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SILVER CREEK, GA – Videos taken by Katelyn Davis, the 12-year-old girl who live-streamed her suicide, are currently being published online and offer a real glimpse into her home life.

All I can say about it is that if I had to live in a household like that at 12, I don’t know if I would have hanged myself, but I surely would have murdered someone.

I have included two videos of Katelyn having an argument with her mother, which you can watch below, and it is like the breakfast scene in Rob Zombie’s Halloween.

During this argument you hear everything Katelyn had complained about in some of her other online videos, and she was not exaggerating.

She and her mother argue about Katelyn constantly having to watch her unruly siblings, about her mother’s drug use and bringing men over, Katelyn’s cutting and even Katelyn expressing her anger over her mother not immediately kicking out her man after an incident in a pool. It’s a goddamn train wreck.

Look, I’m sure no one would like to have a recording of an argument of themselves and their kid put out there, especially if you didn’t know you were being recorded and the person listening didn’t have context. Lord knows I wouldn’t.

But the thing stuck out to me the most about the following videos wasn’t how they were talking to each other, necessarily. It was that these two didn’t seem to have a mother\daughter type relationship at all. It was almost as if they were roommates or something. If you knew nothing at all about this story, I doubt you would guess Katelyn was only 12.

For more Katelyn videos, check out the In Memory of Katelyn Nichole Davis Youtube Channel.

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  • Aerysta

    She never had a chance. I can’t watch the videos but this girl has probably had to be the “adult” most of her life and she was tired. I hope she is at peace. Will there be criminal charges brought against her parents?

  • Howard Loomis

    Da kid was born bad. She got da bad genetics from her momma.

  • dammitall23

    I hope nobody posts any more comments about how her trash, shit family is so “broken up” and “grieving” over her suicide. Only thing they’re upset about is how their own behavior is on public view. Or maybe momma’s distraught because she can’t use Katelyn to lure in any more boyfriends.

  • dammitall23

    And: that poor kid. She deserved better.

  • That was awful. And I agree with Morbid, it wasn’t even like a mother/daughter talking to one another, it was more like they were friends. I hate when parents argue with their kids like they are their equal. Katelyn had no respect for her mom, because, why should she? She acknowledged being high on pills all the time, dragging in men all the time, staying with an ex even after Katelyn told her he “violated” her in the pool (mother said, “But he’s not here now and I never left you alone with him after that”. Like that was the consolation prize). Shit. So much wrong with these tapes. Obviously the worst part is that Katelyn is now deceased, but listen to the two other little ones in the background. Getting involved in the argument (one of them sounds like little more than a toddler), and listening to all of this. This ensures the cycle will continue.

  • Poor babies.

  • I have a little girl who is about to be 10, so just 2 years younger than this sweet girl, and I could not imagine treating her like that! Yes, I do get angry with my daughter, I am her mother, but it has never been something like this. My whole heart just went out to this girl and I just wanted to wrap her in a hug so bad. She just needed some love.

    What stayed with me when watching the other video is the closeness of the cars driving by and not a single one stopped…how could you not? She sounded like she was right next to the road, right next to the view of all these cars! Rest in peace, sweet girl.

  • Just watched the first video on YouTube and I’m livid. Her mother mentions multiple times that Katelyn needs to take her Prozac. I’m sorry? Prozac? For a 12 year old? SSRI’s aren’t recommended for children under 18 as they can make symptoms worse.

    Prozac could be the catalyst for her suicide. What kind of quack physician prescribes Prozac for a twelve year old?!

  • The mother is totally accountable for Katelyn’s depression, self harm, suicide, PERIOD. So many woman can’t have children, why do shit woman get to have tons? RIP Katelyn? I know there is no more pain ????

  • Goddamn that was hard to listen to. It’s too late for Kate, hell, she never had a chance, but I hope the other kids are now safe and happy.

  • Omg her mom is a real piece of shit ????

  • Violet Rose

    Is this worthless mother going to be brought up on child abuse charges.

  • This poor girl didn’t have a chance in hell. :'( About all that can be hoped for is that her death somehow saves her siblings.

