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Alayna ErtlLITCHFIELD, MN — Police have taken 26-year-old Zachary Anderson into custody after he allegedly abducted his co-worker’s 5-year-old daughter then raped and murdered her.

Alayna Ertl was reported missing Saturday morning when her mother woke up to find her gone. Also missing was Anderson, who had stayed the night at the family’s home, and a truck belonging to Ertl’s father.

“[Anderson] is a family friend, co-worker of the victim’s father, and was staying the night up in Watkins last night,” Meeker County Sheriff Brian Cruze said. “He had previously been to that residence and spent a night here and there, so he’s not a stranger and not new to the residence.”

Four hours after authorities issued a statewide Amber Alert, Anderson’s father called authorities to tell them his son had called earlier that day and asked to use the family’s cabin 80 miles away.

When police went to investigate, they found the truck parked outside the cabin. Inside they would find a shotgun and a bloody suicide note, but no sign of Anderson or Alayna.

K-9 units were brought in to search the woods and would locate Anderson in knee-deep in a swamp with cuts on his wrist. He was taken into custody without incident.

He initially denied knowing anything about Alayna’s whereabouts, but told police her body was submerged in the swamp. Officers eventually found Alayna’s naked body under water and covered by brush and debris.

Alayna was pronounced dead at the scene. Her autopsy revealed she had been sexually assaulted and strangled. There was also evidence of blunt force trauma to her head.

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“Obviously not the outcome that we wanted, and when we did learn the information, the officers in the room, you could see it weighed heavy on them,” Cruze said. “We tried everything we could today to find her safely, and obviously that didn’t happen. And we know that it doesn’t compare to what the family’s going through right now, but we felt we did everything we possibly could.”

Anderson has been charged with murder, sexual assault, kidnapping and theft of a motor vehicle. He is being held on a $2 million bail.

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  • I hope someone returns the favor tenfold…what a low-life scumbag piece of shit. This right here, is why they should bring back public executions.

  • If we put down dogs that attack, we should put down human trash like this. Wtf.

  • jansav

    FFS! I have to learn to come to this site later in the day…..

  • sugarpie

    Why didn’t they just trip him in the swamp and step on the back of his head. He was caught red handed and deserves absolutely no justice. Damn it.

  • So, his father had to have suspected him enough to call and inform the authorities that his son had wanted to get away. Interesting. Finally a parent who wants to do the right thing and not in denial. That had to have been gut wrenching. Wow

  • I just can’t imagine what would cause a person to kill a child like this. It isn’t in my wiring. Sometimes kids this age can be a pain, but not enough to make me kill them…and who the fuck rapes a baby like this? What could cause someone to do this? I just don’t get it.

  • I hope this motherfucker burns in hell!


    I don’t even what to say to this anymore. Some strains of the human race are utterly fucked up beyond repair. Just take them out back and shoot them, so they can’t do this anymore, and get them out of the gene pool, FFS.

  • This shit eating waste of human life piece of garbage deserves any and every bad thing that is going to come to him.

  • trust no one.

  • StarTheory

    I have a 5 year old daughter. This makes me want to vomit 🙁 the only way justice would be served is if he’s raped in jail and killed the same way he murdered this sweet angel. One can hope! Ugh.

  • Horrible.. You invite someone into your home, and they do this?.. Too bad the father didn’t call in his suspicions a little earlier, she might have been saved.. But I imagine it couldn’t of been an easy decision… I was surprised at this POS’s mug shot.. No way he looks 26. Something tells me the cuts on his wrists were superficial and all for show.. If he really wanted to kill himself , he had a shotgun.

  • Jeania

    5 year old twins.. and my home state. (hence been aware of this one since the amber alert). I know what you mean… so.. ugh. no words. And even if he died in jail, or even raped.. it still wouldn’t be justice. Nothing; absolutely nothing, could right this wrong. Ugh. So much sympathy for the families >.<

  • Lena60

    Another pos, who unfortunately did not slit his wrist right.They should have submerged him for 10/20 minutes by accident of course.

  • J.K._91

    The only thing subhuman scum like Zachary Anderson deserve is pain. I wish the cops would’ve just shot him after he told them where Alayna’s body was located. RIP Alayna, you deserved a chance to live a long full life. My sympathy goes out to everyone who will miss little Alayna. As for Zachary Anderson, may he be brutally gang raped every single day he is in prison.

  • I. Do. Not. Understand. Wow.

  • That piece of shit needs to be castrated!!!!! ????

  • That piece of shit needs to be castrated!!!!! ????

  • Texas Ranger

    I am waiting for the glorious day these bastards start offing themselves FIRST before they start killing other folks. Seems like such an easy concept…but beyond their comprehension.

  • Hope he dies a horrendous,slow painful death.Rot in Hell POS.Poor baby

  • SLJintheBurg

    This POS shouldn’t still be breathing! He was right there with the victim. No judge, no jury required. Hold him under till the bubbles stop!

  • Look Ron Torres N Elaine

  • And on the eighth day, God said “let him be killed”

  • Wackadoo

    I agree, Brianna. He should be put down on TV so all the other sick fucks can see what fate awaits them. It might prevent other sick fucks from doing this to another innocent child.

  • Wackadoo

    You speak the truth!

