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ALBUQUERQUE, NM — Medical investigators say 10-year-old Victoria Martens died from strangulation and was suffering from an STD from previous sexual abuse.

For those of you who may have missed this horrible story from August, Victoria Martens was killed on her 10th birthday and her dismembered remains were found wrapped in a smoldering blanket inside her family’s apartment.

Investigators would learn that Victoria’s mother, 35-year-old Michelle Martens, would solicit men to have sex with her daughter for her own sexual gratification. These men would include co-workers and men she met online.

One of these men she met online, 32-year-old Fabian Gonzales, raped Victoria before he strangled her to death as Martens watched. Gonzales and his cousin, 32-year-old Jessica Kelley, would try to dispose of Victoria’s body by dismembering it in a bathtub before wrapping it in a blanket and setting it on fire.

Martens, Gonzales and Kelley were all arrested and are in jail on a myriad of charges. Their trials are scheduled for October. You can read more about the initial reports of Victoria’s murder by clicking here.

On Monday, Victoria’s autopsy report was finally made public. The delay stemmed from the brutal manner in which Victoria was murdered and dismembered.

Some key finding where that the girl had the sexually transmitted disease human papillomavirus, also known as HPV. It also revealed the girl had no meth in her system, despite her mother saying that is what she died from, but she did have enough alcohol in her body to “cause cognitive and physical impairment.”

Man Kills Newborn Daughter By Throwing Her Into Another Room

The only detail that could be interpreted as good news in a horrific case like this, is the fact that her burning and dismemberment did come after her death.

“The sharp force injuries described … showed no vital response – a finding in keeping with being inflicted post-mortem,” the report states.

You can read the full autopsy report below:

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  • Just sickening ????

  • omg i didnt think this could get any worse and it did!! torture those sick fucks

  • Poor little girl it hurts my heart to think of how she lived&died

  • What fucking world is this? Where the fuck do I live? Reading this makes me feel like I’m in the twilight zone….sick fucks????????

  • They also cut her heart out

  • Me: Nope, I don’t think I’m going to read the autopsy report found below, but thanks anyway! Also Me: *Reads autopsy report. 🙁

  • Listened to a podcast about this case. Absolutely horrific ????

  • Sadly, they are everywhere.

  • Which one?

  • California just legalized child prostitution.

  • Sword and Scale

  • Donna Jean Pham your right! I can’t believe people are this cruel to anyone especially children

  • I read the report: She had VD warts on her anus.

  • Biteme?? ????????

  • Decriminalizing is not the same as legalizing. They are getting help for them instead of locking them up.

  • California just legalized child prostitution.

  • This poor girl has been on my mind lately, after the story of that other vile cunt, that helped rape, kill, and dismember her adopted/foster daughter.

  • Kelly Hammonds Ha!

  • Me. Lol

  • Howard doesn’t have the best reading comprehension.

  • Her story keeps getting worse! ????????

  • truthguy

    good night…..

  • truthguy

    we live in a reality where Donald trump will be in charge of a nuclear arsenal in a few days, why would anything surprise you at this point?

  • LynnKayee

    Two seconds after a wave of relief hit me when the autopsy wasn’t as bad as I’d thought….yeah, that’s when reality bitch slapped me because what. the. fuck. is up with the world when that report is a relief?!

  • LynnKayee

    ALSO — I say this is a great example of a cunt deserving of baby harming Stabby McStabberson from a few stories ago. My mind is pulling some Oprah level impossible pep talk — like MAKE-IT-HAPPEN.

  • LynnKayee

    Usually decriminalization is directed toward the immediate party — in this case possibly the child. If it is both — sick fucks AND the kids — there is still a slew of charges regarding molestation, stat rape, etc. Most of the time such measures are to benefit the one seemingly in need of hel

  • Esther I read about that. She is from Pennsylvania. That made my stomach churn. Now this! I am disturbed. What they did to that poor child is unimaginable. May she rest. Xo

  • ????????