  • This girl breaks my heart. So I was on Best Gore (don’t judge me, a Google search landed me there). And they have a thread about this. Those people over there straight don’t care. The video of her suicide was there. They also linked to her YouTube and pages where people had reposted her diary. I watched her singing a song she wrote called My Fall. I just wish someone in her life would’ve helped her. It’s so obvious she was struggling. Someone saying she was an aunt, was in the comments of a news article about it defending the mom. If I ever run into this bitch, I’m going to get my very own Dreamin Demon front page feature. Just please don’t refer to me as a ham beast. I know I’m fluffy.

  • I imagine more kids live in this than we can even imagine. Drugs, low wages, working class poor, no family close enough to help out. Such a sad situation. As the adult the mother shouldn’t have been fussing with her daughter like that, the needed to talk and teach. Sounded like Katelyn was supposed to be on meds, had been cutting herself in the past…she had issues too. And the baby in the background telling them to calm down…pitiful.

  • Where is the rest of this young lady’s family? I hope her siblings are taken care of before they too are broken. They are already parenting as heard in the first video, stepping into that fight. Hearing any parent fight like with their kid is infuriating.

  • You hear Katie in the second video say “they ain’t my pills, they’re your pills”
    It’s really anyone’s guess who’s pills they were. 🙁

  • Holy shit DeeJay Jr. Taylor

  • LynnKayee

    PLEASE PARENTS — I can’t believe this needs saying — don’t just believe your child when they says they’re abused, PROTECT them! “Is (s)he here?” Is exactly what my ex heard from her father just two days before she walked in on him fucking her abuser and a week after she was released from prison. Then it was his turn to hear…he heard her blow her own fucking head off.

  • LynnKayee

    Katelyn wanted us to see — her life, her pain and eventually her death. I don’t believe the mother was evil and/or soulless, but she’ll wish she was. She will wish she could hear something besides her failures and her child’s pain.

  • Or if they were even Prozac.

  • This is all true.

  • NinaRoss009

    That horrible woman is not a mother, she may have birthed those children but that is as far as it goes. There is no amount of stupidity, lack of education, lack of money that can justify treating your child like that, she was telling her she needs help in every way possible.

    She seen way to much in her short time here on earth, her soul was tired. To me it explains why she looked so determined in her final posting, she had all she could take.

    It hurts my entire being to hear this child pour her heart out to get shut down, belittled and made to feel as if she didn’t matter.

    I hope she has found peace in the next life, rest in paradise Katelyn Davis

  • truthguy


  • M.E.

    I couldn’t finish listening. That poor girl, and that poor little kid begging for some milk. JFC. Now I’m depressed, want to go home and snuggle my tween babies. ?

  • They’re not recommended but a psychiatrist is well within legal, medical and ethical rights to prescribe Prozac to a child if they are severely depressed or suffer severe anxiety.

  • Although I am in Australia so not 100% sure our laws are the same. Our physicians cannot prescribe the same meds that a psychiatrist can.

  • The future of the other kids will probably not end well either

  • TexasStacy

    Holy shit. The “mother” needs her ass beat. She didn’t protect her kid from Anthony and kept him around longer after whatever happened in the pool? Hell no!!!!

  • I couldn’t even bring myself to listen to the whole things. ???? RIP Katelyn. ????

  • Fang DelGato

    Fucking Christ on a picnic table. I no longer have any question as to why this girl thought death was her only way out. I’m no role model, certainly no mother figure, but Katelyn would have been better off living on my couch and hanging out with my cats while I worked than in her own home. I hope you found peace where you are now lady. You got dealt a shitty hand by the family you were born into and I’m so sorry for how you lived and died. Rest in peace. <3

  • And to hear the littlest kid–saying “calm down” “calm down” OMG! This is abuse. You don’t need a college degree to figure that out. Good Lord!

  • Josh

    No doubt the mom is a worthless piece of shit.

  • lol @ dont judge me …what do u think is wrong with us? (ppl who go crazy websites)

  • Have you ever been there? It makes me seem psycho or something.

  • Wtf is this? Did someone in her family make this tribute? It’s very odd.

  • I sure pray those little ones are no longer in that home. They deserve a better life than what their sister had. Listen at the little one saying, “Calm Down. Calm Down. Stop It.” Saddest thing I’ve ever heard.

