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BUTLER, PA – Police have arrested a 20-year-old man for the rape and murder of his girlfriend’s toddler.

Last Tuesday, police were called to a business on a report of an unconscious child in a car. When they arrived, officers found 43-year-old Kristen Herold with 4-year-old Bentley Miller, who was bleeding and unresponsive.

Herold told police she had picked the boy up from a Super 8 Motel where he lived with her son, 20-year-old Keith Lambing, and his girlfriend, 21-year-old Mackenzie Peters.

The couple also has a 4-month-old together, but Miller was not Lambing’s biological son.

Herold said she was taking Miller to his biological father when he fell unconscious. Miller was rushed to the hospital where he would be pronounced dead shortly after arriving.

Miller died of severe blood loss due to sodomy, and had bruises to the head, trunk and extremities that were consistent with the boy being forcibly held from behind. He also had a severe burn to his left hand that had not been treated.

Lambing was the only one watching the boy when he received his fatal injuries, and was charged with the rape and murder of Miller. He was apprehended on Wednesday after police found him and his mother hiding in the attic of an abandoned home.

Bentley Miller

Lambing is facing charges of criminal homicide, rape of a child, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of children.

He has past charges including shoplifting, burglary, criminal trespass, conspiracy, terroristic threats and harassment. With his latest charges, Lambing could be looking at the death penalty – something prosecutors say they may be seeking.

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“I have never seen anything like it in 22 years as an attorney,” said Butler County District Attorney Richard Goldinger. “It’s unimaginable that somebody could actually do this to any human being let alone a 4-year-old.”

Lambing’s mother was also arrested and charged with helping her son avoid police as well as child endangerment.

But that’s not all… just this morning the dead boy’s mother was also charged with child endangerment in connection with the untreated burn injuries on Miller’s hand and the fact that drug paraphernalia was found inside the motel room the couple lived.

The couple’s four-month-old son has been placed in protective custody.

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  • Rape him with a chainsaw!

  • TexasStacy

    I’m sure he will be “raped to death” in prison. Oooorrrrr….I could save the state a shit ton of money and they could let me have the fucker for 24 hours. Ya know…wouldn’t want him to die fast.

  • Kill it with fire.

  • dammitall23

    Here’s hoping the 4-month-old has an even chance at a decent life. The 4-yr-old was surrounded by nothing but scumbags. Jesus.

  • This has made it into the top 3 worst stories I have ever read on DD. Absolutely horrifying.

  • I’d ask how a 4-yr-old’s butthole looks worth earning the death penalty over, but batboy up there doesn’t sound like he had any impulse control & not much cognitive ability, either.

  • Don’t waste time on a trial. Kill him now.

  • This is the sickest thing I’ve ever read! Poor baby never even had a chance at life ????

  • Just fucking stick a .45 up his asshole and keep squeezing. Sickwads like that are all over the damn place and its about time this country starts doing something about it. Putting him up in a comfy individually caged prison is not acceptable

  • I concur. ????

  • Fuck. ????????
    I wish I didn’t read that.
    This fucker needs to die. Now. Slowly.

  • Christy

    Bentley if there are such things, I hope you are in the arms of the angels. For your murderer and his lemmings, no punishment is swift nor harsh enough.

  • I sometimes just hate people

  • I’d be put away for killing any fucker who dared to ever harm my sons! ????

  • I hope they throw this vile piece of shit in general population. Let the inmate do to him what he did to this baby!

  • Just stick a piece of dynamite in his ass and light the fuse…

  • I agree ????

  • IronWoobie

    This sort of shit is why single parents need to be EXTREMELY careful when getting into a relationship with someone. Based on the fact that she got charged, too, I guess convenient dick meant more to her than her kids.

  • Too quick and not painful enough……

  • Fry this f’cker.

  • Shoot him then .. this is the sickest thing I think I have read on here ..

