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JOHNSTOWN, PA – A 5-month-old baby starved to death in a bassinet after her parents both died of heroin overdoses.

Police were called to the home of a couple after someone went inside to check on the family that had not been seen or heard from in a week.

Once inside, they found 27-year-old Jason Chambers and 19-year-old Chelsea Cardaro dead from heroin overdoses. Chambers was on the first floor while Cardaro was found in a second-floor bathroom.

But they got off lucky compared to their 5-month-old daughter, Summer Chambers. She was found dead in a bassinet after suffering “three to four days” of dehydration and starvation.

Officials believe the family has been dead for a week. Neighbors last saw the family Dec. 11, and thought they had taken a planned trip to New York.

“It’s an unfortunate incident where they both possibly overdosed at the same time – and being from out of town, not having anybody in town,” said Johnstown police Capt. Chad Miller. “It was too long for anybody to notice that they were missing.”

This isn’t the first time police had been to the home on an overdose call. Last month, Chambers overdosed and had to be revived with Narcan. Children and Youth Services were notified and met with the parents on Dec.7.

“They checked out the house, and it was appropriate to a child living there,” said District Attorney Kelly Callihan. “There was plenty of food and the child seemed well taken care of.”

He went on to remind parents who are addicted to heroin that they are endangering the lives of their children.

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  • Yrah, torture your poor baby to death so you can get high. I hope they both rot in hell.

  • My father just told me this story. Absolutely horrible. I know that cps has their hands full, but it seems that biological parents are given so much assistance and chances to keep their children. Take the kids away ugh

  • Virginia Stern

  • I just got my daily dose of depression

  • Ben Estrin

  • If anyone overdoses around a child and is revived by Narcan that child should be taken away! How can that not be neglect? If you’re high or not breathing you can’t take proper care of a baby.

  • ‘Angie Hernandez …wtf!

  • Absolutely disgusting.

  • Are you effing serious????… the mom OD’d and they left the baby in the home????… Absolutely disgusting!!!!!…

  • Those eyebrows

  • And again child protective services didn’t do anything. That baby should have been taken away before when the mom overdosed the first time.

  • That’s the first sign.

  • Okay that’s definitely horrific

  • It’s amazing how this opiate epidemic spawned from synthetic opiates it’s making grim headlines everyday. However, the biggest headline the DEA has created is banning CBD drugs that don’t get you high or addicted but help severely ill people.

  • With that crap they were in hell before they died too…

  • Those eyebrows WILL have you believing everything’s all righ……while on heroin. This is a damn shame, white people. Black people, usually mess with crack, which isn’t any better but I have never heard of ALL the child deaths associated with using this drug. AND they’re ALL……….white. SO, no racism, just facts.

  • Did you look at the picture of them? The guy isn’t white. So yeah, you are racist.

  • No, dude. I DIDN’T look at the picture. Nope didn’t click anything. My response is NATURAL AND real. If DUDE is BLACK, then he’s a FUCK BOY himself. Shut the FUCK up.

  • Was the ‘father’ who ODed. And I use the term loosely. Not a lot of parenting going on there. And no other relatives/grandparents around? Tragic all around

  • Just terrible

  • Tooooo sad…poor helpless child.

  • This breaks my heart…poor baby. 🙁 RIP little one.

  • dammitall23

    I know, right? “There seems to be plenty of food.” Yeah. Like the 5-month-old’s going to get up and fix herself some hash browns and eggs, maybe a sandwich, maybe put a roast in the oven for supper, later. “Plenty of food” doesn’t do the baby any damn good if the parents are too zonked out or dead to feed her. There’s probably *still* “plenty of food” in the house.

  • There’s nothing factual backing up your “facts” except what you are shown in the media and what you choose to see on social media. No solid research whatsoever.

  • I DON’T EVEN need the media or Facebook, I’m from Columbus OHIO, THIS WAS ALREADY A CAUCASIAN EPIDEMIC, WHEN I LEFT IN 2011, FACTS!!!!