  • Stormblast

    Why the fuck do I have to get a license to fish, a license to drive, a license to style hair, or to practice medicine, but people like this ignorant ass trailer trash whore doesn’t need a license to breed!

  • environment11

    Talk about trash! These people should not show up at her funeral crying. Disgusting.

  • Meg

    I couldn’t listen to the whole thing. I would never wish for a parent to feel the pain of losing a child but I hope this is a serious wake up call for Katelyn’s mother. The way she spoke to her daughter….I have no words. That is no environment for ANY child or teenager to live in. I have a teenage daughter. She gets mouthy, her phone is a problem and we definitely have arguments but I could never dream of speaking to her the way Katelyn’s mother was speaking to her daughter. Being a parent is hard. Sometimes life in general is hard but it is not that little girl’s fault or her problem. You brought her into this world so it is YOUR job to make sure you do the very best you can for that girl and her siblings. It may not be perfect or what you would like but come on!!! You don’t need money to love and treat your kids right.

  • Lauri Day

    Poor Katelyn… I know she’s in heaven, because she lived hell on earth. 🙁 RIP sweet girl.

  • Armanda Callen

    Congrats you lazy pos mother you are keeping the water and power on. Hell she deserves mother of the year!

  • human hater

    what a disgusting fucking fat ass bitch of a mother….awwwe man i wish it was legal to go around and fucking murder people like this

  • So Heart Broken, this mother is so accountable for her daughter depression, and Death. You cannot bring all types of men in the house with children around, Katelyn said it herself, that her other siblings were being touch, as sadly as it is, this was a tragedy to happen. Katelyn siblings needs to be out of that house period. (Rest in paradise my angel. )

  • Randall

    Your opening sentence – really?

  • HappyDaisy

    Her final words with Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” playing in the background! That’s a seriously bizarre and disturbing “tribute”.

  • Laura Norlund

  • McDanel_1771

    I couldn’t make it 5 hours in that house without contemplating suicide. I was taken by the fact that the siblings just kept chattering along, not the least shocked or intimidated by the fight. It was just a normal day to them.

  • Brew Pub

    Great stuff. Best spank bank material I have seen in quite some time. Change the background track to the Divinyls “I touch myself” and you have a solid 10 – 15 minutes right there. If there isn’t an Oscar for this one the awards will prove their gender bias once and for all.

  • vincanss

    Nobody is “born bad”, you are a product of your environment.

  • Tim Stewart

    OMG. Just breaks my heart. This poor kid. RIP.

  • twelveohthree

    no offense but we can figure out that 10 is 2 less than 12.

  • twelveohthree

    it is the same here. he likely meant psychiatrist.

  • twelveohthree

    i ended up there too and had to squint past some gorey stuff. def a psycho site.

  • twelveohthree

    right? i was like omg just pour your kid some milk! i almost woke my 12 year old up to sleep in my bed tonight.

  • Fang DelGato

    Yes, really. Did you listen to the dialogue between “mother” and daughter? And you found MY sentiment offensive?!? Lol, please. I’m offended that a 12 year old mentally tormented, abused, hurting girl is dead and her “mother” has yet to be charged with anything. You clearly wouldn’t be able to hack it working in an emergency room like I do. That’s one of the mildest curses we use on a nightly basis.

  • VV

    Ugh, my heart broke. I hope these children are in better care. I could never treat my daughter in this manner.

  • Smitty Werben Jaegerman Jansen

    Dirt bag parents

  • Randall

    If you think for one second that the horror of this audio is lost on anyone, then you are not a very reasonable person. But I don’t assume that to be the case. So I was just curious as to why you felt it necessary to emphasize your level of shock and outrage by using a pretty appallingly blasphemous phrase.

    I am sure you amused the right people. So congratulations on your creativity.

    I do realize that my opinion doesn’t mean anything to a total stranger. So thank you for your feedback. And you are correct, I would not be able to “hack it” working in an emergency room. Lucky for me, message boards are not emergency rooms.

    Take care.