  • I love Sword and Scale!

  • It’s mind numbing to me that there are people out there that don’t believe in capital punishment. I don’t give a damn that this mother was on drugs, she deserves the firing squad!

  • Jeez Howard hit me up bro, we can watch Fox News together sometime.

  • In cases like this one, if there were a system in which they would be given a fair trial and then taken behind the courthouse, shot in the head and then their bodies put on a tire fire, I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it.

    But we don’t have that kind of system in place. Not all people who are not for the death penalty are opposed to it for any morality or religious reasons. Personally, I am against it because of the way it is currently implemented and used.

    I just cannot stand by a system in which the poor are more likely to be put to death than the rich, or the fact that innocent people are sitting on death row as I type this. Even worse, the thought that innocent people were killed on my dime. To top it all off, it isn’t even a deterrent to crime and costs taxpayers more to kill an inmate than to take care of them for the rest of their lives. Those are the reason why I am against the death penalty.

  • We need to bring back torture like they use to have. I
    Tie their arms and legs to 4 horses And let them tear them apart slowly. These pieces if shit. She be hide some one going to get her ugly fat ass!!!????????????????

  • Too bad capital punishment was abolished in New Mexico. Watch this case turn in the Baby Brianna murder and her mother will be released in 13 years for “good behavior.” Way to go New Mexico.

  • Jake88

    So disgusting. I can’t believe that this child had to go through all of that and who knows what else in just 10 years of existence. On her birthday too? Wtf! Honestly this world is a joke. Cruel and unusual punishment should be allowed. Call me sick and twisted but we know how selfish these types of offenders are; so why not torture them? Jail and humane treatment obviously isn’t much of a deterrent. I’m not even remotely joking at the moment. Set precedent. Right now the precedent that has been set is a complete joke.

    Heres some ideas:

    Peel their skin off with a potato peeler/cheese grater, then roll them in salt. Once salt is applied, batter them in a giant pile of manure. Once they are evenly coated deep fry them in oil preheated to a comfortable 350 degrees. Celsius. Not any of that Fahrenheit bullshit- unless it will keep them alive longer. We can experiment with it until maximum pain is achieved.

    You know what? I’m all out of fresh ideas at the moment, lets just start with that one for now.

  • Jake88

    Yeah, the death penalty doesn’t really deter the crime in my opinion, it’s one of those things that they don’t consider until after they are caught. At that point, some want the death penalty and most fight tooth and nail for their lives once it is put on the table.

    That said, how do you feel about torture? I think torture could be a real deterrent to these crimes. I think once they start hearing and seeing the extreme torture of criminals convicted of certain crimes, that it would become ingrained in their mind. Without a doubt that would cross their mind before committing one of those acts.

    Would it ever fly? No. Would innocent people wind up getting tortured? Most definitely. Would it be a major deterrent? For sane people, I think it would be. However, many of these people are so fucked up that it probably wouldn’t prevent certain types of crime as much as I’d like to think, but it definitely would prevent more.

    Here’s the interesting part though and is completely based on morality. Hypothetically, would you be okay with one innocent person being tortured if it saved 5 children? 10? 20? 100? I’m genuinely curious about your opinion on that.

    Surely you get fed up with all of the shit you’ve reported over the years no matter how desensitized you’ve become. Especially the ones that are even more egregious than others such as this one.

    I’m torn on it. I can’t imagine an innocent man being tortured on top of being wrongly accused/convicted of such vile shit. It makes me cringe. Then I think about the children being tortured and if it would save children then I think I’m for it. I don’t think you can put a number on it, if you’re not okay with it at 5 children, you probably aren’t okay with it period. My conscience wouldn’t be clear, but I’d view it as a necessary evil and be able to sleep on it. I wouldn’t know who was innocent anyway lol(devilish laugh)…

  • Sara

    That poor little girl…I wish I had something remotely intelligent to say, but nope. Just…poor baby. 🙁 That, and I wonder what drives some people to do sick shit like this? These actions, this mindset, is all so alien, it’s like they’re not in the same species.

