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Michelle MartensALBUQUERQUE, NM – Police say a woman participated with three other people in the drugging, rape and murder of her 10-year-old daughter, just hours before the girl’s birthday party.

Police were called to an apartment complex Wednesday morning on a report of a domestic disturbance. When they arrived, they found the dead body of 10-year-old Victoria MArtens.

According to police, the girl’s mother, 35-year-old Michelle Martens; Martens’ boyfriend, 31-year-old Fabian Gonzales; and 31-year-old Jessica Kelley, injected the girl with meth so they could sexually assault her.

According to the criminal complaint (WARNING: Very graphic), Gonzales drugged the girl so he could have sex with her. After Gonzalez choked the girl, Kelley held her hand over Victoria’s mouth and stabbed her in the stomach.

Once she was dead, the three tried to dispose of Victoria’s body by dismembering it and setting it on fire. When police arrived at the apartment, one officer found the girl’s body in a bathtub, rolled up in a blanket that had been set on fire.

“What happened to this little girl is horrific,” said Officer Tanner Tixier, a spokesman for the Albuquerque Police Department.

All three were arrested and facing multiple charges, including child abuse resulting in death, kidnapping, tampering with evidence and conspiracy. Gonzales and Kelley were also charged with criminal sexual penetration of a minor.

Police say Martens showed “absolutely no remorse,” when detectives questioned her about the death of her daughter.

“I can’t speak to what this mother was planning for her child other than the horrific events that happened to this child. I would find it hard to believe that she was planning a birthday party for this child,” Tixier said.

Gonzales told reporters that Kelley was the one who killed the girl, a statement Tixier said was “not the whole truth, but it’s not a lie.”

Kelley isn’t saying anything to anyone at the moment. She is currently in the hospital after she was injured trying to flee from police.

“What happened to this little girl is unspeakable,” said New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez. “Justice should come down like a hammer on the monster who committed this murder.”

This morning there was a memorial of flowers, teddy bears, candles, butterflies and balloons set up outside the apartment.

Victoria Martens

Victoria Martens

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  • AtheistPilgrim

    Not going to convince ME that’s a woman. No sir.

  • SLJintheBurg

    As God as my witness, there is no punishment harsh enough. I have no words!


    Every time I think I can’t get more disgusted by the news, people go and raise the bar.

  • Lena60

    Yeah I thought it was a dude for sure , when I first saw it.Tell the 3 there is a barrel of Meth they can have at the bottom of a pool.Fill pool with piranha first.

  • Isabelle Anne Abraham

    This might be one of the worst stories I’ve read on the site 🙁

  • starry1

    Sounds like the mom had been selling this child for hits of meth. Don’t understand why she would allow her moneymaker to be killed though. I hope they all burn.

  • dang1

    a small update. they have now identified this poor little girl and she was beautiful 🙁

  • They will & then some

  • She was probably jealous of her beauty. Sick *****

  • dang1
  • Happy Entrails

    That is a mugshot screaming “I have reached rock bottom!”

    You have to go a long way down to get this fucked up.

  • Happy Entrails

    …and that’s enough internet for me today.

  • According to the criminal complaint the girl was injected with drugs, raped, stabbed and strangled and dismembered. WHAT A WASTE! Nobody finds fruits as sweet as such a young, supple, and innocent little girl!
    Wish I could pull …

  • darsa

    Oh my god… death must have been a relief for that poor little one. :'(

  • Poor baby never stood a chance.

  • I could think of a few things.

  • LuvsHorror

    The word “woman” is very loosely applied here.

  • MarMac2768

    A monster is what she is. An ABSOLUTE monster. Rats and cockroaches deserve to live more than her.

  • LuvsHorror

    Bring back the death penalty!

  • MarMac2768

    Okay, New Mexico, now is the time to contact your representatives and put the Governor on the spot. She said that the death penalty ought to be brought back for child killers and the most heinous of crimes. If these people do not deserve the death penalty, then there is no such thing as a “heinous crime”. Contact them IMMEDIATELY and let them know that to breathe the same air as this FLOTSAM is totally unacceptable to the citizens of your great state!!

