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Scottsdale, AZ — Delia Flores, 53, had a hunch that her boyfriend was cheating on her, so she shot him a few times. Seven, to be exact. And three of those shots were to the babymaker.

Somehow, dude survived.

According to police, Flores called 911 Saturday night to report her boyfriend had been shot. She initially told police her boyfriend informed her that he had been shot and asked her to call for help.

She later changed her story, telling police it was she that shot him because she believed he was cheating on her.

The victim reportedly told police he had fallen asleep sitting up in a chair, and woke to what he thought was the sound of fireworks. Oh, and excruciating pain in his lower extremities.

He had been shot once in the dick, and twice in the scrotum. Plus, there were additional gunshot wounds — neck, upper back, and thigh.

The man told officers he owned three 9-mm guns but said he didn’t think his Flores owned a handgun, let alone know how to use one. The man also denied having cheated on Flores, his girlfriend of two years.

A search of the residence revealed a .32 handgun box in a Victoria’s Secret bag near the woman’s clothing. The gun that presumably belonged in the box was found near the chair where the man was sleeping. Also found, the receipts for the gun and the appropriate ammo, dated February 16th of this year. On the back of the receipts, a handwritten map to a local shooting range. In Flores’ purse, an empty box of ammo, 32 caliber, which matched the rounds and casings scattered throughout the living room.

Grandmother Fatally Shoots Teen During Home Invasion

One officer stated in his report, “Based on the facts that the defendant has just recently purchased the firearm, the fact there were gunshots directed at the victim’s neck near his head and that the victim was sleeping at the time of the shooting and no argument was taking place, it is believed that the defendant intentionally planned to shoot the victim with premeditation.”

She’s been charged with one count of first-degree attempted murder and one count of aggravated assault, and has been ordered held on a $750,000 secured bond.

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    you done stuck your dick in batshit crazy, son.

  • Dude deserved it in my opinion if he was cheating

  • looks like a crazy bitch

  • itsknotme

    Really, and if she’d just walked away, she wouldn’t be spending the rest of her life in prison.

  • itsknotme

    ‘Also found, the receipts for the gun …’

    ‘… held on a $750,000 secured bond.’

    There’s got to be someway to make bail? Maybe if she refunds the gun. Darn it!! Well in 20 years, she may get store credit.

  • Diva of Destruction

    This guy must have been hung like a horse.

  • jansav

    She bought the gun, took lessons, and shot his cheating dick off! Probation.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Bet he doesn’t make that mistake again!

  • JohnQknowitall

    You are so right! Who needs a court system when we can save money with a resourceful person like this woman who can do the job of judge, jury and executioner?

  • JohnQknowitall

    Only if she can get the evidence back, but, oh yeah, this is Arizona and not Louisiana. Guess she won’t be getting that money back.

  • jansav

    are you clutching your pee pee as you type that?


    Bet he CAN’T make that mistake again … :


    I don’t know. I’m all for shooting pedos, but shot for cheating ?? I’ll bet this bitch was born and bred in Texas. The women are a special kind of crazy there. Still believe in frontier justice.

  • taffy550

    No, thats why she went target practicing. Probably like shooting a fly in a barrel.????

  • mean birch

    Judith Light?

  • mean birch


  • Seriously? Attempted murder and genital mutilation is justified for a cheater?

  • Absolutely! No one forced him to cheat! Shit, who’s to say his dick wouldnt fall off in 4-6 weeks anyways. Its simple if you aren’t happy, then leave the relationship


    “NOW who’s the BOSS???” **BLAMMO**

  • BrizeeGyrl

    #Dayum… He’s a survivor!!!

  • JohnQknowitall

    I used to have a pee pee, but then, like my height, during puberty it changed. And like even a freak pack’n in his pants male porn star, I wish I were taller. 😉 How did you come to the conclusion that she is just a paranoid and jealous person? I mean why would someone cheat on a crazy ass unpredictable vindictive and jealous control freak? But then again, why would some idiot stay with someone like that either?This story didn’t cause me to grab my Oscar (god I wish), but I did have to look up and assess the potential damage caused by a 32 caliber weapon. Thank God for this guy that penis transplants are now a possibility and I pray this guys scrotum and its contents are some how salvageable. I also hope this woman has lesbian fantasies because she is sure gonna have time to explore them whether or not she is so inclined.

