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methheadPOTTAWATOMIE COUNTY, OK – This crusty botch of nature has been arrested for attempting to entice a man with explicit pictures of her infant in exchange for methamphetamine.

According to authorities, Carmita O’Bryant, 22, and James Smith, 31, had a conversation on Facebook in which O’Bryant told Smith that she would do anything for some meth.

Smith replied that he wanted a picture, asking if “she remembered what he had wanted before.”

“Show me you are serious,” he said. “Use your dirty mind and send me a pic, and then I can see what I can get you.”

O’Bryant responded by sending him three pictures of her 5-month-old daughter’s genitals. He then asked her if she was ready to “give that up.”

Police would also learn during their interview with O’Bryant that she had previously performed sexually assault on an 18-month-old child while Smith watched and masturbated.

The couple have had an off and on relationship for several years and share other children together. If convicted they both face charges that include sex trafficking of children, child porn, and the buying or selling of children.



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  • That is why I love all the writers!! ,????

  • Let’s heat up some barbed spears and take turns trying to pull her uterus out!

  • DreaminMan5

    Trump says Mexicans are raping, killing and committing crimes in our sacred country.

    These fucks look pretty white to me.

  • Die bitch. Die.

  • I don’t know why this happens. What the fuck happened to make these people so disgusting?
    And why don’t we keep people like this locked up?

  • NoBS

    I’d treat these white trash junkies worse than an angry Muslims treat the Jews. But never as bad as the Central/Southern American Drug Cartels treat Hispanics. That would be racist.

  • Dre Mosley

    Hang the bitch.

  • NoBS

    Crystal Meth is what happened. The chances that her kids had hard drugs in utero is higher than our precious Snowflakes would like to admit.

  • Meth. Not even once.

  • But we will waste alot of money giving this pos a life in prison. Smh…

  • sugarpie

    Well if that isn’t just the sickest fucking shit I’ve heard today. I came here to clear my head of the bad day I was having, but now I’m just fucking pissed. Fuck you fucking fucks! Die a slow painful death…

  • Sick twisted fuckin Bastards. Hope they get what’s coming to them. ….

  • Meth smh

  • 1DireWolf

    As far as Trump is concerned, I have to ask, Where the hell is Lee Harvey Oswald when we really need him?

  • “Crusty botch of nature”–that’s wonderful.

  • CarmillaVonDoom

    you came HERE to clear your head of a bad day???

  • Dr Slaughter

    Some of us are just that jaded lol. This story is….almost as bad as they come. Sickening.

  • Crack baby after the fact?

  • sugarpie

    Yea, it mostly helps me realize that my life is just not that bad. But then these kinds of stories are here too and it just pisses me off. I swear the degenerates of the world are getting worse. After reading this site for many years now, you’d have thought you have heard it all. Not so…

  • LucyJane

    At first I hoped that these two fucks had been caught and stopped at the picture stage, which the baby would be much too young to be traumatized by, as long as they were just naked baby pictures and they stopped before “mom” was able to “give that up”. Then I read the bit about the 18 month old, and now I am feeling sick and need to get off the internet for a while. Goddammit.

  • TexasStacy

    Just fucking kill them both.

  • steboto

    Welfare happened , more kids = more $ = more meth .
    win win win situation for the government ,meth dealers and low lives like these two

  • Children are so innocent. Why the fuck would you be so sick to use them for your own good?! What a sick human being. Sad is that the world justifies this type of thing in so many ways. She needs to rot in a hole.

  • Twisted bitch.

  • Bring back Burning At The Stake

  • jansav

    Sick twisted freaks. Was this his child? Was the 18 month old? WTF is wrong with people? put them both to sleep.

  • bigtalkshortchick

    I will never understand. Evil abounds and we’re being smothered with it. They both need to be in prison for ever, but of course they won’t. I hope all those children they’ve had access to can be placed in good homes. This is what welfare does to people! End that program! You want help, work for it. Everybody can do something. This is what all that free time gives you, time to let evil in the house. You go to work every day, you come home too tired to do shit like this. If you’re too stupid to stay away from meth and other assorted crap like it, you’re too stupid to live. Why anyone would do that shit anyway, is beyond me. Thank God the kids are so young they may not remember. Maybe they caught them in time and the cycle can end here. (Rant over, thank you.)

  • bigtalkshortchick

    Or just solve the problem with a bullet to the brain. These people are degenerates who don’t deserve to be breathing our air.

  • Kill it

  • john doe

    One incident does not speak for an entire race of people.The truth is there are POS in every race and culture.Statistics also speak,but in this case,these people deserve to die.Also I was in Mexico recently and I went for a walk and there was a few dead bodies just down the street.Federales were there and all.So its everywhere evil strives in many ways.Its not always about race,sometimes its just evil actions taking an opportunity ! but these people again are evil shits

  • john doe

    I was in Mexico recently and I went for a walk and there was a few dead bodies just down the street.Federales were there and all.So its everywhere evil strives in many ways.Its not always about race,sometimes its just evil actions taking an opportunity ! but these people again are evil shits

  • john doe

    I have been taken amphetamines for years and I never done crazy shit like that.I fact im super healthy

  • Wicked Smilee

    It is usually a family tradition, passed down generation after generation….

