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Veronica HarrisHOUSTON, TX – Veronica Harris and Christen Rogers have been arrested for dousing a 4-year-old girl in alcohol and lighting her on fire.

The girl was brought to an emergency room last May, suffering from burns to almost 40% of her body. Harris, her aunt and custodial guardian, claimed she had no idea how the girl was burned.

Harris said it had been 24 hours since the little girl was injured but she had been unable to get her medical attention because she didn’t have transportation. She also stated she should have called 911.

Investigators would learn how the girl was injured from the child herself. She told police that her aunt strapped her into a car seat for being bad. She said after she was strapped in, her aunt poured a bottle of alcohol all over her.

While still strapped into her seat and wearing only a diaper, Rodgers held a lighter to her stomach and set her on fire.

Harris told investigators that the alcohol was used to treat the girl’s mosquito bites while Rodgers denies lighting the girl on fire.

He states that he witnessed Harris pour the alcohol on to the child while he was standing in a doorway lighting his cigarette. He brilliantly deduced “the wind must have caught his flames” and that’s how she possibly caught on fire.

Arson investigators confirm that Rodgers story is highly unlikely.

Harris and Rodgers were both arrested following a year long investigation, and have each been charged with injury to a child. They are each being held on $30,000 bond.

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  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    Throw her in a tire fire!

  • You sick, vile cunt. I hope she rots

  • Fuck. This would be my hometown.
    Horrible pieces of shit. Poor baby.

  • Lauren Greiner

  • Please do not let that baby go back to those monsters.

  • Didn’t have transportation? What a piece of shit. You can bet she would have made it in if she got 40% of her body burned.

  • Like the way you think! May that bitch rot

  • That poor souls life didn’t matter. This woman should be set on fire. I’m moving to a different planet. People are fucked

  • Sorry for the profanity.

  • sugarpie

    **sighs heavily** This really makes me think that purging wouldn’t be a bad thing.

  • Wow his cigarette may have ignited the fire due to the wind. Wtf. They all just watched as this baby burned. She may not have had transportation but last time I checked there was a thing called an ambulance which comes to you in a medical emergency. She had to wait 24 hours to get treatment. Poor baby.

  • link07

    My 4 year old told me to “go away” , and “i don’t love you anymore” because i enforced toothbrush time. I felt guilty for swatting his butt. These fucking monsters should never leave jail. You tortured your baby, and waited a day. Rot in jail!

  • Taster’sChoice

    Why did they need to investigate this for a year?

  • I think it would be best to test different ignition theories on these two assholes.

  • Josh

    “the wind must have caught his flames”
    That is some bullshit.

  • Happy Entrails

    Another fucked up couple that don’t deserve genitals. Our justice system should be authorized to hammer a cork wrapped in barbwire up her box and clamp his twig and acorns in a bear trap.

  • Texas Ranger

    Are they not teaching “Flammable” in Science class anymore? It’s like a whole generation of Americans don’t know that alcohol is fucking FLAMMABLE!! For those that missed English class too….IT WILL FUCKIN BURN YOU BAD!

  • salepo

    This made me cringe.Burning hurts so bad.

  • I hope they both rot

  • sassy1113

    I want to slap that look right off of her face…evil bitch.

  • Texas Ranger

    Never apologize for being correct. You cannot cuss and hurt anyone’s sensibilities that reads the Great DD.

  • Burn her.

  • Its okay. Profanity is the least of our worries these days.

  • LucyJane

    They knew.

  • LynnKayee

    Don’t you hate when you accidentally light a cigarette while unknowingly next to kid, strapped down and also covered in alcohol? Honest mistake.

  • Shove explosives up their asses and turn them into internal combustion chambers. Maybe a little too much..?

  • Omg.. Hang them and let the birds eat them

  • Dave R Herzig, love it but too quick.

  • jansav

    why would any one do that?

  • Burn her at the stake! Evil fucking bitch!!

  • can i go with you i doint even want to read this story cause i know it is going to piss me off

  • starry1

    Why would she take custody of the baby just to try to murder her? WTF is WRONG with people?

  • Wtf!!

  • Human beings make me nauseous

  • scotsims

    They didn’t give a shit.

  • scotsims

    Time for some prison justice.

  • Lisa Marie Mann only if there are horses & dogs there ????

  • taffy550

    What a bunch of horse shit. They didn’t get medical help for this child for 24 hours?? The investigation took a year? $30,000 bond? What in the world could a little kid to do to get set on fucking fire?

  • itsknotme

    It always amazes me the thought of ER doctors keeping a straight face, pretending to believe these stories knowing full well that any second from now that the boys and girls in blues will continue the questioning for them.

  • ck3561

    They knew. They just didn’t give a shit.