  • ghost_of_the_fall

    This is in my hometown. Bentley’s death could have been prevented had they stopped dragging their feet on giving him back to his father. There was an ongoing case at CYS due to Bentley’s arm been broken a year or so ago. Abuse was suspected, but could not be proven. His mother was also using heroin while pregnant with the now 4 month old. She was being monitored towards the end of her pregnancy, since I believe in PA they can charge you with endangerment for using drugs while pregnant. Either way, our whole town failed to protect this child. We have been having a heroin epidemic for over a decade now. Shit like this shows how we need to step up the game here. An innocent child was tortured to death because everyone failed him.

  • ghost_of_the_fall

    Not sure about the mom’s family, but the bf’s family is full of addicts. His sister’s husband is a dealer, and they have 2 kids. I hope they investigate everyone.

  • This has to be one of the worst ones I’ve read. I hope he doesn’t make it very long in prison.

  • It don’t matter where they put him they WILL get his ass

  • My God. I just can’t even imagine the horror of his last moments. This evil demon needs to be killed immediately. Hiding in the attic and with his mother, how can you hide with this vile scumbag even if he is your own son?

  • Monsters pure evil and his mother hid him from police and babys mother Knew he was being abused I think they should bring back hanging for all of them! How could anyone hurt a child ????

  • I know a lot of y’all want to see this sick fucker get a death sentence but believe me he will wish he was dead every day for the rest of his life

  • That poor boy’s mother is just as evil. Maybe worse.


  • Old Man Metal

    ” With his latest charges, Lambing could be looking at the death penalty – something prosecutors say they may be seeking.”

    *Should* be seeking.

  • Dre Mosley

    Everyone, EVERY adult involved is a massive piece of shit.

  • Death penalty. There’s just no other option. How horrific for that poor baby boy.

  • Now this justifies the death penalty.

  • There’s no punishment harsh enough for this vile piece of shit! Tears literally burned my eyes reading this. This innocent child was failed by so many. Ugh, where’s Dexter when you need him??? Rest In Peace, Sweet Boy.

  • no words!!! this is the most sickening thing I have read ever! 🙁 🙁 🙁 poor boy!!! 🙁

  • But pedophilia is a mental disorder…they need help…not jail… Poor victims *sarcasm*

  • Wow.. I’m surprised it made it on here so quick.. I’m from around butler..

  • It’s also made it to the absolute worst that the DA here has ever seen (I live about 20 min or so from where it occurred. It’s been top of our news since). They’ve not dismissed the notion of the death penalty.

  • Death penalty is being discussed. Sadly, even if he does get it, our Governor here in PA has put a moratorium on the death penalty, at present.

  • The mother should be in jail to

  • Man it’s always the mother’s boyfriend that does this kind of shit.

  • creepy! disgusting! i have done a lot of bad things in my life, but i have never had the slightest thought about messing with a toddler. Horrible! The puke did it with a male toddler, to make things worse. He is a child molester, a murderer, and homosexual all rolled into one. Throw him in a wood chipper! please!

  • Lisa

    I love my son more than life itself, but if he raped and abused a child there is no way in hell I’m helping him hide! Scum, all of them.

  • Anyone want to take a road trip to Butler for a game of baseball?

  • Jesus Christ

  • Bahhhdman

    I’d never seen someone giving the side-eye in a mugshot.

  • The death penalty is too much mercy, to be honest. He’d get a quick and relatively painless death. Hardly justice.

  • Omg

  • Pray he gets the same treatment in prison!!

  • There is no punishment bad enough for this animal so just shoot him and throw him in the ocean!!

  • M.E.

    Well, isn’t that the feel good story of the day I needed. 🙁

  • jansav

    “Will be” seeking

  • If it were up to me, this asshole would be sentenced to the death penalty.

  • Not enough pain in this world to punish this. Gen pop: do your thing.

  • So are they gonna DEPORT his father?

  • When he hits prison, he will know how that baby felt. Sickening pervert

  • I wish I believed in hell just for people like this ????

  • WHAT THE FUCK?????

  • Let’s just set them on fire.

  • Why are these pieces of shit still breeding. Mom is as much to blame as this sick MF. Hoping he gets ass raped every damn day and not segregated like we know he will…”for his protection” in jail.

