was he next to another car going 45 miles a hour anyways? wouldn’t they have to both be doing 40 to 45 each?

  • It was definitely over kill for sure. He still shot him even after he was already deceased.

  • Amanda Sabo love the southern accent just not the guns haha.

    No I guess my original comment was sarcasm. Im in uk , we dont do guns lol

  • Tenbux

    Thank you for your insight, Corporal Badass J. Asskicker. I’m sure that once you finished recording yourself pistol whipping a man for not injuring your kid, you would’ve triple backflipped into your sports car and made out with seven super models at once while simultaneously putting an end to international terrorism.

  • As I reread it, I read sarcasm now lmao. Sad bit is I can see some Americans ACTUALLY believing that. Which worried me.

  • Taster’sChoice

    Sounds like a racist black lies matter participant to me.

  • Taster’sChoice

    If owebama had a son, he’d look like this cockroach.

  • Its a crazy world we live in 🙂

  • LA Woman

    Why am I not surprised what a fucking scumbag ignorant, pathetic, Inarticulate, good for nothing loser who should have taught his dumb ass offspring “NOT TO DART INTO THE STREET!! I am praying for NWO to hurry up cause see these are the kinds of good for nothings will be taken out to Fema camps (they’ll be call ”retraining camps”) where they will be forgotten and made an example of because America is changing very soon and yes it will be great again! I CAN’T WAIT!!

  • Some sick shit foreal

  • That’s a sick muthafucka on that audio tape … period

  • It actually was all over the mainstream news…

  • auntiemel

    Freaking MORON. Have fun in prison loser

  • People should slow the fk down when kids are out playing

  • Lisa Langham

    Although, from the sound of the “father,” I’m guessing this kid needed therapy long before this incident (this is just the icing on the cake, imho).

  • If my son was hit by a car, and I had a gun on me, I would have probably done the same.. and if I didn’t, I would have beat him to a pulp.. I hope the babe recovers

  • How did he give such a detailed account of events and give a “heartfelt” condolence to the family of the guy he killed but is on the run?

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  • I3ird

    streets are made for kids to play on, not for cars to DRIVE on.

  • I3ird

    UHM. Normal Reaction?

    Normal would obviously be not letting your children play in a street. :/ The family of the Vic should kill these dummies “on impulse” bc that’s a normal reaction to senseless murder, obviously, right?

  • I3ird

    “you guess” it was sarcasm? lol

  • Nathan

    When keeping it real goes wrong? Lord have mercy

  • I ??ke 8? ?uc?s?each hou? ??r ?or??n? ?n ?nline?j?b ?t ???e? I n??e? t?????t ???t i? was????i? b?? my??ood???ie?d ??o?i?s te???hou???? ?o?la???? ??n?h ?? do????th?s???b?a?????????c?mme?de???? ?o ???c??it??u?? T?e p??e??i?? wi?? this ?s??n?les???.