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Crookston, MN — Brian Louis George L Chapman has a lot of names and a bestiality charge on his record after allegedly raping a dog while delivering mail.

A homeowner on Chapman’s route grew suspicious about the amount of time Chapman spent on his property, delivering a package last month.

The resident apparently has a security system in place that sends a notification to his smartphone whenever someone comes on his property. Giggity.

The man was contemplating calling the post office to request that Chapman no longer deliver packages to his home, when he decided to see what dude was up to for so long in the garage.

Imagine his surprise when he saw the surveillance footage.

According to the arrest report, Chapman was recorded entering the garage at about 1:30 on the afternoon of February 6. He then placed a package on the ground and proceeded to “engage in a sexual act” with the homeowner’s dog, which was just kinda hanging around in the garage.

Chapman, 21, has been charged with burglary, a felony, and bestiality, a misdemeanor.

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  • So he got a root on his route ????

  • Whoa that’s ironic.

  • Has security cameras but leaves the garage wide open? Sounds like a set up to me!

  • Ew.

  • sugarpie

    Not everyone can joke around and say the puppies belong to the mailman. ????

  • Payback

  • Sejanus

    He looks like like a dog fucker.

  • Josh

    Or say the girl was a real dog.

  • Can you look like a dog raper? He looks like a dog raper… ????

  • Can you look like a dog raper? He looks like a dog raper… ????


  • Old Man Metal

    So fucking the dog is a misdemeanor but gaining access to the dog is a felony? Huh. Ah well, at least Brian Louis George L Chapman got a felony for the on-route rapin’.

  • Ty Cloud

  • ….. I’m glad I’m not dog

  • Damn Ty lol 😮 it’s cuz it happened in Minnesota

  • D S

    Entrapment, clearly!

  • Inferus

    Dude, that’s a package you should not have delivered.

  • I kno rite next to my county

  • Ty Cloud be safe lol

  • Thanks man!

  • <3

  • Bob Saccamanno

    The postman will use the defense that the dog didn’t say no so he thought it was ok. He probably bragged about shagging some bitch to the boys down at the post office, Cliffy and Newman.

  • But what if the dog was dressed provocatively? lol

  • Zazen

    Guy needs to keep his package to himself. Also, not even seeing who wrote this, when I saw ‘Giggity’ I totally fucking knew it was you, Jaded. You always make my inner 12 year-old snortgiggle <3

  • Nice to “see” you, @Zahzen:disqus. It’s been a minute.

  • GGMon


  • link07

    Was he ruff with the package?

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    Why would you not go out to the garage and see for yourself what the hell that creepy, ugly-ass postal worker is up to? I do not just let people meander around in my garage. And why-oh-why did that dog not take that perv’s package and give it a good rip? Poor dog. PSTD (Postal Service Traumatic Disorder)

    “Honey! The mail’s here!”


  • captaingrumpy

    Poor bloody dog. They will befriend anyone.

  • Vinnym1980

    Well he probably has trouble getting girls to fuck him so give him a break lol.

  • Old Man Metal

    Yeah, not to blame the victim, but dude really does need a better dog… maybe a guard dog to guard the first dog?

    I’d *love* to see someone try to put the moves on one of my dogs!

  • dilldoeh

    just kinda hanging around? sounds like that dog knew the drill.

  • Edward Newman

    I hope, for its sake, the Dog had all it’s shots

  • Matt Matt

    He looks like the kid that was In “Fear The WalkingDead” you know the fucked up kid maybe It’s him haha.

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  • Robin e

    Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Nasty fucker

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