  • Old Man Metal

    He owes the guy at the gun store that talked her into a .32 a beer.

  • jansav

    First off I have no idea what you are trying to get across, so I am going to stick with pee pee. Next, I came to that conclusion because paranoid jealous women usually have good reasons for being that way. Last, If she has a good lawyer she will do very little time.

  • She looks like the kind of woman I would expect to keep a gun in a Victoria Secret bag…

  • scotsims

    Next time get a butcher knife to really slice him up.

  • Stating The Obvious

    Yes and one of the reasons a woman can be paranoid and jealous is because she is bat shit crazy.

  • Quasimodem1969

    Some people in Florida would pay cash money to get their dicks pierced.

  • jansav

    bat shit crazy doesn’t necessarily mean wrong…just means hard to prosecute.

  • Inferus

    Kiss kiss, bang bang…bang

  • Inferus
  • JohnQknowitall

    If you are going to continue with pee pee then I will give my answer in like form…
    He waddn’t even cheat’n a widdle biddle bit. She wuz jus’mad. (you can interpret the word mad as every definition possible) Deh nice pleesemen verified the man’s official statement that thare waddn’t even en anover man or woman sexually in the man’s life.

    In short: Crazy bitch be crazy bitch cause she crazy bitch.

  • jansav

    what a dick. (is that better) ; )

  • scotsims

    AKA: Extreme piercing.

  • scotsims

    Humans’ biggest sex organ is the brain.

    Does cutting off a thief’s hands prevent him from ever stealing again?

  • scotsims

    To my eye she looks like Satan’s version of Rene Russo.

  • JohnQknowitall

    I am not really into butchering people and it turns out this guy didn’t cheat. In any case, how did this work out for the crazy lady?

  • JohnQknowitall

    I can picture a girl this age using that word….

  • Sejanus

    Leathery looking broad

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  • GGMon

    I’m not a dude by any means but seeing so many comments rooting for this lady because she ACCUSED him of cheating and that alone is enough to think his punishment was well deserved is pretty fucking bothersome.
    Whether he did or didn’t, she’s still in jail and doesn’t seem like she’ll be out any time soon.
    Was it worth it?

  • Lisa Langham

    Or maybe (and I know this sounds “crazy”) just leave him.

  • jansav

    thank you for understanding the spirit of my remark.

  • captaingrumpy

    All those charges and he is not even dead.

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  • Old Man Metal

    The group on the left has a very interesting shape, given the context.

  • Kalynada

    Oh, the flesh is weak.

  • Phedo Pile

    So what do we do with a cheating woman? Can we maim her genitals and ovaries for life as well?
    Wait, no, you’d be outraged then.

  • Phedo Pile

    I hope a man cuts your whole vagina up to ribbons you sadistic man-hating cunt.

  • Phedo Pile

    His name was Donald Dale Hackman Jr.
    The comments were filled with people calling him a “monster” and demanding an eye for an eye and having his genitals cut off.
    I think it’s almost instinctive, no matter how cruel sadistic and evil a woman is, we root for her and cheer her on if her victim is a man, we make up excuses and say he must have deserved it. It’s biological, women are more valued than men. Men are disposable.

  • jansav

    Get over yourself douche bag.

  • Phedo Pile

    You have sone serious fucking issues with men. Did your daddy finger you haha

  • jansav

    you are nothing more than a twisted little troll who has no friends in the real world. Nothing you say to me has any affect on my self confidence.

  • Phedo Pile

    Yeah right.
    I hope daddy fucked you non-stop till your bedtime every day. You probably deserved it you evil little cunt.

  • jansav

    troll on little boy. what are you 14 yrs old? Think you’re a big man because you call women cunts? Run on home to mommy little boy you still got some growing to do.

  • Phedo Pile

    Freudian slip?
    Did you just confess that daddy started fucking your little cunt when you were 14?

  • jansav

    just keep trolling. See if you can get someone to freak out on you.

  • Phedo Pile

    “No daddy no! Not my special place! Your thingy is too big daddy!”

  • Buffettgirl

    You are, beyond a shadow of a doubt, highly disturbed. Is a little girl being raped amusing to you? Sick, truly sick.

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