  • My mother worked in CPS in NYC – they drag their feet because the “education” provided social workers encourages family reunification as the goal, focusing usually on the mother. My mom was hardly the best SW but even she ran into a nightmare of red tape to get a final severance of a parents rights no matter how shitty they were. Whole social work paradigm needs a rework to focus less on classroom theory about making parents better with classes and state aid and more on getting kids away from lowife drug addicts.

  • Armanda Callen

    Punishment for this piece of shit should be 24/7 torture for an entire year straight. Taking him to the brink of death keeping him barely alive and once he thinks its over resuscitate him to wake him up to his living nightmare of the worst forms of human torture imagined!!!

  • Ha! No kidding! “Where’s Dexter when you need him???”

  • Wow poor baby boy rip , he deserve death and to be in general population . Sick ass rapist

  • Amen brother ?????????????????????????????????????

  • mean birch

    Lousy prick cocksucker piece of dogshit no good sick fuck head. Look at that innocent child. Look at him. You sick bastard. Rot in hell.

    I’m sorry little kid. You never stood a chance.

  • Jesus, this one really takes the cake

  • Good I hope he suffers every day! And I hope they add rape him with plastic forks every day in jail hands full of them!!

  • This story has been top of our news here every day, and I cannot remember a time where the details of a crime were so graphic that the news couldn’t even discuss them. This was the first time I’ve actually read the details and I understand now why they can’t discuss them. I live not that far from where this happened, and I hope to whatever invisible deity is on duty that he suffers and suffers his entire? time in jail, during trial, and after he’s found guilty.

  • Not true at all. This scumbags will live good for the rest of his days.

  • Benighted

    Almost as soon as my ex (my daughter’s father) and I split, I had friends start in with “I’ve got this friend you should meet…” Nope. No thanks. If I have to be alone for another ten years until she leaves home or goes to college or whatever so be it. It gets lonely sometimes but I’ve been reading DD enough years to know how that can go.

  • To make it even worse, CYS had been called for abuse allegations but they never went to investigate. In PA they have to follow up within 3 days of any call. They totally failed that poor baby. Every time the local news reports on this, the more fucked up it becomes.

  • This is probably one of the worst ones I’ve read on here


    Wow. I really wish that I did not read that. I even had to take time off in between sentences. Oh my god if anyone deserved to be tortured and kept alive so that he could feel what that boy felt it is him. That fucking poor kid! Torture his junkie whore mom too.

  • ghost_of_the_fall

    Yea, PA automatically gives the mom full custody if you are single, and tend to push for the mom to keep it. Total bs. Not everyone can be a parent, nor learn how to be one. I hope this case opens the eyes of lawmakers.

  • ghost_of_the_fall

    I’m in Butler too. I can’t stop thinking about this. We need to make sure the 4 month old stays in protective custody.

  • Benighted

    I had to read that a couple times to figure out the relationships between the adults in the story. What a bunch of fuck ups. I almost had some sympathy for the grandmother who was transporting the boy between her son and the bio father until the bit about her hiding out in the attic with him. She’d better have been up there trying to persuade him to turn himself in.

  • He needs the same done to him, period. Do not pass go, do not collect 100 dollars, straight to the torture chamber for this one.

  • I’d love to be his judge, jury & executioner

  • Sick bastard

  • She is

  • Bobbi Steh this was in Butler ????????????

  • There are special people everywhere. .. he needs skinned alive!

  • Kill him.

  • john smith

    maybe you should let some enforcement know about that.

  • john smith

    most likely doing smack

  • Susan Riley

    This POS should be denied cable TV in prison. No Internet, No commissary, No phone card.

  • john smith

    Hell awaits you fucker!

  • The bio mother of the dead child hid out with her sick boyfriend, not his mother.

  • Unless I read that wrong-I am pretty out of it. I would hate to have to read that again, but that’s the impression I got. I could be wrong, but the mother of the sick fuck was with the boy when he went unconscious.

