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Tina ThomasGULF BREEZE, FL – A 46-year-old Florida woman has been arrested for sexually assaulting a 16-year-old boy inside a port-a-potty.

The assault took place during a visit to the vacation rental home of Tina Thomas after the victim agreed to accompany Thomas to the store to buy milk.

Afterwards, Thomas insisted that they needed to make another pit stop on the way back home. That pit stop ended up being in front of a port-a-potty on Woodlawn Beach Boat Ramp. It was here Thomas is accused of blackmailing the kid into having sex with her.

According to the victim, when he declined her offer. Thomas told him that if he didn’t nail her in the portable shit-house that she would, “tell everyone that he raped her.” Fearing that he had no recourse, he complied.

He stated that Thomas was intoxicated and got angry with him after he had sex with her for only a minute before walking away.

Reports state that this is not the first-time Thomas has tried to convince him to have sex with her. He claims that she has come onto him repeatedly by trying to touch him sexually and has exposed herself to him in the past.

Witnesses attest to the validity of his claims, telling police Thomas bragged to them about her sexual encounter with the teen. Thomas was subsequently arrested and charged with sexual assault of a minor.

Based solely on her mugshot, I would have lumped her into the Mormon crowd and expected that any type of assault would have happened on a trampoline or on the slick leather seats of a Ford Econoline.

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  • Zazen

    The only way this story could contain more fail is if she had fallen into the shitter after boning the kid.

  • Dre Mosley

    Got a full body shot? She could be hot from the neck down.

  • GradientDescent

    I personally think that it was adding insult to charge the teen with bestiality.

  • dammitall23

    I tend to doubt it. If she’s exposed herself and a hetero 16-yr-old *still* wasn’t having any, she’s probably not.

  • Howard Loomis

    The “boy” is black.

  • Robyn That is not relevant

  • Yeah, I’m not understanding why the word ‘boy’ is in quotes?

  • Sejanus

    Hope he did her in the shitter alright…
    good and dry.
    Teach the dirty bitch.

  • scotsims

    She’s not the kind of woman that shit wants to associate with.

  • scotsims

    You’ll understand if you look at his comments.

  • Stormblast

    That woman is a three-bagger: Bag for her face, bag for his face, and bag for any poor unfortunate soul who walks into the port o potty. Poor fucking kid! Can’t imagine what he had to think about just to be able to perform this gruesome task. *Puking*

  • Inferus

    Mad he lasted only a minute? He’s a fucking teenager!!!

  • Josh

    One persons pain is another persons pleasure.

  • Josh

    “the victim told someone what happened and the information was relayed to Thomas’ boyfriend.”

  • Stating The Obvious

    I am truly hoping that you are just trolling for reactions. Otherwise I believe your mother should have spit.

  • GGMon

    Who let this no chin having cunt beast out of the wilderness?

  • Googoowhelmed

    I’m sorry, but it just cracks me up to see all the advertised Olaf products in the comments section. Not sure if the bots automatically detect what ads to throw in there, but I kinda see the resemblance.

  • LynnKayee

    He passed that up?!

  • sweetd


  • Dre Mosley

    Uh, I was being silly. Put your claws back in.