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Cory MorrisMINNEAPOLIS, MN – Police have charged 21-year-old Cory Morris with murder after he killed his baby by punching her in the face with a closed fist over a dozen times.

On Saturday, Morris was babysitting 4-month-old Emersyn Morris while his girlfriend, Jenny Anderson, was at work.

Anderson tried to contact Morris multiple times throughout the day but no one would hear from Morris until almost 5 pm when he called Anderson and his mother.

Morris told them both that he was going to jail because he had done something to the baby. They both told him to call 911.

When paramedics arrived at the home, Emersyn was unconscious and Morris was covered in blood and had a swollen hand. Emersyn was rushed to the hospital where she died from blunt force trauma.

Morris told police that he had been watching television when his daughter started making noises. He said he took the girl out of her swing, carried her into her bedroom and placed her on a changing table.

When Emersyn continued making noises, he attempted to quiet her by punching her approximately 15 times in the face and 7 times in the chest with a closed fist.  Morris expressed no remorse and said he was schizophrenic and heard voices.

Morris has been charged with second-degree intentional murder and is currently in the Hennepin County Jail, with bail set at $2 million.

His family says that he has mental issues and they’ve tried to get him psychological help for the past year. However, he has never shown violent tendencies towards anyone.

“We never thought he would hurt the baby. We would never allow him to be with the baby if that was the case,” Ginny Morris said. “We were worried he was going to hurt himself, not the baby.”

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  • You angry little prick. This was your own child. You could’ve walked away.

  • laurablue87

    I’m not sure I’d leave my baby with someone who is suicidal and refuses to get mental health help either, but maybe that’s just me.

  • Like when my kids were younger…maybe teenagers cussing back at me….i had a voice in my head that said, “Step back before you harm this little bastard.” And I stepped back….don’t know how you could get this pissed at a baby, but where was the voice telling him to step back?

  • I think knowing that he would possibly harm himself was all they needed to not allow him to be responsible for a child.

  • A real winner of society

  • It’s not “babysitting” when you’re watching your own damn kid, it’s called being a parent.

  • A. Gross.
    B. It is not “babysitting” if you are the parent.

  • Psychological testing should be required for BOTH parents before leaving the hospital with the baby. I know that sounds terrible, tramples on people’s rights, blah blah blah, but if it saves just one baby from a monster like this, it’s worth it. Regardless, if they knew he had mental issues of ANY kind, the baby shouldn’t have been left in his care.

  • Even in the most frustrating situations (colic, teething, acid reflux, and other medical issues that can make babies “fussy” times 100), you put them in a safe space where they can’t hurt themselves or get into anything and you go to another room. You scream into a pillow. Punch the pillows if you have to. Cry. Anything to get that frustration at the SITUATION out. There is not ONE thing that baby girl could have done to deserve this. I’m visual so my mind went straight to what he did to her. That scene will hopefully haunt him for the rest of his life.

  • Wow????

  • Another thing…. I don’t understand the logic behind the whole “Babies crying…. I know what will quiet him/her down….a few punches, some broken bones, maybe a little blunt force trauma for that extra bit of soothing…. WTF?! Stupid white trash Harry Potter looking fuck face.

  • He couldn’t put the baby in her crib and call anyone? The mother, the mother’s work, a friend, family member, neighbor….anyone? He didn’t have any trouble calling family AFTER he attacked the baby. Was he unaware that babies cry…it’s what they do since they can’t speak? It could have been something as simple as her wanting to eat.

    If he was seen as mentally unfit, meaning people close to him knew he was schizophrenic and might harm himself, that right there is a red flag that he isn’t capable of watching an infant. Such a sad situation.

  • Yeah, loove how they throw in there that he’s schizophrenic, like THAT’S the cause.
    Nah dude, you’re just a POS

  • dammitall23

    I can’t even see having a kid with someone that unstable. “Oh my, yes–THIS looks like some prime breeding stock!”

  • He did the awful at either.

