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Anthony WallerJONESBORO, AR – A one-time children’s pastor who pleaded guilty to raping two girls at the church where he worked has been sentenced to life in prison.

Last year, the wife of 39-year-old Tony Waller was looking for a file on a laptop they both shared. What she ended up finding was a folder fill o’ child porn. According to police, Waller had amassed a collection of around 400,000 images and videos of pubescent girls.

She called police and Waller, who worked at Jonesboro First Assembly of God since 1999 and was a bus driver for Jonesboro Public Schools, admitted he had a child porn addiction for the last 20 years.

But as police continued their investigation, they found that Waller had more than a child porn addiction – he was also a predator. Waller had installed hidden cameras in the church’s bathroom and a house the church owned across the street.

Even worse, two girls – aged 10 to 11 – would come forward to say that Waller had been sexually abusing them for several years. They told police Waller would take the girls in the woods, in Waller’s office, or in other locations at the church, where he would take off their clothes and sexually molest them.

Waller ended up pleading not guilty to charges of rape, child porn possession and voyeurism, but would change his plea to guilty on Tuesday morning. Despite this, the courts moved ahead with a sentencing phase while allowing witnesses to take the stand before the judge decided on Waller’s punishment.

One of the witnesses was a relative of the victims who brought several people in the courtroom to tears as she described the moment she found out Waller had been molesting the girls.

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Another witness was one of the victims. Looking directly at Waller she said, “I forgive you, I love you and I pray for you.” This brought the rest of the courtroom to tears, including Waller who began sobbing loudly.

Waller decided to take the stand in his own defense, hoping to sway the judge from giving him the maximum penalty of a life behind bars like the prosecution wanted. He told the court that he was sorry for what he did, and that he had an addiction that had since been cured.

The judge didn’t buy it, stating there wasn’t enough evidence to prove Waller had an addiction and that Waller was nothing more than a run-of-the-mill child predator who was trying to manipulate the courts just as he manipulated the victims.

Adding that he believed Waller was still a danger to children, he agreed with the prosecution and sentenced him to a life behind bars. Kudos, Judge Brent Davis.

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  • DeepThroat

    Kudos to the judge! He’s only sorry he got caught not for the damage he has caused to the girls.

  • Bob Saccamanno

    Good , but it would be better if this POS gets an ass whipping a few times a week and preted upon like he did to these children.

  • Bubba is waiting on you, you piece of shit.

  • Buffettgirl

    I love it when a pedo gets a REAL sentence!!!

  • Throw a way the key.

  • Hope he gets screwed to death piece of shit

  • ShelbySP

    What a waste of tithepayer dollars. When I was in sunday school, we did our own gluing. Didn’t have some rapey paster skulking around doing it for us.

  • Wow.

  • Fuck this mother fucker. Just kill him and the rest of the child rapists.

  • rich

    Good spot.

  • And people are crying over transexuals in the bathrooms. Get a fucking clue America, predators look just like everyone else and they sneak into caregiving jobs and positions of authority all the time.

  • ShelbySP

    I’m always on the lookout for opportunities to act like an asshole.

  • ck3561

    Finally a pedophile faces a judge who has a pair of balls. Pedophile preacher is only sorry & his “addiction”was only “cured” because he was caught. You know I hope one of the other lifers wherever he ends up breaks a broomstick off in his ass.

  • Church staff and a school bus driver? Sick fuck was hedging his bets.

    I’m good with a life sentence.

  • A padre and a child molester at the same time! Is it my birthday?

  • What?!?! A member of the church raped a kid? Well I never…. How about we stop leaving our kids alone and trusting god to look after them 🙂

  • You,

  • MyHovercraftIsFullofEels

    If I was the girls mother I would have done more than talk in that courtroom. I would have gouged that daughter rapers eyes out with my freshly manicured pointy acrylic nails. Prison is too good for him.

    My girl is 11 and this makes me angrier than usually. I want to print out his picture and poke its eyes out with the scissors.

  • Rot….

  • NoBS

    To the wife of the convicted, my humblest apologies for the humiliation. You did bring closure. Hug.
    The victims testimony, sniff, err /cough… Girl Powah!
    I just hope the evidence helped snag some of his butt buddies online. Even better closure if they get the domino effect.