  • It was the father who OD’d before and was revived with Narcan

  • Aaaand it’s almost 2017….

  • STILL!!

  • Robyn

    glad to know you a “natural” and “real” racist piece of work….your parents must be proud

  • Depends if the baby was with him when he overdosed. The laws around CPS and that CPS has to follow gives the parents the the benefit if the doubt. That and the parents could easily refuse to speak to CPS as its only a civil investigation.

  • Okay… soo I thought it said the mother… its JUST as disgusting that its the FATHER of this poor baby… who should have been removed IMMEDIATELY after this incident happened… at that time… Mom should have also been drug tested… just to make sure she was clean and sober… last time I checked… a DRUG ABUSER living in the home that has children was a major red flag and Child Welfare was automatically brought in… which in following procedure… they were… however… they decided to leave a vulerable infant in the home dispite Dad’s ODing and release back into the home rather than into a drug treatment facility because they found there was plenty of food etc in the home on the day they paid their welfare visit… if this baby would have been taken away… even if it was to a relatives house until the father was deemed to be clean and sober… this precious baby would still be alive and just the selfish parents would be gone… now both parents OD’d and this innocent baby was left to starve all alone to starve to death in a basement…

  • Talkin

    Well done, Children and Family Services! These two should have lost custody immediately following the first overdose.

  • Dude! I hate stores like this. Who knows how long that poor baby laid there starving.

  • What really pisses me off is that they had child services there a month before because the Dad had overdosed…. Had there been some law in place that would remove the child from the home at that time she would still be alive. It just makes me sick! I understand that they deemed the home livable but wouldn’t the parents Overdosing classify as an unsafe home?!

  • Sooooo terrible. That poor baby

  • No one heard the baby screaming for 5 days?!

  • sugarpie

    What’s really sad about these situations is that there must have been family members somewhere between the two that could/should have checked on them sometime in that time span. Might not have saved the parents, but surely would have save the baby. I mean shit, even this dudes dealer. He’d have to be wondering why they were calling for their fix. Damn it all to hell – once again – please don’t bring babies into this world if you are addicted to drugs… Rest in peace little angel…

  • GGMon

    We need laws to make our kids safer. Seriously, this couple ods and they still have their child, yet kids are taken away from good families because a toddler happened to be curious and walked outside. Makes no sense

  • Thank you CIA for your Afghan Heroin. Just like cocaine in the 80s to inner cities. Bravo on the population control…..DOUCHEBAGS.

  • This is why cops are posting OD videos of parents before they’re revived. Yes, it’s hard to see, but someone somewhere might just realize what they’re doing to their children. Hopefully.

  • I used to be an investigator for Children Services. People don’t understand this and will blame them for it. And if they had removed the baby they would get bashed for that also.

  • This is the saddest thing I hope I’ll ever read regarding a baby who cannot fend for itself. :/

  • I was an investigator for Child Protective Services for almost 8 years. It doesn’t work that way and isn’t as easy to remove children as people think. If there was a responsible parent, or one who appeared to be, there would be no grounds to remove. And CPS can’t force people to drug test. And the family had the right to refuse to cooperate with CPS altogether. Even if CPS tries to take them to court, the judge will likely deny their complaint. Don’t blame CPS, blame the messed up laws. CPS essentially has no power. Only the courts do. But they are an easy target to blame.

  • I hate people

  • Sounds like they need more power!! if their there to protect kids then they need to be given more power to do so! Smh I mean they just revived the 1 parent on the 7th that should be like an automatic removal for a certain period of time to ensure safety.

  • They system (CPS) failed this child! They were advised already that the parents were addicts, that is neglect! They should have taken the child out the home ASAP! Now this baby had to suffer. Wtf are we paying these social workers to do? The social workers shouldn’t just report, but take ACTION!
    This pisses me off!