  • He was hearing other voices saying killed the baby Kmt he’s a POS killed him before he get the chance to procreate again. Hopefully the next voice he hears is someone telling him to top himself we can only hope and prey lol

  • jansav

    Why do people leave the baby with these crazy motherfkers? “oh my boyfriend hears voices in his head and talks about suicide all the time so I’ll have him watch the baby. that’s a good idea” Idiots

  • Could of called 911. Call anyone. I had to pay just to conceive a child and here we have all these innocent victims. This is a daily occurrence. Laws must be changed. #vote

  • It’s not “babypunching” either, but he did it anyway…

  • He’s not a man! Monster, yes.

  • Give me 2 mins. Mother Fucker would be dead.

  • Hope he rots

  • Clay

    Say the same thing about people with cancer, people with cancer have huge amounts of stress, and they could break, so don’t leave them with people with cancer. Of people with high stress jobs because people with high stress jobs can break so people with high stress jobs should not have kids or allowed to have their kids with them…./s (but millions of people with varying degrees of mental issues care for people every day, just where would you draw the line with someone who has not acted out with violence?)

  • What..the..fuck….
    I am convinced that humanity is imploding. We’ve reached an apex and now we are voluntarily scaling ourselves back where nature cannot do it anymore. The scales have been tipped.

    I hate to say it but that child is probably better off though..

  • But first bite his pillow night after night

  • dammitall23

    Who the fuck would be narcissistic enough to make someone battling cancer watch the baby? “I know you have a lot on your plate what with the chemo and radiation, but I just need some “me” time…”

  • jansav

    Seriously? You are defending her choice to leave this baby with this crazy POS? Really?

  • This is in my area. So sad 🙁

  • Im gonna put this right here…

  • AtheistPilgrim

    This guy looks like his parents thought that about each other growing up as siblings.

  • let there be poetic justice in prison, please.

  • Pos

  • It reminds me of my first babysitting assignment. I was just a young man then but had a paper route, school, then in the evening baby sitting assignments. I was under tremendous pressure but didn’t mind, I had an empire to build. Anywhoo I was watching a baby boy named Huey, who was a large baby who had colic and sounded like a squealing pig when he cried. I figured I had to change him so off came the diaper and a strong stream of urine hit my face! I almost lost it but luckily having been diagnosed with panic attacks had a prescription for some heavy duty tranks. I took half the bottle and was fine. Baby Huey was not harmed despite my mental illnesses, and stress. It can be done folks!

  • I don’t have any kids but don’t they require a lot of special classes? I hope at those classes they would recommend or require additional support/interference for parents that’s clearly aren’t ready. Scary

  • Or leave baby unattended and never ever come back. Mom would be home from work shortly. Baby lives. But really, don’t come back. I don’t understand mental illness enough.

  • Exactly, walk away…forever!!

  • The baby wasn’t crying, she was just cooing, baby babbling, while he wanted to watch TV. Instead of smiling at her and trying to have a conversation with her, her carried her to another room and beat her.

  • The baby wasn’t crying, she was just cooing, baby babbling, while he wanted to watch TV. Instead of smiling at her and trying to have a conversation with her, her carried her to another room and beat her.

  • Clay

    Just saying that (after the fact when they do do something horrible and the family says he had mental problems) people that have problems…you should keep them from their children? I have depression, should my children be taken from me? I Where would they go? to a vastly overburdened system where many workers have 5-10 times the caseload they should have? where children routinely sleep in offices at night because there are no homes to take them? This “policy would create a burden so great as to totally break it with abandon. So just saying “Why did the father have the kids when he had mental problems?” What is the mental problem that you should take children from? Ok when the stock broker kills his two children because he was divorcing his wife..Should you take the children from all divorcing fathers? Or stock brokers? Until he exhibits behavior against the children or actually self harms and is not controlled, then they should.

  • The baby wasn’t crying, she was just cooing, baby babbling, while he wanted to watch TV. Instead of smiling at her and trying to have a conversation with her, her carried her to another room and beat her.

  • Jennifer Peters, not that I’m aware of. My children were born at a great hospital, they are #3 nationwide in labor and delivery. But, it was “It’s been 24 hours, so…here’s your baby. Good luck.”

