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OWASSO, OK – Oklahoma police have arrested a couple after what police and medical staff describe as the worst case of child abuse they have ever seen.

On Friday, police were called to a hospital to investigate a child abuse call after two infants were brought to an Owasso Urgent Care suffering from extreme malnutrition.

A tearful nurse told the officer that one of the children looked like a skeleton and had severe diaper rash, bedsores, feces in her ear.

Even worse, while the infant was being evaluated by medical staff, a maggot crawled out of the infant’s vagina.

The other infant was extremely skinny, had a major diaper rash, bed sores, and a hair was wrapped around her finger so tight it had gotten infected and skin was growing over it.

When officers interviewed the children’s parents, Kevin Fowler and Aislyn Miller, they said they are “new parents” and not used to taking care of infants.

Miller said they were aware of some of the medical issues the infants were suffering, but that they do not have health insurance and cannot afford the medical bills. They also said the children have not been to a doctor since birth.

Both Fowler and Miller were arrested on child abuse charges and are being held in the Tulsa County jail on $50,000 bond. – Tulsa, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports – |

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  • Omg, sick, sick f*cks

  • Why is it that just anyone can reproduce but you have to have a license to drive a vehicle. I hate people!

  • Well that pig certainly isn’t malnourished.

  • Jfc

  • I can usually read any DD article, but I think I may skip this one ????

  • Sweet mother of God. I hope those two never get those babies again ever

  • Why cant we just hang these asshats?

  • Dre Mosley

    Kids weren’t eating, but mom sure as fuck was.

  • If you can’t afford health insurance you can still go to the hospital if a kids ill and get shots for 5 bucks at the health department…these excuses are ridiculous

  • They’re new parents. They didn’t know babies need to be bathed and fed and stuff….. Omg! The parents look like they have been eating well enough! I will never understand why people, who obviously don’t really want the responsibility of taking care of their kids, don’t put them up for adoption so the kids can have a chance at having a normal happy and healthy life . Instead they starve, beat, abuse and kill their children and throw them in the trash and stuff. Just makes me so angry! 🙁

  • Why is it that every time there’s a story about a starved child the mother is a fat ass slob. Starve that bitch.

  • Where were the grandparents, aunts, uncles etc? Many prayers for those poor sweet babies????????????

  • How about feeding and giving the bad a bath you sick fucks?!? Just kill them and be done with it.

  • They should both be made into examples and be starved to death.

  • Disgusting should be permanently fixed so they never have another child. Not used to taking care of infants….as if anyone is. Do you feed yourself, wipe your ass, shower every few days? If you do it for yourself, why are you not doing it for a baby. I’m so sickened. These government programs make it seem more beneficial to keep a child. So scumbags keep babies they dont want for the benefits, then abuse them. I’m just so bad reading this.

  • Theres plenty of help in that area for new moms…Wic offers a lot of help…im willing to bet she has a fone wit net or access to net…read watch, some videos..but what i really wana kno is…if you weren’t takin care of first…why the 2nd one? Wow…just wow.

  • They better be going to prison for this. And I’m
    not a huge proponent of prison. But in some cases, that is the best option.

  • Its funny that there’s a whole community of people out there that think the worst thing that can be done is abortion.

  • Damn Gina

    Right?! Her fat a$$ didn’t miss a meal.

  • This is why we need to end social welfare programs. People like this shouldn’t even be alive and wouldn’t be, if not for government benefits. They would have perished long before ever conceiving. Now tax payers get to pay for their 3 squares and a cot when really all they deserve is a rope around their necks… which is $5 and can be used multiple times.

  • Oh bull shit. We’re supposed to believe these dirt bags weren’t eligible for Medicaid???? How are some of the most wonderful people unable to conceive but pieces of shit like this pop ’em out like its nothing? So unfair. Poor babies

  • There is no remorse in either of their expressions. This is so sad that those babies have to suffer so. I hope they are put up for adoption and find good homes. ????

  • They need to start reading the stories on DD. I bet they change their tune.

  • Its. Very wrong for what they did but why do you have to go in detail about it come on you did not have to say were things were coming out on their body’s SMH

  • Most people on those social welfare programs don’t strave and neglect their babies. Most of those people are the elderly and disable. We shouldn’t make them suffer for what a handful of assholes do.

