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Columbus, OH — Jessica Pickett, 22, was charged with misdemeanor falsification after allegedly reporting that her car had been stolen with her 4-year-old daughter inside.

Pickett apparently called 911 and told police she had left her child, Janylia, sleeping in the backseat of her car while it warmed up Monday morning. She left the child in the car, she said, so she could round up her other children. When she returned, the car and her daughter were gone.

An Amber Alert was issued. Cell phones alerted, officers searched, tips started coming in. One tip, though, blew Pickett’s story to shit.

“I am trying to call in about that Amber Alert,” the caller said. “She is not missing. She is at her Aunt’s house.”

And she was. Unharmed. She’d been at the aunt’s house since the night before.

When confronted, Pickett reportedly admitted to officers that she had lied. She had just hoped the police would make finding her stolen car a priority.

Pickett was issued a summons and Janylia and her two siblings, ages 5 and 2, were taken into protective custody. Authorities have not yet determined whether Pickett will be required to repay any tax payer dollars used in the search for her daughter.

The car has been found. Police said they have arrested and charged 22-year-old Bradley Stroud with grand theft auto.

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  • dammitall23

    Sounds like she’s tried to get cops to do shit before!

  • It’s cause of this bitch my
    Phone blew up at work

  • Racheljhersey

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  • Dumbass!!

  • NinaRoss009

    What an idiot! I hate when people use their kids for shit like this, I hope her car is totaled!

  • sugarpie

    She probably let the little punk borrow it and he took out another chick so she called in his ass. Cheatin bastard. Thought the cops would catch him in the act if she added some flare. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  • Karma



    What a manipulative bitch!! I feel sorry for anyone who has to deal with her. And she absolutely owes the taxpayers all the money back for the false search she initiated! Wow. this just really pissed me off.

  • itsknotme

    It’s all about timing. You call 911 and say, “MY CAR WAS STOLEN WITH MY DAUGHTER ………………………………………………….. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… daughter’s redbox movies inside.’

  • jansav

    wow this really backfired on her.

  • Sejanus

    Dizzy twat.

  • DcBroadway

    Could be right, don’t look like she could’ve chased him.

  • Jeania

    Glad that someone called in that Tip; hopefully it dissuades others from using Amber Alert like that. Seriously, wtf is wrong with people? Oi vey.

  • GGMon

    Wait… So she knew the car thief?

  • i can’t find anything that says she knew the dude that stole her car.

  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    She should go down to Texas and meet with Amber Hagerman’s mother. Get to know a little bit about the child in which the Amber Alert system is named after. See the pain that the family has endured.

    This bitch should lose her car and her children until she works off community service and parenting classes, she obviously has her priorities out of order.

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    Selfish little bitch, ain’t she? And putting your child in a cold car to warm it up? WTH? She needs all her children taken away. And her car, then she can pay all those resources back to the city for the search.

  • Jessiedhackett

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  • karen.reedy

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  • Inferus

    God dammit popo, my beloved was stolen with my car. What’s her name? Muthafucka I is talking about my crack!!!

  • Inferus

    No one wants to learn how to be a ho. Now, if you take groupons, give me your contact info.

  • Inferus

    Not if it’s a Samsung.

  • Inferus

    Hoopties defy being totaled.

  • Inferus

    This happen to you?

  • Inferus

    You realize that she is likely on welfare. Paying tax payers back with tax payers’ money is a paradox that threatens to implode the social state.

  • Inferus

    I doubt Sausage Party was her daughter’s.

  • Inferus

    Diabetes does that. Damn, dying from the suga’!

  • Inferus

    Nice spiel, but cam babe jobs don’t pay that well.

  • Inferus

    Aren’t they all cousins somehow?

  • Inferus

    You realize she’ll have kids within months of losing these. Like a damn gremlin, sprinkle the jizz and you’ve got half a dozen before you know it.

  • sugarpie

    Heavens no. This chick never chased after any guy. You don’t want to be with me, have a nice life. I’m a no drama momma. You get more satisfaction when a relationship fails when they realize that you could easily move and they know they fucked up.

  • She should have to pay for the man power and should have her children taken away from her for making a false report. Not only that but your car is not more important then your child/ children. You are a disgrace.

  • LA Woman

    She’s an idiot and like so many people leaving kids in their car “But ones that do it for real.” All she had to do was say “Oh yeah I forgot she was there see this is my morning routine so I assumed she was in the car like always so I panicked forgetting she wasn’t. Like they do and some are telling the truth when it happens but as far as I’m concerned how they say put your purse in the back or phone or take off a shoe to remember they are back there. Well to all those people who say to do that here’s a better idea DON’T HAVE KIDS if you have to do some trick to remember you have one I mean it’s sad that their phones and purses take priority memory over their kids so basically they notice a purse or phone gone but hey what kid? Just pathetic but that is a sub subject to this story BUT I had to say it because I think it’s weird how it’s a big problem almost a “trend” people leaving kids behind. I remember when I was growing up we never once saw or heard these stories about kids forgotten in cars. It’s the new loser generation they are bringing in a lot of new subjects to news stories another is leaving baby with boyfriend or home alone for days and we all know the outcome of those stories I say STOP HAVING KIDS PERIOD THIS WORLD IS JUST BAD WHY BRING A POOR BABY INTO IT THOSE DAYS WHERE FAMILY MATTERED AND SOCIETY CARED OR SOMEWHAT CARED ARE OVER … SAD BUT TRUE!!