  • jansav

    I am so glad the wife did the right thing, Bless her heart. Hopefully this guys new roomates will do the right thing and he will die from severe rectal damage.

  • link07

    ……..pastor not paster.


    He deserves that ending.

  • Ann Stone

    The guy who tried to molest me when I was 7 was a Jesus freak, too. “They’re not perfect, just forgiven” (code for anything goes).

  • sugarpie

    I think it changes to paster when you get arrested for rape and child porn.

  • Technomancer

    Not long enough.

  • rich

    Haha me too. Especially at work.

  • taffy550

    So sick of people pretending to be Christians doing crap like this. I don’t trust anyone holding a bible, they’re always using it to gain or hide something. That said I’m going to Whole Foods and buying myself a cake. 😛

  • captaingrumpy

    See how these predators get jobs around children. Look carefully at your own situation and take note of any men that fit the description of a predator. They are usually very touchy , feely , and love reading to kids so they sit on his lap. For more clues , check the net. It’s better to be wrong than Sorry.

  • captaingrumpy

    Do it , it might make you feel better.

  • It’s those “christians” you gotta watch out for. I’m not saying all Christians are bad. I am saying it seems to be the perfect place for a wolf to hide in sheep’s clothing. People automatically believe someone is good just because they claim to be religious.

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    He and Foley can be gang raped every night. See how fun it really is.

  • Sejanus

    He had a chance to at least be stand up enough to admit his crimes and save a costly trial.
    He has fully demonstrated what kind of scumbag he is.
    Let’s hope he is welcomed with open arms by the inmates as they express their truest feelings for child abusers beating him within an inch of his sick effing life everyday he is behind bars.

  • MindfulMenace

    What a serious douche, why do all of these rapists cloak themselves in religion?

  • IronWoobie

    Much better than the mid-Missouri pastor who only got four years for molesting children. It makes me wish that he had drugs on him when he was arrested–he probably would have gotten a REAL sentence then.

  • IronWoobie

    Because a place of worship full of vulnerable, hurting people is a perfect hunting ground for scum like them?

  • Joyce Ulmer

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  • I’m sorry…maybe a synapse misfire, there is a war in some of us, no girl friend, after being starved for a lifetime can you imagine how good this would feel? No one would ever know, there would be no chance of you getting caught. No one ever loved you anyway, So come on, be a man, and do what you are compelled to do! LICK THAT LOLLIPOP!
    Or wait till the timer stops clicking get yourself a shotgun with a high capacity magazine, and make some tiny heads turn into red mistballs. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. In the end that was the choice you made.

  • Clay

    You have not been here very long. One DOES NOT correct any of Morbid’s spelling or grammar. He just does not care. Everyone knows what he was talking about.

  • Clay

    There is a huge difference between a so called paster (see what I did there?) and God. Personally if they were left alone in the woods, they would have been better off with only God looking after them.

  • Clay


  • link07

    I’ve been lurking since 07 ish and started commenting in 2012 i think. So its been a while, people point out mistakes all the time.

  • Clay

    Morbid’s though?…I did …once…

  • itsknotme

    You know, they say, “A good salesman can sell anything.” Well, in that case, let me see him sell a calendar to a life-er.

  • Nathan Stegner

    Yeah but it’s a lot harder to get raped in the girls bathroom when the person in the next stall doesn’t have a dick.

  • Yep… just look at the statistics… kids are more likely to be raped by their father, an uncle, a coach or a priest… not some transgender person wanting to do a pee in private in the gender that they identify as….

  • esmerald 2006

    I have been corrected. Didn’t bother me. I said thanks.

  • Clay

    Are you @Morbid ?

  • Matt Esquire

    He will become the prey in prison.
    As it should be.

  • Manatee

    forget ‘mean people suck’ , make it just ‘people suck’..people holding themselves out as holy rollers and going after kids.. I just read on a mainstream site 2 sets of brothers raped a 9 year old while their mom smoked meth. WTF

  • NoBS

    Judge is a bleeding heart pussy, unless they send him to General Population. Hope the order is sealed by the courts, needed to continue reeducation and lower recidivism. What good is life without good old general population to help correct societies wrongs?

  • esmerald 2006

    Why do you think I read this site?

  • deedeemon

    20yr. addiction?! how on earth could his wife not suspect anything?

  • renee914

    Yes sir