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Edward Coles JrWEST DEPTFORD, NJ – Police say 28-year-old Ryan Coles Jr. used his hands and a chair to beat his parents to death.

When a relative was unable to contact Edward Coles Jr, 58, and his wife, 55-year-old Rosemarie, they went to the couple’s home where they found them both dead inside.

Police said that Ryan lived with his parents and beat them to death with his hands and possibly a chair. They also said he was in the house when they arrived. He was calm, they said, and told them his parents were sick.

Autopsies would later determine the couple died from blunt head trauma. Ryan was taken to a hospital for evaluation before being transported to jail on murder and weapons charges. His bail has been set at $1 million.

Neighbors and police say that police often visited the home and that Ryan could often be seen sitting on the stoop talking to himself.

“He seemed a little detached, depressed,” neighbor John Ferencsik told the station. “We didn’t really know that, just know the impression I had was he was a little bit off.”

He also made some odd posts to his Facebook profile, including one in 2015 that read:

“Energy is both created and destroyed. Sine wave energy through dimensional form negative zero function. Cosine wave through dimensional form zero positive function. I make intentional mistakes. I’m old. I’ve been here done that. I’m perfect, and my guys will be as well. Love you.”

So it’s obvious he was either suffering from some possible mental issues, or an active Tumblr user. Or both.

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  • Wow!!! How heartless

  • dammitall23

    I always worry about parents who take their CrazyFuckinKids(TM) back into the home because they don’t want them living on the streets. They don’t really seem to be doing them any favors. When PsychoChild goes off and kills them, they’re going to end up in prison or a state asylum anyway, and they won’t be enjoying themselves there, either.

  • His parents. This like most of the articles are really out of my wheel house. I can’t even.

  • jansav

    Mental illness is a sad sad thing.

  • Sejanus

    I blame science.
    It clearly scrambled him

  • Energy is neither created nor can it be destroyed…. Stupid ass.

  • Rae Lin

    He seemed a “little off”.Wow. Nothing gets past that neighbor! :/
    Based on his completely disjointed, incoherent FB post AND his propensity for sitting on the porch and talking to himself I’d say he is most likely a paranoid schizophrenic. Couple that with the fact the cops were called to the home on a semi-regular basis, and I’m guessing poorly adhering to medication or completely UNmedicated…and, an obvious threat to himself and others. This could’ve been prevented!

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    It’s always the big guys that crack and kill Mom and Dad. You never hear of wimpy sons doing that.
    You’re probably right, Rae Lin. SMH

  • mean birch

    Yes. And unpredictable.

  • Karenjlangford1

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  • Inferus

    Sit on it. SIT ON IT!!!

  • Inferus

    His post sounds like Texas Instruments indoctrination. They gotta keep people buying calculators.

  • Inferus

    Burritos prove that every time.

  • Inferus

    Even insanity can’t turn a quivering mass into muscle. Arnold showed me that.

  • Inferus

    Something tells me he had the same trig teacher I did. Bitch half drove me crazy.

  • Ann Stone


  • Ann Stone

    That’s actually true.

  • Josh

    “So it’s obvious he was either suffering from some possible mental issues, or an active Tumblr user. Or both”

    So true…

  • Roger Bond

    I worked with Ryan and was trained by his dad. Ed was a great guy but as you figured out, Ryan was indeed unmedicated and a heavy illegal drug user. plus the family never put their foot down on him so he got nuttier and nuttier as time went on and he got out of lots of legal trouble because of a certain expensive lawyer. If he’d been put away for any of his previous crimes, assaulting his mother, drunk driving, drug possession, Ed would still be here today. Unfortunately it is very hard to get someone committed involuntary, they tried that’s for sure.

  • LynnKayee

    This story isn’t as exciting as it was when I misread it to say he beaten them with a car. Like picked it up and went Hulk on her.

  • CheckeredPresent

    But years ago they closed down many places that provided for people this messed up beyond what a regular family can do, or do without putting themselves in harm’s way. Prison is far more expensive than group home or institution, check out the salaries of everyone involved in the higher tiers of prison. This kind of thing people pay taxes for , the old institutions (and not all of them were horrible horror movie places) are what is called ‘quality-of-life issues’, which means it was something we pay for, even if it isn’t something we personally use- in order to have a not-so-effed-up society to live in.