  • Clay

    Battling cancer can take months to years. I just drew the camparo because people stigmatize mental illness as one that should be totally removed from society at the same time providing no means to do so. Public funds for MH in every community is one of the first programs to be cut, because WHO is going to complain? But my dad fought cancer for years and years. he raised my 2 younger brothers fighting it. Even after surgery to remove one lung, and chemo he was still taking the boys to little league, to school plays and boy scuts AND still working a full time job. When you get the big C life does not quit. babies still need to be fed and there are even more bills to pay…chemo, dr visits, electricity, water, mortgage…….

  • Texas Ranger

    I have asked the same damn question whenever I see a Kardashian pregnant, a Trump, a Clinton, anything from Florida and especially those damn Teen Moms.

  • O.M.G.

  • But realistically tho… Call the mom. Tell her to leave work and get her kid. She’d be pissed at first but …

    I’m actually getting sad talking about this. So crazy! I hate these stories. ????????????

  • But realistically tho… Call the mom. Tell her to leave work and get her kid. She’d be pissed at first but …

    I’m actually getting sad talking about this. So crazy! I hate these stories. ????????????

  • But realistically tho… Call the mom. Tell her to leave work and get her kid. She’d be pissed at first but …

    I’m actually getting sad talking about this. So crazy! I hate these stories. ????????????

  • jansav

    You’re talking stupid people, I’m talking crazy. Theres a difference.

  • Jennifer Peters nope, some hospitals have you watch an hour worth of videos but really you can just be in the room while they play. They don’t test you.

  • jansav

    Seriously? You are still trying to defend this? Should your kids be taken from you? I have no way of knowing, however from the way you are talking, I wouldn’t leave you alone with my kids.

  • MammaBare

    He was having mental issues for at least a year and his family was concerned he would hurt himself. But, of course, he was fine to leave with an innocent defenseless infant. Pieces of shit. Worthless fucking people, “we never expected this” idiots making excuses for a psycho baby beater, where were they? Nowhere to be seen till after this piece of shit killed that sweet angel. Then they worm out of the woodwork, with their, “we can’t believe it! He was crazy, and psycho, but still, I’m shocked!” Losers

  • MammaBare

    I just spit my coffee every-friggin-where! Thanks, pilgrim! ????

  • SLJintheBurg

    I don’t want to hear this blamed on mental illness. He could have walked out of that house and not touched the baby. He made a choice with the first punch. She would have been better off unattended than with this POS.

  • Judith_Priest

    The Clintons aren’t stupid.
    And they’re not EVIL, either …. unless you’re some asshole from Texas who believes everything Fox News and Breitfart tell him …..

  • Gee, and here I thought my husband was a monster for taking our little one, in his stroller, to the local parade. Poor little came back so sunburned

  • jansav

    Um well I may be an asshole from Texas, but it sounds like you’re an asshole no matter where you are.

  • The hospital only requires training for babies that are at medical risk. If you don’t act like a nut at the hospital they won’t request that you take classes or call CPS

  • He’s probably not schizophrenic. Schizophrenics are rarely violent like that. This cunt is working on his defense.

  • Dre Mosley

    Yes, by all means leave a baby alone with a schizo who refuses help. Happy now, fuckwads? Jesus Christ, people.

  • Please tattoo baby killer on his forehead and throw him in general population.

  • Ok it’s possible the lady I knew had some type of special assistance that maybe required her to take certain classes. she mentioned a couple classes she “had to take”. I need to start my family soon so that my parents can help me. I will be clueless. Its gotta be the toughest job out there. Not everyone’s cut out for it.

    Anyways … Sad sad story.

  • He will be killed in prison I have a little girl about same age really bothers me seeing this

  • They should bring back public executions for people like this.

  • Bob Saccamanno

    I hope this guy gets his karma in prison.

  • Wow.

  • I hope his cellie donkey punches this fuck face to death.

  • The hospital will always offer classes if you ask them for it…But they can’t make you take them.

  • IQ has little to do with violence unfortunately. Lots of people are smart and just plain assholes

  • Texas Ranger

    Nice! Between you, me, and the fence post, I think they may be both stupid and evil…but that’s a secret.

