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BARRINGTON, RI – Two 97-year-old twin sisters froze to death Saturday after they both fell outside and were stranded overnight in freezing temperatures.

Martha Williams and her twin sister, Jean Haley, had returned to Haley’s home Friday night after having dinner with their 89-year-old sister.

Investigators say that as Williams was leaving Haley’s home, she fell in the driveway near the rear of her car. Haley saw what happened and went to go inside her home and call for help, but fell inside her garage.

“At this time investigators believe that foul play was not involved and Ms. Williams may have fallen in the driveway walking to her car. Ms. Haley may have tripped on a rug on the floor of the garage as she attempted to enter her house to call for assistance,” Barrington Police Chief John LaCross said in a statement.

Both women remained where they fell, enduring overnight temperatures that dropped to as low as 11 degrees, with wind chills as low as minus 8. They were not found until the next morning when a neighbor found them and called 911.

The sisters were rushed to Rhode Island Hospital in critical condition, but died of hypothermia a short time later.

“On behalf of the men and women of the Barrington Police Department, our deepest sympathies and condolences are extended to the Haley and Williams families during their tragic loss,” said LaCross.

Last time we had a depressing story with similar circumstances was the 74-year-old woman who froze to death after she fell while trying to help her husband who had fallen out of his wheelchair. Oh, and we can’t forget about this woman who fell and was found dead in her bathroom, and partially eaten by her cats.

Gloria Drummer Accused Of Stabbing Random Woman In Head WIth Butcher Knife

If I actually make it to the age that my bones crumble to dust at the slightest impact, I’m gonna dress in a diaper and layers of bubble wrap, and have a Medical Alert button glued to my damn hand.

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  • Amber Nichole Dixon

    Jesus. And in different spots?

  • jansav

    So sad. Every elderly person should have one of those emergency fall buttons. My heart just breaks for these ladies. What a sad ending to a long life. RIP ladies, together always.

  • sugarpie

    What a horrible story. 97 years and you gotta go laying on the cold concrete. Damn it man.

  • patrickdh10

    This is a tragic and depressing story and if it went down the way the authorities say it did then my sincere condolences to their family. But are they sure about no foul play? Seems awfully coincidental that both ladies wound up incapacitated at basically the same time and unable to move or call for help. As frail as these two ladies appeared to be I would be totally surprised to hear they did not have personal cell phones for emergencies. Plus with their fragility in mind it wouldn’t take much to stage this. Were it my call,especially considering the suffering these two ladies must have endured, I’d be having investigators check the house thoroughly for missing valuables and finger prints, check for (recent?) life ins. policies and any family/freind in financial distress, review any visitors to their house in the last month or so,etc..

  • Dre Mosley

    Sad as hell. And driving at 97? They sounded like some pretty healthy and spry women, and to die like that. Damn.

  • How incredibly sad, anybody that makes it to nearly 100, should deserve nothing but to die peacefully in their warm bed. I’m wondering why there wasn’t someone looking after them, and why is a 97 year old still driving??.

  • This is heartbreaking , wish they had somebody that looked out for them . RIP ????????

  • DW

    Imagine being the first cop to respond to that call. Just a trail of identical bodies leading into a house…

  • Inferus

    Came together, left together. Cold, I know.

  • Not far from me , sad

  • Buffettgirl

    Oddly poetic don’t you think?

  • Josh

    Born minutes apart and died minutes apart almost a century later.

  • Why would anyone find this funny?

  • Who’s did that??

  • The laughing emoji when you hit the like button

  • wow they died together

  • ZodiacKiller

    Sounds suspicious as hell

  • An ignorant 20 year old who lists his favourite colours in his bio. Not worth acknowledging.

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    I think I’ll just hop a cruise ship at that age. Your every want and wish catered to, travel and beautiful scenery, fabulous food. Then when I die, chuck me overboard to feed the fishies.

  • Dana Marie, whoa!

  • JohnQknowitall

    One of the sisters apparently still drove a car… why not carry a fucking communication device? Technology can save lives and avoiding it can lead to an early death.

  • Diva of Destruction

    That’s crazy. Born on the same day then died on the same day 97 years later.

  • CT

    Why is no looking at the real issue here? They were 97 and still freaking driving? When I think of them driving, I envision the car jumping curbs, hitting fire hydrants, driving 20 miles under the speed limit in the left lane on the highway…..