  • CPS doesn’t work that way due to the laws and regulations placed on them.The social workers can’t just take the child because 1 parent ods. They have to file fora hearing and have the judge order drug test after the proper investigation is done. Even then the judge is likely to deny if 1 of the parents seems responsible. Blame the system that was created to protect the abusers rights by the judicial system instead of the children. Social workers fight the system every day trying to protect children and get blocked by the judges and the rules that make them have to give children back to parents when they know they will be back. The social worker’s deserve respect for trying. You wanna play the blame game? We all need to look in the mirror. We all nees to be vigilant and help them…

  • Amy Riebschleger Gerkin not playing blame game! I work for the county & I know how the system works… the only people st fault are the parents! Definitely NOT here to argue… moving on ????

  • The mother probably covered and said she told him to go.. Drug addicts lie and will do anything to hide the neglect. Sadly short of finding the drugs there is nothing they could so until the hearing..

  • That needs to change. The pieces of shit had a kid and still do drugs? If he already overdosed once the kid should have been taken away. No question. Getting bashed for using common sense isn’t a bad thing.

  • Fuck man

  • amazing how many people want all drugs legalized

  • “Last month, Chambers overdosed and had to be revived with Narcan….’They checked out the house, and it was appropriate to a child living there’…”

    “Appropriate…” You mean except for the parents being active drug users, right?

    How is it that, on one hand, we see stories of people getting their children taken away because they are using marijuana //medicinally,// but then we have stories like this where the parents are active users of heroin and that only warrants a quick home visit?

  • If they are that deep into the throes of addiction, no amount of gritty cinematography will change their thinking or habits.

    Literally a month prior to them both OD-ing, one of them OD’d and had to be revived. If seeing and experiencing that firsthand doesn’t change your mind about what you’re doing with or the value of //your own life// then you’re not going to care a lick about the life of your child.

  • Are your walls so thin that your neighbours can hear inside your house?

  • You can totally hear babies crying if they live close enough especially one screaming for food

  • Both parents oded

  • Not the saddest if you frequent this page.

  • Percy, yeah. Facebook has my Liked Pages so hard to find… I’d not been here in a while.

  • steboto

    Of course there was plenty of food , single moms receive EBT cards for food and TANF payments probably paid for the heroin. People who work are usually missed within a day or two.
    very sad

  • I don’t think zombies make good caregivers anyway.

  • Susie Annabelle

  • ????????????

  • Steph, seriously.. what the hell are you talking about? Eyebrows, ethnicity, facts, fuck boys, 2011.. holy shit! ????????????

  • I’m NOT starting ova…dis shyt deaded..

  • Athikea, on the DD main page, click on the star (see first). Then on the bookmark to the right (saved). You’ll see more articles C:

  • lilloric

    unfortunately that’s children and youth in pa – our version of child protective services. they often times leave kids in danger and take ones who shouldn’t be. one of the kids i have with me now was taken but his 6 sisters were not. mom tried selling one of the 6 girls left at home to a guy for some cigarettes. guy beat the girl and tried to have sex with her but she got away and ran to a home that called her an ambulance. mom shows up and tries to keep her from going to the hospital and the ambulance crew had to call in police to get the girl to the er. so all documented but children and youth refused to take the girl away stating they didn’t want to further break up the family and they didn’t have a home willing to take all 6 girls

  • Josh


  • Eryn Stilp

    So my child can run outside while I literally just turn my back for 2 seconds to take a drink, and THAT gets me investigated and her taken (for a short while, and all is good now)……but a parent overdoses, and a baby isn’t taken??
    It’s so stupid. This stuff pisses me off. CPS failed BIG time there.

  • DaveL

    You know what? I don’t want to hear about what social workers supposedly “can’t do.” Stories abound of CPS abusing its authority and removing children on very flimsy grounds, upon which those on the receiving end have to mount expensive legal battles they can’t afford to make things right, and nothing really happens to those who violated their rights. It’s just like the police – “Our hands were tied” means “we couldn’t be bothered”, period. If they really wanted to do something, they’d just do it and twist the facts and the law however it takes to make it look facially justifiable.

