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BURNEY, CA – Police are looking for the person who walked into a California gas station and killed a 54-year-old man by setting him on fire.

Police responding to a call of a fire at the Rocky Ledge Shell Station would find the store’s clerk, David Wicks, suffering from severe burns.

Unfortunately, despite being airlifted to the hospital, Wicks would die from his injuries.

A review of the store’s video surveillance showed a masked person walking into the gas station and spraying Wicks with a liquid. As Wicks starts walking around the counter, the suspect lights him on fire and leaves him to die.

Investigators have no idea who the person is or the motive behind the seemingly unprovoked attack, so they are turning to the public for help. They are offering $10,000 for information leading to the arrest or conviction of David Wicks’ killer.

Aside from what can be seen in the surveillance footage, the only other clues they have at the moment is a bicycle that was found nearby that matched the description of the bike the killer rode away on.

They are asking anyone with any information to call the Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit at 245-6135 or email Anonymous tips can also be left with Secret Witness at 243-2319 or

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  • That’s beyond evil.

  • jansav

    OMG I can’t imagine a worse way to die. I hope they catch who ever did this horrible thing. If it was not personal then people should be very wary in that neighborhood. RIP Mr Wicks.

  • dammitall23

    “Burney” CA? 0_o

  • There’s a lot worse ways to die: bear rape, eating out a Kardashian, cannibal, meat grinder, barb wire anal beads, Christmas shopping, dinner at my mothers, ball of knives, shotgun blast to the groin, John Cena matches, crucifixion, skinned alive, ect… see it could be worse.

  • Inferus

    Flame on!!!

  • jansav


  • Aren’t you a little sackfull of Christmas cheer? Thanks for making the day so much better.
    …I do hope you and your family have a great Christmas…or whatever else if you don’t do Christmas. Either way you go it’ll be better than what the burnt guy got.

  • Sorry, but, Burney California.

  • Ted – believe me Burney has its problems just like everywhere else in America, but this was truly a good man and what happened to him is beyond comprehension. Please don’t label this tiny town as if it’s a regular occurrence. It’s not and we’re all devastated. Leads are coming in and we believe the murderer will be caught.

  • Barbarapbradford

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  • I so try not to pay your posts any attention most of the time because they are so inappropriate but I must admit, they do crack me up many times.

  • I said that cause the dude got burned to death in a town called Burney.

  • Ted Tholl oh lol ok I get it now.

  • Sejanus

    Gas Station
    Burned to death.

    Writes itself.

    Horrible way to go.

  • Ninah Roid

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  • KittyPsycho

    it sounds like that case in gah, where down south they caught that pos & I hope he gets roasted: this looks like someone who {I at least hope as the level of evil if not which this is already atrocious] knew and had a serious beef with him real or imagined. Can’t place where in Calif that is so it is probably northern towards Oregon past the Bay area

  • katelyn.haupt

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