  • Its not that hard for sociopaths to pass psych tests

  • Its not babysitting or parenting if you kill the child either

  • Sara

    Agreed. I get so sick when they blame this on mental illness. I have mental health issues (PTSD, MDD, ASD, all diagnosed by mental health professionals, all being treated with medication and therapy) and every time some piece of walking excrement kills a baby and blames it on a mental illness (especially a mental illness they refused treatment for, except when they need it to gain sympathy), it makes things a lot harder for those of us who never have and never will harm anyone.

    When my son was born, he was almost removed from my care. Not because I did anything wrong, mind you, but because of Andrea Yates. In many people’s minds mentally ill = always unstable. I have to behave twice as good as an average person to be seen as only half as good. And most of it is due to violent shitbags like this guy.

  • fry motherfucker FRY

  • Not getting worse. We’re just hearing about it more now because of the internet.

  • YES.

  • This one got to me. To punch your baby girl until your hand is swollen, to look at her as you cave her face in, is unfathomable.

  • Nah, it’s getting worse. Society has never been this bad, true that it’s always been whack in some way but never this bad with all the drugs and violence.

  • I hate humans, they just piss me off.

  • Who said anything about sociopaths?! Not the same thing…

  • DreaminMan5

    And this is just another reason why humans are the worst.

  • velvetjoneslives

    I have an idea to help reduce the every ballooning state deficits. Sell raffle tickets, the winner gets to punch this worthless piece of garbage in the face as long as it takes till he finally gasps his last breath. My guess is you would generate millions just from this one POS.

  • Flik Rust

    he needs to kill himself.

  • Sara

    It just dawned on me. He was having mental issues for about a year…the baby was 4 months…normal gestation is 9 months…so, what is the likelihood that his “mental issues” started when his girlfriend said, “I’m pregnant!” Piece of shit probably didn’t want to be a father. Well, he got his way. Too bad (for him) he’ll more than likely spend the rest of his child-free life in prison.

  • Dr Slaughter

    The fact is he killed a child with violence, his own kid nonetheless. Craziness might be an issue, but it does not matter. He killed a child and most likely could do it again without a hitch. That means his ass needs to be locked away from children and from society. Nothin else to say.

  • Dr Slaughter

    Yeah…. I miss mom and dad 😛

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    I cannot imagine leaving a 4 month old infant with someone who is thought to be schizophrenic and is not on stabilizing medications. As his mom, I would have stayed with him the whole time to watch and see how he did. I would do that several times over a couple of weeks. He might have questions I could answer and help with, teach him how to care for her, feed her, change her, cuddle her, put her in her crib on her back to sleep, no loose bedding, and if he felt scared he couldn’t do something, to call me. I would never have left him alone until I was confident he knew what he was doing. After all, I would be his mom and he’s grown up safe. I wouldn’t have beat him to death. But we will never know, because he hadn’t been evaluated. I guess no one would come to see if he and the child were alright after he wouldn’t answer the phone ALL DAY LONG. It’s not just all on him. The baby’s mom could have called his mom and had her check on him. Me? With all those circumstances, I’d have been over there in a heartbeat when I didn’t get an answer the first time. R.I.P. baby Emersyn.

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    Clay, not keep them from their children, but if they have suicidal tendencies and hear voices, they would not be the primary caregiver for my grandchild. If they got help and were stable on medicine, after they proved they could be a stable parent, that would be different. Always err on the side of the child. If you’re wrong, so what? If you feel something is unsafe and you leave that child in their care and they beat that child to death, would you forgive yourself? Either way, the child is not in his care. Think about what you’re saying.

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    Sara, I’m glad you’re a fighter. I do agree. If he refused treatment and medication if he needed it, he should not be alone with that child or any other. An infant can’t call 911.

  • Vinnym1980

    Father of the century. Punching the baby to death did stop it crying……

  • Violet Rose

    I cannot explain how sick I am. I am crying for this baby. I cannot imagine the pain and fear this young baby went through. What the hell was wrong with this woman who would have a baby with this piece of crap.

  • calm your tits people. its OK. He works for planned parent hood so its perfectly Ok and legal and science

  • LOL. Someone has no semblance of reality, eh?

