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LAKE DELTON, WI – A Florida teen on vacation in Wisconsin died after trying to sled down a snow-covered water-slide.

The teen, 16-year-old Addison Williams, was with his brother and a friend Wednesday night when they  trespassed into a fenced-off area of Water and Theme Park.

The three boys climbed to the top of an 85-foot tall, snow-covered slide with intentions of sledding down it.

Two of the boys came to their senses and decided it was too dangerous, but Williams decided to go through with it.

He made it halfway down before his sled got stuck in the snow. As Williams tried freeing the sled, he fell over the side of the slide and died when he hit the ground 35-feet below.

According to Lake Delton Police Chief Daniel Hardman, the family were vacationing in the area to see snow. They were staying in a hotel near the park and were on the scene shortly after it happened.

The owner of the park said the fence and other safety measures were put in place for a reason, and there’s nothing more he could have done to prevent the boys from getting in. He said his thoughts and prayers are with the family.

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  • Damn.

  • Play stupid games win stupid prizes

  • Sejanus

    Why have Floridian dipshittery stay down south?
    Now they are exportin g to ALL states in the Union.

  • Dre Mosley

    And you think all the craziness/dipshittery in FL is from Florida natives? I’ll bet we import more crazies from other states than the other way around. We natives are greatly outnumbered in our own state.

  • Prayers to the family. Damnnn

  • So sad ???? Rest In Peace, his family must be devastated and right before Christmas

  • Poor kid…I can’t believe what he went through being named Addison. Also the slide idea was not thought through very well.

  • Wonder if the parents will be sueing the place even though the kids broke the law. Usually happens.

  • Robyn

    I was thinking the same thing, …probably will try and sue

  • jansav

    Sad. My heart goes out to his family. I can’t imagine the pain of losing your child, especially at christmas.

  • Do stupid stuff and that’s what happens

  • Yeah no kidding!

  • mean birch

    Stupid people die in Stupid Ways

  • Florida Kid goes on vacation, brings stupidity with him. Dies.

  • That is exactly what I said yesterday when I hear the story.

  • Sad isn’t it. That this is expected from people now.

  • Inferus

    This is a Dew commercial! Extreme man!!!


    This slide is just sick… no wonder he fell off.


  • I did stupid stuff like this when I was a kid, this could have been me when I was younger.

  • Mystified by snow. Spontaneous and not smart actions, but we’ve all been there.Poor kid, and his suffering family, sad story

  • M.E.

    HOLY CRAP!! I was thinking just a tall chute type slide, not that crazy thing. Jebus. 🙁

  • I go to this water park every single summer with my family.
    This is the second time that someone has died there, that I know of.
    Very sad, but dumb move on the part of those kids. It’s closed off for a reason.

  • Ramonathegreat

    Wtf dude… you couldn’t keep those shenanigans in your own damn state!?

  • glad hes dead. was a faggot anyways

  • Barbarapbradford

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  • Sara

    This is so true! Every dipshit I ever met here in Florida has been a northern transplant. It’s like the rest of the country is exporting their idiots.

  • Sad.

  • Calling the kettle black, are we?


    how would you know ?


    This is a DON’T-DEW commercial.

  • John Willis

    Famous last words…Hey,y’all,watch this!!

  • patrickdh10

    Reminds me of the kids who trespassed onto a ski resort after hours, ripped the protective padding off one of the lift towers to use as a sled. They climbed to the top of the snowy hill and proceeded to begin their descent down the mountain. As they were picking up speed one of the kids jumped off and the makeshift sled careened wildly down the hill and smashed into the same tower they had remove the protective padding. Needless to say there were fatalities. I believe this story made the Darwin List.

  • Da Mac

    No snow

  • melb1970

    man that sucks and that slide is kick ass.. he should have listened to his friends though bad idea.
    Like my hubby taught me .. anything over thirty feet will kill ya just the same.. if ya climb thirty feet might as well climb 200ft 🙂


    Break into a theme park and died? 125% avoidable.

    I do not feel bad.

  • JohnQknowitall

    I pictured a four lane slide and the boy going for the center lane, but omg…were they drinking?


    From the distance the photo is taken … I’m not clear on whether they are both slides ? or whether just the one on the right side is ? … Neither one of them looks very safe, to be a water slide.

  • Siren Slayer

    I can vouch for that! im from PA and Ive been living in Florida for 2 months and Im always getting bitched at for being stupid. I lost count at how many illegal turns Ive made and how many green lights Ive stopped for.

  • Sara

    Careful…some Florida locales get their entire budget from traffic violations. My hometown was listed as one of the top ten speed traps in the nation. I’m, um, not particularly proud of it.