  • D. Tate

    It’s no wonder we like to pretend our species doesn’t include creatures like that.

  • FUCKED. UP. Like dangerous dogs, quarantine and euthanize.

  • keepalow

    You can just see the evil pocking up and getting ready to ooze out of her face.

  • Will Smith

    Wtf is wrong with you?

  • Jeania

    What….The….Fuck…. I agree with MarMac; death penalty for this…thing.

  • Jeania

    Graphic is an understatement… That poor damned girl >.<

  • Violet Rose

    i hope this wretched cum stain has a painful detox and has night terrors for the rest of her life. I hope that her daughter visits her and reminds her of what a piece of sh*t she is.

  • Justcallmelily

    So is the word “mother”

  • itsknotme

    Hey, we found the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Lion ’cause they’re brainless, heartless, cowards, but I don’t think they’re ending up in Dorothy’s OZ unless she has HBO.

  • scotsims

    Sadly, there are others to come that will be more sickening.

  • Sara

    A woman? I’m having a hard time believing it’s a human. Looks like a zombie, but I feel kind of bad for insulting zombies.

  • butts6954

    That would be a good beginning King. I’d like this one to last a long, long time…….

  • Nick

    To be honest a piranha most likely wouldn’t do much, or what your thinking it would. Better yet fill that pool full of Stone Fish and ensure they cant get out. That would be the most excruciating pain and suffering I think you could possibly put them through. It’s stated that the pain is so severe victims beg to have their limbs amputated to make it stop! 🙂

  • Anahata Love

    maybe she owed someone money and it was payback.

  • Da Mac

    By far the worse story ever read on here. There was already no God, but now there is clearly no more hope for mankind…

  • SLJintheBurg

    With her, rock bottom had a basement!

  • CheckeredPresent

    I would use the word ‘gruesome’ in place of ‘graphic’ now that I read that horrific link. what I want to know is how do things even get to this point and no one says anything, or they do but nothing happens? Nobody? Not a neighbor, someone at school, a relative? Or are people that hard that they just don’t want to ‘get involved’? This kind of case is what spawned project prevention, a group that pays drug addicts to be sterilized. I don’t mean it gives them money to trust them to go to the dr, they go get it done and then they get paid. Not sure if it is permanent or for years or the methods used. Many super PC types decry this as depriving these people of their ‘right to breed’, but the addicts themselves have written letters of gratitude, as can be seen on the site

  • CheckeredPresent

    you’re not edgy or funny, you’re just gross and sound like a pedo, you’re not going to ‘normalize’ that through pseudo-wannabe-edgy-attempt-at-humor. It’s just creepy in a disgusting way.

  • SLJintheBurg

    I hope an officer did that to his face before taking him in. I hope they are all tortured and brutalized every day of their pathetic lives!

  • Your pseudo-intelligence amazes me! I mean I would have loved and taken care of that little angel! You dirty thoughts will curse you to burn in hell with all the other pedos.

  • Inferus

    And I almost took a job in Albuquerque. Meth and birthday barbecues: they do everything wrong.

  • Texas Ranger

    If this is the shit that makes Meth ‘fun” …I don’t get it. Rape, murder, and dismemberment is not my take on having a great buzz.

  • jansav

    Cleanse them with fire. RIP sweet baby girl.

  • LuvsHorror

    And “human”.

  • LynnKayee

    Interview? Call a ventriloquist…ill put their heads on a nice stick for you. That’s the only way they’d make it back to the station if I find an armless, dead and raped child on fire.

  • SayAnything

    I thought the same thing when I saw her beautiful little face.
    This is beyond abhorrent. Fucking sickening.

  • SayAnything


  • J.K._91

    Judas Cradle.

  • J.K._91

    New Mexico’s governor said justice should come down like a hammer on whoever is responsible for this murder. Well line them up in front of city hall, & give me a hammer.

  • Ann Stone

    I read about this a few days ago. That poor child. All of these vermin need to be put down.

  • Ann Stone

    Rats are actually very kind animals. Please don’t insult them. She is a monster who deserves to be burned at the stake. No rat EVER did to their healthy child what she did to hers.

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    I’m pretty sure it’s not human either.