  • Jenna Marie Liczbinski albeit I couldn’t get through either one of these recordings, the second one seemed to be worse. It is a shame that these are on the internet for all to hear but unfortunately, I couldn’t NOT listen to them. That poor girl and those poor little kids in the background.

  • Buffettgirl

    Blasphemous to YOU Randall, not to all. You’re judging the wrong people here…

  • good lord. How sad. 🙁 I don’t even wanna listen!!!!

  • It explains A LOT. So sad.

  • It’s still just like… terrible. the whole thing.

  • Haunting and heart breaking.

  • SayAnything

    Wow. What an imbecile.

  • Randall

    Yes, obviously to ME, but also to millions of others. Go ahead and replace “Jesus” with your mother’s name and you probably wouldn’t hear from anybody, simply because nobody (comparatively speaking) knows your mother.

    Judging is okay. I promise. We all do this, on a daily basis. Some of us pretend that only our own judgments are righteous. And that is where most of the problem lies. I might also add, that it is entirely possible to simultaneously judge things that are unrelated.

    Now, I am sure you are thinking all kinds of nasty things about me as you read this (there I go judging you), and that is okay. You are allowed. The free sharing of thoughts ideas should be encouraged. But we should always be prepared to offer an explanation without getting defensive. I admit, that can be challenging.

    Good day.

  • After listening I sure hope child protective services were contacted about the remaining children in that house. Oh lord how I pray to you to please give divine intervention in this household and remove those children from that mother and who ever that man wears. We can’t afford to lose anymore children. PLEASE LET CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES BE INVOLVED BY NOW, I pray that my lord please save these remaining children. No other lives need to be lost , amen????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    Rest In Peace sweet angel Katelyn Davis age 12 lost far too soon????????????????

  • zeph1
  • newbie

    The mother sounds like a meth addict. No job and making her 12 year old the full time babysitter then talking to her like a truckdriver. Dysfunctional family and horrific.

  • Sean in NYC

    I hear a single mom who is obviously at the low end of the socio-economic ladder being berated by a 12 year old child without cease. The video is started after the fighting had begun, wherein the child was performing. She knew the video was recording and her mom did not. Even then, I don’t hear anything the mom said that was so terrible. The mother is likely on opioids for an injury (“you dont know what its like to live in pain”), and the daughter exploits that by claiming her mom is just on drugs.

    I know I am the bad guy here (i.e., the grown up), but based on the fact that the child was spending most of her life online (not entirely her fault), her self worth was totally tied up in getting views/ likes. Attention. Hence her videos of the “life is too horrible” variety.

    However, suicide is entirely selfish. Hanging yourself in your yard for your mom or toddler siblings to find /blame is cruel. To livestream it on Facebook is the ultimate attention-seeking act imaginable.

    The situation is far more complex than these clips make it out to be. But she was a pretty white girl, so immediately your heartstrings are pulled. Obviously it was a far from perfect situation, but to throw the mother under the bus without knowing the whole story is moronic.

  • Alice Cornell

    oh wow prob the same kinda quack that prescribed me prozac at 13…

  • Alice Cornell

    very well said. i hate to say it, but ive felt like this my whole life. i hope this wont be me when people keep ignoring my pleas for help too.

  • Alice Cornell

    well, to me too. i used to think statements like this were funny as f$%k but i guess i may have grown up a little since then.

  • Alice Cornell

    ive been saying the same thing!!

  • I’ve been going to that site for years

  • F. Derosiers

    That woman did not deserve her daughter

  • Anahata Love

    i think she meant it in a reminding way, as in ‘my daughter is not far behind this child, only by 2 years’? lol.

  • Anahata Love

    still glad you are here. i was put on prozac for an eating disorder when i was younger and that’s the ONLY time i ever actually attempted suicide. it’s like i had an urge to eat the whole bottle, an URGE like slapping a mosquito off you when it bites. they pumped my stomach and i barfed black crap for a day after. that stuff can be evil to the wrong person.

  • LynnKayee

    DON’T WANT TO WATCH? Here is a summary… MOM IS ALL — “Yeah Katelyn. Stay away from the psychos. There are plenty of fish in the sea. Now excuse me, I need to get on Facebook to gush over my amazing husband who touches kids…even my kids that i would do anything for. Clearly, Katelyn….you know NOTHING about living in pain.”

