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JACKSON TOWNSHIP, OH – Police have arrested a couple after the body of their missing 5-year-old daughter was found concealed inside their Chinese restaurant.

On Monday night at around 9pm, Mingming Chen called police to report her 5-year-old daughter, Ashley Zhao, was missing.

She told police that she last saw her daughter hours earlier and felt she had wondered out of Ang’s Asian Cuisine, the restaurant her family operates.

Police and locals began a search for Ashley, and an endangered child alert was issued. These were called off when Ashley’s body was discovered found “deceased and concealed” inside the family’s restaurant.

It was then that investigators learned the truth about what happened to the girl.

According to police, Chen repeatedly punched her daughter in the head for reasons unknown at this time. The girl’s father, Liang Zhao, found his daughter on the ground with a green liquid coming from her mouth.

When he tried washing off the liquid, he noticed she was no longer breathing and attempted CPR, but was unable to save Ashley.

I’m assuming, the couple panicked and came up with the asinine plan to hide the murder by reporting the girl missing. Had the girl’s body not been found, I shudder to think what other lengths they would’ve gone to in order to conceal the crime… inside their Chinese restaurant…

Chen was arrested and charged with murder and felonious assault, while her husband was charged with complicity to commit felonious assault and complicity to murder.

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  • Peking duck is never enough these days.

  • Yeah, yeah. Restaurant is misspelled in the title (actual article is find, though)… I hate that word. After 13 years of misspelling it on DD, you’d think it would have clicked by now.

  • Wait, you can’t edit titles on the Front page? ????

    The more you know, I guess.
    I just find that bizarre, when you can in the forums and surely the FP is more widely viewed. Host limitations?

    Also… “actual article is find”…. snicker.

  • Jeania

    the link’s spelling of restaurant >.> lol not nitpicking, I think it’s funny that you’re griefing yourself ^^ It’s okay, I can sympathize ^^

  • sugarpie

    You know, I can handle the dog and cat jokes that accompany every Chinese restaurant, but damn it, I just can’t deal with throwing kids in the mix.

  • truthguy


  • Who cares about anything misspelled?? That is petty. What needs to be focused on is that this woman beat her baby to death and this man helped to cover it up. Wtf is wrong with people in this country?! Beating your children? Punching them in the head until “green liquid” is coming out if their mouth? That poor baby suffered in death, at the hands of the one that is supposed to comfort and love her! Piece of shit cunt flap ????????????

  • truthguy

    *resisting urge to put menu item “Sum Yung Kid” in comments* *fails*

  • Lauren Williams I can edit the actual article, just not what FB scrapes – and in this case, it was the original version of the article before I fixed it.

  • Trust me. People care. Hell, I care. But if I had a penny for every word I have misspelled in an article, on top of a nickel for every time someone pointed it out, I’d be surrounded by whores, drinking rum on an island somewhere. 😛 I was just circumventing the inevitable by pointing it out.

  • The link I could not change, or I would have had to reshare the article AGAIN. It’s why misspelling in the title sucks ass. 🙂

  • Oh Jesus. I even misspelled my comment on a misspelling? lol!

  • I care as well, but not in this circumstance lol. Stupid grammar nazis. I see what you did. Calling it out before the fuckers could do it for you.

  • I thought that sweet and sour chicken tasted a little porky…

  • itsknotme

    Sadly, somewhere someone is waiting at his door happily waiting for his Chinese dinner to arrive that he pre-paid on his Discovery card with the tip included.

  • I can’t bring myself to read this. And I willingly watched the 12 year old Suicide. I’m fucked up. Home sweet home

  • LynnKayee

    Wait a fucking minute. The body was hidden exactly where she was last seen alive?! Are you telling me that Asians aren’t smart? What’s next?! Are you hope crushing bastards going to tell me that the man singing outside my living room with an entourage of drunk midgets WASN’T Santa?!

  • LynnKayee

    I’m never glad when people hurt kids, but I’m always thrilled when said people are too dumb or arrogant to cover it up.


    Keep your friends close, and your murder victims closer. That way, you can have a speedy trial, and your jurors can sleep at night, knowing that pesky “shadow of a doubt” is off the table…

  • Jeania

    lol I know, i just had to pick on you ^^

  • SO fucking sad. Beaten until bile came from her mouth. I’m still very curious about her parents. I bet her dad was hen pecked like hell.

  • The Dreamin’ Demon those whores would be women, right? just asking…

  • M.E.


  • Ela Ventura Trambulo dumplings?

  • ????????????

  • Josh

    That reminds me of the movie the undertaker and his pals. Each woman that was killed became the next days special at the cafe.


    I am aware 🙁

  • Inferus

    I think I prefer the rumors of cat and dog more.


    “Hey!! I didn’t order fish!”

  • M.E.

    I thought by now you new my sarcasm. :/

  • Valkyrie Ziege

    ; Next time when Mama-san says ‘clear-the-tables’, and ‘do the dishes’, don’t hesitate.

  • scotsims

    Why? Do you have a problem with that?

  • scotsims

    Was the kid kosher?

  • scotsims

    I hope they have enough “Rope” to hang him.

  • And just like that, suddenly the thought that it might be dog meat on the plate isn’t the worst possibility.

  • mean birch

    Green stuff? Antifreeze?

    Order of sumyoungkid, please


    I guessed maybe … but yeah, I have a horrible twist of mind. That’s why I hang out here. 🙂 Get it out of my system … 🙂

  • Mazikeen666

    Thk God they didnt fed her to the costumers

  • CheckeredPresent

    and you used ‘wondered’ for ‘wandered’… only piling on because someone else started being a GN before me lol