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Nicholas KernechelNORRISTOWN, PA – A horrific case of child abuse is being reported out of Pennsylvania, where a man has been accused of beating his girlfriend’s 4-year-old autistic son and forcibly pulling out three of the boy’s teeth.

Police were notified in July, when the boy’s mother brought him to police with “severe facial and dental injuries” and handed them a bag that contained three of the boy’s teeth.

“The teeth were bloody but intact, from the tooth through the top of the root,” authorities said in a statement.

According to the woman, she had left her son with her live-in boyfriend, 27-year-old Nicholas Kernechel, while she went out with friends for a couple of hours. The following morning she found her son in his room “asleep on the floor, lying on top of dried blood.”

She found her son was missing three upper teeth, had an extremely swollen upper lip, a bloody upper gum line and bruises all over his face. The boy told his mother that Kernechel was responsible for his injuries and that he was not nice.

According to the criminal complaint, the boy was taken to the hospital where a medical examination indicated that the poor kid’s “teeth were pulled out.” The report does not say how the teeth were extracted.

When questioned, Kernechel first told officers he had no idea how the boy was injured. He would later change his story and say that he had picked the boy up to take him to the bathroom when the boy slipped out of his arms and face-planted a nightstand. Kernechel says he didn’t treat the injury and instead put the boy back in his bed where he cried for about five minutes.

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Kernechel was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, endangering the welfare of a child and related offenses. He’s currently in jail in lieu of $100,000 cash bail. His attorney is calling the entire thing an “unfortunate accident” and says he will prove that in court.

During their investigation, police found photos taken in the months before this latest incident that showed what appeared to be a bite mark on the boy’s right upper arm and bruises on the side of his head and cheek.

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  • Tonnie

    Imagining that little boy saying Kernechel “was not a nice man” is heartbreaking. Also heartbreaking is knowing he slept in the floor, alone and hurting, because his mother didn’t even check on him after “going out for a few hours.”
    How do you go out and leave your baby alone with someone who’d caused bruises on his face and f*cking BITE MARKS? No way she didn’t know. You’d think after a while, these stories would get easier to read, but they don’t. It just becomes more obvious that something needs to be done to prevent this… it’s an epidemic that’s growing at a scary pace. There needs to be some mandatory minimum sentencing for this kind of neglect. It won’t help the baby who’s suffering now, but maybe 30-year-minimum sentencing guidelines would ensure that these “mothers” don’t have an opportunity to

    (a) GET THE CHILD BACK (because social services are all about “reunification” – damn the torpedoes and bite marks) and
    (b) HAVE MORE babies who will also wind up in the floor and bleeding at the hands of the new “boyfriend.”
    I don’t know…. I don’t have the answers, but they’ve gotta try SOMETHING, at this point. Whatever methods they’re using now aren’t working, that’s for damn sure. This is absolutely heartbreaking. 🙁

  • Da Mac

    At least he doesn’t look like he’s a psycho?

  • Da Mac

    What’s important is that people buy more X Boxes to create more jobs!


    There is seemingly no end to the truly fucked up people in this world.

  • Da Mac

    Or is it the world they live in that’s fucked up?

  • Josh

    That guy is a real piece of shit. Hope this haunts him for the rest of his life.

  • Sejanus

    For justice sake, can we have this prickfaces teeth removed…
    through his anus?

    Otherwise give him some alone time with the Langoliers…

  • jansav

    That is the truest statement ever uttered on these pages!

  • jansav

    this isn’t going to haunt him. He will probably relish the memories of hearing that baby scream.

  • jansav

    His pic makes me want to do violence. What kind of animal hurts a child? especially a special needs child? Fck this mom too. Bite marks? Bruises? It takes tooth extraction for her to step up? At least she did report it, unlike many many others who don’t.

  • colliefreak
  • colliefreak

    My heart is seriously broken. Kids with autism have enough trouble navigating a world that is already confusing and overwhelming for them. I can’t imagine that this baby will not carry this experience with him for his entire life.

  • Boyfriend, not dad, boyfriend. Always the boyfriend. I’d make him take it up the ass.

  • captaingrumpy

    All the Tats look like a Jailbird history. It’s always the boyfriend.

  • LucyJane

    One tiny bright light in a horrible, evil story: at least they were baby teeth. That said, this is one of those cases where an eye for an eye would be especially appropriate. Open wide, asshole…

  • Taster’sChoice

    …and for some reason we come back for a daily dose. I do have to wonder why though. Why would someone decide that this was a necessary thing to do to a child? It just makes my head hurt.

