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Yasmeen BanderasAMARILLO, TX – A father accidentally killed four of his eight children after he incorrectly used professional-grade pesticide underneath the family’s home.

Peter Balderas was trying to get rid of mice when he placed pellets known as Weevil-Cide under the house. This pesticide contains aluminum phosphide is to be placed by two fully trained professionals at a time.

This product is normally used industrially in ship hulls or other large areas, and is strictly prohibited on single and multi-family residential properties. When neighbors began to complain about the smell of the pesticide, Peter used a water hose to spray the pellets in hopes of dampening the smell.

While I’m not sure if that worked, what is known is that when the water mixed with the pellets, phosphine gas was created and slowly leaked into the home that the family breathed in over the course of two days. On Monday, police were called after someone who stopped by to see the family saw that everyone was sick.

When responders arrived, one child was already dead. The remaining nine people were rushed to the hospital where three more children died. The deceased have been identified as Felipe Balderas, 7; Johnnie Balderas, 9; Josue Balderas, 11 and Yasmeen Balderas, 17.

Balderas’s wife was on life support on Monday but was responding to questions by squeezing her hand. Peter and his four surviving children were in stable condition in hospital.

Using an interpreter, Peter told police he had gotten the pesticide from a friend. Police are continuing to investigate and will turn over their information to the local district attorney who will decide whether any charges will be filed.

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“This happens across the United States and it’s when people get a hold of stuff they don’t know how to use and they don’t do enough research,” said Amarillo Fire Department Lieutenant Josh Whitney. “If you’re going to apply chemicals to your house, have somebody that’s certified put these chemicals down and don’t put your family in harm’s way.”

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  • So horribly sad 🙁

  • sugarpie

    Did it kill the mice? I know, that was heartless. But I am curious… I really do feel bad for this family. RIP little ones. 🙁

  • Poor babies. It caused pulmonary edema. Fucked way too die.

  • The person who gave him those pellets has some explaining to do.

  • Clay

    Somehow, believing that an interpretater was needed, I think that not being proficient in English may have had something to do with this. Now, watch to see that the government will require all pest control and hazmat be bi-lingual.

  • Clay

    Didn’t the Germans use phosgene gas in the “showers”?

  • dammitall23

    Because getting a cat would just be too much trouble.

  • Matt Esquire

    Cats are dangerous! (sarcasm)

  • What a fucking moron.

  • taffy550

    What an absolute moron. Was he just being cheap, do it yourself instead of calling a professional. Couldn’t figure out how to use rat traps and peanut butter? We know he didn’t know how to use a condom.

  • Leslie Mashmann

    There must have been a language barrier. And I feel bad saying this, but would you dump a pesticide in or around you home without finding something out about it? However the price paid was terrible, RIP kids. And yes, phosgene gas was used in WWII,

  • True

    Zyklon B. When it came in contact with air, it killed anyone around it. A soldier would be on the roof with an opening and drop the pellets in, and quickly shut the door.

  • True

    Only if you try to put sweaters on them.

  • starry1

    He probably brought it home from work having no idea it wasn’t to be used in a private residence

  • Matt Esquire


  • Since it’s strong enough to kill humans, I’m assuming it got the mice too? There should be some follow up, I hate cliffhangers endings



  • Sharlatwillis

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  • JohnQknowitall

    What a horrible mistake. This is why poisons are controlled. Unfortunately there will be less controls in the coming years.

  • Bob Loblaw

    And the cats. They weren’t earning their keep anyway.

  • Sejanus

    Such an idiot.
    Too bad he lived.

  • LA Woman

    The dad just died

  • LA Woman

    I don’t think it would be a problem outside I mean who would think this could happen by putting pellets outside people do it all the time unless you work in that field how would a regular yo or I know there could even be a grade they would make that can do this , But did you see the video? I mean I saw NO NEIGHBORS so if they smelled it wherever they were it must have been very potent,

  • LA Woman

    Have some sympathy I mean do you really think he meant to do it? Geez

  • LA Woman

    The dad just died. They said the neighbors complained of the smell that’s why he watered but I would think if they smelled it wherever they are to think someone would have thought “this can’t be good” and call the poison control center open 24-7

  • taffy550

    This website is called Dreamindemon for a reason. Not the usual snowflake fair. We are a very nice and well educated, mostly, bunch of people. We read and comment on morbid shit that happens to other people. We crack jokes and make opinionated comments. Get over yourself, lighten up and thank god everyday that nothing shitty or really fucked-up ever happens to you, or you can go back to your safe space and cry. I have no sympathy for anyone. Especially, a father who couldn’t google the effect a known poison (that he got illegally) would have on his family.

  • scotsims

    Mine love cardigans.

  • scotsims

    The person who gave him the pellets and the person they got the pellets from. Anyone working with this shit is required to have training on appllcation and its effects.

    It’s been used in chemical warfare since 1915 and to kill people in concentration camps.

    There is a 21 page manual covering 25 points of usage of this stuff and a ton online.

    Someone is going to go to jail

  • scotsims

    Whomever purchased the stuff and was careless with who came in contact with it and didn’t bother to train whoever dispensed it.

    There’s a 21 page manual covering 25 points of all usage – who can handle it, application and clean up.

  • RavenSoul

    Where did you read that the dad just died? I’ve searched through a ton of recent updates on the family and the latest one I could find from yesterday said mother was still critical but father and remaining children in “good condition”.

  • Sara

    More than likely. Unless they figured out what was happening and got the hell out. If I learned anything from all those “Tom and Jerry” cartoons I watched as a kid, it’s that mice are clever, devious little shits.

    All kidding aside, I feel bad for the kids, too. Poor little guys:(

  • Mazikeen666

    Wow…horrible to loose. A child .4 kids sad my heart goes out to them????

  • PapaMac67

    Another stupid fucking non-english speaking wetback. All thanks to Obama/Hilary and our open borders to let all these stupid scum in here. Nice.

  • esmerald 2006

    Cats are pussies. Mine gets me up at 4:00 am to ask for food I get up an feed him, he is an outdoor cat, all my neighbors can hear him demanding food.

  • esmerald 2006

    I see a big fat juicy lawsuit coming out of this one.

  • Ptrek27

    Lol @ the cat Demanding food. I have a 19 year old cat who does same thing. Every morning I go down at 530 am she’s standing in the dark somewhere meowing loud as hell

  • sweetd