  • rarely

    why do chubby people starve there kids, i’m sure there’s a Freudian remark out there that applies but some things are simply beyond me..

  • Disgusting pieces of shit. Fuck this shit pisses me off.

  • Well she clearly doesn’t look malnourished. Twat faced pig.

  • How do you ignore babies? I don’t understand it, maybe it’s because I’m not a parent. These two deserve to have their hands mounted above a prison wall.

  • Why do people always want to justify a mothers lack of love and care towards her child saying she is poor and uneducated??? Female ANIMALS dont need money or an educaction and even they have more love, common sense and maternal instincts towards their babies than this idiot and many others like her that are out there!!

  • i can almost guarantee that these two know a juggalo secret hand shake and own at least 2 ICP albums. this is why i am a firm believer that stupid shouldnt be allowed to breed.

  • And to fish, for that matter :/ awful.

  • Is this real! Good lord

  • Omfg

  • U know it didn’t.. Sick bitch she is.. ????????????

  • Sick!!!!

  • Unfuckinbelivable … how can it be that no one was aware of the abuse?.. “new parents”.. we ALL start off as new parents, common sense will tell you to feed and bathe your children. She obviously has no problem remembering to eat.. All the mothers I know, feed their children first, before even thinking of eating. This is beyond sickening.

  • Well Mom certainly didn’t seem malnourished, plenty of money to fill her gut but not enough for a can of formula?

  • Such a stupid comment.

  • Oh god that’s probably true ????

  • They probably would have perished long ago if we took warning labels off things.

  • Dayum, only an infant and already had a worm in her whole 😉

  • Yes it is.

  • Absofukinlutely. And only gonna get worse. Suffer the little children

  • Exactly what I was thinking. I guarantee these fucking trash bags get/could get Medicaid. ESPECIALLY with infants..

  • ObamaNazi

    They had Obamacare and EBT Cards, all Liberals do, In the meantime Mommy is clearly eating well as do all Liberal Swamp Donkeys.

  • Didn’t Oklahoma institute mandatory drug testing for public assistance? I know that was brought up a few years ago.

  • Taylor Kollman

  • I believe that’s for TANF, i.e. Cash assistance.

  • They clearly didn’t want them to start with. If they had any love for these babies, they would not be in such sad shape. I hope they go to a family that will love and cherish them.

  • Neither one of these s.o.b.’s don’t look malnourished at all.

  • These two are pieces of SHIT, and i hope they both rot in hell, it makes me sick that people like this even exist!!!

  • Look at all of the pictures she has on her fb page ,she ,or they,look pretty dam clean and well fed also but I am curious,she has a pic of another baby , a boy..Did they already kill him like they tried to kill theses 2 babies? Posted in 2014,So where is that baby? She has 1/2 dozens pics of herself but only 2 of this lil boy.

  • It doesn’t look like Miss. Piggy missed any meals. Selfish lazy POS.

  • There’s something odd about this story. On her FB page she has pix of an infant in 2013. Were there other kids? Where were her family: she had an aunt who wrote her a lot? Did they get strung out on drugs? Were these 2 preemies really just too much for them? Lots of questions. Not a lot of answers

  • OMG… Takes alot to shock me but the maggot crawled out of WHERE???!!!! ????????????????

  • Eryn Stilp

    That nasty bitch sure didn’t miss a meal. -_-
    Fuck that. I got pregnant at 19, had no clue what to do in regards to parenting and was dirt poor. My now-husband and I STILL managed to not only keep our child alive thus far, but learned along the way, kept her well fed even in our hardest times, and never missed a doctor appointment. We also never blatantly ignored INSANE injuries like what these infants suffered.
    This is outrageous and they don’t deserve to breathe.

  • If these nasty slobs weren’t used to taking care of infants then they should have given them up to a family that has the common sense these two are obviously lacking. I’m pretty sure these two aren’t working a job that would cause them to be ineligible to receive medical assistance if either one of them has a job at all. Really hope these disgusting pieces of shit are punished to the fullest extent, they also need their breeding privileges revoked.

  • Harper

    Oh fuck them! Feces in the ear, maggots coming out of orifices. It doesn’t take much effort to feed, bathe and care for children. I have two and they are at home right now and doing pretty damn good. How much you want to bet these two dipshits are gamers who didn’t want to be bothered by children interrupting their fantasy game time.