  • GGMon

    I honestly think the guy pissed the mom off some way and she was just getting him back. I only say that because there IS NO WAY YOU IGNORE BITE MARKS. if this happened before then she obviously must have known

  • Buffettgirl

    What I can’t get past is this: How the FUCK does the thought/idea even enter your head? Where does “I think I’ll grab his teeth and give ’em a yank, see what happens!” come from? I just want to curl up in the corner and cry…

  • Jeania

    sadly the system seems to be more concerned with taking children away from parents who don’t deserve to have them taken.. Maybe it’s so they look better when the parents are supposedly ‘rehabilitated?’ I honestly don’t know the reason.. but it is thoroughly sickening 🙁

  • dayrene

    The kid’s a tough little guy. Tortured by his mom’s boyfriend, autistic and probably has a hard time communicating, and still has the courage to stand up for himself. And Mom did good too–she didn’t look the other way. So many moms do.

  • Gayle

    Just copying my comment from the forums. Still lovin’ this monster about as much as I’d love a root canal with no anesthetic…

    Trust me, no one wants to know what I wanna do to this guy, but I will say it involves a gurney with an IV pole at the head, leather restraints, a ball gag, and an inverted bottle of muriatic acid with a hole in the cap…

  • patrickdh10

    So the shit for brains shyster for this walking shit loaf is going to prove it was an accident???? WTF. How in any way can the willful extraction of three baby teeth, probably with a pair of pliers be construed as an accident? This little defenseless child,already dealt a bad hand,having to go through the terror and unimaginable pain inflicted by this horrible shit loaf has me so sickened I can’t even see straight. I can only hope the little boy can forget this event as he grows up and his life improves with the monster in his life behind bars for 20 years. The mother best think about her screw mates and what she’s doing because in this case her decisions have turned out to be terribly bad. As for the shyster, hopefully he gets disbarred,thrown in jail for corruption and while with his shit loaf client both get a visit from a self trained inmate dentist for a little dental work.

  • Lena60

    The mother needs to get her story straight. She was only gone a couple of hours. Either did not check on him till the morning or came home at that time.How could she possibly miss bruises and bite marks.I think they need to look at mom more closely.

  • Taster’sChoice

    That’s what bothered the hell out of me.

  • momma bare

    BULLSHIT. End of story. If I picked my child up and intentionally face slammed them off a nightstand, teeth would bust out. Not be extracted and intact root to tip. This Scumbag needs to have every tooth removed from his face, possibly with a cinder block. After that, his job will be gummy bear of the cell block. And that’s just for starters. He’s special needs, you fuck. Why not kick some puppies and drown some old people. Maggot!

  • momma bare

    nice! you definitely made me smile!

  • momma bare

    That is the most logical reasoning for the nonsense action of social services I have ever heard. Bravo for figuring that out, cause I know 100s of people who question the states abuse of power all the time. If you don’t mind, I’m going to plant your words of wisdom in a lot of minds, and PRAY something changes.

  • jansav

    except for the bite marks and bruises….

  • Flik Rust

    let’s even pretend for a second it was an unfortunate accident … he’s still a fucking cunt for not taking the little man to hospital. public stoning’s need to be reintroduced to society imo.

  • MissGuggle

    Does it say “Nick” on his knuckles? Bc if it does, the mother really should’ve known from the minute she saw that that this guy was a waste of flesh. Seriously.

  • MissGuggle

    How about he has HIS teeth removed using the same instrument that he used to remove the little boy’s three teeth, but via HIS asshole?????

  • colliefreak

    There is no way. The teeth were yanked out and attached to the roots. If it were an accident they’d be broken.

  • Lori Lynn Abell

    We need to stop putting innocent children back into the hands of worthless people. If your child is born with drugs in it’s system, you immediately lose all rights. No second chances to hurt them, or worse.

  • Aussie Sabbath

    Lock him in a room full of big violent uncontrollable autistic kids and tell them that he broke their favourite train set.

  • thehesbomb

    Ten to one the little boy bit him. Like all kids, kids with autism respond in all sorts of ways (my autistic son has bitten me, kicked me, thrown things at me), especially to negative/overwhelming stimulus. The guy was probably beating him or yelling at him or doing some other shitty thing and this little guy did the only thing he could think to and bit the fucker.

    And in typical fuckstick useless cocksucker manner this guy probably responded by thinking that he would “take” whatever defenses this poor little guy had at his disposal.

  • Jeania

    I’d be more then honored 🙂 so many social workers end up with the burnout effect.. after awhile, it’s just about appearance. too many children that they can’t help; after awhile, it becomes just a job, and they are just going for quota. Just nowhere for kids to really turn to, these days, if they do need help.

  • ck3561

    Agree completely.

  • ck3561

    He probably didn’t like being left with her autistic son while she went out. Then again he could just be nuts.

  • ck3561

    The man-shaped-piece-of-shit is fucking evil. That is how the thoughts enter his wacko mind.

  • ck3561

    Please share.

  • ck3561

    1. Nicholas Kernechel is pure evil. I don’t know who would want to hurt a special needs child.
    2. “Mommy” needs to be smacked upside the back of the head for ignoring the bruises and bite marks in the past. She put her cuntplug before her son’s health and safety.
    3. “Accident”? So curious to see how the human-shaped-pile-of-shit’s lawyer tries to spin this one. The teeth were intact. There was no accident. Kernechel attacked an innocent defenseless child, probably for some trivial bullshit reason.

