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FORT WORTH, TX – A man who claimed he came home to find his wife and infant son dead with their throats slit has been arrested and charged with their murder.

Earlier this month, 35-year-old David Vandewege called 911 to report he had come home from work to find his wife, Shanna Vandewege, and their 3-month-old son, Diederik, dead.

Police arrived and found both victims in their beds with their throats slits, and their deaths were ruled homicides. Vandewege was interviewed by detectives on two occasions, but had stopped communicating with investigators.

On Wednesday, police in Glenwood Springs were called by someone who told them Vandewege was headed to Las Vegas and trying to escape the authorities. Vandewege was stopped by a cop shortly after.

Vandewege told the officer that he was headed to Las Vegas. He said it had been a long week and that his wife and kid had been recently murdered. According to the police report, Vandewege showed no emotion when he relayed this information.

When the officer asked why he was not wearing a wedding band, Vandewege stated the ring was in his pocket “along with numerous condoms.”

The officer contacted Fort Worth police to verify Vandewege’s claims and learned he hadn’t been ruled out as a suspect in his wife and child’s murder, had fled the area, and had stopped talking to investigators.

The officer asked Vandewege to step out of his car, but he refused. After five minutes, Vandewege finally agreed to get out of his vehicle and was handcuffed. When asked if he had any knives on him, he replied, “No, I’m not a knife guy.”

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But it turns out he is a gun guy. Police would find with two loaded handguns — one in a waistband holder and one in an ankle holster.

After his car was impounded, police would find some interesting items inside the vehicle, including numerous boxes of ammunition, empty gas cans, camouflage clothing, numerous bottles of medication, an AR-15-style rifle and a .22-caliber revolver.

Vandewege was taken to jail for speeding and failing to show proof of insurance. As he was bonding out, Fort Worth homicide detectives were able to obtain a capital murder warrant with a bail of $1 million.

“My understanding is he was in the process of bonding out and just about to leave,” said Glendale Springs Police Chief Terry Wilson.

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  • I knew it…

  • Did I miss something? (Haven’t had my caffeine yet…) why do they think he did it? We have ammo and guns in our trunk and it doesn’t mean killed anybody…i can also see someone using sex to get over a death…but really i know I’ve missed something.

  • Sejanus

    He will need those condoms now…
    cuz he…
    is fucked!

  • I don’t get the correlation. He has guns and camo so he must be guilty of stabbing people? Or because he stopped answering questions that makes him the guilty party because no one innocent has ever been charged with a crime? This Texas style justice makes the keystone cops look professional.

  • No surprise there.

  • Robyn

    I was wondering about this case and read a couple of stories. I guess she had several miscarriages and finally was successful..wonder is he had anything to do with those as well? he slit his babies throat!..Prison is gonna love him and I hope he suffers

  • Robyn

    Yeah..I didnt see any mention of evidence in the story either,lol..

  • jansav

    who didn’t see this coming? what ever happened to divorce?

  • mean birch

    Cocksucker. Literally.

  • They don’t use rubbers in prison, buddy, and in Huntsville, you’ll wish they did.

  • Matt

    Divorces take too long and men always wind up with the short end of the stick. It’s easier and faster to just kill them, DUHH!

  • Inferus

    Fuck the pain away

  • Inferus

    Yeah, the golden days of going to buy milk and never coming back. The wife still won’t let me get milk

  • dammitall23

    Has the nerve to make the “I didn’t get to go to Vegas” pouty face.

  • jansav

    right? what was I thinking?

  • Fucking coward

  • He wasn’t a cleared suspect therefore not allowed to leave the state. He also stopped communicating with the investigators, which raises another red flag.

  • Their marriage was very cutthroat

  • GGMon

    Life insurance. I called it

  • skuuuppp

    “It’s been a long week officer, and my wife and child were just murdered. You know how it is. I just need to go to Vegas.”

  • Barbarapbradford

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  • lol

  • Vinnym1980

    Hes not been found guilty yet so why is everyone having a go at him

  • 062168 .

    Its just not enough for most, which really gets me pissed. Oh well we have to put faith in the system, yeah right.

  • Talkin

    Are you familiar with common sense? Apply it here and you’ll come to the same conclusion we all did; he is GUILTY!

  • patrickdh10

    This mom/baby killing cowardly shitbag need not worry about condoms because it’s well known Bubba likes to ride bareback. I mean it is Texas after all.

  • Obviously, it’s not common enough. Common sense requires someone to reach a sound conclusion based on a tad bit of intellect. Some people just don’t have the insight, discernment, or wisdom to perceive the truth when it is plastered all over their face like a fried egg. If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck. However Talkin, some folks are as cross-eyed as a drunk on a Saturday night at 3am. It wouldn’t matter what is in their face, they wouldn’t know what it was.

  • Vinnym1980

    Obviously he probably is guilty but you dont know every single fact just what youve read in a small article.

  • em

    This family lived only a block away from me. The thing is, we have a neighborhood where people know each other and look out for each other, so it’s so hard to believe this happened here. Apparently the husband was on medication and had been hearing voices. It’s just so sad his wife and baby paid a price for his imbalance 🙁