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OMAHA, NE — Three high school students got themselves into some trouble after they added their semen to frosting then fed it to their home economics teacher.

According to reports, three teens were in an Omaha Westside High home economics class when they excused themselves to the bathroom where they masturbated in a container.

Once back in class, they added the semen to frosting used on a turnover. The teens then served the semen-glazed turnover to their home economics teacher, who immediately thought the frosting tasted familiar odd.

Other students who heard the boys talking about what their deed notified the teacher she may have consumed the combined spunk of three teenage boys.

School officials quickly identified the freshman and question them. Two confessed while the third said he did not go through with it. The teens, ages 14 and 15, were charged in juvenile court with disturbing the peace and lewd conduct — both misdemeanors.

A spokeswoman for the high school said the students “will face consequences” but did not elaborate. A change.org petition was created, however, demanding the teens be expelled from the school. So far, it has over 8,000 signatures.

The school principal released the following statement:

Good evening,

Many of you have likely heard of a disturbing incident that took place at Westside High School last week. We cannot comment on the specifics involved in this case, which involved several students and a staff member. We have offered our complete support to the staff member involved. I do want to make it clear that this type of behavior is not tolerated in any of our schools. Our school administration is following all District policies and regulations as we deal with this incident. However, per our policies, I cannot share any specifics regarding any disciplinary consequences.

I realize many of you are as upset as I am about what has happened and want answers regarding our plan of action. Please understand the complexity of this for all involved, and know District leadership and Board of Education members are in constant discussions to determine the best course of action. Protecting privacy rights, and keeping all of our students, families and staff members safe, is paramount to us at Westside Community Schools.

This isolated incident is not indicative of Westside High School or any of our schools, environments that promote respect for all of our staff members and students. We believe our District is providing exceptional education AND welcoming, respectful and inviting environments for all of our learners and employees to grow. We need your help: please talk to your children to stop the spread of speculation and rumors further perpetuating this horrible incident. With our community behind us, our strong system of learning will help us overcome this terrible incident.

Please contact us with any comments or concerns you have via our Let’s Talk communication system and we will get back to you as soon as possible: http://westside66.org/lets-talk/

I am grateful for your understanding and patience as we continue to resolve this issue for all involved.

Yours in education,

Blane McCann, Superintendent

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  • Sean Cornfield

  • Kaitlan Williams

  • “Tastes familiar” haha

  • Virginia Stern

  • I like how you crossed out the word familiar and replaced it with odd ????????????????

  • she shud have eatin it anyway. thats just poor sportsmanship.

  • I think I sent this or something similar to you the other day. “Excused themselves to the bathroom” where they circle jerked into a container of icing.

  • Sean Cornfield yeah I member

  • Stupid kids. She’s a teacher teaching girls how to be housewives, of course she knows what cum tastes like. They’d have better luck not getting caught if they fed it to the lesbian PE teacher.

  • I’m dying ????????????

  • I did similar things in college. No gets hurt, and it’s funny shit.

  • Robyn

    ok..bullshit on the familiar joke because all men taste different..lol…they are all special little snowflakes (of cum)


    You can get gonorrhea or chlamydia in the throat, from eating semen.
    This was not some harmless prank. Those kids should be expelled.

  • Kids are stupid and gross. Jeez.

  • velvetjoneslives

    I doubt these two have ever even gotten to first base, let alone contracted an STD. That said, a public ass beating in front of the entire school would be a fitting punishment.

  • mean birch

    Oh cum on…..

  • ew barf

  • Sejanus

    Give them a diet consisting of horse semen so they can see how funny they were.

  • The new Trump “truth in sentencing” allows for juvenile “at risk, high poverty” kids eligible for scared straight “revised statutes”. All quoted words are new amendments. The English language translation states Bubba and the Silverbacks have what’s called “glazing rights” for 30 seconds during an intense “Scared Straight” session. That means these soft young tikes buttocks and mouths will be used to completely drain Bubba and the Silverbacks testicles! Of course all rich kids only get counseling for the same or similar offenses.

  • Inferus

    Sounds seedy.

  • Inferus

    Cum on

  • Inferus

    Not a swallower. Alrighty then…

  • And indeed it is! But for every pair of testicles drained during these sessions a bit of time will be taken off these young gentlemen s sentence! The more seeds shucked the lighter there sentences.

  • Before this graduated technique young men would leave the scared straight facilities looking like this, with their tailes between their legs. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/21d58a39924706ac66c2af9ad96475e1a5b5ac2ba97e18af3e8070c74109faf2.jpg


    Fun fact: both “semen” and “come” can be found in “home economics”.


  • Mazikeen666

    Wth these kidz were thinkin? They got caught bc they couldn’t stay quite ..lol..not funny if it Happens To you or me????????


    Here. have a pop tart, honey. Made it special. Just for you…

  • Inferus

    It was too salty.

  • Inferus

    Which boggles the attraction some have for their students.

  • Inferus

    Giddy up.

  • GGMon

    I am surprised she didn’t go on a full murderous rampage because I would have. This is also another I don’t eat from outside

  • ewww barf

  • Eryn Stilp

    ……they fed their teacher semen after having a circle jerk in the bathroom.
    Expel them, charge them with sexual assault, and make them register. Plain and simple.

  • Eryn Stilp

    when it’s consented to, we will swallow. Not when idiot teenagers jerk off in a can of frosting and don’t tell us it’s in our fucking food.

  • Inferus

    You forgot to wipe your chin.

  • Inferus

    Like the final, ethereal explosion of a daffodil doth the immature lust of young men carry stealing angelic dreams.

  • Ian-rex

    Morbid did you stop learning how to edit or write English sentences?

  • Yes upon death many young men exhibit what is called ‘angel lust’.

  • renee914

    Lol smh

  • Inferus

    Lot of fucking in that reply to oral sex.

  • shadowboi

    What kind of home economics teacher doesnt realise that Jizz has more nutrition value than icing sugar!? SACK HER!

  • Inferus

    Morbid, hire this guy, toute-suite! 😀

  • Kristy Gal

    How often is that? 50% of the time? … Other than that , I agree that these guys need to be charged!!