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    All parents should be required to take parenting classes and pass them with flying colors, then get a permit before having children. My God, you can’t even legally keep a dog or cat without a license! All these people on welfare, teach them how to teach others, so they stop having anchor babies or welfare babies. Make it mandatory or lose your meal ticket. Teach that skill in school! Girls are having babies before they can read now. To hell with fluoride in the water! Put birth control in it! Teach guys how to treat women right, how to be husbands and fathers, to cherish their children and teach them how to do a skill, to stay in school. Teach boys to work and make a living. Teach women how to raise children, to cook, to clean the house, to shop for bargains, not junk food. To discipline their children without hurting or killing them. How to keep the house safe. Old fashioned, you bet. Sometimes the old ways are best.

  • I’ll wait.

  • dammitall23

    Kudos to your dad!
    But I take it he wasn’t acting unstable and threatening suicide.

  • This was my mother’s method. When I cried she beat me with the “stop or I’ll give you something to cry about” stance. I finally stopped when I couldn’t catch my breath from sobbing. When babies she would watch cried, she spanked them explaining to me they KNEW what they were doing wrong…like 8 months old she beat them. I didn’t know as a teen it was illegal because she did it to me. She was a piece of work for sure. No fun growing up, but at least she didn’t kill my ass. Poor baby. She’s a big reason I never trusted babysitters with my kids.

  • And even people with mental issues can properly raise kids so it’s a hard call. I think periodic welfare checks for ALL could be helpful. It would find the ones that were lying about being too crazy to have kids and let the ones who do it right keep on going. This is just horrible. Probably nobody ever taught this guy how to act except by beating him.

  • I can’t even think about this let alone comment on it. I am numb by what is going on in society.

  • My mother beat me and abused me because she was schizophrenic, but i think schizophrenics are all different…my son is schizophrenic and wouldn’t hurt a baby if a gun was pointed at his head. Maybe it’s the person’s reaction to being raised in a violent environment. No clue.

  • Ian-rex

    that’s awful

  • L. Burke Ivey

    Yeah.. it sounds as if the cops asked him “why’d you hit the baby?” and his response was “because I’m crazy”.

    That’s not a reason, that’s an excuse.

    Somebody should’ve known better than to leave this kid with the baby.

  • Da Mac

    Maybe, just maybe, he and his mate might want to consider postponing, or passing altogether, on the family planning given those start conditions.

  • Da Mac

    I would start with people who can’t summarize their thoughts online within two sentences.

  • WhatHappened?


  • WhatHappened?

    So here I am. A 40 year old who has been tormented with thoughts of suicide my whole life. But I managed to raise 4 children & never ever would I hurt my precious children or kill them. If you were to believe in God, you would know that we are battling forces of darkness here on this earth. Demonic forces are everywhere. Therein lies the problem.

  • WhatHappened?

    Amen brother.

  • WhatHappened?

    Pray pray pray people! Suicidal thoughts does not inherently make you a murderer! Nor do they exclude you from the privilege of being a parent. Wow. Medication?? NO! Sometimes you must see that this is spiritual warfare. These people are demonically oppressed/possessed. SMH.

  • WhatHappened?

    Come the fuck on.

  • WhatHappened?

    Amen. Amen. and Amen.

  • WhatHappened?

    True true

  • WhatHappened?

    I’m with you baby! I love my 4 children so dearly. And I too am a mother with mental illness. Shame on these people.

  • WhatHappened?

    Yes yes yes.

  • WhatHappened?

    Right. You are so very right.
    Whoever has had a newborn & lost days of sleep might relate.

  • So you’re going to sit there and try to argue with me that the world has always been riddled with advanced weaponry and synthetic drugs which are both catalysts to violent behavior?
    Talk about no semblance of reality…lol. There were only high death tolls in warfare throughout ancient times because that’s the only way they could fight, it was basically whoever had the most troops at the end won.
    What I am mainly referring to is everyday violence committed by individuals on a global scale, not just warfare.

  • The article said that HE SAID he was schizophrenic not that he is.

  • scotsims

    I wouldn’t leave my kids you alone with you.

    Children die all the time because of their parents ignorance or lack of judgment, guess which category is you.

  • CT

    Am I the only person who thinks he looks like Daniel Radcliffe at a quick glance? Yeah, I know it has nothing to do with this story but it is most certainly more entertaining than a select few of the dumb ass comments I’ve seen below.

