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pasztorELKHART, IN – Two children are dead and their non-custodial mother has been arrested following an Amber Alert that ended with their dead bodies being found in the back seat of her car.

According to the Allen County Sheriff’s Department, the two children, Liliana Hernandez, 6, and Rene Pasztor, 7, were abducted from their beds at their grandparent’s house around 6 a.m. Monday morning.

Ricky Green, the children’s grandfather, said the that their mother, 29-year-old Amber Pasztor, broke in through the front door after he had left for work and abducted the two children while his wife was sleeping in a back room. Pasztor left her 3-year-old at the home.

Green said the children were in school and had been extremely happy living with him. They had been in his custody for about a year due to their mother’s on-going drug issues.

An Amber Alert was issued within the hour but was called off at 6:15 p.m. that night after Pasztor approached an officer leaving the Elkhart Police Department and said there were two deceased individuals in the back of the car she was driving.

That’s when her two children were found dead in the back seat of her car. She was arrested without incident and is currently being detained in the Elkhart County Correctional Facility.

Police say that Frank Macomber, 65, was with Pasztor when the children were taken. Macomber’s daughter claims her father may be in danger as well. Authorities said that a body found Tuesday is that of an older man that fits Macomber’s description.

Donna Scrivo Found Guilty Of Murdering, Dismembering Mentally Ill Son

Pasztor has been charged in the past with multiple traffic offenses, including drunken driving, operating a motor vehicle without a license, and battery and invasion of privacy. She also had an imminent trespass case to appear in court. She can now add two counts of murder and kidnapping to her lengthy rap sheet.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help with burial expenses for Rene Pasztor and Liliana Hernandez.


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  • God damn this muthafkn world. Why can’t all these women just have abortions before they turn into these evil bitches from hell who torture and kill their kids like wtf. And people always ask me omg why don’t you want kids?! This is why. Because people like this exist on earth and I cannot fathom bringing new precious life into a world where women like this just exist. Also, Wtf are we doing letting just anyone give birth?? There really should be requirements, at the very least a fkn mental evaluation before people can just own and be in charge of children. This world is sick, what else is new #endrant

  • sugarpie

    So ummm, she just killed them for free room and board? I can’t even begin to imagine what her motive would be.

  • 1DireWolf

    This woman is a case for abortion. She should have been scraped out of her mother before she had a chance to poison the air with her presence.

  • Her kids father was also found murdered in 2010. It was never solved.

  • Worthless cow bitch, she should have her guts ripped out through her fucking cunt.

  • Crazy bitch.. this why we have the death penalty..

  • GracieW

    Yes, lets torture and kill said human beings before birth so that they aren’t tortured and killed after birth. HOW BOUT–lets not kill kids EVER. Period.

  • This is the house of pain, the world that is.

  • jansav

    For some reason that little girls picture makes my heart hurt. I’ll never understand why a mother would kill her children. RIP little angels.

  • I’m sick of hearing about these pathetic , useless , selfish cunts.. That are so unhappy in their lives they have to destroy everything around them. She probably couldn’t stand that she lost custody of them. Those poor sweet kids. Asleep .. (presumably ) safe in their beds..

  • Is that the other body they are talking about on Nancy Grace where they are talking about 3 bodies?

  • Eryn Stilp

    Sorry, a fetus is not a human. It is not a person, and it certainly will never be considered over what I want in my pregnancy. Abortion is my right and is a safe medical procedure usually done before features start to come in.
    Abortions are sometimes needed, as well.
    Let’s stop this silly demonization of abortion.

  • scotsims

    No that’s another guy.

  • scotsims

    They’re just kids – stereotypical – we see them every day. just kids.

  • IceMaiden

    This happened close to where I live. A friend just told me that she told the cops it was Meth that made her do it.

  • darsa

    It was her choice to do meth that did it. I don’t ever blame the drugs; drugs don’t jump randomly into people’s bodies… >:(

  • Teresaamartinez2

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  • IronWoobie

    Ugh. I feel bad for the children who were killed, but I feel even worse for the child who was left behind. Now both of their older siblings are dead, and they will probably wonder why.

  • itsknotme

    “… Amber Pasztor, broke in through the front door …”

    Where’s a Dreamin’ Demon Pit-bull when you need one?

  • Ann Stone

    Off with her head! Anyone who would kill their own child in order to say ‘fuck you’ to their ex, needs to be drawn & quartered.

  • Ann Stone

    Think she killed him, too?

  • Ann Stone

    Yeah, right. Off with her (meth) head. Drugs are inanimate. Humans behave the way they will.

  • Ann Stone

    Or a wood chipper.

  • Ann Stone

    I would kill or die for my child. I’ll never understand people like her.

  • Pace

    If you have to have an abortion due to medical, then ususally (thus the HAVE TO part) you don’t have a choice. If you do it because there are some things that you don’t want your children inheriting, then pregnancy can be avoided by taking precautions.

    If you are a rape victim, while I can’t agree with an abortion since it is entirely possible and easy to give the baby up at birth or arrange someone else to take custody, it is still far different then casually having an abortion.