  • Stephanie Dwl

    Not to mention this was her second attempt. She had already tried once with pills and I understand she was cutting also? She had likely already been treated with something else prior.

  • Stephanie Dwl

    Her “Mother’s” voice sounded farther away than the cars. Yes…like they were right there. I don’t know why I watched it. I felt like I was doing it for her.

  • Fang DelGato

    Thanks BG. <3 I'm glad you got my meaning.

  • Fang DelGato

    I did find the situation so appallingly shocking and outrageous that I felt I needed that expression to convey the horror I felt. My phrase wasn’t even meant to be “blasphemous.” If I believed in such things, I could see Jesus, robes flowing, sandals firmly planted between the potato salad and the hot dogs at a picnic, shaking his head in horror at how this child lived and died. He would probably be asking us what the fuck we are doing to the innocents on this planet that his father lovingly created and populated. However, I’m a Pagan and worship the Earth, the Sky, the Dirt and the Trees. The Moon is my Goddess and the Sun is my God. We tend to be a little less judgmental than the standard religious folk, but can be just as spiritual. Blessed Be!

  • NinaRoss009

    I hope you find peace in this life and it never comes to that. I’m always willing to chat if you need someone

  • My heart hurts and also know the feeling I was 6 years old when I was molested didn’t tell anyone until I was 33 believe me I know the feeling of not wanting to be here anymore

  • Daddy-o

    She was, in fact, close to the intersection of two roads (about 40 feet), but was shielded from view by a row of bushes and trees. She was about 90 feet from her mother, but blocked from view by the tree trunk and another tree, not to mention in the dark. Please refer to the attached pictures.

  • Jesus, she was only twelve and it sounds like she was the only adult in the entire household. Her parents should be in jail for child abuse, neglect, endangerment, and whatever else they’ve done and continue to do to destroy their kids.

  • Sam Green


    I mean you no disrespect, but how can you form a sound opinion based of heresy and the opinion of others, my advise is to listen to the video, both of them, then base your opinion from the facts that you yourself came to realize.

    I listened to both, feel bad for the girl for sure, I also feel for her siblings, imho, the only one with a lick of sense is the toddler heard in the background.

  • Buffettgirl

    Nope. I’m not thinking any nasty thoughts. My only point was that stating something as being “______” doesn’t make it fact, it’s still just your opinion. 🙂

  • True

    I’m sorry. I’m with you in your hurt and anger. People don’t understand how kid’s brains are still developing. They think if they’re dead, the pain will go away. No one will hurt them anymore. After 4 tries, it still hurts. My family didn’t know until I was grown either.

  • Alice Cornell

    tysm i really appreciate that

  • GGMon

    That poor girl felt she was in a hopeless situation.
    Sounds like she had to be the adult and constantly on guard, that’s depressing. I don’t know if I said it in the other post but I hope police investigation involved

  • Jake88

    Lol we don’t think anything nasty about you. I personally pity you. It’s sad to me when people worship an imaginary man in the sky. The fact that you blindly believe in an imaginary man in the sky proves that you are crazy delusional, and anything BUT objective.

    You choose to believe in an imaginary man in the sky “just because” when you have no evidence to believe otherwise other than blind faith.

    You can’t tell me that I deny God “just because.” There’s a reason that damn near every scientist is an atheist. It’s because they are smarter than you. Partly because they base their opinion on what they know, not what they have been told. It isn’t up to anyone to prove that God doesn’t exist. It is up to the delusional crazies to prove that he does exist. You can’t possibly prove that something doesn’t exist when… it doesn’t exist!

    You can however, prove that something exists by… proving it exists! Make sense? Or too hard to follow?