  • scotsims

    Stay away from my kids.

  • CT

    Well, I wouldn’t throw you away as a possible babysitter. When can you get here? Texas Ranger always wants to babysit but I’d prefer that my kids not learn how to chew Skoal and wrangle cats.

  • scotsims

    Why would anyone have kids so their parents could help out? You should only have kids when you are financially and mentally capable of properly taking care of them.

    Use birth control.

  • scotsims

    It surely can.

  • scotsims

    The article did not say he was hearing voices. Don’t believe what you see on Dr Phil.

  • scotsims

    He was a father who killed his baby.

  • scotsims


  • scotsims

    You’re too low information to be funny as is shown by your dumb ass comment.

  • CT

    Am I supposed to be insulted by that? You are going to have to do better. Low information? I wasn’t referring to you originally but hey, you proved me wrong in not including you.

  • Inferus

    Elijah Wood is taking method acting for his creepy roles way too serious. I must kill you, my precious!!!

  • CT

    I thought it was Daniel Radcliffe but he does a better Elijah Wood.

  • jansav

    Well since my kids are grown and gone and they both trust me with their kids quite frequently, and since no one died and we only had 1 broken arm in 30+ yrs I would guess I am in the category of Pretty damn good Mom. So screw you.

  • jansav

    thanks for the vote of confidence, I almost feel obligated to book a flight. : )

  • Texas Ranger

    Smart thinking there, but it’s Dip Skoal and Wrastle cats. I see have a lot of teachin ahead with the Mini-Ct’s.


    Send ’em right to the cornfield!! That’s one thing I love about Facebook’s BLOCK feature. I’ve got about 100 lame-ass, just plain mean, or tight-assed people on there, who I don’t even know, but whose personalities online, make reading Facebook comments a lot less fun, so off they go. BUH-BYE.


    Guess Voldemort should have killed him after all…


    ..YESTERDAY! If I could go back in time, I’d hand his mama a wire coat hanger.

  • SayAnything

    The article did say he claimed he was hearing voices.

  • JellyBrains

    There’s a difference between someone who knows they have a problem and are dealing with it/working to overcome it/taking meds for it and a schizophrenic who refuses help at the urging of family for over a year or refuses to take their meds.
    Don’t know that I would feel comfortable leaving kids with either situation, but there is a difference, just sayin’.

  • Right?!! I hate when a parent says they are “babysitting”????

  • dammitall23

    You don’t need demons to blame when people are rotten fucks all by themselves.

  • Lena60

    Or pee on electric fences.

  • Now he should get is ass pounded with various objects over a dozen times a day

  • LA Woman

    This lowdown coward piece of garbage will get his in prison .. and you know what? I’m okay just knowing it’s going to happen it’s ”not if” but rather ”it will”! ! The mother knew he was a sick asshole why on earth would she leave her with him? I mean apparently one of the grandmothers was at home that’s where she should have been. He said he did it because she was baby talking? What a scumbag piece of shit a helpless baby girl he didn’t try that shit with a man cause he’s a scared little bitch and knows a man would whip his little wimpy puny uglier than a MF’er inbred looking ass so he opted to take his coward derelict existence out on that poor tiny defenseless innocent angel she must have been just terrified and just screaming and crying for anyone to help her how the hell do neighbors not hear that? What a sad thing to know happened ugh! But just know his life as he knows it is over his new life will consist of rapes and beatings

  • TexasStacy

    What the fuck?!?!?! WHY WHY WHY would you leave a baby with someone that has mental issues?!?!?! They said they didn’t think he’d hurt the baby, only himself. Well duh!!! That’s ENOUGH to not leave the baby with him!!! Hurting or killing himself while he was watching the baby isn’t good either. Uuugggg…stupid people hurt my head.

  • Wildheart

    Man Piece of Shit Charged With Murder After Punching Baby In Face 15 Times With Closed Fist

    There, fixed it.

  • Wildheart

    Man Piece of Shit Charged With Murder After Punching Baby In Face 15 Times With Closed Fist

    There, fixed it.

