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larry-wardMEMPHIS, TN – Police have arrested a man after they say he hit an 11-year-old girl with his SUV before raping her.

The girl was walking to Geeter Middle School Monday morning when she was hit by an SUV driven by 20-year-old Larry Ward.

After hitting the girl, Ward allegedly put the girl in his vehicle, sexually assaulted her then left her in a roadside ditch.

Minutes after the attack, Cameron Fifer saw the girl crying on the corner of the road and knew something bad had happened.

“Man, phew. Her face. Something just struck fear in her definitely,” he said.

When he stopped and asked the girl what happened, she said: “I got raped.”

The girl told arriving police what had happened to her and provided a description of the suspect and the SUV he was driving. She was taken to the hospital in non-critical condition and has since been treated and released.

Her mother says aside from being battered and bruised, she is expected to be ok.

Sex crimes investigators immediately went to the scene while police spent hours searching for the suspect. They eventually found Ward driving an SUV that matched the girl’s description two miles from where the assault occurred. Ward’s physical appearance and clothes also matched the girl’s description and he was arrested.

Ward has been charged with rape, aggravated kidnapping, and aggravated assault. He has past arrests for burglary and driving with a suspended or revoked license.

A spokesman for Shelby County Schools reminded parents that children should walk to school with a friend or with a group of people.

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  • Damn, he hit her before he hit her lol

  • Clay


  • That monster should be castrated.

  • Aerysta

    I wonder if he hit her because whatever; dumb, drunk, texting or drugs and was like – fuck it, may as well rape her now.

  • Clay

    I was looking at him and he looks like the brother of the guy that knocked the teeth out of the 7 year old at school.

  • Clay

    Or wanted a pretext to get her in his car…


    din do nuffin ?

  • Bob Saccamanno

    If he’s convicted, he should be castrated, have his penis shortened to a half inch, and put away for a long time.

  • Bob Saccamanno

    A rapist is a rapist, he probably hit her on purpose. No good man, even drunk or high just rapes a woman.

  • Aerysta

    It’s sarcasm folks. Jesus.

  • Jaime Confer

    Poor baby girl. And what a dumb fuck. When checking a person for injuries who might need CPR administered, the P doesn’t mean penis. He needs a hot spiked metal club shoved up his ass.

  • such edge!

  • Very wow!

  • The girl was black thank God

  • WTF

  • Men that do shit like this don’t deserve to live.

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  • cedric

    And you appear to be a racist, dumb ass Howard. Your point brings absolutely nothing valid to the discussion and leaves intelligent people believing your existence to be meaningless – so please go hang yourself.

  • jansav

    OMG! What a sick twisted piece of crap! That poor little girl. “Her mother says aside from being battered and bruised, she is expected to be ok.” I’m sorry mom, but this child isn’t going to be okay. I hope she will have the support and help she is going to need to get past this horrible event.

  • What. The. Fuck.

  • Kill it with fire….repugnant pos

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  • I hope he gets a taste of his own medicine in prison and get his ass pounded every day he’s lock up lol

  • wow Harold you are almost as disgusting as the guy that committed this crime. smh

  • WTF IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE? How can people not believe in the death penalty after reading shit like this?

  • itsknotme

    Does anybody else wonder if some poor reindeer got blamed for running over grandma when this guy was still loose?

  • Just kill the piece of shit

  • And women

  • Robyn Singleton how they threw in a little “blame the victim”..yes we all know it is safer to walk with friends or in a group and it is not always possible

  • Robyn Singleton

    she probably just meant physically..but they are in im sure they will shame her for having premarital sex and make it feel like she was asking for it. and yes I live in a liberal bubble in San Diego and assume the entire south is a bunch or racist rednecks who hate women

  • jansav

    do you know what being violently raped does to a person? what I said has nothing to do with what you are presenting. Apparently you do live in a bubble.

  • Saul Alvarez #stayclassy.

  • bet he hit her on purpose and wtf?

  • Jesus Christ

  • Right…cuz black women ain’t shit ????

  • measyou

    Yeah, you’re definitely in a liberal bubble. Fun Fact: in the 1980’s, in the middle of buttfuck nowhere deep south, a white man was lynched by a mob for raping a 14 year old girl. The redneck south will string a man up by his balls before cutting them off for rape. This girl’s biggest issue is most people in the south still have something against therapy, which she is definitely going to need.

  • measyou

    Careful. A troll in it’s natural habitat has been known to sustain itself only on the hatred and attention of others. To kill it, you must ignore it. It’s its greatest weakness.

  • cedric

    Well said. I’m not good at that, but you speak the truth.

  • Inferus

    I guess Death Race has a new scoring category.

  • Inferus

    Don’t waste. That’s the mantra of the 21st century.

  • Aerysta


  • Horrible. Poor girl, at that age she should be able to safely walk to middle school without having to worry about some pedophile. Is this a trend now? Wasn’t there a similar story last month where a woman was run off the road?

  • True

    He needs to have the skin slowly peeled off his body then dipped into a vat of brine. Then raped. Then hit by an SUV. Twice.

  • Katie Stevens

    Just another Obama son doing Obama son things.

  • JWHacket

    That was uncalled for dude.

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  • Sejanus

    That animal needs to be put down.
    Violently, painfully and very publically.

  • Go away

  • So true. I just don’t reply to the idiots. They are like flies, they soon die.

  • It’s hard not to. I so want to jack-slap them but have found that’s exactly what they want is for you to trip on them. They love it.

  • Ignore it. It will go away.

  • patrickdh10

    It would be appropriate for this heartless POS to be drawn and quartered. In some cases the old ways are the best ways. In lieu of that, death in prison, to assure it can never harm another child again.

  • jansav

    thanks for understanding my point.

  • jansav

    then doused with alcohol and set on fire.

  • jansav

    she will never feel safe again.

  • Inferus

    Suspect: I’d hit that.

  • ObamaNazi

    Trump should deport the Apes before the Mexicans.

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  • Barrayaran

    Cameron Todd Willingham.

  • Vinnym1980

    Maybe you should put what it CAN do to a person. Your not an expert on this specific girl. Everyone reacts different to bad events and for different lengths of time.

  • jansav

    hmm, you seem like you really know what you are talking about.

  • he will get his in hell

  • Death to this monster

  • curiousalways

    wtf??????? I live in Memphis. Dear Lord, are you insane? Do you really believe people believe that way here? What a sick person you are. Go crawl under your liberal bubble and suck your thumb-I thought liberalism was the “inclusive” party and “we shouldn’t judge others”. Oh until it’s something different from you and then you hate and judge something you know nothing about.

  • curiousalways

    I live in Memphis. WE believe in therapy. We are actually a city filled with music, art, culture and many brilliant people live in this city. Do a little research before you denigrate an entire city. I’m sure all the world renowned doctors that live here working around the clock to save the children at St. Jude would love to know your opinion of us all. And btw, Memphis is NOT the deep south. It’s a city of over a million people.

  • hey guys leave the troll alone…better yet go review his book on Amazon.

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  • Medusa Jordan

    That was my first thought – he targeted this girl – was probably stalking her.

  • captaingrumpy

    ” He’s a good kid”. Nuff said.

  • Vinnym1980

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  • jansav


  • dicksuckingmoslemprez

    This cannot be true.

    I have seen NOTHING of this on abcnbccbsfoxnyimeswapo

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