  • True

    I like the way you think, jake88.

  • True

    That just tells me they do believe in baby rape.

  • True

    In cases like these, the sick fucks should be released to the family of the child to use for as long as they want to. If there’s no one to deal justice, the inmate can always be used for animal testing instead of real animals. How’s a dog going to tell you if that horse pill you shoved up his ass got rid of his headache? An inmate can tell you that. No more middle dog.

  • ????????

  • PapaMac67

    You fucking loser piece of shit! Go fuck yourself! You’d rather have Hilary with her hand on the trigger? You must be fucking insane….liberal, communist, anti-American scum. I’m sick and tired of you anti-Trump people….because if your against Trump your for Hilary….and that makes you a worthless piece of shit in my book. I tell you what if your so upset Trump won, you and every other puke who feels like you…move to Canada…or kill yourselves.

  • PapaMac67

    Fuck you…..beat it asshole.

  • Throw these scumbags into general population in prison and things will work out

  • Sejanus

    butcher them like hogs, but let them live by only taking both legs and one arm.
    that way they can wipe their own asses and feed themselves.

  • truthguy

    you’re retarded if you think i’m a democrat….. Unlike you i can actual make an informed decisions when unlike you ass clowns that keep playing the red blue game. You’re a fucking moron if you voted for either one of those fucktards. and I guess you picked the one that looks like an orange tumor who gets pegged by his eastern bloc prostitute “wife”

  • truthguy

    jesus, you’re fucking stupid, the powers that be have you trained well don’t they?

  • truthguy

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  • GGMon

    The little girl could have avoided hpv had she gotten the vaccine for it but something tells me her mom didn’t keep up doctors appointments. I hope she was inebriated enough to not feel anything cause God dammit she didn’t deserve the life she was born in

  • Prominent Prozac

    Coming here for many years, and I have to say, every time one of these comes around, I can never properly digest it no matter how many stories like these come out.

    Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

    It’s bad enough to be expected to pick up the pieces of your life, as a child sexual abuse survivor, especially when you’re betrayed by your own family (as many are), but to never even have a chance to have any kind of true happiness in your life?

    She will never get to know what it’s like to love, truly love and feel love from someone else, and she will never get to have the chance to break the cycle, or give herself any piece of person paradise. She will never get to break away from that.

    The fact she died only knowing that life, in fear, fucking cuts me deep.

  • jansav

    except in this case…it is the family of the child. It was her mother.

  • jansav

    This story just keeps getting worse.

  • dammitall23

    Why are you so angry? Why are you having a trumpertantrum? Didn’t your piss-guzzling, pustulant pile of pig-shit *win*? The hell are you raging about? Shouldn’t your stupid, racist ass finally be HAPPY?

  • AlabamDeb

    This story sickened me when it happened and sickens me today. All of this crap done to this TEN YEAR OLD little girl just so some sickos can get their jollies. No punishment is severe enough. Gawd I hate pedos!!!

  • Emily Sattler

    really? you think her mom gave a shit about avoiding HPV? c’mon. it was literally the least of her problems.

  • M.E.

    Getting help for them? You’re fucking funny.

  • Wtf is wrong with people?!? Sickening, heartbreaking.

  • Ivo

    “Investigators would learn that Victoria’s mother, 35-year-old Michelle Martens, would solicit men to have sex with her daughter for her own sexual gratification. These men would include co-workers and men she met online.”

    Been following this story from the beginning….anyone know why there have not been any other arrests. certainly LE could trace/uncover all communications of the mother and ID other scum. I would imagine she’d spill the beans by now on everything. Co-workers? WTF! no one reported to the cops for trying get them to rape her daughter? what is the story with that….no arrests…anyone know where she worked?