  • john doe

    Too many POS shits now a day’s!These people literally need to………………………

  • john doe

    The reaper needs to visits them!!!!!!!

  • ROFL. Yea she was

  • No excuse. Everybody has free clinics.

  • Virginia Stern

  • Aww man Siobhaen Zgela

  • Dude. Really?

  • Omg yeah I just realized I used whole and not hole lol oops. Gonna edit in a sec

  • Fixed. Tyvm Chelsea

  • That’s fucked.

  • Yeah I agree. I can’t believe I made the silly mistake of using “whole” instead of “hole” I must’ve been too distracted by my great joke

  • Looks like the mother didn’t miss a meal ….this is horrific

  • This dickhead trolls on everything on here. Well tries to anyway. It really has piss poor pathetic comebacks….thinks it’s funny but it’s not, it really doesn’t do well at being funny. It’s got quite a punchable looking face though…I just laugh at it’s face….

  • Exactly what I was thinking!!!

  • Totally serious here…I’m wondering if the parents have “special needs.” Are they mentally handicapped? Neither look “normal.” And the excuses they gave don’t sound very well thought out…like they lack the capacity to even concoct a semi-plausible rationale. Like someone already asked….where were the other family members? Grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc? What about neighbors? Couldn’t anyone hear these babies’ constant cries?

  • May you roast in hell sucking maggots from satans cock ! Forever and ever you piece of shit

  • Really confused now….one of her excuses was that they are new parents but this article says the babies are 9 months old and are 2 of 4 children in the home.

  • doesn’t look like she’s missed too many meals. 🙁

  • I tell my son that he can be whatever he wants when he’s older, except a juggalo. He’s 4, gotta start them young! And I totally agree!

  • Also, the article said they didn’t have medical insurance so chances are they weren’t on “the system”.

  • GGMon

    Oh fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. I wish I hadn’t read that!
    You don’t have to be a genius to figure out babies need to be fed, bathed, and interact with them. Even without medical insurance, something must tell you that you will do anything for your children regardless of cost. These people, hambeast 1 and 2 just didn’t give a shit.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Guess she never heard of breast feeding…. or maybe her baby daddy enjoys it more often than not <wink, wink>. If these two are not doing drugs, then I have no idea.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Why is it that people who know condoms exist and don’t use them, know abortion is an option and don’t opt for it, know that giving up a child for adoption exists for a “potential” better life, but believe others can’t be trusted with their “blood?” Nice that they have damaged their offspring with malnutrition in order to increase the chance the children will live in unkept housing from birth to death. Sure people can be happy in abject poverty, but I am not betting on it. I am glad these two are not married. Prison homosexuality can no way be construed as adultery in this case. I hope they get a taste for it the way she has a taste for fatty foods.

  • Talkin

    The father (I use that term so loosely!) is practically smirking. Why can’t maggots eat that f*cker alive?!

  • jansav

    Didn’t have health insurance? Did you also not have a bath tub and food? Babies wouldn’t have needed health insurance if you would have taken care of them. There is no excuse for this. The babies didn’t die so these two probably wont see any jail time and will have their kids back within 18 months. She will probably pop out another kid by then. Sad. Poor babies.


    Why do I think this thing has maggots in her hooch as well. It’s a vagina. Not a lunchbox!

  • Sejanus

    Migod she looks like a potato fucked a thumb and had a baby.
    and he looks like he is into farm animals.

    Sterilize and imprison them both forever.

  • Defafan

    Benefits. $$$ So she can get her Whopper fix on a daily. If she gave those kids up or had abortions she wouldn’t have an income.

  • LucyJane

    Why is it the mothers who starve their children are always fat lumps of puddin’? If you can afford to stuff your double chin full every couple of hours, you can afford to feed your babies.


  • DreaminMan5

    Seriously? WTF, over? These people must be dumb as rocks. And yes, to agree with others, what a fat piece of garbage she is. Unreal, just unreal.

  • Taster’sChoice

    That shit actually doesn’t taste half bad. Somebody told me once. lmao

  • Taster’sChoice

    Never use a condom son, they take away all the feeling! LMAO. I love this clip.