  • Now, I’m not condoning his actions, for obvious reasons, but he was mentally unstable, and had mental illness, as states in the article. What control did outside sources/resources have, when he had no control himself – none. There were obvious signs he was not a fit parent, but he, like other filicide cases go through the cracks. Rules, law and regulation need to be upheld, and put into place. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was beaten in prison – inmates despise child murderers, molesters etc.

  • Sara

    Thank you! 🙂 I know what you mean about loving your kids. In addition to my son, I have two nieces that I take care of while their parents work. There are times that I have all three kids at the same time. No one else in my family can handle all three at once without developing a severe headache. (My son is autistic, niece #1 has ADHD, and niece #2 is a toddler. They’re a handful.) My sister’s ex (niece #1’s father) isn’t too happy about his daughter being left with a “crazy retard,” but my sister is quick to point out that I have never abused her, but he has. It shuts him up fast.

  • my wife of 24 years and I would give almost anything to have a baby like this beautiful girl…how could someone not know the infinite value of a beautiful little one like this? It’s beyond understanding…was he abused? Self centered? drunk/drugs? what? makes no sense

  • Ann Stone

    Reason #1 why kids shouldn’t have kids.

  • Ann Stone

    It’s always “the mom at work” and the male slug at home, doing fucking nothing and killing the kid. Women, smarten up! Don’t have a baby with him, if he’s an unemployed, codependent piece of shit, and especially, don’t honor him with a child, if he isn’t devoted to the children he has (& can furnish proof).

  • Sejanus

    As a rule of thumb…
    if a person will harm themselves they sure as hell will harm another.
    Little prick needs to be castrated non surgically.

  • salepo

    Thats not always true.I myself have been suicidal and a cutter but wouldnt dream of hurting my kids.And my boyfriend struggled with severe depression and made several suicide attempts but he has never raised a hand to me or my children.

  • Sejanus

    Did I say always…no.
    I said as a rule of thumb.
    Of course there are exceptions

  • salepo

    Fair enough

  • morningglory

    And this is why you don’t reproduce with a schizophrenic. The mother should be held just as responsible. One, for reproducing with him, and two for leaving the child alone with him.

  • scotsims

    Sorry honey I don’t do mercy “screws”.

  • scotsims

    I’d reread the article and it’s true but I forgot to edit the statement. (duh)

  • scotsims

    Why should I waste good material on you?

  • jansav

    oooh good come back.

  • SayAnything

    Haha gotcha.
    On a side note, Dr. Phil makes my skin Craaawl. He gives me the skeevies lol.

  • juka

    Man, I know watching a baby sucks, but there’s zero excuse for this. It’s downright pathetic to -punch a fucking baby-. Shoot this fucker. He’s not “schizophrenic”, if he were, he probably wouldn’t have been coherent enough to have been left alone with the damn baby in the first place. He’s not Andrea Yates, he doesn’t need to be in a mental hospital. I feel bad for the kid’s mother.

  • leiziz

    I do not understand why bail is set in cases of obvious guilt involving horrific crimes like this? It doesn’t make it more right to let him go temporarily even if they demand $2 million for it. Am I the only one thinking this? The guy is fucked in the head. Lock him up in a mental institution until the proper authorities tell otherwise.

  • Jaap Aap

    You’re fucking insane.

  • Jaap Aap

    Yes, let’s force religion down their throat in the form of your dick. That’s how it goes with christians, isn’t it?

  • Jaap Aap

    Just look at Hillary, just look at her face. She’s bloody devious, and maybe not the lesser of two evils.

  • Jaap Aap

    You should have punished that little brat, by hitting it a few times, and then stuffing it in the freezer! 🙂

  • Jaap Aap

    One less kid! 😀

  • Ann Stone

    Guess I shouldn’t insult slugs. Male humans who neglect their kids, sponge off women and hurt their children are worse than any other animal.

  • Albert Hall

    Picky, picky, picky. };^D

    I think the only voices he heard were his baby’s, interrupting his TV watching. Remember when women chose their reproductive partners based on their abilities to provide for their reproduced?

  • Katrina

    Sick bastard. The mother is just as sick for leaving her child with this man…and for having a child with him, period.