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jeffrey-jonesSANTA ANA, CA – Shortly after he was convicted of sexually assaulting a teenager, Jeffrey Jones used a razor to slit his own throat inside the courtroom.

Unfortunately, the former English teacher wasn’t as good at sliding a razor across his neck as he was sliding his dick into some teen poonanny, as he only suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Jones was on trial after he was accused of sexually assaulting a teen relative of his live-in girlfriend. According to prosecutors, Jones had sex with the girl in 2013 but started molesting her in 2012.

After raping her twice, the Orange County district attorney’s office say he told the victim he “would ruin her life if she told anyone what he was doing.” She would eventually tell a friend’s mother and Jones would be arrested within a month.

Despite Jones’ DNA being found on the girl, his defense attorney maintained the victim was “concocting a story” because she was smoking marijuana and trying to hide it.

Jurors sided with the prosecution and found Jones guilty of two counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child and one count of continuous sexual abuse.

After learning he was now facing a possible life behind bars, the 56-year-old pulled a razor out of his pocket and slashed his throat.

“Right after the judge asked if we wanted jurors polled, both attorneys said no, and then he took a razor out of his left pocket and slashed his throat,” Senior Deputy District Attorney Heather Brown said. “His head hit the table and I thought he fainted, but then I saw the blood and the razor on the table.”

Teacher's Aid Stops Alleged Kidnapping Of Young Girl, Blocks Suspect With Car

Jones was rushed to the hospital and is expected to recover. He’s due back in court in November for his sentencing.

If he truly wanted to kill himself in court, he should’ve followed in the footsteps of William Moore and Steve Parsons. They also weren’t happy about being found guilty of sexually assaulting children, and died in the courtroom after ingesting cyanide.

As for the victim, she was accused of framing Jones by his girlfriend, then placed in a youth shelter. She would later live in various places, including a county facility, several foster homes, and the streets.

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  • Too bad it didn’t work….could have saved taxpayer money if he did a better job.

  • CT

    Talk about a feel good story.

  • sugarpie

    A good judge would have ordered the guard to show him where he went wrong. Push that damn razor in deep enough to catch that artery. Here, here, let me show you….

  • Servers him right for leaving his DNA laying around so that girl could lie about him…

  • Isabelle Anne Abraham

    I actually laughed out loud at that.

  • too bad he is still alive I vote do over

  • Help him out a little.

  • Jermaine Marcel Dotson

    Well,where he’s going I don’t think he’s gonna want the help they have to offer, to bad it isn’t going to be up for negotiation.

  • Are you demented?

  • No worthless cunt, are you? I was being facetious. Are you really that stupid?

  • Kay Linda

    I can’t believe her family turned their backs on her. It’s horrible that she had to face the molestation, but to be literally put on the streets for speaking up about the abuse is just mind blowing. Poor girl.

  • Jennifer Rossiter

    Should have put a little more effort into it.

  • Taster’sChoice

    I am pretty sure that was sarcasm..

  • Texas Ranger

    “Sliding his dick in some teen poonanny” that made me go “daaayyyaaammmmmn”

  • Squid Kicker

    Two hands and only one razor blade. The reason for failure has been identified.

  • Sejanus

    Give him a big sharp knife and some alone time.
    Taxpayers money thusly saved.

  • Brew Pub

    On one hand it’s a pity he didn’t do a better job of saving our tax dollars the cost of his useless ass still being alive. On the other , how screwed is the security in that courthouse? How do you get a razor in as an inmate? I couldn’t even get my snub nosed .38 into the family court for that ignorant judge between metal detectors and pat downs.

  • D S

    “Right after the judge asked if we wanted jurors polled, both attorneys said no…”

    But that’s like the “do you want to play or pass?” question on Family Feud, isn’t it? I mean, do attorneys *ever* say, “nahh, forget it. My client’s guilty as shit, anyways.”

  • itsknotme

    Famous Actor Wile E Coyote recommends Acme Razors.

  • Rachel Ann

    I can’t stand these women who want so badly to have the love and affection of a man they will will find a way to shame an innocent child when they are the victim of rape. It never ceases to fail me how these women go about living their lives without guilt or shame while the victim just has to suffer the inevitable fallout of what has happened. Especially when these desperate women have a hand in screwing the lives up of the victims simply by spreading lies and being generally cold vindictive individuals who care more about their pride and their supposed pain than a child who has been violated by a grown ass man who should have known better. That responsibility rests solely with the perpetrator and the perpetrator alone.

  • Rachel Ann

    Also too bad he didn’t diie.

  • keepalow


    A former teacher who slit his own throat in a Santa Ana courtroom last year immediately after he was convicted of sexually assaulting a teenage girl was sentenced Friday to 46 years to life in state prison, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office said.