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KNOXVILLE, TN – Police have charged a 13-year-old boy with murder after they say he shot and killed his 12-year-old brother.

The two boys had been home alone when the 13-year-old called his parents, who in turn called police.

Responding officers found the 12-year-old in a bedroom dead from a gunshot wound. It was first thought that the gunshot had been self-inflicted, but after examining the evidence they felt his death was in fact a homicide.

After multiple interviews throughout the night, the 13-year-old was arrested on first-degree murder charges and placed in the Richard L. Bean Juvenile Detention Center.

Police have not released a motive behind the shooting, or if the boys’ parents will also face charges. The principal of Northwest Middle School, where both boys attended, released the following statement:

“We are deeply saddened by the tragic event that occurred Tuesday night involving two of our students. Our hearts are heavy as we offer our thoughts and prayers to the family during this very difficult time.”

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  • Eesh so first degree? The motive must be pretty bad.

  • Why would they charge the parents as well? For the gun being where the 13yo could get it?

  • Yea thats why that happened here in my home town where a 12 yr old shot his little brother to death

  • Jeaniia

    Come on TN…Don’t you know Thanksgiving is the time to do this sh*t? Heh..Seriously sorry as hell to hear.

  • ewww barf

  • butts6954

    If this was an accident, it’s definitely deja vu to me. When i was a little kid, a friend of mine was shot by his two year older brother with a .38 their uncle had left at their house. They were sitting across from each other on their beds in their bedroom. The one with the gun was telling his younger brother he was gonna shot him. The other was reading a comic. The brother with the gun pulled the trigger, and there just happened to be one bullet in the gun. It exited, went through the comic, into the others right eye, and out his left ear. The brother that shot his brother was never charged with anything, but he was never gonna be the same. The whole family disintegrated before everyones eyes on our block over time, and i think i was either the only one, or awfully close to it, that the shooter would ever have as a friend after that summer afternoon so long ago……..

  • Nick

    While the parents losing both of their children at once is quite the punishment, they should no longer legally be allowed to posses a firearm. Irresponsible idiots like this that allow access to teenagers statistically I’m willing to bet make up at least 80% of school shootings. So tired of parents claiming their children are smart and trustworthy enough to have access, it’s those ones who I wish would fate as well as Kips parents.

  • Yes

  • Wow. What a horrible story.

  • Nancywwagner

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  • Sejanus

    I know someone who is getting a lump of coal the size of a Buick this year.

  • GGMon

    I’m all for baring arms (or whatever the term is) but if you have children would it kill them to keep that shit locked? I honestly wouldn’t be comfortable with one in my home

  • Vinnym1980

    Dumb ass Americans