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dustin-braggCALHOUN COUNTY, AL – A man is in critical condition after his landlords shoved a bird feeder pole and water hose into his rectum.

The incident happened on Sept 3 as the victim was on the front porch with a couple, 34-year-old Dustin Bragg and 49-year-old Barbie Vaughn, who he rents a room from.

At some point the victim fell off the front porch and knocked down a bird feeder before falling into a pile of dog shit.

After the man took off his clothes to clean off, Dustin decided to shove a metal bird feeder pole and a garden hose up his ass while Vaughn watched.

The man waited six days to seek medical attention, at which time a relative took him to Northeast Alabama Regional Medical Center for severe injuries to his rectum and colon. He has been hospitalized and is in critical condition.

“He may very well die,” Chief Deputy Matthew Wade said.

When police went to the home to question the couple, they found evidence that they had tried to burn incriminating evidence against them, including a mattress and part of a water hose.

Both suspects were arrested and are in the Calhoun County Jail facing charges of sexual torture. Bragg is already a convicted sex offender following a 2004 guilty plea to rape and sexual abuse involving a 10-year-old female.

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  • Ann Stone

    And the moral of the story is, don’t be a drunken asshole in public (especially, when you’re prone to destroying people’s homes).

  • Wait, what?

  • What. The. Fuck.

  • He waited SIX days??!!

  • My guess is it was shame.

  • Wow there are whole hell of a lot of “people” featured on DD today who need some Idiocracy-style rehabilitation.

  • I’ve read DD forever and I can’t even understand how this could even take place.

  • That man is probably going to die due to embarrassment. Well that and because a sex offender shoved a bird feeder up his butt.

  • Ed Kelley

  • I think there’s a bit more foreplay or revenge to this story than is being let out…east Alabama trailer trash.

  • how does that happen? did they roofie him or what?

  • What the fuck did I just read?

  • Violet Rose

    How do you even allow someone to shove not only a bird feeder and hose in your a s s. I think they were all high on meth or something. why did he get naked in front of them. Just too many questions.

  • Lorraine Nation

    The pole I can understand but how do you put a flexible hose up someones butt? Not that I’m going to try it, just wondering.

  • LucyJane

    Oh. My. God. The targeted marketing in here: “Want to shove a garden hose and bird feeder pole up your tenant’s ass? Try these! Ships free in two days with Prime!!”


    With friends like that, who needs enemas?


    I would hate to be working the returns desk at Amazon when those come back.

  • jansav


  • Texas Ranger

    the moral of the story is, If you get a birdfeeder shoved up your ass, go to the doctor immediately. That’s not a wound you can rub some dirt in and “walk it off”.

  • Texas Ranger

    The procedure appears to be to open the butt up first with a birdfeeder, then the hose is like no problem to get in there.

  • Clay

    I can see the warning label on bird feeders soon….”Do not place this feeder…..In case of accidental rectal insertion…..”

  • “At some point the victim fell off the front porch and knocked down a bird feeder before falling into a pile of dog shit.”

    It just wasn’t his day, was it?

  • The moral is don’t rent from convicted pedophiles.

  • CT

    And again, the shop related products I see above are bird feeder poles and garden hoses just to embed the images of this story into my brain so that they come forefront later at another inappropriate time.

  • CT

    Clearly you have given this A LOT of thought. Are you still upset that you had to have a colonoscopy? It’s what all the cool 50+ year olds are doing now days.

  • Texas Ranger

    Hey, I’m still sub-50. But I do understand the Laws of Physics, or String Theory or whatever the hell it is taking place in this situation.

  • Inferus

    Hillbilly colonics with soft banjo music to soothe your soul.

  • I must admit as horrible as this story is, most comments have cracked me up.


    I was wondering what an Alabama slammer was. Now I know.

    The things you learn on the innernet.

  • Well whats gonna be even better is when we read an article about these trailer trash fucks getting their ass tore up by bubba in prison. Maybe they hold the both of em down and let em bleed out after raping them.

