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Paulette RichardsonURIE, WY — Joseph Richardson and Paulette Richardson are facing manslaughter charges after they let Paulette’s 16-year-old son drink until he died from alcohol poisoning.

According to court documents, Paulette’s son, Kendal Ball, had been expressing a desire to drink. Paulette would tell police that the boy’s biological father was an alcoholic and she was afraid her son would turn out like him.

In order to stop that from happening, the couple came up with a genius plan to let the kid drink. Joseph would explain later that he was told the best way to stop the boy from drinking would be to let him drink until he got sick.

So on the night July 6, Ball started drinking with his step-father and a family friend. How much the kid drank in a two hour time-span all depends on who you ask.

Paulette said her son drank a few shots of Fireball and a few shots of Jack Daniel’s. Joseph said his stepson drank a few ounces of Jack Daniel’s. The family friend said the teen drank a little bit of Fireball and some beer.

Two hours later, Ball said he was ready for bed. Paulette said she checked on Ball around 11 p.m., and he gave her a thumbs up. Joseph would call for an ambulance around 3:45 a.m. after he checked on the teen and found he was unresponsive and about as far from “ok” as you can get.

Kendal BallAccording to the affidavit, Ball’s lips and eyelids were dark blue, he was cool to the touch, and there was a large amount of dark, thick fluid pooled on the floor from his mouth and multiple places that looked like vomit on the floor.

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Uinta County Coroner Greg Crandall would later provide a toxicology report that revealed Ball’s blood-alcohol level was a staggering .587 – more than seven times the legal limit for someone 21 or older to drive a vehicle in Wyoming.

Ball’s probable cause of death would later be listed as complications of acute alcohol poisoning.

On September 8, Joseph and Paulette Richardson were charged with involuntary manslaughter and face up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

The family friend has not been charged at this time because, according to Uinta County Attorney Loretta Gerrard, he had no legal obligation to care for the teen. She also said she hopes that this teen’s death may stop other dumbasses from making the same mistake with their children.

“I am not here to make parenting decisions for people,” she said. “What I hope people understand, however, is that some traditional parenting lore, wives tales or theories don’t apply in an age where we have refined products that accelerate the effect of chemicals on the human body.”

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  • dammitall23

    Can’t tell if she’s making duckface or poutyface.

  • Texas Ranger

    no top teeth face.

  • Texas Ranger

    .587? Did they raise the proof on Jack Daniels lately?

  • sugarpie

    Sounds like they dumped a bottle of grain alcohol down his throat. Holy shit, if he were to breath around fire, he’d have been lit up!

  • keepalow

    I’m going to say pouting then. I would sure be pouting if I had no top teeth.

  • corbin56

    They didn’t even give her time to put her teeth in. She looks disgusting. Yuck.

  • Taster’sChoice

    So basically, over 58% of his blood was alcohol, that’s what that means, right? Talk about trashed.

  • Taster’sChoice

    Doubt the teeth help much.

  • Bitches always gotta do duckface.

  • Texas Ranger

    yes, basically his alcohol had 42% blood in it.

  • LucyJane

    Drinking until you throw up makes you not drink anymore? Since when?

  • Gayle

    In order to stop that from happening, the couple came up with a genius plan to let the kid drink. Joseph would explain later that he was told the best way to stop the boy from drinking would be to let him drink until he got sick.

    Brilliant. Your 16 year old son is dead because ^^^THIS^^^ was your brain child. No fail safes for you, no sirree. He kin do it! Gotta learn tuh be a man sometime, I reckon. Let’s git ’em drunk now, Pa! Betcha got THAT little tip from yer kinfolks, dintcha? Probbly yer GrampyUncle er sum sutch. Y’all gone havva meemoral shindig own yer son’s grave, are ya? Don’t ferget the FIREwater, Mama!!! Looks lack a whole messa stOOpid goin’ own thar in Urie, Wyoming.

  • Gayle

    She sure is gettin’ her gum on, though. Can prolly open a can of tuna upside down with those lowers, lol.

