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jesse-holtonELMORE COUNTY, AL – Police say 17-year-old Jesse Holton fatally shot both of his parents in the head after they found a marijuana pipe in the house and tried to punish him.

April and Mike Holton returned home Sunday to find a marijuana pipe in their home left over from a party Jesse had at the house.

The couple have had issues with Jesse in the past and decided to teach him a lesson. Bill handcuffed his son, placed him on a couch, and called police.

“Mike greeted the deputy, he said ‘hey look, trying to teach my son a lesson, when you go in, I’ve pretty much handcuffed him and put him on the couch,'” Elmore County Sheriff Bill Franklin said.

The deputy collected the evidence and the couple walked with him back to his car leaving their son inside the home. Twenty minutes later, Jesse went to a neighbor to say his parents were fighting.

The neighbor called police who arrived at the home to find both Mike and April suffering from gunshot wounds to the head. Mike was pronounced dead at the hospital and April would die shortly afterward.

Jesse told police that his dad had killed his mom before turning the gun on himself. According to investigators, the evidence says otherwise. The angle at which the bullet entered Mike’s head shows it would have been impossible for Mike to have shot himself, and April had injuries that show she tried to shield herself with her hands.

“We know now the entry and exit wounds were as we thought, and we know there’s no way Mr. Holton took his life, according to the pathologist,” Franklin said. “On Mrs. Holton it would be apparent defense wounds, where you would be putting your hands up in that fashion where one of the fingers took a round from a gunshot.”

Body Of Dead Woman Hanging On Fence Mistaken For Halloween Decoration

Jesse told detectives that he gets “easily agitated” if he doesn’t have access to marijuana and Adderall. Witnesses told investigators the teen has anger problems.

“We are dealing with young man with a history of emotional trouble,” said Franklin who added that the teen has shown no emotion.

Jesse is now facing murder charges and is being held in the Elmore County Jail on $15,000 bond.

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  • Selfish little prick needs life in prison!

  • Omg marijuana does kill! Ban guns!

  • See, Nancy Grace is right…. Thanks shithead, you helped prove a moron was right…

  • Nah I blame the pipe. Who the hell uses a pipe anymore?…amateur lol.

  • I love his picture “peace”

  • I dont think hes goin to be token it for awhile……..

  • Or his kill score.

  • No way, Reefer Madness is real?!

  • Fucking punk…give me 5 minutes of his time.

  • Way to fuel the fire for those anti-legalization groups. ???? nice going

  • Way to fuel the fire for those anti-legalization groups. ???? nice going

  • McDanel_1771

    Well, that didn’t work out for anyone’s benefit.

  • melb1970

    This kid threw his life away…. and permanently tarnished himself by killing his parents.. over a pot pipe?
    One day, if he hasn’t already started to regret his actions done in the heat of anger.. he’ll realize that he’ll suffer the rest of his life because of his temper.

  • 15k bond????????

  • 15k bond????????

  • 15k bond????????

  • Alabama is on a roll today…

  • No one left to bail him out so I guess it didnt need to be higher….

  • No one left to bail him out so I guess it didnt need to be higher….

  • LucyJane

    It sucks that the pot will be blamed for this, when it is obvious that he was using the pot to self medicate whatever was going on in that brain of his that allowed him to shoot his parents, lie about it, and have no emotion about their deaths.

  • LucyJane

    I think that’s a typo. The linked article has it at $150 K. I can’t imagine anyone bailing this little psycho out, though, whatever the bond.

  • LucyJane

    Bail now up to $500,000, and this little psycho’s only question in court was if he was going to get to go back to his school. Um… how ’bout no, kid.

  • LucyJane
  • Clavin Hadley

    Should be national outrage over stuff like this. Not sitting, standing, or kneeling for an anthem.

  • Technomancer

    That’s going to be a rough day for him.

  • Peach69

    Horrible,how can you killed your own parent ,rot in jail. My condolences to the fam n friends ????

  • thehesbomb

    I’m going take a guess and say that the Adderall (speed) probably had a lot more to do with anything than the pot pipe…

  • jansav

    I would be surprised if he does more than 5 yrs.

  • I don’t blame anything but the kid. He was yet another example of our youth today. They feel entitled & aren’t bound by any circumstances for choices they make. The parents wanted obedience. They weren’t asking for anything that most parents don’t ask for. They just stood their ground. Unfortunately, their son was a sociopath. Once that fog fades, the smokes blows away, he gonna see. Hopefully he’s in for life so the rest of society don’t have to experience the results of whatever he does see.