  • AlabamDeb

    My first thought when I saw her, too. How can such evil produce such beauty?

  • Joatmoaf

    There’s a reason for the Death Penalty.

    3 perfect examples are; Michelle Martens, Fabian Gonzales and Jessica Kelley.
    Kill ’em all.

  • Ann Stone

    This same bitch put lipstick on her child. Female children ARE NOT SEX OBJECTS. Her child should have been taken from her long before she gave her to her perverted boyfriend.

  • D. Scott Whitaker

    Mom is guilty of extreme ugly in the first degree! LOL… Seriously though, these fuckers should be released and taken behind the police station and beat to death, immediately!

  • Sara

    Thank you. I wanted to say something of a similar vein, but all of my attempts were less than eloquent. You said it perfectly. As for me, I made use of the “block” feature. It’s the most effective way to deal with trolls and perverts. This guy’s one or the other. I’ve no use for either.

  • CheckeredPresent

    I blocked as well. The comment is that, well you wasted a perfectly good molestable kid. Haha isn’t that funny? (repeating it because it may get taken down) contains the more insidious and dangerous covert message that well, killing and dismembering is bad, you should have been good to your mighty fine product you could have pimped out to some better, more discerning pedo. A pedo that reads town and country and recycles. Tat there are ‘good’ pedos and ‘not-as-bad’ kinds of child abuse and exploitation.

    There’s a name for this kind of covert messaging, I believe one of them is meta-talk. Not only is it sick to try and ‘normalize’ molestation by making jokes like this , it also would make them a not-very-bright pedo.

    Cops can subpoena websites and ISPs if they feel like watching you, even if they don’t have anything concrete . Sure we know the NSA has been watching the rest of us for years, fine- but then we’re not talking making jokes about people who like fucking and chopping up little kids. It means something is wrong with you beyond the normal spectrum of weirdness even that you see here and the tribe can smell it.

    Lots and lots of people don’t think it’s funny-inappropriate at all. I also don’t believe this shitlord is just socially awkward and can’t tell dork inappropriate sick humor from the real thing, there is way too much ‘meta-talk’ in that message to be a ‘aspie’ social blunder.

  • Sara

    They’re also highly intelligent. My aunt keeps rats as pets and always talks about their antics. I’ve always been more partial to dwarf hamsters. Rodents in general are awesome as far as I’m concerned. But I’m with you. Zombie-looking child killer, bad. Rats, good.

  • Sara


    I don’t have any pictures, but it’s the cruelest, most gruesome execution method I’ve ever heard of.

  • Tenbux

    “As for the Innsmouth
    people – the youth hardly knew what to make of them. They were as furtive
    and seldom seen as animals that live in burrows, and one could hardly
    imagine how they passed the time apart from their desultory fishing.
    Perhaps – judging from the quantities of bootleg liquor they consumed
    – they lay for most of the daylight hours in an alcoholic stupor. They
    seemed sullenly banded together in some sort of fellowship and understanding
    – despising the world as if they had access to other and preferable
    spheres of entity. Their appearance – especially those staring, unwinking
    eyes which one never saw shut – was certainly shocking enough; and their
    voices were disgusting. It was awful to hear them chanting in their
    churches at night, and especially during their main festivals or revivals..”

  • IronWoobie

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the Face of Meth.

  • JellyBrains

    The mom’s FB: . Looks like she probably has a son, too. Her mom is in her friends and she has many pics of the mother and daughter…back before the mom descended into meth’s pit of hell.

  • The Pillow Case Disaster

    Why do they have a pic of a young Tom Petty above? What does he have to do with this crime? Odd.

  • Vinnym1980

    Wtf did i just read. Fucked up people around.

  • Sara

    To be honest, I’m terrible at reading between the lines. Innuendo, metatalk and double entendres typically go right over my head, especially in face-to-face communication. (I have high-functioning autism, not quite Asperger’s, but close.) I’m a little better at sussing out people’s meanings in writing, but have had the misfortune of holding what I thought was a friendly conversation with someone who was trolling me. I go into conversations expecting everyone’s as honest as me and often come across as a moron. On rare occasions, I think I’ve identified someone who’s joking and respond in kind and come across as a jerk. I usually end up apologizing profusely once I realize I’ve been unintentionally cruel, but it’s rarely accepted.

