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PALISADE, MN – Police have charged a man after they say he killed his crying newborn by throwing her across his kitchen.

Police were called to the home of 33-year-old John Peterson after the mother of the 5-week-old girl called to report the girl was having trouble breathing.

Peterson said that the girl was being fussy earlier then stopped breathing. Paramedics performed CPR on the child and get a pulse before taking her to the hospital.

After examine the girl, hospital staff would tell police the girl was suffering from a severe head injury, and suspected abuse.

When police interviewed Peterson, he admitted he’d lied and that he had accidentally dropped the girl in the sink and she’d hit her head on the sink’s divider.

The girl was taken off life support a few days later and pronounced dead. After doctors concluded the girl’s head injury couldn’t have come from a standard fall, police interviewed Peterson again.

When presented with evidence that he was lying, Peterson finally told the truth about what happened. He said that he lost his temper when the newborn would not stop crying, and he threw her 12 feet into the air, from the living room to the kitchen.

Peterson said the infant landed on her back and skidded across the floor before hitting her head on the bottom of the cupboards.

Police subsequently arrested Peterson, charging him with second-degree murder. He is currently being held in the Aitkin County Jail on $1 million bail. He’s looking at a possible  40 years in prison if convicted.

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  • He is not going to have a good time in prison…

  • Tis the season

  • Women need to stop having babies with these wildebeests.

  • Wtf. Animal

  • I just vomited.

  • GOD, is this ONE for your wrath? This is horrible.

  • Id hog tie this fucker and drop him at least four stories onto concrete.eye for an eye.

  • If this would have been my baby…
    Me : “hello? 911, i just emptied my 9mm on my sperm donor for murdering my precious baby. Can you guys come pick up this trash before i feed it to the dogs? Thank you.

  • When, ever in history, has inflicting pain on a child has ever got them to stop crying? (Other than murdering them on the spot?)…

  • WOW, my son was a cryer but I never threw him to get him to shut up..Yes he got on my nerves (suffered from postpartum)but when that happened I laid him GENTLY down and WALKED out of the room and counted to 10 and went back in..What a waste of air this guy is.

  • GOODNESS GRACIOUS! If he didn’t want the child, then he should have given it to someone who would have wanted to love and cherish it! Not fucking throw a defenseless baby across the room all because he’s a raging cunt sore who couldn’t take some fussiness! This pisses me off!

  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    Yeah because throwing her across room was the perfect answer to calming the crying. What the actual fuck? Look I know about babies crying, I know all about colic…it sucks big time. But you know what, even in my most frustrating moments, I knew that you can put the baby in their crib, close the door and walk away. There is nothing wrong with taking a breather and even calling a friend or family member for help. This mother fucker felt that throwing his defenseless newborn into the kitchen was the only option.

    Well look where that decision landed you, you stupid piece of shit. Have fun explaining to the other prisoners why you are in jail, they will welcome you with open arms.

  • Baseball bat

  • Set him on fire

  • jansav

    instead of forty years in prison they should drop him from a forty story building.

  • Ashley Vitellaro

    This just made me sick

  • He should be slowly crushed to death by slowly placing rocks on top a plank placed on top of him until he squished out from under like jelly! 🙁

  • I find it hard to believe this fat nasty pig even got laid

  • What a Ahole

  • GGMon

    That’s my issue. Babies cry. Babies cry a lot for anything. I get is frustrating but what goes through someone’s mind that he goes “that’s it! Screw this baby!” To throw her at a wall!?!?!?! Don’t have kids if you don’t have the patience.

  • GGMon

    Where was mom in this?

  • My son had colic all I did was cried with him because I couldnt get him to stop crying, never once did it it enter my mind to throw him

  • Violet Rose

    I know this is in no way the same but my child was not a fussy baby so I did not have that experience. I have a kitten that is driving me up the walls crying and getting into things that he should not. When I get frustrated with him (Levi) I take and place him is a room that he can not get into anything. I put water,food and a litter pan and take a breather, I am sure this turd had a crib that he could have placed the child in and left the room for a few minutes.