  • Sick mother fuckers need to be tortured for days,then tossed into a wood chipper

  • Whoa. Hold up. The gender of the victim makes this no worse than had the child been female-it’s already as horrible as it can possibly get and no child deserves this horrific violation and loss of life. Boys are assaulted by men quite often. Married men abuse boys.
    Some perverts specifically prefer boys. Some prefer girls and there are others who will violate any child they have the opportunity to abuse. This abuse of boys is often dramatically under-reported due to stigmas about “being gay”-like you just did on your comment here. Obviously the victim was very young and couldn’t report for himself, but many older boys who ARE capable to report these crimes if victimized are too embarrassed to report them because they are afraid of judgments like yours against gays or even being accused of being gay if they speak out (as if that is a horrible thing in itself. Hint: it’s not. The pedophiles are the actual monsters here-not the gay population…ffs) because they were assaulted by a man. Again, being gay does not equate being a criminal. That bullshit has already been discussed, discredited, dismissed and is insulting to gay people, period.
    Being gay isn’t the problem here.
    This sick bastard’s choice to harm this child is the problem here.
    Most men who abuse boys identify as straight, for the record.
    Perp was in a heterosexual relationship.
    Gay bashing isn’t helping, it’s actually perpetuating more violence and misinformation against innocent gay people.
    On that note-while I’m iffy on the death penalty for various reasons, in these kinds of cases, I believe death would be most appropriate.
    Get him off this planet, stat.

  • There should be a law where all pedophiles just get killed by the PPL


  • DreaminMan5

    Prison plus starvation in solitary confinement. Throw away the key

  • He have a broom stick up his a… and be beating the crap out of him while shoving that broom up his a..


    Why do I read this shit? why? What is wrong with me…. The zombie apocalypse cannot come fast enough.

  • Talkin

    Nothing short of brutal violent deaths for all three of the adults involved (yes, the mothers of both the suspect and victim for the part they played) will bring justice to this sweet boy!

  • There are some articles, I wish I have never read… This is one of them. There should be no trial, no sentencing, and no jail time for this POS. There should be an immediate death sentence and in the worst, most painful way.

  • Old Man Metal

    This case would make a good argument for ending that moratorium.

  • Inferus

    Seriously, this world is in need for a proper culling. Too many of these degerates emerging from the slime.

  • Aerysta

    I made the mistake of reading this right as I was leaving work. I cried all the way home. I cannot imagine the life this poor kid had and if he ever knew love or safety, living in a motel with junkies who abuse him. This may not even been the first time he was raped. Or he’s one of those piece of shit sorry fucks who cannot stand when a little boy cries and wanted to “treat him like a bitch” to toughen him up. Either way, hand to God, if I were left alone with him, his momma and the shit stains mother? I’d brutally and without regret torture every one of them until they begged me to kill them.

  • itsknotme

    “And then there’s that feeling of dread, when you just realized you sold this idiot a $10 million dollar life insurance policy last week.”

  • dilldoeh

    i love a feel good story 🙂

  • captaingrumpy

    Good luck sweetheart.

  • jansav

    Purification by fire.

  • Diva of Destruction

    The only suitable treatment would be to tied him down, shove a curling iron in his ass turn it on then beat him about the head and back with a baseball bat. It is impossible to inject humor into this story. Die Die Die Scum.

  • That’s awesome Benighted. Those babies are the most important thing. The heck with a man. There is always time for that later. I think that’s incredible that you’ve put her as #1. That is so rare these days. What an incredible mother you are.

  • Kill his sick ass slowly!!! These POS can not be “cured”!

  • They will probably put him in protective custody!! Which is BS!

  • steboto

    Thought that was not allowed – but I guess if your mommy’s special man its OK ?

  • Inferus

    Probably worried at the stares he was receiving. He better pray for death. The system isn’t going to protect him.

  • PurpleAnn

    Very well said!

  • PurpleAnn

    She had to have known something was wrong with the little boy when she picked him up! He would have been cowering/tearful, or lethargic from blood loss. Also, probably was bleeding through his clothes. Writing that last sentence made me nauseous.

  • understandingoverignorance

    Simple tools works best on his kind.