    That being said, I’m just not comfortable when someone refers to a child as “supple.” That’s no accident, that’s not misreading the context. When he said that, he went too far. There’s only one kind of person who uses that word in reference to a child and I don’t want anything to do with that kind of person. I have absolutely no clue what he meant by “if I could have a pull…” but it didn’t sound nice at all!

    He rubbed me the wrong way with a comment in another article. He implied that women who are raped deserve it. And went on to say that women deserve to be rolled in dung and disposed of after sex when it is consensual. I couldn’t tell if he was teasing or not, so I assumed he was (I mean, who could really feel that way?) and gave a flippant response. (My brother’s been teaching me the art of sarcasm.) But it still hit a nerve because I’ve been raped in the past. I didn’t deserve it and it wasn’t funny. A lot of people here have some delightfully weird humor (me included) but there are limits. After seeing this comment, I don’t think he was kidding about the rape or rolled in poop comment. So, yeah, blocked.

  • Lena60

    They are cool pets and very smart.If they are hand tamed can be very affectionate.

  • CheckeredPresent

    You don’t give yourself enough credit for being able to call a spade a spade, and even if you miss the occasional covert message under the message you are still able to pick out red flags. And yeah that is gross about what you said in the other message about the ‘rolled in poop’ thing. Sure, it could be some unhappy..I believe the term is ‘incel’ (this is short for involuntary celibate in weirdo man-world- but whether it is that or John Wayne Gacy it is not funny-creepy, it’s beyond even regular creepy. That rolled in poop stuff would piss off people, raped or not raped. It’s sick but it is also sad that people are that unhappy that they need to try to make others either unhappy or afraid or whatever.

    Don’t worry, you’ll get to a point where you see them for the worthless weak scum they are. Some of them actually do it because they want to be attacked. Not this one, but others have told me they like to be hated, they liked to be dressed down , like it gives them a thrill. Which seems extra wussy, when you could save up your moms allowance or SSI check and just pay a real domme chick to kick the shit out of you or insult them about how their mom never loved them and so on until they cry.

    And don’t feel bad about things you are not great at like sarcasm or reading between lines. Typicals do it too on occasion, and worse, well at least I have trouble with mechanical things, not so much computers but worse basic things like it takes me 20 min to unroll my ipod headphones or I don’t know if I’m putting the batteries in right to something, measuring spatial things , like how not to hit curbs, or anything that needs assembling or how to pack a suitcase in a way that makes sense or basically how to be organized in general, but there is no special name for this kind of problem as far as I know lol. But yeah we all have our issues.

    Oh and I happened to find an interesting movie re the whole autism thing (I have a relative with it and more than one friend) , the original language is I don’t know dutch or icelandic but there are subtitles and it treated with humor instead of depressing or super serious , and has a good ending.

  • Gladyssgonzalez

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  • juka

    This is by far the WORST Plenty Of Fish ‘love story’ I’ve EVER heard. What the actual fuck, man. That poor girl… it’s sad to think that death was probably better than her life, but what a horrible, horrible way to go. Nobody deserves that. What’s more disturbing is that somehow these ‘parents’ went undetected by CPS— they’ll try to take your kid forever if say, a neighbour claims your apartment “smells like weed”, but then there are SO many of these that just ‘slip through the cracks’. So many people had to have failed this girl for this to have happened, who knows how many awful things she suffered until this particular incident led to her demise. I hope she is at peace now 🙁

  • Peach69

    Off wit her head

  • IainUk

    ‘Police say a woman participated with three other people in the drugging, rape and murder of her 10-year-old daughter’

    So who is the fourth person involved in this?

  • Taster’sChoice

    It is stories like these that make me glad I have never tried meth. What a horrible substance.

  • Taster’sChoice

    Dad’s genes?

  • Sejanus

    Waterboard the bitch.
    while hacking chunks off her body starting at the feet.