    If you have an abortion because “I want my pregnancy to go a certain way”, or “I’m not ready to be a mother”, or whatever else you can mean by “what I want in my pregnancy” then that is entirely different.

    A fetus is human. If a DNA test is ran, it will show HUMAN DNA. If lack of “features” and lack of sentience allow for us to end the existence of something, then you better worry about your safety. There are mothers on this planet that are greatful for their kids regardless of complications and circumstance. There are women that can not have kids, who would give the world for them. There are mothers who willingly give up their lives to ensure their “fetus” lives, often giving up treatments that would kill the child.

    As for “safe”, you either don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about, or are completely ignoring the mental trauma that an abortion can cause on a expecting mother. I’ll assume that you either have never had an abortion, and aren’t mature enough to understand what it means to have one, or you have and are completely devoid of any empathy. If it’s the latter, then I hope you are sterilized with a power drill.

    Respectfully, Pace’s wife.

  • Sejanus

    vicious bitch

  • Lorraine Nation

    You want a woman to carry a rape baby for 9 months? She could go insane.

  • bigtalkshortchick

    Mrs. Pace, while I agree with what you’ve said, I would like to add a short bit. A fetus IS sentient. The are developing and that means nerves too. They feel pain. If you look, there’s a video of an abortion on Youtube that shows in a sonogram the suction tube being inserted and the fetus struggling to get away from it. REALLY struggling. With no place to go, it’s suctioned out in pieces.

    Eryn, you’ve been misled. A fetus IS a human. It doesn’t change into a puppy or rabbit. It starts out human from human DNA and is born with that same DNA. Human. The people who tell them selves and others that child isn’t human or sentient are deluding themselves so they won’t feel bad about aborting him or her. My main point is: Hammer down the use for birth control. If we got every one to use birth control, there would not be unwanted pregnancies or abortions or unwanted children to be abused or killed. It’s such a simple cure!!! It would save billions of dollars, overpopulation, and CPS would be out of a job. We wouldn’t hear of these horrible people who hurt or kill their children. Birth control. Use it or don’t have sex. Sex ed and birth control should go hand in hand, and parenting classes should be right along with it.

  • bigtalkshortchick

    She’s got that vacant cow look in her eyes. I wouldn’t trust her with any child.

  • Ann Stone

    Please don’t insult cows. They take care of their babies.

  • GGMon

    She could go out and score meth but couldn’t even go get herself into rehab? Or even use some damn birth control? My God that’s insanity

  • GGMon

    This is the typical hambeast mug

  • annlee1708

    Rapists retain parental rights in the US. So, you want the victim of a violent crime to be forced to endure a pregnancy (which isn’t easy when it’s wanted), then forced to see the perpetrator (sometimes repeatedly) to terminate his parental rights. Then, she can dump the unwanted child into an overloaded system (over 400,000 children in the US) with little hope for adoption. All because you value the right’s of a cluster of cells and a criminal more than that victim’s rights. That is the definition of being “completely devoid of any empathy.”

  • annlee1708

    By the same logic, cancer patients should not be allowed to cut out a tumor. A tumor is a cluster of human cells with human DNA, cannot survive outside the human body, tumor cells resist being killed, and there are things people can do to prevent cancer (though they are not 100% effective). Do the right’s of a tumor outweigh the right’s of the human being who has it?

  • Scout Kent

    “A fetus is human. If a DNA test is ran, it will show HUMAN DNA.”

    Sperm alone will also show human DNA, but men aren’t releasing millions upon millions of babies every time they ejaculate.

  • Eryn Stilp

    ANY reason a woman has for an abortion, is valid. There, fixed it for ya. 🙂

  • Eryn Stilp

    Nope. Not a human 🙂 and my wants mean more than a fetus.

  • Peggy Storer

    Amen!!! I sincerely hope she doesn’t have children or never will!!

  • Xanthe2

    WTF? Most people who steal their kids back, just want to be with the kids even though they’ve been deemed unfit. This bitch kills the kids — why? To spite her father? That’s pure evil.

  • Then you have these sick whatevers that just want revenge. They don’t care about the kids. It’s absolutely mind boggling to me. Just move on with your life for crying out loud. I’ve seen the daddy do it way more than the mama. Like you said, evil evil evil

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    Not sure if you were addressing me, but I’m advocating birth control over abortion. Abortion is something that sadly, is being done because lazy women just want to screw who ever they can without responsibility. Oops! I’m pregnant. Call Dr. Scraper! IF you were talking to me, don’t put words in my mouth saying “You want, you value, you are”. I never said any of that or thought it. If you’re not addressing me, I apologize for thinking you would be so disrespectful.

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    You are a selfish one. How did your child “turn human”? Was he/she an ape to start out, then became human?

  • SayAnything

    Are you saying that all abortions are because lazy women want to screw whomever without taking birth control and have no repercussions, like getting pregnant?

  • SayAnything


  • scotsims

    Looking at it, I have no idea what I was trying to say. smh

  • Lori Lynn Abell

    Another candidate for scientific experimentation