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Natalie, PA — A 56-year-old woman has died from a combination of trauma injuries and hypothermia after getting her arm stuck in a clothing donation box.

Judith Permar was apparently using a step ladder to reach into the box to remove the articles inside, police say. The ladder collapsed, which led to door slamming down on her left arm, breaking both the arm and the wrist. Permar, unable to free her arm, was left hanging from the box.

“She was fishing bags out and the ladder she was standing on gave way and she couldn’t get her hand loose,” Mount Carmel Township Police Chief Brian Hollenbush said.

Police say Permar went fishing for the clothing sometime around 2:00 Sunday morning and was found approximately six hours later.

Bags filled with clothing and shoes were reportedly found in the immediate vicinity, her black Hummer still idling nearby.

This wasn’t her first visit to the box that killed her…. police had received a report of a woman who was driving a black Hummer removing items from the bin back in November.

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  • dammitall23

    Oho, she must have been selling the clothes she hooked out of the box? If she could afford to fuel a Hummer, she sure wasn’t destitute.
    As with other deaths to be avoided, such as masturbation catastrophes, or using a lighter to see inside flammable-storage containers–this last act of robbing the poor will be what’s most remembered about this woman’s life.


    Play stupid stupid prizes..

  • sugarpie

    Talk about getting caught with your hand in the cookie jar.

  • I read she was donating somewhere else….

  • itsknotme

    So, there’s a reason why they’re called second hand clothes?

  • Darwin award..stealing from the drop box.

  • I did too. But I’ve since read several other sources saying she was known to steal donation items and sell them.

  • More like instant karma.

  • Inferus

    You know we’ve reached a pathetic point when the rich are stealing from donation boxes. FFS, at least put some of those ill-gotten gains towards your hair!

  • Good one April !

  • jansav

    This is obviously a case of karma or maybe kaughtarma!

  • understandingoverignorance

    Like the old saying goes God don’t like ugly…SMH

  • This happened near where I live. The media is hush hush about it now so no one has any idea what she was really doing.

  • Community Reacts to Tragic Accident that Ended with Woman’s Death

  • starry1

    She drives a Hummer and was found stealing from charity twice? And who says karma isn’t a motherfuggin bitch…

  • GGMon

    So she was selling clothes she found in the donation bin?

  • JohnQknowitall

    She can afford the insurance and fuel for a gas guzzling hummer, but she couldn’t buy an inexpensive and reliable ladder? Selling the hummer will at least pay the funeral costs.

  • Brew Pub

    Karma is a bitch : )

  • mean birch


  • Karma bit her in the ????????

  • PurpleAnn

    I never realized there was anything all that great in those donation bins. Sometimes, when I drop stuff off, I have second thoughts about whether my donations are ‘good enough’. She was absolutely stealing. You don’t need a ladder to reach the drop-in opening.

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    If anyone deserved that little “accident” it was this greedy heifer.

  • melb1970

    WOW… i originally assumed the victim was a proud needy person.
    To know it was someone stealing from the needy.. I am kinda glad she suffered a bit.. she earned it.

  • You are so going to hell for that comment.
    I’ll save you a seat….

  • Bettylburnett

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  • Stoney

    Karma is a bitch.

  • Sejanus

    Skeezy bint had a Hummer, yet still had to steal from the needy?
    Glad she died alone in agony.

  • PurpleAnn

    “skeezy bint” Love it!

  • patrickdh10

    There was a rumor going around that someone inadvertently tossed some Hermes and Gucci bags in that box. Alas the rumor was false. Poor dumb lady.

  • Rachel Ann

    I’d feel bad if she hadnt of been thieving. Silly woman how selfish must one be to resort to stealing from donation boxes to make a quick buck.
    I wonder what her family is thinking right about now. I’d be so ashamed and embarrassed.
    Aint no way of making this shit pretty.

  • Aussie Sabbath

    “Ma’am, are you just holding onto the item in the bin?”
    As my nanna says, “Gold helps those who help themselves. And God help those who are caught helping themselves”

  • Nathan Stegner

    Caught red handed.

  • Ramonathegreat

    I’m sorry, but she looks like exactly the type of person you’d picture drunkenly stealing clothes out of a donation bin on a rickety stepladder.

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    That’s okay. We all know what she was doing. No one dangles from a collection bin at 2 a.m., with the HU$$MER running, while dropping bags IN. She was probably like a raccoon in a trap hole, that won’t let go of the bait for anything, even if it dies there. :

  • G Hensley

    she was dumpster diving (with a 47k Hummer) cheap hoe

  • Da Mac

    No, I personally think her philanthropic efforts will stand out.

  • Da Mac

    Probably married to the chairman of Goldman Sachs.

  • Da Mac

    Should we thank the people who drove past and didn’t help?

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  • Old Man Metal

    Good for her!

    Now they’re going to have to put those “there’s nothing in here worth dying for” stickers on all the donation bins…

  • esmerald 2006

    You had to say it, didn’t you?

  • rarely

    poor fuck… yeah im talkin about you morbid bitch…

  • israel.siewert

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