  • scotsims

    Wrong way to look at this. IF she receives a check from the Govt, the amount would be deducted from it before she receives it, and that money would go to the agencies involved. She would feel the loss, which is the intent. The losers? The children.

    If it’s judged to be a criminal act she could lose the monthly check, housing, and EBT benefits. I’m not sure about medicaid & medicare. The losers? The children.

    If she receives no benefits she’d see garnishment of her paycheck. The losers? The children.

    If she is “gainfully” employed she may be fired. The losers? The children.

  • scotsims

    Funny thing about this website, People here come her to vent about the sick things – too many times children are involved – that occur in the world. What is much rarer is the fact that it’s that racist commenters come here.


  • Josh

    She loves the car first and the daughter second. Makes me wonder what she does when she isn’t busy throwing people under the bus.

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    I didn’t see one post about color. Maybe you’s too sensitive, baby. You do realize stupid white people or stupid brown people do shit like this too? We’ve seen it time and time again. Black people don’t have the market on stupid.

  • karen.mckeown

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  • scotsims

    Go clean the toilets, that’s the only reason you’re here. Make sure you use your fingernails, do a better job of it.

  • CheckeredPresent

    there’s too much infrastructure in the welfare machine. Way way too many planners and admins and other paper pushers. This could be streamlined and save tons, the machine has turned into a jobs thing for ex-recipients and grown and grown. This goes from the top if the ladder to the bottom. Many redundant programs could be more efficient and streamlined and save money. She is a shithead for lying about a nonmissing child when there are so many who actually are.

  • CheckeredPresent

    knowing the criminal is what is going on in SF, tax dollars at work! “San Francisco sheriff’s deputy is facing charges after she allegedly had
    a romantic relationship with a jail inmate who was found this week with
    her department-issued weapon that had been reported stolen”

  • Maryshenrich

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  • scotsims

    Medicare and medicare are more efficient than private insurance. The reason? Profit, which takes 10-30% of the price of premiums.

    The government programs would be cheaper if drug prices were negotiated, unfortunately the GOTP has prevented that. The government programs are efficient because they are forced to do so unlike the military which “loses” billions each year.

    Are you stating ex-recipients of medicare and medicaid go to work for those programs? Sorry to disappoint you, but most of them leave the programs in a cardboard casket. That’s a rather silly statement.

  • CheckeredPresent

    Look at the VA scandal. There were waiting lists and people in charge in that program got bonuses while people got stalled indefinitely and died. It really looks like they were rewarded for thinning the herd. Just because I am saying most government programs suck and are totally inefficient – don’t draw the conclusion I want them to be for profit.

    Smarter people need to be in charge down to every paper pusher, so there won’t be all these ‘we lost that document’ or ‘sorry we mixed up your name with someone else’s’ or any other hundred examples of ineptitude.
    Being half-assed , doing one’s job super slow and not even correctly is not going to be good enough. We need to hire the best people for these jobs, not just someone to sit in a chair, hand people forms with no critical thinking skills. The way many programs are run now- to quote your word- is worse than “silly”, it’s downright embarrassing and shameful.

  • pkinsey

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  • Inferus

    Hey, libtard, ever been to the projects? I used to repo as a teen. It’s not racist, it’s a fact. So sorry you burned your hand when you spilled your skinny machiato while reading something that clashed with your limited worldview.

  • Christine Racicot

    I can see her current thought processes “Don’t care! Got my car back”. Dumb ass.

  • Taster’sChoice

    The problem with socialism is, eventually you run out of everyone else’s money. -Margaret Thatcher. Go Trump.

  • Taster’sChoice

    Getting rid of affirmative action (reverse discrimination) would be a great place to start. No sense in hiring buffoons who don’t know what the fuck they’re doing but got their job because of white privilege or whatever idiotic term someone who doesn’t try hard enough, came up with.

  • CheckeredPresent

    People shouldn’t be hired if they can’t do job well, agree with that. If it hurts their business to have to follow these antiquated rules, that is just wrong. I mean, either you are equal and wanted to be treated as such, or you’re not and maybe are in the wrong program. People should be able to hire who they think is good at the job, although I have to say, the last bastion of discrimination seems to be not color, but age. Stupid to leave mature people behind bec they aren’t ‘hip’ or ‘hot’ because there are many people who have a good work ethic , have social skills who are older as well as being able to read and write- and not play with cell phones and F off all day.

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  • Mz. Aquafina

    I noticed that too especially with the comment about them all being cousins.

  • scotsims

    I agree with you on the VA scandal but your post above is full of generalities and slams to many there who do work hard and don’t deserve to be tossed in with the others.

  • scotsims

    Remember that while you’re paying for the wall.

  • CheckeredPresent

    I’m sure you are right about there being some who were not part of the not helping people and getting bonuses while the vets died on waiting lists, or other workers who knew this was happening but looked the other way and kept their heads down. Working hard is great but not coming forward while people are not getting help they need is not truly taking care of people.

    It must have been hell for the various kinds of workers who were genuinely trying to take care of people in that environment- but when it is systemic and the people have to go through endless delays and red tape- in that case people’s problems get worse, and they are suffering more. This story shouldn’t be swept under the rug and forgotten about- or worse, left to fester and start up again. Instead, there should be more accountability as a result.

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