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CLEARWATER, FL – A 10-year-old boy died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound after he got into trouble with his mother and was sent to his room.

According to reports, Ian Sevostjanov was getting ready for school Thursday morning when his mother disciplined him for a “behavioral issue.”

After arguing with his mother, he was sent to his room where he used a gun to fatally shoot himself.

Ian was pronounced dead at the scene despite first responders doing “everything they could” to save him, said Clearwater Police Chief Dan Slaughter during a news conference Thursday morning.

Authorities were initially vague about what transpired in the apartment Ian shared with his parents and brother, but now say the boy’s death is being investigated as an apparent suicide.

Police are still investigating Ian’s death and determining how he got his hands on the family’s gun.

“We’re trying to definitely approach this taking care of all our responsibilities, while also being respectful that there’s an emotional trauma that’s occurred,” said Slaughter.

He went on to add that this should serve as a lesson to gun owners that they need to ensure firearms are not within easy reach of children.

“There are rules and restrictions on making sure you keep a gun in a safe manner that’s not accessible to a child, and I think that’s just the responsible thing to do as a gun owner,” Slaughter stated. “I’m not here to debate the Second Amendment or anything, but with certain rights in the Constitution come great, great responsibility. And if a person owns a firearm, there is a responsibility to keep it in a safe location.”

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Neighbors say Ian seemed happy and was often seen playing with other children in the neighborhood.

“He’s very intelligent, smart, cordial and just a happy kid,” Lesley Sarchione offered. “He played with all the other kids. They used to play soccer right in front of my apartment every night. I can’t imagine how it’s going to be for the other kids when they find out.”

This child suicide comes days after 12-year-old Katelyn Davis live-streamed her suicide by hanging. Eventually, people will start taking this a bit more seriously, especially since – as of 2014 -suicide is the second leading cause of death for ages 10-24.

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  • Ian-rex

    Jesus. TEN!!!!!

  • Sejanus

    Well he sure showed mom.
    Last name makes them sound like European $cientology imports.

  • Delirious Devil

    Kids are more likely to impulsively kill themselves. They don’t have to have underlying mental health issues, they just need to be upset over something. I work in suicide prevention. If the children do actually reach out, it is easy to redirect them and help them understand why it is a bad idea to kill themselves, but they rarely reach out. This is why it is VERY important to practice gun safety and to lock up any medication or other easy means of suicide if you have children.

    They have a basic understanding of death, to them suicide ends the problem immediately but they are often incapable of understanding the long term effect of suicide, that it is a permanent solution. When I talk to the children who experience suicidal thoughts, they will often talk about the future as though the suicide wouldn’t interfere with their ability to have one. As an adult, it can be kind of confusing at first for new workers in the industry. It helps to understand this, however, and one of the best solutions is helping the child understand that they will have no future if they suicide.

    ~This has been a public service announcement from your friendly neighborhood Devil.

  • Inferus

    Kids these days. You wonder why people adopt foreign. American is built cheap.

  • Josh

    Got sent to his room for being bad and gets to come out in a body bag. In the old days kids just held their breath during a tantrum.

  • patrickdh10

    I spent half my childhood being sent to my room,never once did such an idea ever cross my mind. What the hell is wrong with children these days? Is it the parents? The Schools? Something is out of whack and it needs to be fixed. One thing for sure,they need to be taught life is glorious and precious and you only get one shot at it. Reincarnation aside.

  • HAL 9000

    Florida disease is most rampant among males aged 16-45.

    But there are outliers.

  • Wicked Smilee

    You can Not simultaneously be a responsible gun owner & responsible parent.

  • KittyPsycho

    obviously yo have no working knowledge or history of the physically induced mental and emotional issues from many eastern european children that have been adopted into this country because of their nonrepairable problems.

  • KittyPsycho

    I have to heartedly disagree: I was born and raised around guns as well as millions of other kids and never had any issues except for one and it wasn’t intentional and due to my show off nature: I shot a tree with an old 12 gauge shotgun at around 9 or 10 to prove something to friends and like aged relatives and am lucky it just knocked me on my ass and didn’t ricochet back and hurt all of us [plus the tree was a ways, did hit it full center spread] I keot me fromm shooting a shotgun again until I was an adult

  • Inferus
  • sweetd

    Things have always been the same. Back then we didn’t have the internet and all these 24hr news channels. Things aren’t getting worse

  • Mazikeen666

    Omg,it breaks my heart when i hear kids so young dying ,either suicide or killin each others,sad parents ,gun owners plz lock ur gunz ????,kids are bein kidz ,my Condolences to fam n Friends, ????soo young 10 ,,wow rip lil angel????

  • Mazikeen666

    Oh,i lov this page, website ????????????????

  • Wicked Smilee

    You prove my point.

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