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angela-binghamFELTON, DE – Police have arrested 51-year-old Angela Bingham after she killed her 3-year-old grandson and lived with the boy’s corpse for over a week.

Police responded to Bingham’s trailer Tuesday morning after she called 911 to report she was going to kill herself and that she’d already killed her grandson, Rilan Everett.

Responding officers found Bingham walking on the road near her home and detained her without incident. Inside her home they would find Everett decomposing on his bed “with blue and decomposing skin and fluids flowing from the facial area.”

Bingham admitted to officers that on Sept 18 she held a washcloth over Everett’s mouth and nose as he lay awake in bed after telling him “it was time to go.” She removed the washcloth once the boy stopped struggling.

She told police that her initial plan was to kill her and Everett, who was living with her after his mother abandoned him to be with a boyfriend, by turning up the gas in the trailer. When that didn’t work she chose to smother Everett.

After killing Everett, Bingham said she tried killing herself in a variety of ways – including taking pills, drinking bleach, and even hanging herself – but nothing worked. So, as the days went on, she stuffed towels around Everett’s bedroom door and burned incense to hide the smell of the boy’s decomposing body.

Bingham’s next door neighbor, Letoshia Tiggs, said she noticed Bingham and Everett had stopped coming outside and that she received a text from Bingham on Monday that read: “Don’t come in here… Rilan’s been gone now I am too… death.”

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For reasons I could not find online, Tiggs did not feel this was alarming enough to contact police.

Bingham was arrested and charged with first-degree murder. She is being held at the Baylor Women’s Correctional Institution on a $1,000,000 cash bail.


Rilan Everett

As for motive, it is looking as if Bingham was about to be homeless. Two judgments against her in the amount of $1,437.53 and $1,530.83 were filed on Sept. 7. A now defunct GoFundMe page was started by Bingham in August seeking $10,000 and stating she had 10 days to come up with $3,000 or she was going to “lose everything.” The page read as follows:

About 3 yrs ago, I was severely beaten by a guy I was dating at the time which left me with post-concussion syndrome brain injury and pstd with aggression n anxiety . I cannot work because of this and have been fighting with SSi for about a year with a lawyer . My daughter blessed me with a grandson n was helping but has since left to be with a boyfriend and left him here with me. She was suppose to help with everything . Now I only get $270. In state tan if help a month. Back in Feb. Of this year I did a rent to own with this trailer with my tax money. The landlord would not budge on the price. So I put $2,000. Dwn. Pay off in a yr. I put $2,000 into it because it was mice infested roach infested everywhere ,I had to replace the toilet n refrigerator as well as paint n sanitize cause it smelled. Now I’m gonna lose everything. Went to court yesterday n have ten days now to come up withe $3,000. Which includes weekends to be out if I don’t come up with that. The rest I need to maintain the rent to stay until Sis approves me. Now the two neighbors across got raided for heroine about last month n the landlord watched n their not being evicted. Any help is greatly appreciated and I humby thank you from my grandson and me.

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One update read: “My daughter, his mother moved out n in with a drug smoking boyfriend n his pillpopping family, so my grandson is not living there. I am fighting for guardianship that’s why it’s also important to keep my place. I seriously do not ask for help but I’m desperate.

Her last update, which was 7 days before the fundraiser was to end, read: “Wow..no help yet and only 7 days left. Guess this is really it for us.


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  • Omg…wonder where the mom was…by the looks of her prob out hooking.Poor baby????hope the rest of this skanks life is pure misery

  • Heartbreaking

  • That is one worn out 51 year old.

  • ghoul

  • So going to child services and dropping the kid off was out of the question?!? What f’n logic.. I hate people!!
    “It’s time to go” what a disgusting hag!!

  • sugarpie

    So very sad that she felt so desperate to save her grandchild from the neglect of a drug addict mom, only to kill that poor child because of her own desperate situation. There were so many other options. Even giving the little fella up for foster care would have given her time to figure out a solution. Many prayers for this little angel.

  • Smh right down the road from me. Sick fucking people

  • Aerysta

    That is incredibly sad. I hope the little sweet pea didn’t suffer because with the way it sounds, his entire life was going to nothing but trailer parks, neglect and strife.

  • Boy was failed by so many people ):
    Mother, grandmother, and neighbor

  • itsknotme

    Is it ever too early to listen to ‘Grandma got run over by a reindeer?”

  • How the hell do you get a text in which someone confesses to murdering a child and don’t call the cops?

  • If you read the article you would know she ran of with a guy and abandoned her son.

