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GREENFIELD, IN – A mother is behind bars after she tried beating the spirit of Christmas into her two young sons after they opened their Christmas presents early.

It happened on Sunday when the boys’ teenage sister came home and found them injured and crying. When she asked what happened, they informed her that their mother, 36-year-old Sascha Collins, had beat the crap out of them.

The reason for the beating? The boys, ages  7 and 9, had apparently opened their Christmas presents early after finding them stashed in their mother’s closet. The boys’ sister got them out of the house and called police.

The boys told responding officers that Collins hit them with a belt buckle, threw them against a wall and bit one of them. Police noted that both boys were suffering injuries that corroborated their story.

The sister told police that her mother was an alcoholic who snorts Hydrocodone. She also added that when her mother gets mad that she repeatedly calls one of the boys, who is mentally disabled, retarded.

During her interview with police, Collins called her children “disrespectful and out of control” and knew that during this recent spanking that she “went overboard.” She said she didn’t remember everything she did because she “just lost it.”

Collins was arrested and charged with domestic battery with bodily injury to a person under 14 and domestic battery to a disabled person with bodily injury. She was placed in the Hancock County Jail with a pretrial conference scheduled for February 15th.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but when I was a kid, searching for your hidden Christmas presents was as fun as getting the damn things.

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North Carolina Teen In Custody After Decapitating His Mother
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  • sugarpie

    I seriously had to restrain myself from peeking because I was home alone with the Christmas presents. I’m 49. Holy crap, it’s torture enough just having them in the same house. Poor kids.

  • dammitall23

    Jesus christ–you don’t have to lose your mind and beat them, just let them wake up on Christmas day with no presents to open because they already pigged them all. Bet they wouldn’t do that again, and you wouldn’t have the cops and children’s services all up your ass. And she has the nerve to call her kid “retarded”.

  • ????????????????

  • Junkie P.O.S.

  • Bitch

  • 1DireWolf

    The beating was way retarded as is snorting Hydrocodone. However the word retarded, means

    “less advanced in mental, physical, or social development than is usual for one’s age.” it is not offensive to the person it refers to, it offends the people around them. Calling someone a “retard” on the other hand I could see as being offensive. I think society has taken political correctness way too far. My opinion. No one has to share it.

  • Disgusting.

  • I especially hate this because my son is 7 but more like 5 due to some issues and I’ve never put presents under the tree because I know it’s so hard for him not to open them. I asked if I could this year and he sadly (and adorably) told me he couldn’t help it. Who does this really?! ????

  • Am I the only one confused here?
    They didn’t have bad injuries, required no medical attention, and we all got our asses whooped for doing bad things growing up

    Not a single news outlet reported these details when I read the stories last night
    No there is never any justification for outright abuse or for drug and alcohol dependency

  • I agree with you…up to a point. Spanking their bottoms with an open hand or belt, fine. But there was no reason for biting them or throwing them against the wall whether those actions resulted in major injuries or not.

  • I recall my mom beating me with a belt once and because I didn’t cry enough she flipped it around and hit me right in the face with the buckle the skin tore off my face the right eye and cheek and then we had to walk up the street me and my little sister to a bar to tell her boyfriend to come home. It was past midnight and will never forget the pain as the winter wind hit my face and my hair sticking to the raw skin

    Well getting older my eye exam was much more detailed than ever and i was told i have a deep scar in my right eye and asked if i knew how i got it, first off i am 47, the belt incident happened when i was 9yrs old and not one eye dr ever said anything even when i ended up with ulcers in my eyes after being sized incorrectly with my contacts from that chain eye clinic “eye dr” but as soon as he said it and told me it was so deep it would have definitely been a significant injury and pain, it hit me like a ton of bricks how bad and abusive my mom really was.

    Poor kids

  • Oh snap
    I was just going off the stories I read last night that didn’t give any of those details

  • Rosemary would you hit your little boy with a belt buckle and throw him around a room and bite him? I sure hope you don’t do that.

  • They also had bruises on them too.

  • Omg that’s disgusting, they are just kids who were curious and excited. I had a box in my bedroom that had some gifts in it for different people, well my 9yr old snuck a peek and I found out about it, but did I beat him or yell at him? No, I just explained to him what he did wasn’t right, and that those presents were meant to be a surprise and he just ruined the surprise for himself, and he looked at me all sad a said he promised he wouldn’t do anything like that again. End of story he learned a lesson without any anger or beatings involved.