  • me to you

    You want to talk about being berated! How about the mother’s every other words being “I will beat your God damn ass!” Is that not so terrible? Is being a victim of your mom’s boyfriend inappropriately touching you and the other babies in the house not so terrible? Maybe the poor girl stayed online to try to escape the mental abuse and verbal abuse that she went through from having been born in such a shitty situation and to such a shitty so called mother!!!!! You don’t know the whole situation either! And furthermore, you said that to “Live stream it on face book was just attention seeking” is as fucked up as her piece of shit mom! Maybe she live streamed it because she wanted people to see why she committed suicide. She had started cutting at such an early age because, maybe she was seeking help that her piece of shit so called mom never got her. Her mom was so fucked up on pills and any Tom, Dick, and Harry that would give her the attention that she was more worried about than her kids. The poor girl didn’t need to attention seek because she got plenty of attention from the piece of shit so called mom dogging her ass and cussing her like hell every time she got a chance. No 12 year old commits suicide for attention. They do it to escape the pain and nightmares that they have unfortunately had to endure that they feel they can’t handle anymore! The piece of shit so called mom, didn’t even pay any attention to the little baby in the back ground wanting some milk! How about doing a little reading on Nature vs. Nurture! And, for you to say heartstrings are pulled because she was a pretty little white girl makes you as moronic as your post!

  • me to you

    And just for the record that piece of shit so called mom is not gonna feel any remorse as long as she has her pills to snort and her pedophile men in her life that supply it for her! She kept saying “I will beat your God damn ass!!!!” Well, I am not a violent person but, I would love to see someone stick their foot so far in her ass that she has toes for teeth

  • me to you

    What the fuck do you mean “low end sociology-economic ladder” Apparently you have never been there! I damn sure was my whole life. But, my Mom treated me and a twin and older brother like we were priceless!!!! But, then again maybe you should do a little reading on nature vs. nurture!!!!

  • me to you

    For you to say “She was just a pretty little white girl!” That’s the only reason why this is getting attention… what race are you? Why try to make it something racial when its not!!!!!!

  • HappyQuails

    In one newspaper article or news cast mention was made that she hung herself in her front yard. This would explain the amount of noise caused my the cars. This reminds me of how we too had a student hang him or herself in a tree right next to the road outside of the Aptos High School and I drove by that day and never saw anything.

  • HappyQuails

    The black stuff was just charcoal to neutralize and absorb the drug.

  • HappyQuails

    Want to see something absolutely remarkable, aside from the suicide part? Look up “The Darlene Chronicles” on YouTube and see the distinct similarities in how they spoke to their kids and regarded them. Some of the D.Chronicles videos include the visit they later make to return int he 80’s to see how they are doing.

  • Anahata Love

    the ironic (no pun intended) part was i also ate a bottle of vitamins and they were more worried about iron poisoning/liver failure, than the actually prozac haha!

  • Anahata Love

    thank the flying spaghetti monster for ‘antidotes’. that stuff is wicked scary coming out, felt like i was in the exorcist puking black.

  • By Any

    Homicide should be legal if a kid can prove that they have shithead parents.

  • mike ransom

    nobody knows jesus either because he’s not real. I just can’t understand how so many people still believe in gods and various other religious mythologies. R.I.P K.N.D.

  • mike ransom


  • Brew Pub

    hey we all get off on different things. I mean you like grannies peeing on your back while midgets rub your feet. Different folks for different strokes. And as a side not you just kinda insulted everyone in the world who is actually retarded. So see , now we both offended a hell of a lot of people , feel free to find a step ladder so you can clime down from your pedestal now sport.

  • mike ransom

    I think the idea that suicide is selfish is absolutely absurd. It is selfish to insist that someone has an obligation to exist for the purpose of benefiting other people and their gratification. Also, it is very ridiculous to say that you are seeking attention by killing yourself. That doesn’t actually make rational sense if you consider the fact that you wouldn’t be around to enjoy the attention that would result from it. Maybe she Did it in her front yard and live streamed it hoping someone would see it and stop her before it was too late. Maybe it was her final test to confirm whether or not anyone cared about her enough to intervene. You also don’t pay very close attention to details either or you would have heard the multiple mentions of her mother snorting drugs up her nose and having different men over regularly. I guess that’s just a side effect of recovering from an injury which happens to be a scenario you added in out of nowhere with no factual basis at all.