  • For fuck sakes there’s a thing called common sense don’t let a baby sit in its shit and maybe give it a bath and feed it

  • Death penalty makes sense it cases like these

  • Helenmdustin

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  • Xanthe X

    I was thinking the same thing. Why are the mothers of starving or malnourished children always overweight fat sacks of shit? I dont get it.

  • Put them down. If you can do that to your own children then you are not wired to be a human and you never will be. It’s evolutionary biology.

  • P Reptile

    I was wondering the same thing. No pics of babies or twins or anything but a child back in 2014? I thought they were “new” parents, didn’t know what they were doing? 2014 baby means the child is 2, hardly “new parents”

  • Flik Rust

    they need to kill themselves. what a disgrace.

  • DaveL

    The “health insurance” thing is just a red herring anyway. Malnutrition, diaper rash, and bed sores are not medical conditions that just happen, they are the result of neglect.

  • Technomancer

    ONLY $50000 bond? What the fuck?

  • LynnKayee

    As horrific as the age of this kid is, I’m glad that it has been stopped early on in that baby’s life. Oklahoma is always on here for creepy insect stories, man. In a hospital not far at all from where this happened, I remember this adorable little boy had on a leg cast and I offered to sit with him as his mom went to the bathroom…i even have him part of a sandwhich he was so hungry. Then I noticed a roach on the floor and I grabbed the kid to move him…only to see it a lost cause because they were coming FROM him. They were in his little cast. As gross as it was I couldn’t let go of that poor kid. That bitch of a mother was INSANE. She couldn’t figure out why he kept getting infected and acted like everyone with a cast was a fucking roach motel.

  • True

    This is where a molten chocolate mincer would come in handy. She might just eat her way out of it though. I say we send her to Russia anyway. She and her sperm donor can dig snow forts.
    While they’re naked.


    “From now on, your Delta Tau Chi name is … Maggot.”

  • I don’t usually comment but … yeah. This is awful. Every child can get state funded health insurance. There are clinics that will see babies. They were not helpless. This is so infuriating.

  • SayAnything


  • SayAnything

    Seriously? You’re such a fuck. There are so many comments on here that are like, from left field and whatnot, and that’s just D’D. I mean, how can people read this shit and not try and make a pun or two? you either do that or curl up in a ball and weep.
    BUT YOU SIR crossed the fuckin line, you nasty ass.

  • Kat

    In a cemetery

  • I hope the inmates are beating their ass!

  • captaingrumpy

    Fucking Parents. I would love to punish them myself in my way. They might survive.

  • captaingrumpy

    The story states the police went to the home and found two older children in good health. So why these two neglected.??? Too young to tell authorities ????

  • True

    Hell, they could have given them to some unknown young girl and she would have taken better care of them. Why not hand them off at a hospital or fire dept? Why make them suffer like that? I wonder how skinny she could be made before she was executed? And as for him, he probably still doesn’t even know they’re gone.

  • Clark W Griswold

    I wish these two inbreds could be forcibly sterilized. Some “people” have no business having kids. Guess the only thing she knows how to do well is stuff her face. Two pathetic excuses for humans. Smdh…

  • Alucard_the_last

    The pig-like mother looks like she ate for the whole family. Should be changed to a wall and fed gruel once a day for a year.

  • GGMon

    Cause they eat all the food

  • Sam Green

    I’ve been to many foreign lands and seen a lot of things. It’s rare that I am at a loss of words, but this is certainly one of those times….


    I went 3 weeks without a proper meal and lost two stone to make sure my boy had lots to eat.

  • Screamin’ Mimi

    Don’t have insurance? Get an abortion.

  • I’m not into foul language but I must say this is the best reply of the year

  • Laura J

    Hey Tammy…some how I got banned from Lady Checkmate! Would you pass this on, I had no intention of causing so much stuff. Thanks…good reply though. FOr ms. Checkmate. (I wish she had a personal email)

    Ban me if you must if it makes you feel better. I actually enjoyed your channel!! I understand people have differences but eventually we learn from each other. I don’t know you, and if you post stuff, people will react. No one is the same. I’m sorry for the misunderstanding that we had. God bless you and light your every step. God is good…he gave us a special needs baby this year. God gave him to the right parents. He gave us the resources when we had none to help this child. I put God first in my life. Forgive me and hope we can cross paths on better terms again. I will do my best to think before I post, because I really don’t know what I did.

