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Krystle VillanueveKYLE, TX — Police have charged a woman with murder after she mutilated her 5-year-old daughter before attacking her father-in law.

Police responding to an assault call arrived at a home where they found a 58-year-old man in his driveway suffering from multiple stab wounds.

He told police that his daughter-in-law, 24-year-old Krystle Villanueve, had attacked him with a knife and that she was still inside the home with her 5-year-old daughter.

The man told police he had been making lunch in the kitchen when he saw Villanueve walk into a back bedroom with a knife and then heard her daughter, Giovanna Hernandez, start crying.

She then walked out of the bedroom and started stabbing him in the back and forehead. He managed to wrestle the knife away from her and run outside. Neighbors told police that after the man exited the home, Villanueve also came out brandishing a shotgun before returning inside the home.

A SWAT team was called and entered the home to find Villanueve naked after having just taken a shower. After being taken into custody and removed from the home, the team found her daughter dead in a back bedroom. According to reports, she had been mutilated.

“It’s probably the most horrific case in Hays County history,” Sheriff Gary Cutler said. “Our hearts are heavy here today with the loss of a beautiful 5-year-old girl.”

Villanueve was charged with capital murder and aggravated assault and is currently in Hays County Jail on $1.1 million bail.

According to Villanueve’s family, she is a drug addict who uses marijuana, crack and meth. She was entered into a drug facility in 2015 where she was diagnosed with with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and ADHD.

She had only been living in with her father-in-law for a week before she sliced up her daughter.

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  • Sejanus

    Heinous bitch.
    Lock her up and fling the key

  • KittyPsycho

    to me, if you have a bi polar addict yo should see that they are on permanent birth control until they are clean and on medication at best. RIP poor little child

  • Delirious Devil

    This is a mug shot I will not be able to forget… She is smiling after murdering her child….

  • dammitall23

    Since she’s a crackhead instead of a Jesus freak, they probably won’t kid-glove her like they did Andrea Yates.

  • dammitall23

    Yeah, like she’s going to bust out laughing.

  • Inferus

    Did you check the children?

  • Dzan

    Holy fuck, her mugshot though. I feel bad for everyone involved. In fact, now I just feel bad. Thanks a lot Morbid, now I’m even more depressed than usual.????

  • Dzan

    It’s seriously fucking with my head. Looks like someone just told her something profoundly funny.

  • Dre Mosley

    If you’re a drug addicted certified nutjob, you should probably have your kids taken away.

  • TexasStacy

    I just need 5 minutes alone with her. That’s all. Just 5 minutes. That’s not asking too much is it?

  • TexasStacy

    They will kid-glove her since it’s not just a drug issue, it’s a confirmed mental issue. So they will baby her, get her treatment and let her go with a hug and kiss on the forehead. Mark my words. Pisses me off too!

  • AlabamDeb

    Me too. I would love to wipe that smile off her ugly face.

  • Rachel

    All smiles for her, huh?

  • GGMon

    In fairness to Yates, she was asking for help and even admitted she might hurt her children. Everyone else just thought she needed to pray and she was failed. I can somewhat excuse her although it pisses me off as well.

  • Kim Graves

    I don’t buy the diagnosis. For 6 yrs i was taking Percocet for two diff arthritis’ psoriatic and rheumatoid also fibromyalgia, chronic pain, chronic plantars faciitis, my right knee is so bad i am going to the surgeon tomorrow to discuss knee replacement and i am 47, i was depressed, anxiety attacks, near agoraphobic, then in October my palmer pustular plaque psoriasis was flaring up with everything else, my rheumatologist changed my pain med to straight oxycodone the same mg i was getting in the Percocet but minus the acetaminophen.

    Well turned out i was allergic or just that side effects from the Tylenol portion caused so many problems. I was diagnosed with ptsd, bi polar 2 just that same month mind you the dr met me once for 40 mins! Look it up they cannot diagnose mental defects illness in one visit! Its impossible

    I was able to stop taking, adderall, zoloft, xanax, prednisone and atarax

    I take only the oxycodone as prescribed and otezla for the psoriasis.

    I am like a different person i engage with my family whereas i had plans that once my disability was approved i would leave my husband and daughter but now i am doing so well and a part of my families life it’s amazing and tomorrow i start homeschooling my 7 yr old. It tuned out she was being bullied at her expensive $8000 a yr private school. She said that she didn’t tell me before because she knew stress makes me sicker 🙁 . It broke my heart.

    Same with my son yrs ago he went crazy with drugs, the rehab diagnosed him as multiple personalities, bi polar, schizophrenic, all sorts of serious shit that now 5-6 yrs later its quite obvious actually for about 4 that he isn’t

    This is bad she was diagnosed if she is not because she can use it as a defense

  • KittyPsycho

    she is to bat shit crazy out there to probably even know it it would be a service to let her permanently sleep

  • dammitall23

    I’ll just never understand why it was easier or more convenient for her to hold each of her children under water until it was dead than it was to defy Rusty and use birth control, or even run away entirely. She may be insane, but that doesn’t rule out her being utterly selfish and evil, too.

  • Cheeseburger Sanchez

    Because she was not only insane, but she had a ‘preacher’ telling her that if she did not do something drastic, her kids would all be condemned to hell, because Rusty was raising them on Satan’s path. And she had a careless doctor (Thanks, Rusty!) that put her on a combination of meds known as Rocket Fuel, because of the reactions the combo created in those given it.
    Every single person in her life failed her, and failed those children. Nothing will ever convince me that Rusty did not want this to happen so he could be free of the situation he created.

  • mean birch

    Crazy. But cute.

  • sweetd

    Yeah she told her Dr a few times what she was thing of doing, she was on some meds buspar being one, it’s known to have really bad side effects. That dr should be in jail.

  • M.E.

    Nice smirk bitch.

  • M.E.

    That is why he left her alone with the children when previously she was supervised by his mother an not left alone with the kids. He knew what would happen.

  • M.E.

    You don’t fuck crazy.

  • melb1970

    She obviously hadn’t been on meth long.. look at her skin no scars yet just fresh scabs.
    Only at her father in laws a week…
    So her family knew she had a problem and NOBODY took in the child to save her from this except her father in law and now he’s a victim too!
    Dear GAWD

  • bobby cole

    i beat she aint smiling now…child killers don’t do well in prison

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