  • When there is overwhelming evidence of guilt, as is the case here, sentence is death, to be carried out immediately. I see no reason to waste tax dollars on a trial or incarceration.

  • Im sure once inmates find out hes a child rapist, theyll run a train on him. Ive heard its like a code they all stand by for pieces of shit like this

  • Taster’sChoice

    If there is a hell, sir, I hope you make it there. Raping and killing 5 year old little girl that is the daughter of your friend? Good fucking lord. With friends like these who needs enemies?

  • W.T.F.

  • Can I drag this fucker to the silent room and separate his organs and bones from his flab?

  • There’s not, so we should make our own!

  • Squid Kicker

    The genitals of pervert/predators like this need to be removed with a rusty handsaw prior to incarceration. They don’t change and they’re not sorry for their actions, they’re simply defective.

  • It’s things like this for which they should bring back breaking someone on the wheel.

  • Aerysta

    These pussy have no problem raping and murdering babies but when it comes to suicide? The fuckers never have the stomach for it. Rot in prison, you sorry fuck.

  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    Isn’t he a little old to be couch surfing and having slumber parties? You have children in the home, why are you having your buddy over for the night?

  • Sejanus

    Shove a shotgun into his anus and pull the trigger

  • itsknotme

    Instead of a prison jump suit, can we make him wear Alayna’s first day at school dress? It should make him real popular with the boys.

  • Rae Lin

    When will women learn: Unrelated, single, men staying “overnight” or otherwise left unsupervised with young children is a recipe for disaster?? I’m so sick of hearing stories like this one, where an adult male “family friend”/neighbor/coworker/boyfriend/babysitter murders a small child he *_that he had no business spending time with in the first place_*!


  • link07

    Or shoot him in the back for resisting.

  • Sick mother fucker.

  • Kill him

  • J.K._91

    Even in prison pedophiles are at tje bottom of the totem pole. Convicts have more respect for the guards than they do pedophiles.

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    Deviant bastard.

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    I hope you’re right.

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    You should have been there. You could have helped. Dirty sob.

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    And every shit he takes is like water and burns like fire.

  • J.K._91

    When they’re done gang raping him they could put ghost pepper powder in his asshole.

  • disqus_fKBRLDlebD

    This pervert deserves to have his balls burned off!! Whenever I read about a grown man hurting a child in any way, I always wish the worst for them. This bastard will get everything back in the worst way possible. I’ve read how pedophiles are treated in prison. He’ll end up getting exactly what he deserves in there. He will be on his own in there.

  • AJ

    Unfortunately, there are so many child molesters, rapists, and other sexual deviants in the prison system that these types of offenders are kept separate from general population. They are usually confined together in their own wing or section of the prison complex.

  • jansav


  • jansav

    it wouldn’t

  • jansav

    immediate executions. For something like this, where there is no question, no doubt, immediate execution by fire.

  • LuvsHorror

    I hope there is a hell, and when I die I want a job there torturing scum like him.

  • This sick fuck needs to be in the general population in prison. They will sort him out.

  • Tenbux

    Suicide is not that hard. If you want to die, there’s nothing stopping you. Hell, there was a perfectly good shotgun in the cabin. Shotgun certainly worked well enough for Ernest Hemmingway, Hunter S. Thompson, and Kurt Cobain.
    Didn’t work so well for Cody Wirick. But that’s because you’re supposed to put it in your mouth, not under your chin.

  • patrickdh10

    The cops should have said it resisted and put it down hard. Now they should just shoot this horrid POS and get it out of here. No more so called “compassion” for child murderer/rapists. Automatic immediate death sentence upon DNA proof. Every last one of the SOB’s, and retroactive to the ones getting 3 hots and a cot sucking up taxpayers money which could go to repair a road or something.

  • Sick! Sick! Sicko!!!!!!!!!! Bubba and the Silverbacks are already waiting to make him pay for his knee wobbler! They’re already nicknaming him the “toe-curler”!

  • Melissa Dawn

    I fail to see how it’s the mother’s fault. She wasn’t single. Her husband was friends with the guy for a few years. They worked together, played on a softball team together and would go out for drinks afterwards. It sounds like he would stay over occasionally on the nights they would get a few drinks. Probably trying to do the right thing by having him stay at their place instead of driving the long distance home after drinking. The guy had a couple of traffic offenses on his record and seemed like an ordinary guy and they had known him for years.

  • J.K._91

    And retroactive for the ones allowed back into society.

  • juka

    i’m honestly surprised that for once, the comments aren’t filled with cries for throwing the book at the mother for “letting this monster into her house” “how dare she let someone like this near her baby” “what is it with mothers caring so much about dick over their kids” since that’s the usual reaction around here. *slow clap*

  • eric

    Fear scent. He probably already knew what to anticipate from the welcome committee in prison once he got there. Life ain’t gonna be easy for Zac Anderson.

  • IainUk

    Did you two actual read the article? It wasn’t until later that he admitted where the child’s body was.

  • Carmen Wakefield

    Sick murdering pervert looks like he has never gotten laid..therefore he rapes. Poor baby girl.

  • Leslie Mashmann

    There is no way I would ever let that man near my house and family. Sorry, but he is a poster child for a perv! Now the poor little girl is violated and dead.

  • Lori Lynn Abell

    Why did this thing come out of that swamp alive??