  • Just love how some people can murder with ease, but when it comes to actually harming their own precious selves, they can’t seem to do it. By the way, she looks 80.

  • Robyn Singleton

    wow….so 3,000$ is enough to make this bitch go “crazy”…this is terrible…smothering takes a long time..she had plenty of time to change her mind and yet she kept doing it…rot in hell cunt

  • Yeah, He was going to end up here anyway.

  • Aerysta

    3K to people in her situation may as well be 3 million. Not that it excuses her actions but that is a lot of money to someone who doesn’t have any income.

  • Sejanus

    Guess mom had her baby problems solved by granny.
    I wqonder if she tried to drain the boysa essence to make herself younger and more powerful.

  • Reading is tough, huh?

  • Yeah a worthless piece of trash just as i thought

  • Apparently bein an asshole isnt tho huh?

  • CallMeMister

    This entire family sounds like a train wreck on slow burn. Good news for the daughter though, she no longer has any family ties to hold her back from conducting the train on its path of destruction.

  • Why do people live with the body? Are they playing some kind of Walking Dead RPG?

  • SLJintheBurg

    What is wrong with people?! I would cut out my own heart to save one of my kids (and now grandchild). I don’t know what is happening to society. There are too many of these stories lately.

  • Amanda Bordenski your favorite town

  • Delaney3030

    She has read regular word pages before but this article is just weird, man.

  • Dre Mosley

    That boy was failed by every adult around him.

    The daughter clearly didn’t give a shit about being a mother.

  • She loved him enough to save him from a family of addicts yet felt the only answer was his death when her life seemed hopeless in the end. So sad that we put so much value on money & so little value on human life. Because she owed around $3,000, she felt life was over & felt he was partly responsible. Her grandson was worth less than $3,000. Then she claims to have tried to kill herself? Really? Woman, I’m sure if you asked almost anyone posting here, we can definitely give you a sure-fire way to succeed in that process. She didn’t want to commit suicide. That is such a simple process. You know she smoked cigarettes, pot, something – yes I’m speculating. She could have lit that gas up & poof, she’d have been gone, ridding the world of yet another tax liability. Instead, that baby stares up into the only eyes that he felt loved him; the eyes that didn’t desert him & the eyes that took his last breath.

  • Ian-rex

    are you a serial killer? Do you go out of your way to say the sickest shit you can possibly think of to each article

  • Ian-rex

    this is fucking miserable. dont demonize this woman. this is real problems. The poor get screwed more than anyone alive. always have always will

  • Sejanus

    Oh so you come here for calm rational discourse on criminal acts?

  • takurospirit

    My dad loudly played that song at a Christmas gathering. My grandma (his mother) had died earlier that year. My aunts freaked the fuck out and went home. Maybe that his plan all along now that I think about it.

  • Abandoning could still leave the possibility open that she was out & about selling her pus. Don’t be such a shitty asshole.

    & hopefully no other dude ever knocks her up again.

  • Mutant.

  • Falco

    Already a gofundme page set up on behalf of the mother, apparently to ‘honor Rilan’ and for his mother, who, according to the spiel will ‘need emotional support and monetary support. Please find it in your
    heart to donate for the burial of Rilan and for the emotional wellbeing
    of his mother Kassidie’. Sounds like Rilan could have used being honored and some monetary and emotional support when he was alive.

  • ShelbySP

    I once heard someone say, “$5000 is a lot of money to owe, but not a lot of money to own.” Painfully true.

  • OMG You have got to be kidding me. I went to find it after you posted this & they have already got $800. Now, this is $800 going into a crack pipe or something. I will say something & so surprised no one has said anything yet unless they deleted it. I’ve seen pages where people tripped on those asking for money. https://www.gofundme.com/2rpb7yk?ssid=758746433&pos=1

  • Aerysta

    That is absolutely true.

  • Maria NbabyBella Arellano

    I can’t believe this!

  • Blew me away. She gonna benefit off of his death. She didn’t care about him when he was alive.

  • JohnQknowitall

    don’t forget the father…

  • Sam Green

    Being suffocated is hardly something to call not suffering. If you don’t believe it, hold your breath for 5 minutes and see how suffer-less it is.

  • Aerysta

    Way to pick a pointless fight?

  • Sam Green

    Wasn’t looking to fight, I was merely mentioning the little girl did suffer, suffocation is brutal

  • DanI Rae

    What a beautiful child. And what an ugly, horrid bitch. The world is not fair

  • DanI Rae