  • Kalynada

    That is correct.

  • LynnKayee

    Fuck…This one hits home. Poor kid had to have screamed its head off and no one came. As a 14 yr old junkie I babysat a toddler and infant for mother of the fucking year…sometimes she’d go for days, busy fucking every Joe, Tom and Harry she could before her deployed husband came back. All the times I shot up in the living room and how they called ME mommy….God I get so sick thinking about them being in the same position because I was the idiot. God it’s enraging me and disgusting me beyond belief. Poor poor baby.

  • Leslie Mashmann

    When parents are heavy drug users, isn’t obvious that they are a danger to their child? CPS scores again. RIP tiny one.

  • melb1970

    That is very true about people who work.. they ARE missed in a day or two.

  • True

    Because Big Pharma would lose $$$$$$ that way.

  • True

    Just playing devil’s advocate here, if they HAD removed the child, where would she go? Some towns don’t have enough foster care homes, and sadly, some are really bad. The poor kids have no say in it. They might end up worse than before. In this case, with all the documentation they already had, I would think they could have gotten an emergency care warrant from a judge and removed that baby. She could have been placed with a family member. Seems like EVERYONE dropped the ball here. R.I.P. little one.


    Fuckin idiots

  • Da Mac

    What the hell does your bullshit job exist for, then?

  • Da Mac

    Even more empowerment for the (federal) government? No, thank you.

  • Da Mac

    Maybe people would do better to blame the CIA for putting so much heroine on the market.

  • Da Mac

    Who says it spawned from synthetic opiates? It spawned from the Afghan invasion.

  • Bob Loblaw

    If it stops one person from ever even putting this shit in their body in the first place then it was worth it.

  • Saddam Hussein

    One less mudshark…….

  • Three Stars

    I cannot help but see a silver lining in this. Both parents were degenerate and that child was mixed race and probably a future criminal.

  • Robert Ryan

    Because a tiny handful of example that come to light only BECAUSE something went wrong is clearly indicative of the how the system works or is meant too. This is why the internet makes people dumber, they see a handful of anecdotes over the course of a few years and they just assume this shit is the norm without a shred of actual research.

    You’re incoherent anyway, you rage about how they can falsely remove children resulting in costly legal fights… while advocating they bypass or abuse the system to remove CERTAIN children. That’s not how reality works, laws and rules usually exist for a reason, once you start deciding to ignore them to just do what you think is right without much oversight that is a classic road to hell paved with good intentions.

    Do you really just not see the ice slicked slope that kind of completely arbitrary choosing represents? Probably not, most of the public is stupid and uneducated about why the law in even a general sense.

    There are very, VERY good reasons it’s hard to take children way from there parents. That is an extreme action that will pretty much always have some level of negative effect on the child, the burden of proof and legal hurdles to enact it SHOULD be high. Furthermore most of these programs and agencies are underfunded and staffed and have to enact a certain level of ‘triage’ in picking which cases to pursue.

    Sometimes they make the wrong call, most of the time they don’t, but you don’t hear that shit blared from every news channel in a hundred mile radius. No one notices or cares about the huge number of instances of a system working as it should, because people are short sighted and irrational as a whole and prefer anecdotes to statistics and facts.

    Regardless legal systems cannot and never will be perfect because they can’t hope to fully encompass every possible variation and situation, and they also can’t be precognitive. In the case of CPS finding the right balance to allow removal of children when warranted without making it so easy that they can be removed if a worker just doesn’t happen to like someone or for petty reasons is never going to be easy and it’s never going to be perfect.

    While we can argue the details not usually vesting that power in the hands of “line” CPS workers is probably the right call. For an action as aggressive a removal of a child from it’s biological parents a hearing with a chance to present counter arguments in a legal setting certainly seems a fair minimum legal protection.

    Regardless mistakes will always, ALWAYS happen we’re dealing with humans on both ends after all. If there is one thing that annoys me more then anything it’s the seemingly insane exceptions of perfection modern society seems to have.