  • So you can beat your kids much as you like as long as it doesn’t require a hospital stay? Didn’t read that in the parenting book anywhere….and these boys will have to go back and live with this bitch again. Makes me sick.

  • Holy fuck. I’m glad the sister was able to do the right thing.
    Once my son got into his gifts early and i brought everything back to the store and got him all new shit. He was surprised.

  • SayAnything

    I agree with you, society is constantly finding something to take offense at. How politically correct you must be and utterly apologetic for your opinion in order to make sure no one is offended is absurd. However I think she was calling him retarded and I imagine a retard as well, because he is mentally disabled. I doubt they’re meaning the late 90’s term “oh that’s retarded” or something along those lines lol. She meant for it to be derogatory and mean.

  • I never put any presents out until Christmas Eve after my 5 yr old goes to bed.

  • Wow, people are defending this evil person? Why are our kids the only people in this society we are allowed to inflict physical violence on? You’ll be arrested if you hit anyone else. As a preschool teacher, I can tell you, the kids who get hit at home are the most violent with other kids because they feel that that is how you teach other people a lesson. It’s ridiculous. And because they weren’t hospitalized, it means they weren’t abused? Wow. Also, the sister knew she was a drug addict who snorted drugs and did nothing about it? Depressing.

  • A belt is ok? Fuck me. I’m glad i didn’t grow up in your house!

  • Lmao at people who can’t read my entire comment
    And yes kids have been whooped with belts since they were invented

  • Now THAT’S a responsible teenage sister. Good for her.

  • itsknotme

    Really?!?!, …, Menstral-Krampus is real?

  • Mazikeen666

    Wtf.,unbelievable, beat her ass in prison, shes the retarded..hope they are w better ppl..rot in hell

  • Barbarapbradford

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  • Well, I believed in Satan for a good while so I didn’t know to even look for them because I didn’t know they were anywhere around.

  • CT

    This chick needs to meet Krampus. I know she is bit old but I am betting an exception can be made.

  • Fornicate her with a rusty, hot iron stick!

  • Tad Anderson I don’t think you’ve had a wrapped gift in forever…

  • Sara

    One Christmas season, about a quarter of a century ago, my brother and I woke up in the middle of the night to sneak a peek at our presents. We set some of those old fashioned alarm clocks to go off at midnight and put them under our pillows so Mom and Dad wouldn’t wake up. Then we crept out to the living room with the tools we’d need: a flashlight, a pocket knife and some tape. We took turns peeking so one of us could act as a lookout. We practiced our “what’s going on?/we were sleepwalking” act in the days leading up to our caper, which we had dubbed “Operation Turtle.” (Ninja turtles were huge back then and we were both fans, so it made sense.)

    When we were done with our covert mission, I drew a picture of a ninja turtle and hung it next to the tree. Our mom asked us what was up with that and we just high fived each other and laughed. I finally told Mom about it about 15 years later, when she couldn’t take our presents back to the store like she’d threatened to do if she caught us peeking. She thought it was hilarious! She’s even kept that ninja turtle picture. It was a lot of fun, so I know exactly how hunting for presents beforehand is just as fun as getting them, if not more so.

    I don’t know what possesses some people to beat their children, especially over stuff like this. It’s like, “I am trying to give you a merry fucking Christmas! And you ruined it!” Smack, punch, kick…kind of defeats the purpose. Besides, she should have hidden the gifts a little better. Hiding them in the closet is begging the kids to come find them early. I hide my son’s gifts in different places, in case he finds one of my stashes. Kids are sneaky little bastards and you have to stay three steps ahead of them.

  • justGi

    I was 15 yrs. old. My cousin and her boyfriend came to visit. I was busy washing the floor and getting dinner started (my chores ) so I really didn’t get time to sit and talk. They sat I’m my sisters bedroom and talked. They left an I didn’t give the visit another thought. The next day my mother came home like a raging bull and started beating me with a belt. She beat every part of me, not caring where or how hard she swung. She hit me a few times in the face and only stopped when she drew blood. Seems my cousin must have gotten in trouble for coming over and she invented a story that I was smoking pot! My mother didn’t ask questions, just started swinging. I had to stay with my aunt for 2 weeks while I healed. Still have some scars. She felt like shit when she found out my cousin lied.