    I am starting to think that many of these people really do want to kill their kids and since some get away with it Casey Anthony or basically a slap on the wrist they think it is worth it to just get rid of the child. Ladies if he is an ass while you are dating him he will still be an ass when you marry him and/or have children by him. .

  • Exactly

  • Because you are apparently normal

  • Probably not the first time this POS lost it. The mother probably new the baby shouldn’t be left with him. She is also responsible

  • Robyn

    well..thats enough internet for the day

  • Mazikeen666

    Pathetic effin guy..unbelievable they should do the same to him in prison..wth he never cried when he was a baby

  • Tina Matthews

    My daughter is currently 5 weeks old and I am a single mama who also has a toddler. Even when I’ve had no sleep, my head is pounding and she is screaming at the top of her lungs and won’t settle, throwing her any distance would not even be a blip on my radar. Because I’m clearly not a pathetic waste of oxygen like this p.o.s. I hope he rots.

  • Tina Matthews

    Working, in the shower, at the grocery store, taking care of other children? Doesn’t really matter, a father should be capable of caring for his child without murdering her.

  • Loisrsheffield

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  • GGMon

    I’m not trying to blame mom but yea I totally agree. But if she was working and he was supposed to care for the child then now we know he’s useless as well

  • Sejanus

    Give him to a zoo as a toy for the gorilla enclosures. They can swing him like a rag doll to their hearts content.

  • Ramonathegreat

    Hang this piece of shit by his testicles. This is sick. What a waste of air. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to murder someone so badly. I hope this poor baby knew some moments of love and affection in her short life. RIP sweet baby. You didn’t go unloved. A million strangers would have taken you and kept you safe if we’d had the chance.

  • thatsmallgrl

    You suck at life.

  • WTF?! Did he not what this baby? Walk away assholes, just walk away. By assholes I mean men and women. Women are no better or worse.
    Leave babies and elderly alone. Period.

  • GracieW

    My second had colic and I was getting 1 hour of sleep a night. Chopped up mind you..not one solid hour. My husband worked overnight and I had another young child. It was hell. I understand the frustration. I understand the building rage. I get it. But I do not get throwing your child across the room. When I felt like I was gonna lose it I placed my child safely in his crib and went downstairs and fell into exhausted sleep on the couch for 30 minutes. Or one time I remember going outside in the cool night air and just sitting there for a few minutes till I felt sane again. There are ways to cope with a screaming baby that won’t stop. Killing the baby is not one of them.

  • GracieW

    That was an actual execution method used for witches by the Puritans. I’d like to bring it back for child killers.

  • Edward Newman

    come on ladies- give the guy a break….he had severe post partum depression

  • Wackadoo

    Crying NEVER killed a baby. Why do these piece of shit parents kill babies like it’s their fucking job?

  • Vinnym1980

    Well he did get the baby to stop crying. I would recommend this method though.

  • LucyJane

    FFS Put the baby in its crib and close the door. Stick in your earbuds, crank the music, and calm the hell down for ten minutes. Crying in a crib for ten minutes never killed a baby.

  • Edward Newman

    He will get off- any good Lawyer will prove Post Partum Depression

  • Kalynada

    Once again: pure psychopathy. This time coupled with a dismally low level of intelligence.

  • captaingrumpy

    I just don’t know how Anybody could throw a newborn baby away. They must have no conscience or real Hatred. Anger management might be needed.

  • Me too. I remember just sitting on the floor next to his crib, bawling my eyes out.

  • Alice Cornell

    many males, including otherwise responsible, decent males have been trained by modern subversive society to opt to convince their women to get abortions when they get knocked up, thinking why would i wanna change diapers, work and stay with the same chick forever -puke! amirite?- when they can take the easy and cheap way out and be free to screw themselves (and everyone else) for the sake of instant gratification?!? fuck that, they say… smh…then they wonder why drugs/addictions/crutches arent filling the void and they arent fulfilled in life. i want to make it clear that these mindsets affects women as well but 9.5x outta 10 its the woman that wants to explore parenthood and the guys that say yeah fuck that.
    and with the state of mens reproductive rights as sorry as it is (they have few to none lets get real), i understand why men would run fast and far from fatherhood. we need to fix this, among other things of course.