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ADA, OK – Police have arrested a couple after they were so high on meth that they failed to get their severely burned infant medical attention.

According to reports, a 16-year-old girl was babysitting a two week old infant when she accidentally burned her.

While giving the infant a bath in the sink under running water, she accidentally turned off the cold water instead of the hot water.

The girl’s mother called the infant’s parents, 25-year-old Patric Eddy and 26-year-old Candace Mercedes, to inform them of what happened.

The couple arrived and took the child home, telling them they were too high on meth to take the child to the hospital right away.

The mother of the babysitter visited the couple’s home the following day to check on the baby and found the infant crying in the bed next to her sleeping parents.

The woman told police the baby was suffering from an “awful” burn on her abdomen and had a diaper full of urine and feces.

The woman woke up Matthews who agreed to let her take the baby to the hospital. Once there, doctors determined the infant was suffering first- and second-degree burns over 40 percent of her body and needed to be flown to a facility better equipped to treat her burns.

While all this was going on,  Eddy and Matthews continued sleeping. They weren’t aware of their daughter’s condition, or that she’d been flown to a different medical facility, until police arrived at their home.

Eddy and Matthews were both arrested and charged with child neglect. They are currently in custody at Pontotoc County Justice Center on $250,000 bond.

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  • LucyJane

    I burned my wrist on the oven rack the other day. Not a bad burn at all, but it hurt like a sonovabitch. This poor little baby.

  • Dre Mosley

    It’s too bad that meth doesn’t kill your reproductive system.

  • What a damn shame! Thank God for the girls mother going to check on the baby or theres no telling what would have happened

  • I hope they never get that baby back.

  • I wish I had a chance to raise that baby

  • jansav

    they were high on meth and they were sleeping? How is that possible? Regardless of what they were high on they obviously don’t deserve to have a child.

  • Violet Rose

    I would like to take my curling iron and shove it up both of their asses.

  • Sejanus

    Immolate them both.
    Sterilize them both.

  • Mom here…was the sitter also high because I don’t get how you accidentally turn off the cold water and just allow the newborn to burn. A two week old is basically a limp lump and you have to keep your hands on them at all times in the bath to make sure they aren’t slouching too much in the baby tub. You know when the water is too hot, especially if it’s hot enough to cause burns.

    Also, the mother claimed she was too high on meth to take the baby to the hospital that night and they didn’t call authorities right then and there? Just go ahead and send a burned newborn off with her high mother and wait until the morning to check on the baby? That child doesn’t even have a chance right now. I hope she is given to some people who can properly care for her because right now both the parents and the teen are totally incompetent.

    WTH is going on here?

  • GGMon

    I hope the 16 year old wasn’t high but she’s like 16, she shouldn’t have been baby sitting a newborn in the first place. I’m going to go out on a limb and say she was probably occupied with other things *ahem phone* and accidently reached for the cold water

  • Sara

    Poor little baby! Hot water burns are some of the worst. My dad was scalded as a child and will always bear the scars.

    I also feel bad for the 16 year old, as I’m sure it really was an accident. I’ve been in the shower before and have mistakenly turned off the cold instead of the hot. Yeowch! Thankfully, we have our water heater set to a lower temperature so that no one accidentally gets scalded. If our water heater had been set higher, I would have needed skin grafts.

    The babysitter’s mom sounds caring and well-intentioned, but I wonder at her overall judgment in handing over the baby to her tweaker parents and not insisting on taking the little one to the ER herself.

    As to the parents, they’re both drugged up sacks of shit who need to be sterilized. That baby could have died and they wouldn’t have known or cared.

  • patrickdh10

    Get that baby away from them..Fast!!!

  • Sara

    I did that when I was 13…the scar was still prominent over ten years later. Nowadays, if you look closely, you might see just a trace of it. (It was a 2nd degree burn.) But, yeah, burns are nothing to mess with! For one so young, the shock can be especially damaging. Poor little darling:(

  • Umm no
    Not thank god to the babysitter’s mother
    The “parents” told her they were too high to take the baby to the hospital and she let them just leave instead of calling the police or taking the baby in right then and there

  • Desiree

    I think the 16 year old should be investigated as well…. that is not one spot the water ran on, 40 percent of that baby’s body is awful suspicious. The parents should never get the baby back either. Sad situation for that baby….