  • mike ransom

    Sport? are you supposed to be Ward Cleaver now or something? And I haven’t insulted anyone else by saying the word retarded. I don’t call mentally challenged people retards. I call people who do and say stupid shit retards. if you look the definition of the word retard up it doesn’t even have anything directly to do with people. I know you were probably just making the comment you originally made to be funny in just to get a kick out of it. but it just kind of rubbed me the wrong way because of the fact that we’re talking about a poor girl who just killed herself recently and it just seemed a little disrespectful. Trust me I believe in doing things that are funny even if it pushes the envelope pretty hard but the line does need to be drawn somewhere.

  • cedric

    WOW … to complete this story all you need is a trailer, generic alcohol, a dog named Ole Blue, and an old pickup truck. These kids needed a couple of actual parents. This supposed to be mother sucks.May this child know peace now.

  • cedric

    I doubt this girl was born “bad”, although it’s obvious the children had an awful mom. I will side with you on one thing however – it is scientifically possible for not only animals, but humans to be born “bad”, think what you may but genetics play a set role in all of us.

  • Donnie Drasko

    Is the story even real? The whole thing could be fake, especially with Facebook Live involved. The mainstream media puts fake garbage in the news everyday.

  • Elle

    I hope that these kids have been taken away from this this worthless piece of shit “mom”. Who would treat their kids like this? And, this “mother” who doesn’t even deserve that title…a title which I believe is earned not given as a dog can screw and give birth….needs to be in prison. Or better yet the “mom” and her disgusting MANY boyfriends need to be hanging from a tree! This girl didn’t have a chance in this environment. So sad. RIP baby girl.

  • A child can be born with psychopathy. That doesn’t mean they’re born ‘bad’, per se, or that they’ll become violent especially if they’re raised in a loving and stable environment. But you can be born without a conscience and can, as a result, hurt a lot of kids / people.

  • vincanss

    I’d agree, a child born with mental deficiencies might not have as much say in the matter of how they would otherwise behave. My comment can be taken on the assumption that the individual is otherwise ‘normal’, which I think Katelyn would have been if not for her environment.

  • Andre Maunsell

    This has got to be the saddest video where she says she would hang herself.

  • Andre Maunsell

    Prozac is shit, I had a friend who I met in 1986 but ended up on prozac in 1989 or 1990. His whole demeanor changed and went from an easy going person to a person filled with unthinking rage at the most minor incident. He had two episodes of this when I was with him. First in his house where she slammed a 5.25″ floppy hole punch on the floor shattering it and the second while he was in his car smashing the console due to a malfunction in the cars AC unit. He nearly ran off the road while in his fit. I was with him so he snapped out of it in time. The third event he was not so lucky, I was not in the car with him and he went barreling off the road in order to avoid rear ending a bus. He died enroute to the hospital due to brain swelling (and yes he was wearing his seatbelt, his head hit the drivers side window) as a result of impact with his window. I have nothing good to say about Prozac.

  • Linda Crowder Dean

    It’s real. Look up Polk County Sheriff Dept in Georgia

  • Kaylin Corinne

    Coming from a situation like this I do feel bad for this girl and it’s not right. You can tell the mother does love her, but she is for sure not a great parent. That poor girl needed more emotional support and maybe even rules. Her talking about that luke kid the mother just brushed it off thats not okay. Though I still feel bad for her mother because as she referred in one of the videos Katelyn was her baby. ????

  • Brandon Cheez

    Wait Aptos, California? Wow, I used to live there years back and my brother went to that school, but I moved to SoCal before I went into highschool

  • HappyQuails

    Hi Brandon… I’m sorry I just saw a new way for me to be notified of replies, unless it isn’t new and I never knew about it until now. Yup, I live off of Freedom Blvd. I believe you saw my message in the Katelyn Nicole Davis thread. I am noticing that there is a similarity between what happened with her and a similar loss that took place at the Aptos High School but I don’t know if you would want to hear about that. I still think about Katelyn and I want to check back to read about how AJ is doing and to see if anything has ever come of the investigations. I know that some things are visible through the Freedom of Information Act. I wonder if anyone is using that procedure to get details directly from those doing the investigating?

  • HappyQuails

    Oh gosh! Isn’t it funny how life is sometimes? I sure hope you are feeling better. I’m sorry it took me so long to reply to your message. I am glad that we all have the internet. When I was growing up it was very easy to be very isolated.