  • ck3561

    This country needs to build a Brazen Bull and start shoveling the pedophiles, murderers, rapists, & child abusers in. These pieces of filth don’t deserve to breathe the same air as law abiding citizens.

  • “Charged with INJURY to a child”

  • LynnKayee

    It got flushed down the toilet….to the point, i might add, that we have stopped up the toilet and are paving the way for shit like Stephanie Lopez to leak back out.

  • I am so mad i don’t know what to say!!!

  • Kim Graves

    This is so sad where is the poor babies mommy and daddy? Who is she with now? I hope the best foster parents ever because she needs to be away from this family

  • This is something i will never understand! Always when it comes to children the charge is a much lessor charge than if someone did the same exact thing to an adult! I have read through every case on unforgotten angels and its such a common thing

  • captaingrumpy

    I can only think of the pain and terror the little darling went through. I desparately want to hurt these perps.

  • Clay

    A year long investigation….costing in excess of 300,000 and a six member team of specialists and investigators (who are not on any payroll, btw) In other news the Sheriff shows off his new office and 14 new police cruisers in front of his new yacht.

  • Clay

    It read inflammable on the label….I thout dat it means dat it dint burns…

  • Clay

    EXACTLY FUCKING EXACTLY!!!!! I have said that many times…If an adult did the same thing to another adult they get a much harsher crime leveled against them. I think that maybe the Attorney ad liedem (or however it is for the child) should file a title IX (or equal protection lawsuit)….

  • Belinda Morris

    She was 4 and wearing a diaper? Wtf?

  • where is BLM?

  • Golf Pro

    Only $30,000 bond? Some kid got his junk tied up for sticking his finger in a dogs butt and his mom and boyfriend get a $250,000 bond.

  • ImEastHollywood

    Every piece of shit who commits crimes against children are no good to us or in this world make a big fucking pit somewhere and dispose of them after they are tortured days on end nothing more nothing less no excuses or exceptions bring back vigilantism for these crimes so the families that back them on the douchebag shit they do cause they might have money or connections after all yet wanted to kill the one they saw on the news the night before but cause it’s them now they have a change of heart? See if this law was different and changed it to a law called ”’Fuck you instant death” I bet people would think twice before pulling their shit. Nip it in the bud right there, eliminate the wait and over exhausting court dates you’re paying money from your paycheck to feed these parasites in prison as they wait for a trial and then the appeal. The second they commit these crimes they give up all rights right then and there to any kind of freedom including life they gave it up right there! See when people are dead no one can help them no one’s beyond this money or not murder them in the most horrific way possible make it a fun day call it carnaval Saturdays all over the globe. Now that’s unity and community in the best way possible the world would change overnight …
    And we’ll all live Happily ever after … ~THE END~

  • tidy-spidey

    monsters. fucking monsters.

  • Lena60

    Show him why he needs to brush his teeth. Show him teeth with cavities and tell him it hurts.

  • Painful Slow Merciful Quick

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  • Painful Slow Merciful Quick

    Nobody is swearing here…expression counts

  • Sejanus

    Spike her to a slab with raiiilroad spikes.
    Then take a propane torch to her extremities and reduce them to ashes one at a time.
    Force a feeding tube down her throat and trickle gasoline down it.
    Then light her up.

    As for him, hang him upside down over an open firepit til he stops screaming.
    Then give him medical attention to kkeep him marginally alive and do it some more.

  • Texas Ranger

    That ruler looks vicious as hell. I mean it’s metric for Gods Sake!

  • Nathan Stegner

    Make them all eat a flaming cinder block! Sick fucks!!

  • Nathan Stegner

    Tobias Funke.

  • SumRandumDude

    I think you mispelled “hell”

  • Lori Lynn Abell

    I think we should hang them in a tree, pour alcohol over them, light them on fire. Only we don’t put them out. Bring weinies and marshmallows and make a night of it.

  • link07

    Jail for the immediate future, hell eventually.

  • melb1970

    I can’t even imagine what the hell is wrong with these people, lighting a child on fire.. really???
    They should never ever see the light of day once thrown in a cell

  • Eunomia

    “The 4-year-old girl, her aunt, Veronica Deneen Harris, her cousin, Christen Deuante Rogers, and several other children were inside the motel when the incident occurred.” from a diff link. wow, let’s bring the whole gang to a motel to set the 4 yr old on fire huh? seriously too stupid and violent to breed lot of crazy stuff on that site as well

  • I wants to pour gasoline down these hoes mouths and spark a Zippo.

  • Ian

    year-long investigation. CHild on fire….Child says what happened…..Why does this #$%U()$#%)($U% SHIT take a year?@!?@!?@!!!

  • Sarah cat

    Injury to a child? What’s wrong with TX? Why not attempted murder?