  • True

    Jesus, Kim. I’m sorry that happened to you. I grew up in a belt household too. Once dad broke the belt and threw me down and straddled me with his fist back. Mom leaned out from the kitchen door and calmly, around her cigarette said, “Don’t hit her in the face.”

  • True

    Damn! I hope she never forgot it.

  • True

    I used to wrap their gifts and put a code symbol on each one, so only I knew who they were for. That drove them nuts, but they didn’t want to open a gift that wasn’t theirs, so none got opened. The dog did eat the toe out of one stocking that had cookies in it. I didn’t beat her though.

  • True

    I hope those kids find another home to have Christmas in from now on. I can imagine how just the sound of Christmas music next October will have them getting anxious.

  • You’re doing it wrong…

  • Kat

    The sister was just a teenager herself. She was still more caring and responsible than any adult in these kids lives.

  • velvetjoneslives

    Based on the reports I read, this is what got her in trouble. Had she just given them a old fashion ass whipping there would be no legal issue. Instead she decided to re-enacted a UFC cage match and slammed them in to the wall.

  • velvetjoneslives

    Don’t be such a pussy. Almost everyone I know got the belt or the paddle at one time or another, all grew up to be respectable adults. While I hate child abusers, people who raise little undisciplined little monsters are almost as bad.

  • Helenwmurphy

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  • Stating The Obvious

    You my dear are the truest form of douche nugget!

  • hahaha

  • Josh

    My parents have the pleasure of raising my brothers kids. One year they opened some of the presents early. They got to open all of them then my parents returned all the gifts to the store, now they don’t touch them.

  • Stormblast

    This bitch is going to find out the hard way that this is no way to raise children when she ends up dying old and alone in an old dilapidated trailer surrounded by 28 cats.


    When us three girls were in our early teens, we found the presents behind our father’s dresser, and snuck peeks at what was inside. Thought we were slick. the old man came home, discovered his dresser moved a bit out of place (stupid carpet marks), and went absolutely ballistic. All the presents were unwrapped then and there, and thrown under the tree. He angrily thanked us all for ruining Christmas. We never did that again.


    yeah. So is Sanitary Claws.


    More like a period raisin.


    She should have felt like shit whether your cousin lied or not.

  • itsknotme

    That’s funny!!

  • Sejanus

    Kids are kids ffs.
    Bitch needs them removed from her.
    Then sear sizzle her ovaries into blistered, crispy non-function.
    Follow it with some nice jail time in a chain gang.

  • True

    And see? He didn’t even have to beat you.

  • LucyJane

    The punishment for snooping and finding your presents early is missing out on the surprises Christmas morning. Or, at worst, thinking that you are getting a really great present and then finding out that it’s for your brother. No other punishment is needed.

  • Angelicapmcdonald

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  • jansav

    and bit one of them. left teeth marks on a child.

  • jansav

    Sad cow. Poor kids. How many times has the teen sister had to be the mother? I only hope they can all be placed in a safe environment.

  • jansav

    same here and I’m 51.

  • jansav

    there is a problem when you call your mentally challenged child retarded. It has nothing to do with political correctness.

  • Sara

    That’s pretty clever! And rather funny that they were so particular about whose gift they opened.

  • Sara

    That was a bit melodramatic of him, but I suppose it got the point across. (You probably also learned a valuable lesson about getting out the vacuum to conceal evidence.) And, as True said, he didn’t have to beat you.

  • Sara

    Yep. Krampus is great 🙂 My son has been talking about him as much as he’s been talking about Santa. Whenever he’s being naughty, all I have to do is say, “Keep it up and you’ll be getting a visit from Krampus!” Straightens up immediately. His teachers are concerned that I’d teach him about such a thing! But I agree…set this lady up on a date with Krampus. Let him teach her a thing or two about Christmas cheer.


    yeah, not that time, for some reason. He was not above using a belt on us at other times, though. He was a crazy, rage-addicated Italian. To this day, none of us three girls want anything to do with him.