    Loved Prince, I’m an 80s girl! I was sad when he died, and Whitney Houston, too, and her daughter lived in my home town. Small world.

  • Yes. I think I have her email if I can remember her name. I hate it came down to that. I feel opposing views, if held in the right tone, is healthy. It helps us to understand how others feel & it is iron sharpening iron as well. We learn & dig deeper in the Word as well.

    I hated that about Whitney’s daughter as well. So sad for this family.

    Amen to your child. May He give you the wisdom needed as you raise her in His love. It takes a special kind of person to not only adopt a child but when you know they have special needs, it takes an even more special person.

  • Laura J

    Thank you. We prayed to have him and his sister, who is now 5. She loves him unconditionally and pays no mind he is special needs. CHildren don’t judge, do they? We are taking him to an ENT tomorrow. He may need tubes in his ears so he can live to his potential. Funny I don’t even know what I did. But I enjoy different views, you know? I didn’t use profanity etc…I maybe passionate, though.
    OUr family has been through the mill since thanksgiving. Been sick since, but the train is slowing down, finally. Double ear infections, coughing colds, sinus infections and strep.
    I’m so sorry she got upset. I didn’t mean for it to get that far.

    I really think Whitney, sadly was murdered. It’s too shady, like. My hometown has changed…so much.

  • I’ll be praying for you guys about tomorrow & hope your home heals soon.

  • Laura J

    Thanks so much. Means a lot. Please send my comment to her too. Promise. We are healing….I think our son’s end cold maybe sinus issues now. I’m making my last bit Christmas list. We are late on cards and gifts because of the illnesses.

  • I’ve already sent it. Pray you have a Blessed Christmas sister.

  • Laura J

    I thought about it and I had a negative experience w/ ms. Checkmate. She is mean! It’s better this way anyways. I don’t believe in shoving CHrist down someone’s throat like it’s some kind of threat. That’s how I take it from her comments. I follow him wholeheartedly. Just not her way. I make suggestions and she doesn’t like them. I like the credited clergy about issues like that. That thread is done…I’m moving on. Too bad she banned me so I could learn from someone else that thinks like me. THanks so much. Have a blessed Christmas too.

  • Laura J

    Ugh scary and sad at the same time!

  • Laura J

    I found a better channel with a group that is good to me. God points the way…
    Baby does need tubes. We are maxed on our insurance, so tubes may have to wait a bit if we don’t get him in this year. Ok it’s been interesting but gotta get back to work on editing my book. 30 years of work! God bless & thanks for lending an ear.

  • My daughter had to have that done & tonsils taken out & adenoids removed. To this day, and she’s 24, she still has ear problems.

  • Laura J

    Ugh I hope she gets better. Sometimes it’s barometric pressure changes. Have you tried a chiropractor? Love mine, been going to one for 15 years. He drains my son’s ears of fluid and boy does he feel good.
    Well I complained to another MOderator about ms. checkmate. He’s working on it. It’s kinda like can’t even join that church! What if something someone said made sense or just spoke to you when you are really down?
    Anyways found another site more suitable and welcoming with warmth. Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year! God Bless you & your family and all the good things in your life.

  • Benighted

    I never meant to get pregnant, a lot of my friends didn’t have kids or I didn’t know them when their kids were little and I didn’t know the first thing about infants when the kiddo was born but I sure as hell knew she needed to eat and get cleaned up once in a while. Being new parents is the worst fucking excuse ever, everyone who has kids is a new parent once and most of us do not end up with skeleton children infested with maggots.

  • Antonio Valor

    I’m going to guess somewhere along the line uncle meth took up residence. And the kids being in ‘good’ health probably only refers to their outward physical condition. I’m going to guess some nutritional deficiencies, psychological issues and developmental delays will be on deck if they receive closer evaluations, which they probably won’t.

  • KittyPsycho

    they never should have been allowed to breed. You don’t get that big starving to death and she definitely shoulda been thinking of a baby or two before herself. They have all kinds of different things specifically t help take care of and feed and medical for babies out here so that is crap also. I have seen 15 year olds that were better mothers than anything this woman could aspire to be.

  • On Monday, deputies arrested 54-year-old Cathey Miller on two complaints of child abuse or neglect. Investigators allege that Miller watched the children and knew about their condition, but didn’t do anything to help them.

    According to KJRH, Cathey Miller is the children’s grandmother.