  • Carmen Wakefield

    I completely agree. These women were jealous of how beautiful she was. She was absolutely gorgeous (and I don’t say that about every one I see.) This little girl had an Angel face. Maybe the mother hates the father and thinks that she reminded her of him…because obviously she looks NOTHING like the mother. I’ve seen photos of the father and she definitely takes after him. Either way, those bitches will go to hell.

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    Stone Fish. I’ll have to look that one up. They do need the worst pain they can get. That beautiful child never should have had to go through that. R.I.P. Victoria.

  • Jaap Aap

    Cops can’t count very well.

  • Cardionema

    Why are most of her FB friend voiceover actors?

  • colliefreak

    We have pet rats too. I never knew how awesome they could be until our current batch. They are so sweet, smart, and affectionate.

  • Leslie Mashmann

    These three are the poster shits for death penalty for child abuse,rape and murder. Mom looks crazy and butch, the other two just look crazy – guess they are. It is so horrible that they will be in the system for so long before anything definitive is done.

  • Ann Stone

    I just love them. The sad thing is they are among the most abused and misunderstood animals on the planet. I have lots of great stories about rats who have been so kind, smart and funny. Glad to hear you’re loving them, too.

  • CheckeredPresent

    like the one where the missing girl was gang-raped and then fed to alligators. WTF kind of animals do this?.

  • Cambria Evans

    I was addicted to meth for three years, Ive been sober for six years. Both my brothers are addicts (one is still on it, the other is recovering). But none of us would EVER hurt a CHILD. No matter how fried our brains were, we had something in us that always knew that if you touched a child, you were a sick piece of shit that would to be SHOT. We came from a good family so weve had good morals instilled in us since birth, despite our drug problems. Im definitely doing better then my brothers considering that Ive been sober for six years, have two jobs, and am putting myself through college (all while having no children, I was always good about birth control and knew not to bring a child into this world until I had a good job and was married or a college degree). If you hurt a child, your a sick piece of SHIT. I hate how people say, “Oh well they were on drugs what do you expect?” NO. Drugs are bad, evil, disgusting, they change you as a person, but you should always know no matter what to NEVER HURT A CHILD OR AN ANIMAL. Even my brother, hes only 20 and hes been on meth since he was 15. Hes in court appointed rehab and really trying. Theres a stray dog that hangs around the rehab, hes so in love with it. He sneaks food out to it every chance he gets, rubs her belly tells her shes a good girl. He prays the pound doesnt pick her up and take her, because he wasnts to bring her home when he gets out of rehab. Why is it that people like my brothers and myself love animals and love children and would NEVER EVER think to lay a hand on either of them, but people like this would sacrifice their own flesh and blood to a monster?? Sick fucking people. I hope the mother gets beaten black and blue every day of her life in prison, and I will be praying for the daughter tonight. <3

  • dang1
  • Congratulations on your sobriety. Stay strong girl

  • Nancy

    I can’t imagine what the police had to see and hear. I feel for them too. Wait for prison..there are a lot of mother’s and father’s who would like to get there hands on those two. I hope to hell they find all these scumbags and lock them up? I wonder if she had a father? didn’t anyone know what was going on. It just breaks my heart.. RIP little one..

  • Nancy

    It must have. I still find it hard to understand that any neighbour, family, teacher didn’t catch on to anything abnormal.

  • Nancy

    That is exactly what I have been saying. I have a hard time believing that a neighbour didn’t see all these scum bags coming in and out of the apartment. They didn’t live on rural property. One phone call people!! get involved if you see something out of the ordinary. This little girl could have been saved.

  • Nancy

    ME TOO! I

  • Nancy

    You are right!

  • CheckeredPresent

    ” I have a hard time believing that a neighbour didn’t see…” >>

    I don’t. Lots of people see or hear things and they don’t do anything. They saw plenty, there is no doubt about that, or heard plenty or put enough together they knew something really bad was going on.

    MIni Essay on DD: ‘Reasons’ for Doing Nothing When Someone is Being Hurt or Abused:

    One reason
    a)could be they don’t want attention on whatever they are doing,
    two, they are somehow afraid for themselves to do anything,

    b)because the creeps will know who wouldn’t call because maybe something to hide themselves and who would be the most likely person to have called or whatever.