  • Josh

    I’d like to back a truck up his ass

  • pmo100

    I have an inherent aversion to inflicting bodily harm on other people, but this guy, I could easily knock his teeth out with a hammer and stick a knife in his head. Filthy pig-scum, I hate him…

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  • Sejanus

    Give him to general prison population.
    Let them know what he did.
    Toss in some mop handles and they can Dahmer this fuck.

  • Jim Henson ????????? ???????

    Why is this animal still alive? He should have been put down with a beating within minutes of being apprehended.

  • auntiemel

    Where was the so called mother while this was going on? I hope she rots as well.

  • esmerald 2006

    Yep you will need to read it again, it was lambing’s mother they were hiding together.

  • esmerald 2006

    He is a worthless piece of shit dumb as drogadict, he would be blaming it on being high. Like if that is a valid excuse.

  • esmerald 2006

    I really hope so.

  • esmerald 2006

    Let us dream on him being put on Gen pop.

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    Looks like he’s been crying too. Poor thing. Tsk tsk tsk.

  • ghost_of_the_fall

    I already had. I hope they take it seriously now, since they didn’t with Bentley.

  • LynnKayee

    Sex with a child is bad enough. Fucking it to DEATH?! Yeah, I’d help a person like that find an empty house to stay in. While on a walk “going to get food” there might be a tragic fire before I get back. Those abandoned houses you know. I’d get him out though. Who would I made him miss out on that years long sleepover? With men who would definitely have his back…in many ways.

  • Farscape2

    I had to look that one up, death sentence in PA. HA! They have not executed anyone since 1976. Why even call it a death sentence. There? are some people that would do a much better job of it with only a box of toothpicks and a roll of dental floss. No need for 60 years of you paying for 3 hots and a cot, dental care, health care. Etc. For that sack of meat.

  • Nikki Parsons

    I’m not far from where this happened as well, and CYS is a joke around here. It is an incredibly broken system, and in need of a HUGE overhaul.

  • Nikki Parsons

    Actually, it’s an automatic joint custody of the child if the father’s name is on the birth certificate, and there’s no court ordered custody agreement. I went through this when I split from my ex while he was upstate. I had to file for a custody agreement because once he got out, he could’ve showed up on my doorstep at anytime, taken our daughter, and bounced with no explanation. He had threatened to leave the state with her on more than one occasion, and I’d be damned if he was just gonna take our daughter and leave. She barely even knew who he was.

  • Maria Luther

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  • Poor little chaps bum must have undergone ginormous multiple thrusts from monster.

  • CheckeredPresent

    this whole crew needs to go to , they will pay these people to get sterilized and then they can go back to their sex drugs and rock and roll with no more kids raped and abused.

  • Medusa Jordan

    Whatever way you look at it he is dead.

  • Medusa Jordan

    He looks very afraid and I guess he is right to be.

  • Medusa Jordan

    And walk into prison with my head held high.

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  • Leslie Mashmann

    Happening more and more. Mommy brings home a new boyfriend, and has him watch her children – some of whom are not his biological children – while she goes out to work to support him and the kids. The boyfriend looses patience with this child fathered by some other man. Or is a kink to begin with so he uses this easy access child. Mommy is so surprised when her child is tortured to death. That warm body in her bed is so much more important than her own child. Dick over child. And is you think this is not true, research a bit. What you find with horrify you.

  • Susan Blanchard Breaux-Collins

    Why is this fucker still breathing?

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  • ImOpining

    The mother said she returned to the motel they were living in and picked up the boy to bring to his father. HOW THE HELL did she not notice that he wasn’t okay? They need to lock her up as well.

  • warhorse

    When he’s sentenced? Let the inmates at the facility in on the details, and then release this sick fuck to the mainline – put him in general population. He’ll understand, real quick, what he put that child through – he’ll last one night before they kill his sorry ass, too.

  • warhorse

    my thought exactly. He needs to be released in mainline, after the inmates are informed of the crime.

  • warhorse

    They will be waiting for a POS like this. They have a real special housewarming ceremony for guys like this.

  • warhorse

    Nope. Put him in mainline in state prison and give the C.O’s the day off.

  • warhorse

    Purification by the mainline guys in state prison.