  • This is the third story I have read this week where a mother is involved with allowing men to rape their daughters and participate in killing these young girls. It’s absolutely horrifying. We are given our babies to protect and love. It’s awful that people are so twisted and sick. It makes me nauseous

  • DaveL

    I want to know where she worked that she could apparently find more than one coworker interested in raping a child.

  • Stormblast

    There are so many times when I just want to get off this planet!

  • sweetd

    So alcohol no meth, of course these pieces of shit wouldn’t share their precious meth, I still can’t get over the mother LOOKING for men like that. I can’t see a murder more worthy of Death penalty.

  • sweetd

    Papa mac it’s better to be pissed on than pissed off right? ??

  • LynnKayee

    Actually being anti-Trump usually means, “Hey, maybe Hilary isnt the best hand on the trigger…but at least she knows how the fucking trigger works.”

  • truthguy

    no it mean you people where lazy and didn’t bother doing any research for alternatives beyond what tv told you.

  • truthguy

    they where both terrible and I refused to compromise my integrity when there where completely viable third party candates, people where just to fucking lazy to do anything besides what the TV told them to do. I’m proud to be part of the 1% in this country that showed they are capable of independent though

  • truthguy

    found your deviantart page PETER, you have some interesting fetishes, and he’s also on a lot of videogame forums, From the comments on his page they think he’s a moron too lol so i’m figuring he’s a fat dumbass who lives his life playing ps4 and being a couch warrior jerking off to sonic the hedgehog porn oh he’s closer to 50 than 18, which is really sad

  • truthguy

    PETER just needs a nap

  • truthguy

    Peter loves golden showers if you read his tweets =)

  • truthguy

    hows the weather in Hamburg this time of year Peter?

  • Cheeseburger Sanchez

    No, she couldn’t. Because that vaccine is not recommended until a child’s 12 year check up. She was still two years too young.
    She could have avoided HPV by not being raped repeatedly at her mother’s blessing.

  • LynnKayee

    1) I fully agree. I do. I call Trump supporters the Beliebers with Fevers– Who cares what he’s done, he sounds alright. And even ifche pissed in the janitor bucket — I’m not a janitor am I?” As they pick up a phone off the floor cleaned from the bucket of piss. I call Hilary policy tactics “The Monica Effect” because she had to blow hard on something for compensation, right? Might as well be the fate of our fucking country.
    2) I’m confused on how you showed it. Diddle me with some examplin.
    3) I just demonstrated my “how the trigger works” theory here. See, I pulled a Hil — I made an organized point, sure…but I pressed the wrong button. Unlike yahoo up there (whose button of reply I meant to press, not yours) who just decided, “Hey, my opinion is better and fuck it I’m telling everyone. For no real fucking reason other than pride and, hey, I will silly willy words.” thus not giving a fuck about the importance of that trigger.

  • Ivo

    i suspect this claim by the media and the police is going to turn out to be more bullshit like the claim that she confessed to watching them shoot the little girl up with meth. why? not sure but the fact there have been no additional arrests is very distrubing. Its been months. Although the victim is deceased, the mother would be an eye witness.

    anyone know the story behind the deep gash on the mother’s face that required stitches and the black eye on the main perp?

  • blackpoppiess

    Yyyyyyyyyyep. The whole thing, too!

  • GGMon

    Wait I thought you could vaccinate at 9?

  • BadlandsBabe

    Attention : Everyone of you disrespectful fucks, spewing your political bullshit here, are beyond disgraceful. Go post your political differences some place else. This child deserved so much better when she was alive & she certainly deserves way better now.
    God rest her beautiful soul.
    I’m unable to comprehend how or why anyone would ever commit such horrific & heinous violations against any child & how the pathetic excuse for a mother would set it up & then observe it.
    I can only hope karma pays all three of the monsters responsible for this child’s murder a most unpleasant visit that’s long over due. They shouldn’t have the luxury of breathing… There isn’t a hot enough place in hell.

  • BadlandsBabe

    She worked at Walgreens.