    ‘Reason’ three ‘I just want to mind my own business and not get involved’.. which is polite people’s code for ‘ I’m in a position to do something, but FU, I can’t be bothered,

    ‘reason’ 4 I’m above this tawdriness. It’s just ugly. I’m doing to turn my head away and pretend it isn’t happening. Maybe things will get better. I won’t make any calls or do anything real, but I’lll pray for them. From the bottom of my thinking-good-thoughts-but-not-doing-anything heart .”

    ‘reason’ 5 No one will believe me. This person comes across ok, is liked in the community, might even be a big deal in the community.

    ‘reason ‘ 6, usually connected to 5- Maybe I know people who work for this person or there is some other connection. Well, we certainly wouldn’t want to fuck that up , would we?

    ‘reason’ 7 If I do anything, the victim might hate me, because it’s their family or boyfriend or daughter or husband or whomever who is doing it. Heaven forbid someone not like me whether it be the abuser or the victim. It’s super important I keep the status quo,besides, the abuser might do something to me, see 1b. ‘I just don’t want ot be a shit-stirrer’, let’s just let the meth-head keep pimping their baby out, I mean, it’s not MY kid…plus I don’t want ppl showing up at my trailer hassling me..’ Even though people are aware they can make an anonymous report.

    The excuse list could go on and on.

  • wolfcat

    Umm… I’ve seen a rat eat her babies alive. Not the norm, but…

  • Mary Paul

    (This is in reference to all the comments below, the replies to Ann Stone’s comment)…….SERIOUSLY???? I cannot believe where this conversation went!! There are more replies to the care of “RATS” rather than to this child Victoria! Get back on Track People For Crying Out Loud……..and we wonder what is wrong with this country today (People need to work on the issue at hand but as typical as it goes, they go off on some tangent and the Real Issues are sadly Lost!) Now Back to Victoria Martens…….

  • Ann Stone

    Animals being degraded, slandered, abused and slaughtered by human animals ARE “REAL ISSUES” to anyone with a shred of decency, and folks like you, who don’t seem to get it need to A). MAKE THE VIOLENCE CONNECTION! & B). Get your speciesist head out of your ass.

  • BG

    Not to mention the total meltdown over a small sidebar about animals 7 months after the fact… Gonna have to go with your responses being WAAAYYYY more normal than Miss Meltdown’s.

  • Ann Stone

    Thank you, Sara for your lovely comment, I wish all families were as kind as yours. So happy to hear you are loving and looking after those who need you. I have the most beautiful story of when my big ol’ ratboy, Eb, met our newly adopted kitten, Spikey (one of the most compassionate, loving displays of someone’s character, I’ve ever seen..Spike grew up to be a wonderful guy, too, I learned so much about decency and compassion from them. Wish the poor baby in this article had someone like them holding sway in her life. It’s a shame our culture overlooks and ignores the breeding done by violent, cruel, ignorant psychos in our world. We all have to have a license for a bike or a car or a gun, but nothing whatsoever for a baby. 🙁

  • Ann Stone

    Thank you, kind soul. So good to hear from you. Funny how so many humans are fully indoctrinated with the degradation, slaughter and abuse of those, who at our mercy, all the while being shocked, surprised and outraged when those very same humans commit (the same) atrocities against other humans. Wonder if they are incapable of empathy, compassion & understanding the meaning of the word “indoctrination”. THEY are what’s wrong with our world.

  • BG

    Preach! You just said everything I, and many, may others have been thinking all along! 🙂

  • Ann Stone

    It really does warm my heart and fuel my hope when I hear from people like you, BG. <3 Wish there were so many more of us! We could change the world into a kinder place, overnight.

  • BG

    To be fair, I’m a still a meat and potatoes kind of girl, but I am against cruel treatment of ANY animal, even the human ones. Anyone that cannot make the connection between abusing animals and abusing human animals is just plain THICK in the head. And, while I’m no fan of rats, I wouldn’t go out of my way to harm one, and more than likely WOULD go out of my way to save one, like I did for the Opossum and the pregnant Pit-bull. Neither are animals I wanted as pets, but things turned out well in the end for all the animals in involved.