  • Peach69


  • scotsims

    NEW! From K-Tel!

    The all new bird feeder pole, hose caddy and Dildo.

    On Sale for only 419.95 + S&H.

    But wait there’s more!

    Heard in background: “Go to the garage and find something else to stick up his ass.”

  • thats just plain undignified

  • indeed

  • Please don’t be an ASSWHOLE!

  • Patriciatwagner2

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  • Okay, pole and hose. At the same time? One before the other? And if this happened in their yard, why did they burn an incriminating mattress? Hopefully they used the hose to wash the shit off him first….

  • patrickdh10

    If this walking Piece Of Sh** Bragg raped a 10 year old what the hell is he doing out of prison? Oh. it’s Alabama,nevermind. I imagine if his crime was interfering with a football game instead though he’d still be in the joint.

  • Hayley Stiner

  • TheOriginalUncleBrainfart

    This is the most bizarre story i ve ever read on here. There is so much missing from this story that my mind is going ape shit interpreting what happened leading up to this…..

  • im2bizzy

    But, what will all the little titmice eat now? And the goldfinches? I am convinced there is NO LIMIT to the evil and depravity of human beings. They kill children, rape babies, starve songbirds. . . .

  • Duane Aho

    And this folks is a prime example of what the term “shit faced” literaly means.

  • Josh

    External use only, just like a hot curling iron.

  • Josh

    Dustin clearly missed the target.

  • Josh

    Rectum? Damn near killed him…

  • Josh

    Double latex core, flat tip nozzle, ribbed for his pleasure.

  • Josh

    Reminds me of t-rex. Oh no he put the h before the w, get out of there he mean business.

  • Josh

    Add water boy and bird feeder to the resume.

  • Jeania

    Well yeah; I mean I don’t want to have to buy more torture devices, just to avoid the shipping charge xD

  • Jeania

    yeah but then the tightness of the rectum would make the hose insertion difficult.. Gotta use a vice grip on those cheeks to get them spread wide enough, I’d think ^^

  • Jeania

    lol hopefully you don’t know that one from personal experience ^^

  • Jeania

    just read the linked article; apparently the victim and his spouse were homeless before renting this place.. Maybe they were looking for a new place not realizing how severe the trauma was; or he didn’t want his wife to know how bad it was because he didn’t want them homeless etc. I can see a few sides; although shame is a good motivator as well

  • Josh

    No, I got that one from a search of stupid warning labels.

  • JohnQknowitall

    When you lack compassion for other humans, you can create the most fucked up situations for other humans.

  • JohnQknowitall

    This is the advertisement that popped up on my browser while reading this article…

  • JohnQknowitall

    May God have mercy on your soul… otherwise you are going to hell for that one! 😉

  • link07

    To whomever reads this….your landlord isnt that bad.

  • Shannondtaber1

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  • Sejanus

    Ok so the preferred torture for these 2 fucks has pretty much been laid out for us.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Wiser words have never been spoken.

  • JohnQknowitall

    My guess is lack of insurance.

  • Okc Dave

    Nope. The moral of the story is don’t get overly intoxicated around people you can’t trust, ESPECIALLY convicted pedophiles who should never have been let out of prison.

  • Okc Dave

    Simple, the victim was too drunk to defend himself, maybe even passed out. The rest is just physics, taking a pole and shoving it where the sun don’t shine, till you almost kill someone.

  • Okc Dave

    Probably both embarrassment and the assumption the injury wasn’t as bad as it was, that he would just be a little sore and heal without help.

  • Okc Dave

    That would be a silly guess. You can’t be shamed by what someone ELSE does. Embarrassed at what happened to you yes, but not shamed.

  • Okc Dave

    I take it you’ve never heard of buttsekks.

  • Lorraine Nation

    LMAO, yes but they are usually hard


    Still a better love story than Twilight.