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Shreveport, LA — This is Celina Ann Cabrera. She used to be employed at the Caddo Parish Animal Shelter. Wanna guess why she was fired?

If you guessed ‘crimes against nature’, you probably just peeked at the title. You win nothing.

Police received a tip last week that Cabrera was having sexy time with a dog, presumably at the shelter, and someone, somewhere, had the video to prove it.

24-year-old Cabrera was arrested Friday and has since bonded out.

Caddo Parish Public Information Officer Krystle Grindley initially said Monday that Cabrera was placed on administrative leave immediately after the commission was made aware of the arrest, but later revealed that Cabrera had actually been on leave since February 15.

Grindley added that she could not confirm the reason for that leave, and cited personal privacy issues.

Cabrera’s videographer, 41-year-old Booker Talioterro Thomas, a former employee of the shelter, was arrested as well. He’s been charged with principal to crimes against nature.

ETA: According to Cpl. Marcus Hines, a police department spokesman, it does not appear as if Cabrera engaged in coitus with the dog at the shelter. It also does not appear as if any of the dogs confined in the shelter were sexually assaulted by Cabrera. The dog in question apparently belonged to Thomas.

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Man Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Family Pit Bull For Last Three Years
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  • Highwayrun1

    That takes the phrase “I Love my Dog” to extremes……

  • aldenscott


  • Mark Allen


  • AlabamDeb

    Ew. Just Ewwww. The only ones I feel sorry for are the poor dog (hopefully they at least put a bag over her head first) and her family. I would HATE for people to know someone I was related to would stoop so low. Disgusting.

  • Valerie

    I never get these stories. Who the fuck looks at a nasty, slimy dog penis and decides they want that? Obviously these people do, but wtf?

  • mean birch

    Since she is such a dog does it change things?


  • itsknotme

    “Shreveport, LA”

    If she breaks out of jail, will the bloodhounds have to pay to be the dog to chase her?

  • GGMon


  • Mark Allen

    I would have the dog checked for any sexually transmitted diseases…


    Red Rocket Pictures presents: “Screwin’ the Pooch”.

  • Old Man Metal

    Pedos become priests or scout leaders, necros become undertakers, pooch-fiddlers get jobs at shelters. Every pot has a lid.

    Seems like that means all is well with the world, but not so much.

  • Taster’sChoice

    Every pot has a lid. Dark. I’m using that somewhere else. LOL

  • Old Man Metal

    I hear that! Lack of video cameras back in the day saved me from more than one arrest, no doubt. That and the fact that “zero tolerance” hadn’t been invented yet.

  • Peosh

    Can we just take a moment to thank this fine, classy woman for not breeding with a human; since that could possibly result in offspring. I would also like to thank the animal in this case for taking one for the human race, trully: mans best friend.

  • Inferus

    Species fluidity my friend.

  • Inferus

    Tony the Tiger would disagree.

  • Inferus

    They won’t have a problem sniffing that out.

  • Inferus

    And the sequel, “Doggy Style: This Ain’t Your Momma’s Bitch.”

  • Dre Mosley

    Cucked by a dog.

  • aldenscott

    Tony the Tiger could score a better looking chick.

  • john smith

    Ugh SMH

  • john smith

    People,that are sick in the head.I stopped looking at porn,Once I seen,2 women,blowing a horse.I had to drink and forget as much as I could.

  • I so couldn’t wait to scroll down to see u guys’ comments. I knew they would be hilarious.

  • scotsims

    What they’ve left out is that not even the dog wanted to screw her. Even with bags.

    She thought she could get pregnant by the dog and give birth to a litter of Alien like puppies.

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  • Sejanus

    She has a fundamental misunderstanding of doggie style.

  • Diva of Destruction

    Ah the human mind, what a twisted deviant thing it is.

  • patrickdh10

    They’ll need to call in the ASPCA’s best animal psychologists to treat the poor little poochie that was ravished by this cuckoo bird, I can’t imagine how many therapy sessions it’s going to take for Fido to move past this.

  • Old Man Metal

    Only one session, if the shrink went to the Sam Kinison School of Animal Psychiatry.

  • auntiemel


  • Twyla Klumpp

    I live in lake Charles Louisiana lol…come on yall lol…make us Louisianans look real good oh well could be worse, could be Florida lol!

  • Twyla Klumpp

    Right?! Lol

  • Twyla Klumpp