  • KittyPsycho

    they were probably smoking it &coming down from a who knows how many day binge plus nowadays what passes fro meth [or just about anything] is not what it ever use to be all sorts of different crap is in it

  • KittyPsycho

    why bother with a curling iron when you could use one of those humongous metal curling brushes

  • KittyPsycho

    a complete mess from jump street

  • KittyPsycho

    I was trying to neutral out but with water pressure it could have haven’t but not the way you gve a baby a bath. Depending where they live and the water heater and whether they are on wells would have allot to do wth that but is was careless and mindless and even at 16 she didn’t seem to know too much about newborns, which is odd as maybe I was just around more by that point in time where I or anyone I know would have know better than this crap. Personally, her mother should have been monitoring her more and should have immediately taken the baby to the hospital and called the parents

  • I looked up other reports on this & they don’t say the couple told the mother this – not saying this report is wrong or anything. It did say the couple told the cops they were too high to take the baby. Wonder where the baby & sitter were? They weren’t at the 16 year old’s house because she had to call her mama. Sheesh, can you imagine knowing your child was baby-sitting for meth-addicts & not knowing it all along?

  • “The mother said the couple then came to her home and picked up the baby. That same day, the mother and her daughter told police that Matthews said she couldn’t take the baby to a hospital for treatment “because she was high on meth” the statement reads.”

  • Oh OK. Thanks. She DEFINITELY shouldn’t have let them even had the baby for crying out loud. That’s messed up right there.

  • Da Mac

    Woohoo, no Florida connection!

  • Alice Cornell

    so much wtf in this story

  • Eryn Stilp

    uhh….I babysat newborns at 14. My bathtub faucet gets insanely hot and if you’re not careful, even a split second of that water touching your skin would cause a burn.
    You’re really reaching. Hot water can burn. It’s HOT WATER and it only takes a second.

  • LynnKayee

    They said they were too high to take the baby to the hospital…and babysitters mom was like, “Righty-o, I’ll see you tomorrow. Hey, that’s..thats, uh, a laundry basket not a car seat. Drive safe!”

  • LynnKayee

    The sitter and mom were making sure they buckled the baby in instead of their cheetos so the journey home was safe.

  • GGMon

    Maybe I was being a bit sensitive. Just a baby or child getting hurt gets to me

  • Does anyone even contact you fools?

  • john smith

    Ill never try meth ,I have take amphetamines prescribed but all I want to do was workout and do positive’s disturbing how people can hurt such vulnerable people.Kids.the elderly the guy that was tortured by the 4 blacks.People attack the weak so i wont let my guard down anymore.

  • VV

    Somerick just don’t deserve to be parents…smh

  • LA Woman

    They should not even have the right to get that kid back ever again or have any more also the babysitter must be retarded as well because what did she do walk away from the baby when it was in the sink which is completely moronic to do because if she was there with the baby that means she would be holding her up in the sink because she could have fell out cause kids are quick I have kids and grandkids and they love to just stand up out of nowhere because they’re babies they don’t know better I would know if the water was hot and why did she turn off the hot water anyway was she trying to give her a cold bath? That makes no sense when I turn off the water I turn them both off if I have to adjust the temperature then I do but why turn off one either hot or cold? So if she was being responsible and been there with the baby she would have felt the water getting hot the whole thing makes no sense on that subject but one more thing the parents left that baby with the babysitter obviously because they were drug addicts and knew they couldn’t take care of her but she had to call them after she burnt the baby and they came and picked her up. That girl should have taken her to the hospital knowing how bad she was burnt the parents admit they were too high on meth that shit can alter a lot of shit especially a addict’s thinking process and everything else common sense goes out the window it turns to jello completely I’m not saying it’s not the parents fault but I am saying all three of them are just idiots. At 16 years old she took the responsibility of babysitting then she knows better and I know she did because I had my first kid at 16 and I would have taken her to a hospital right away,

  • Hlaðguðr Odinsdotter

    Maybe those genetic donors should consider taking a bath in a vat of hot oil while they come down off of their binge. Country fried derelicts.