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OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Police have released surveillance camera footage of a man trying to abduct an eight-year-old boy at a youth wrestling competition in Oklahoma City.

The incident happened on Friday at the United States Junior Open Wrestling Championship at the State Fair Park.

That’s where a man wearing a baseball cap and padded jacket, was doing some shopping and settled on an 8-year-old boy outside the Jim Norick Arena’s main entrance.

When the man picked the boy up from behind and tried carrying him off, the kid began kicking and screaming until the man figured the kid wasn’t worth all this hassle and let him go before running off.

The Oklahoma City Police Department released footage from the incident in hopes of identifying the man, described as six-feet-tall and heavy-set. They are asking anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers at (405) 235 7300 or leave a tip online at

People commenting on the Oklahoma PD’s Facebook post about this incident say there were more than 2,000 children at the event, and that parents are rarely on the competition floor because of the $50 floor pass.

“Not all parents can afford to pay $50 to get a pass to stand on the floor with your kid while they are wrestling,” one commenter posted. “So when they are done the kid walks back upstairs to their family.”

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  • sugarpie

    Thank goodness the kid had stranger danger skills! $50 for a floor pass! That’s robbery right there. I hope they are charged as well.

  • This is scary. He’s probably out there right now looking for some other kid to grab.

  • JellyBrains

    I think that’s ridiculous how parents have to pay $50 to escort their kid to the competition floor. Sounds like a bunch of greedy bastards running the thing. Betcha there’s a lot of parents who will be complaining about that afterwards, thank goodness the kid’s okay.

  • jansav

    hope they catch this freak. And that 50 dollar pass thing? they need to give that a pass or provide an escort for the kids. It is a sad state of affairs when a child can’t walk alone.

  • True

    Have only the parents of the kids actively wrestling at that time on the floor. Everyone else stays in the stands. Or the escort was a good idea. That $50 ripoff… I mean, price on the passes is wrong. Parents pay enough just getting their kids in there and traveling to the matches. The kids need to be safe. Maybe he’ll try to get too close to another kid and a parent will give him lead poisoning fatally.

  • Virgil Allen wtf is happening.

  • Sad so sad that’s why I try and do as much as I can to teach self-defense.

  • Holy crap. This is one of my biggest fears.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Chances are the $50 admit defrays costs and probably helped control over crowding — so I am not so sure it is a rip off, but will bet this has not happened before. I will also bet something changes next year. If it is the $50, then there will have to be another fee related to the event for all attendees.

  • JohnQknowitall

    … or keep adults out of the competition area.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Most likely the fee helps defray costs. Get rid of this fee and necessity will find a more general fee. Sporting events are expensive with rentals, referees and liability insurance.

  • JohnQknowitall

    That fee or another fee to pay expenses for the event. The disgusting pig paid the fee. Too bad they didn’t check id with sales.

  • Sejanus

    How does a fat fuk like that manage to escape?

  • GGMon

    Please keep escorts if parents can’t be around because that’s fucking dangerous that no parent around yet other people have access to these kids

  • nomorepolitix

    Wonder if the perp trained with Norman North HS wrestling?

  • Inferus

    Charge less and you’ll likely sell more tickets. Surprised parents are a) dumb enough to pay that much and b) not accompany their kids.

  • Inferus

    This is what Pokemon Go leads to!

  • JohnQknowitall

    There are formulas to regulate ticket prices. My guess is that this is a pretty low level ticketing event. I am pretty sure that a part of the high ticket price is to control foot traffic levels in the immediate competition area. Unfortunately, scum like this pig will spring for a high ticket price. One solution might be a slightly lower priced ticket with specific time intervals which requires picture id scans, or drivers license held as collateral while attending event, or a matching cell phone texted ticket number with a special emblem upon admittance. Nothing is fool proof, but humans of all ages (particularly persons who cannot fend against well bodied human garbage) should have their safety protected in small and large events.

  • Da Mac

    Lord knows how brutally expensive it is to hire a referee and rent a school gymnasium…

  • Da Mac

    How are the corrupt old men running the sport going to afford their cocaine and whores at that rate?

  • JohnQknowitall

    I don’t think this event is in a school gymnasium. There is insurance, security (even if something like this happens occasionally), ticket sellers/takers and, yeah, referees can be expensive depending on how many you need and whether you hire professionals or a bunch of guys/gals who just want to get away from the mean nasty condescending nag at home out of the house.

  • bobby cole

    to think that this nigga is still out there is beyond scary

  • Da Mac

    Better known as the sad state of residing in a litigious society.

  • Kalynada

    Sort of beautiful that involvement in wrestling might have saved the kids life.