  • Gayle

    Here’s your handy dandy BAC/BRAD chart for men: 🙂

  • Gayle


  • Texas Ranger

    reminds me of the story of that guy that was drinking gasoline to get a buzz and made a fatal decision to light a smoke.

  • Josh

    Excessive alcohol leads to blue ball.

  • Spider

    Dumbfucks when someone drinks that much you put them in a nearby chair for observation then keep drinking.

  • ck3561

    Force them to drink themselves to death.

  • Sejanus

    In fairness…he will never drink again…
    or play football,
    bang a barnyard denizen,
    open his eyes.

  • captaingrumpy

    I think you are right. anyway she fugly.

  • captaingrumpy

    Stoopid kid learnt from Stoopid parents.

  • Brewvet

    Actually, I believe that is .587 g/dl (just over 1/2 gram of alcohol per 100 cc of blood) which is still incompatible with life, obviously.

  • Vesper Bond

    Same idea of making a kid smoke until he/she vomits. It’s stupid.

  • Ann Stone

    What?! Wow.

  • NoBS
  • Ann Stone

    Thanks, NoBS, ah, yes, I remember him. For some reason, I am comforted to know he wasn’t attempting to catch a buzz by drinking gasoline. I know some folks sniff the fumes (that’s crazy, too), but drinking it on purpose?! I cannot imagine.

  • shhh

    she’s half bulldog. don’t be racist.

  • sherrdbw

    Why do all of these losers mugshots have that same red neck vibe?

  • melb1970

    Holy shit

  • L.A Woman

    I think they are paying enough after all no matter what we love our kids. I mean he made it this far and was living at home not juvi or some alternate home like government placements. It’s a very sad thing to happen to any parent we should have empathy as we would want it, We all make mistakes I don’t think anyone thought it would kill him and at least they checked on him most people find out when they fail to wake up eventually. Alcohol killed my dad at 35 I’m 5 years older than what he was when he died.

  • L.A Woman

    Wow people make mistakes even big ones I mean this isn’t any ill intent. I have seen kids drink and not die, I was one I drank 4 California coolers when I was 14 and I have never drank since ”that stuff was disgusting” but I doubt they planned it and at least they checked on him most people that die like that are found the next day when they fail to wake up I’m not saying it’s okay but have some empathy here we all make mistakes as parents I think they are heart broken and are paying enough dearly and are guilt ridden to the point we’ll never know and hopefully never will. God says we should have empathy we are not perfect and I have read way worse this was a f*cktard idea indeed but not ill willed that’s his mom he lived this long and wasn’t in some placement home and he looks healthy and clean I mean come on she didn’t have any idea he would die just look at it as bad judgement that she has to live with forever,

  • Gayle

    Believe me, I understand where you’re coming from. My maternal idiot was buying booze for me and my friends at 11 years old to “teach us not to drink.” She wasn’t happy until we were stoned drunk, falling down and barfing all over everything except the toilet. She wasn’t happy when the state severed her parental rights either, but I digress. She was a real bright bulb, too. Probably related to these tards. I guess I just wasn’t that stump dumb, or that willing to take chances with my kids lives so I could turn around and holler, “Oops, my bad,” when my kids were dead. The maternal unit’s kinfolks are still running a still down in a certain town in Arkansas and have been for three generations. Nobody dead from ‘Shine poisoning yet (not for lack of trying, though), but what these low rent hillbillies did I don’t call a mistake. I call it Death by Dumbass ala ‘Rents.He might’ve been alive had they cracked a book or pulled up a reputable webpage on how much booze was too much booze for his size over time. No crime in being stupid, only a crime when you inflict your stupid on your kids and kill them, IMO.

    And yes, she has to live with it forever, thank Karma, just like the rest of us when we make our mistakes. Only thing is, the vast majority of “mistakes” most people make with their kids don’t involve having to pay for their funerals.

  • Jesus H. Goldberg

    This is what we call “Redneck Natural Selection”. It’s perfectly normal, it will sort itself out.