  • Gayle

    Right? That’s always the really scary part.

  • Jason Wolf

    There has to be more to this story. Its all too strange. What if the little kid replayed a scene from Fightclub n pulled his own teeth out knowing he can blame the boyfriend and get some instant cash from the tooth fairy. He might be one of those vindictive psycho kids that feel no pain.

  • measyou

    Autistic kids can’t lie. The way their brain physically works won’t let them.

  • Jason Wolf

    I swear, nothing makes any sense anymore. Too bad we can’t blame it all on Crystal Meth or Anti depressants. But I am sure they play a big part in it.

  • Laura Bee

    In regard to the bite marks and bruises, my 13yo daughter, who has both Autism and Cerebral Palsy, is currently sporting two self-induced bite marks on her arm. She has also given herself a black eye more than once. She hits herself in the face when she gets frustrated.

  • Laura Bee

    In regard to the bite marks and bruises, my 13yo daughter, who has both Autism and Cerebral Palsy, is currently sporting two self-induced bite marks on her arm. She has also given herself a black eye more than once. She hits herself in the face when she gets frustrated. Which is often.

  • Laura Bee

    In regard to the bite marks and bruises, my 13yo daughter, who has both Autism and Cerebral Palsy, is currently sporting two self-induced bite marks on her arm. She has also given herself a black eye more than once. She hits herself in the face when she gets frustrated. This little boy’s bite marks and bruises may well have been self-inflicted.

  • Laura Bee

    I have to defend the mom in regard to the bite marks and bruises. My 13yo daughter, who has both Autism and Cerebral Palsy, is currently sporting two self-induced bite marks on her arm. She has also given herself a black eye more than once. She hits herself in the face when she gets frustrated.

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    I wondered about that bite mark, even bruises, but pulling his teeth? Dayum! That’s seriously not nice.

  • I hate chicks who leave their children with their live-in-cocks to party with friends. Especially a 4 year old with autism. My wife and I haven’t been out in over two years. I took her out to eat the day my youngest daughter was born. And we’re perfectly ok with not having others watch our kids for the sake of self indulgence. Fucking morons. I hope this guy gets raped every single fucking day.

  • Angelina Stiglich

    Why is the bail so low? He tortured that poor child!

  • dayrene

    Easy enough to tell. Are the bite marks kid-sized, or adult-sized?

    I’ve seen multiple cases where autistic children were victims of abuse, and the perpetrator got away with it because they blamed it on self-injury… until the child was beaten to death by the abuser.

  • Jesus H. Goldberg

    Oh boy. The boyfriend abuses the child, and you want to punish the mother, who you know nothing about, other than your deluded speculations. As far as the bite marks go – autistic kids are notorious for self-inflicted bite marks, and self-harm. Congrats, Tonnie, you’re officially retarded!

  • Jesus H. Goldberg

    Thank you, Laura! Finally someone who isn’t completely retarded, and knows what they’re talking about!

  • Loonboy29

    And just where exactly did you get the idea that she was out “partying”? What, you can’t leave your child with a trusted (exactly what he was at the time) partner, to go out and run errands, or go to appointments, like at the doctor’s, with or without friends? That’s somehow “bad”? I think you’ll find that is perfectly normal behavior for a parent. Don’t take what this piece of shit did to that poor child out on her. It’s not like this is a regular occurrence when leaving your child to be supervised by an adult.

  • Loonboy29

    Autistic kids can’t lie? I think you better sit down, and step away from the keyboard, before you hurt yourself.

  • Loonboy29

    Yeah, sure. All mothers should barge into their children’s rooms when they’re sleeping at night, turn on all the lights, strip them down, and give them a physical examination. You know, juuuust to make sure. Seriously, your arguments are so ridiculous, it’s stunning!

  • measyou

    I should’ve said lie well.

    “children with ASD had difficulty exercising semantic leakage control—the ability to maintain consistency between their initial lie and subsequent statements.”

    Different brain wiring than you and me equals different lying processes. It’s pretty damn easy to tell when an autistic kid is lying. Especially when they’re only four. Lying is a cognitive milestone, so unless this kid is barely on the spectrum, it’s highly unlike he’s developed the ability to lie that well yet.


  • Lena60

    No ,not stunning Loony,Just common sense and concern for one’s child.So stop putting words in my mouth, checking in on a sleeping child before the parents go to bed is normal.

  • Lorraine Nation

    He was probably talking about mothers that meet a man and a week later he moves in, normally with no job. Autistic children are difficult to handle at times and why would she think a boyfriend would have patience to deal with a child with problems?

  • sweetd

    “Completely retarded” classy

  • sweetd

    You can tell if it’s a kids bite or an adults bite pretty easily