  • Pos twatwaffle!

  • Teresaamartinez2

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  • Clay

    Welcome back @Caustic!

  • Clay

    I think the rape of the girl in New Mexico and the rape of her little brother…then killing her during the rape is probably the worst that I can remember here…

  • Clay

    So a white couple EXONERATES all the illegals that have raped and murdered and killed all those here in this country…I think that YOU are racist.

  • Ann Stone

    Kill them both. NOW!

  • Ann Stone

    Ha! Too bad he isn’t around to take them BOTH out, lol.

  • Ann Stone

    Nah, it isn’t the “meth”, it’s the HUMAN.

  • DreaminMan5

    No, I’m just saying their may be horrible individuals from every nationality.

  • Sejanus

    Force sterilize them…please.

  • LuvsHorror


  • Lorraine Nation

    That was a different child so I don’t know why she wasn’t in jail already

  • LA Woman

    What a stupid thing to say how the hell is it even related to the story? People like you make a fucking race issue out shit not even relevant if people like you didn’t exist neither would all the racial shit we see today. Obviously you’re not white or just a liberal patronizer the worst ass kissing people ever but I’m going with non white along with your “likers” or they’re just the ass kissing liberal patronizers . But check this out on a much bigger scale you and so fucking many others don’t see MARSHAL LAW IS COMING ”NWO” BECAUSE OF ALL THE RACIAL PROPAGANDA OUR NEWS FEEDS OUT OWNED NON OTHER THAN THE ROTHSCHILD’S THROUGH OTHER ENTERPRISES THEY OWN WHEN YOU DIG IT ALL GOES BACK TO THEM THE FATHER OF NWO OH HELL WHY AM I GETTING INTO THAT YOU DON’T GET IT BUT ONE DAY SOON YOU WILL AND WILL REMEMBER THIS COMMENT AS WELL! BUT ANYWAY “MORE WHITES THAN BLACK AND I MEAN WAY MORE ” ARE KILLED EVERY YEAR BY COPS CHECK THE STATS AND FACTS ON THAT BUT THEY’RE NOT BITCHING, THIS IS THE REASON RIGHT HERE WHY COPS ARE NOT GOING TO BE COPS MUCH LONGER AND THEN WHEN ALL THESE PEOPLE STARTING THIS SHIT ARE FIRST TO GO TO RETRAINING CAMPS THEY DO EXIST. Then we’ll all see who the real issue is cause Marshal law will weed and collect all the no good to society people and make them oh so different. BTW ALL THE FIGHTS ON YOUTUBE INVOLVING JUST GROUPS OF GROWN ADULTS 97% ARE NOT WHITE PEOPLE EITHER CHECK STATS ON THAT TOO and there are thousands of these videos and when i say groups of grown adults just being low class ignorant chanting during horrific fights and people getting sucker punched and jumped yeah they aren’t white either …

  • Delirious Devil

    Pretty sure the original post was meant as a bad joke about politics. You sound like you need some serious mental health treatment. Best of luck.

  • LA Woman

    Oh now you want to fake maturity I know your type lol …
    Yeah you’re so right anyway. A bad joke so is like that one bad apple, it’s a disease and social media spreads it like wildfire with all the nonsense and jokes it passes around all day. So why help spread it? Martial law is not a joke and this is what it will stem from … some joke eh?

  • LA Woman

    Thank you!

  • LA Woman

    You didn’t say that you said …
    Trump says Mexicans are raping, killing and committing crimes in our sacred country. “These fucks look pretty white to me.”
    You didn’t say “individuals from every nationality.” there you go again being fake haha!
    You sound like you need some serious mental health treatment for schizophrenia and delusions. Best of luck .. racist.

  • GGMon

    I’ve been really high off my ass before (marijuana not that other stuff) and I have never been so off my mind to do sonething illegal. It’s not the drugs that clouds judgement, these people are just pieces of shit

  • WHAT???!!! Yep, That’s the look of confusion. Dear gosh, what does that have to do with the price of tea in China?

  • auntiemel


  • NoBS

    I disagree, respectfully. I have meet and worked with Honorable Mexican’s. They also visit here LEGALLY. It has to do with dignity and respect. That and legal business that are not dependent on Narco dollars. That’s the tricky part, they have their claws hooked in every thing.
    The most powerful Drug facilitator is the Presidente of Mexico.

  • NoBS

    His brethren are gainfully employed with the Clinton Global Initiative.
    Hillary is desperate, not stupid. Think of the body count to date and another hit will look obvious.

  • NoBS

    The goal of mockery it attract emotionally damaged to depend on hatred to justify worth. It is also how you tip the almost insane into a lone wolf weapon. This is the same tactic used to make Angry muslims become Suicidal muslims. Cheap weapons of war, the insane.

  • AngelEnemy Detrimental

    Your right more whites are killed by police annually BUT since the black population is 13% total and whites the majority, per capita the damage to the black population is far higher…so perhaps since it barely makes a dent thats why the whites dont complain.

  • sativagrl

    We should swap terrorist hostages and give them this bitch

  • Lori Lynn Abell

    These kind of people should be used as scientific experiments. Instead of animals.