  • CT

    That’s a bit of an overreaction, wouldn’t you say?

  • Inferus

    $15,000 bond?!? I guess the GDP of Alabama is radically different from the American average.

  • Quasimodem1969

    Classic case of marijuana abuse. This is what happens when clean cut kids decide to inject the marijuanas.

  • Lena60

    Now dumbass, you will go to prison where you won’t have access to weed or adderall unless you are willing to suck a few dicks.

  • Kimberley

    $15000 bond? What the motherfuck?

  • Kimberley

    Didn’t that work for Brock Turner?

  • Tammyrmosby2

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  • ed

    Jesse is now facing murder charges and is being held in the Elmore County Jail on <>
    For DOUBLE Homicide? Seems harsh- reduce it to $1,000 and no more weed!

  • ed

    Hey, Educkaytion is empordant you dont wan him to grow up to be stuped do yu

  • ed

    In this case

  • Ann Stone

    FAMILY FAILURE. A). Acting like goody two shoes and making a federal case out of a pipe found after your son’s party. B). Handcuffing your kid and calling the cops over weed. C). Being a bunch of gun freaks when you have an unstable kid in the house. Give each and every one of these idiots a Darwin Award.

  • Sara

    I wonder when these parents lost control of their son. It happened long before he murdered them in a fit of rage. So many parents seem to forget a basic truth: THEY are in charge. If your child is having parties with marijuana, ground him. Take away his phone, revoke TV and internet privileges, escort him to and from school like a kindergartner if you have to, but when you have to call the police to help out with parenting, you have lost control and the child knows it.

    When my son was a toddler, he was freakishly strong and scary when he was angry. Which was all the time. He’s autistic and back then, he had no other way to communicate and every time I mentioned it to his doctors, well, it was like they were putting their fingers in their ears and singing “la-la-la… can’t hear you!”. Anyway, one day he got extremely mad at me and he picked up a container that was taller than him and weighed twice as much and threw it across the room at me like a tiny Scotsman in a diaper throwing a caber. He had this feral look about him. Nothing about him in that moment seemed like a toddler, or human, for that matter. My first instinct was to run out of the house and call for help. Then I thought, “Sara, what the fuck is wrong with you? He’s TWO. You are his mother! How are you going to handle him when he’s 15, bigger than you and stronger than he is right now? Girl, you need to nip this in the bud and let him know who’s the boss or he’s going to kill you someday!”. I turned right around, wrestled him to the ground and dragged him to a playpen for time out. I have never backed down from him, never let him know how afraid I’ve been. He’s older now, much stronger and still prone to tantrums. But the moment I say, “stop. Go cool down,” he listens. He wouldn’t do that if I hadn’t stood my ground when he was younger. One thing I will never keep in my house, or anywhere around him, is a gun, which brings me to my next thought:

    I feel, very strongly, that keeping a gun anywhere in the vicinity of a person with known rage and/or impulse control issues is akin to wearing a shirt that says “please shoot me.”. This kid’s parents didn’t deserve to die, and I hope the little turd is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, but they unwittingly facilitated their deaths all the same. I truly feel for them. Their last moments alive, when the child they created and loved turned on them and ripped their lives away, must have been nothing less than excruciating. That he tried to make it out as a murder-suicide shows his lack of character or remorse.

  • Sejanus

    Way to be an asshole, kid!
    Dense fucker should get hard labour and a life sentence with no parole.

  • JohnQknowitall

    To avoid being totally negative, it did solve the problem of his pot use.

  • Wildheart

    But it’s so hilarious to watch stoned!

  • esmerald 2006

    Yep, that’s exactly what I thought.

  • Mimi

    Excellent post.

  • DanI Rae

    Parents just don’t understand.

  • P_diddlydo

    Maybe his parents will bail him ou- oh wait.

    Put this piece of shit in prison, he’s just going to end up being a drug addict anyway.

  • Nathan Stegner

    $15,000 bond?!?! Killed his parents, shows no emotion or remorse. This is a dangerous kid and his bond is only 15k? That’s crazy….well not as crazy as killing your folks over a refer pipe but still.

  • Ian-rex

    I in no way condone this shithead but putting your kid in handcuffs and calling the police? I mean what the fuck kind of parenting is that? For some pot? Jodi Arias’s parents called the cops on her for pot when she was 17. is that some military or police response? How the fuck is giving your kid a criminal record teaching a lesson. do some real parenting. counssel them. it’s not like it’s crack. jesus christ. this is why parents get shot in the head.

  • Ian-rex

    and they probably LET him take that and FREAKED OUT about the pot