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Christopher BucknerEFFINGHAM COUNTY, GA – A brother and sister did little to discourage negative stereotypes associated with Georgia after they were accused of having sex in a tractor trailer parked outside a church in Effingham County, Georgia.

Timothy Savoy, 25, and his sister Christopher Buckner, 20, were busted early Tuesday morning last week after someone called police to report a prowler. Police responding to the location found the siblings walking together down the highway.

At first Savoy said he was just walking his sister home, but the pair would eventually break down and admit they’d had sex three times in a tractor trailer parked outside the Countryside Baptist Church.

Apparently, their love-making was spurred after watching “The Notebook,” the 2004 film starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams as a young couple who fall in love during 1936.

Savoy and Buckner were arrested and charged with incest, aggravated sodomy and prowling. Records show Savoy remains behind bars on $13,400 bond.

Admittedly, I also fucked my sister after we watched “The Notebook,” but we did it in her husband’s minivan while her kids played in the backseat. Doing it on church property would’ve been too weird.

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Police Say Accused Child Predator Kept Rape Shrine In His Trailer
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  • Wait,isn’t Christopher is a male name? And her name is Christopher?????

  • CT

    They were charged with prowling? Is that what the kids are calling it today?

  • Adrienne454

    Sodomy, eh?? Maybe I should watch that movie, after all….

  • CT

    Unless it is in the trailer, I don’t recall any sodomy. Just trying to save you a bit of time.

  • edmac411

    “The Notebook Deliverance” ????

  • waddadumchet

    Had to be a sugar-coated explanation…betcha they were watching “Deliverance.”

  • kcjosh

    You would think they would have come up with a better excuse than admitting to that. I think I would have went for something not nearly as bad like mainlining heroin in my butthole.

  • Adrienne454

    So they just decided to try it for fun?

  • hanerynicola

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  • King A sshole

    This is how you know that you’ve seen to much Game of Thrones. Or Star Wars

  • I hate to take anything away from this delightful conversation, but “sodomy” does not necessarily refer to buttsecks. It’s often applied to generally “unnatural” sex acts.

  • CT

    Athena bet me to it — the definitions are different by state. Sodomy can just mean plain ole’ regular vanilla sex.

  • CT

    It’s like a boy named Sue.

  • DeweyCheatam

    And in some states I believe it just means a good old fashioned blowjob. 😀 Which should never be against the law, IMO.

  • thebossessecretary

    Almost nothing sounds as repulsive as screwing my brother. Completely aside from the fact that we only like each other enough at this time to wholeheartedly attempt to strangle each other if you made us do it.

  • You are correct. This application rears it’s ugly head (pun intended, hehehe) in Bible Belt states, primarily. You see, BJs do not result in procreation. Least, not the way I do it.

  • Vesper Bond

    Ew. The least they could have done is come up with a better turn on. Nicholas Sparks? Honestly. What is this world coming to? The fanfiction my students write is 10x better than the drivel Sparks churns out.

  • Valerie

    Hell, it can even be applied to hand jobs and using fingers in my state. The only sex allowed seems to be missionary, and only if neither of you enjoy it. Also, it must be done only to procreate lol.

  • LuvsHorror

    How much did she win on this ‘bet’?

  • CT

    I’m sorry, I don’t understand. (EDIT)

  • LuvsHorror

    Haha, you fixed it!

  • Taster’sChoice

    Thank you for this. Yeah sodomy is anything other than straight sex unless it’s your sister, then I vote it is sodomy. lol

  • link07

    And with a stern look at all times

  • link07

    My sister and I get along great, she even babysitts our kids, but the thought would never come to me.

  • link07

    The first paragraph…. genius

  • Alexander Pataki

    That must have been a very surreal interrogation – (cop) So you’re not a prowler, right? (Brother) ok, i admit it! I boned my sister! (Cue “Deliverance” style banjo music)

  • Megan Watkins

    Only in Georgia!

  • Melissa Stopka

    I fucking love you, Morbid.

  • john doe

    pretty damn sick people

  • Stormclouds

    … Eww… /Distant banjoes play

  • 1DireWolf

    Or West Virginia or South Carolina.

  • I feel like that should have ended in ellipses, like, perhaps, you could have gone on (or Oklahoma, or Arkansas, or Idaho…). 😛

  • Texas Ranger

    Bullshit. No self – respecting dude EVER watches the “Notebook” unless it’ll get him laid. They have done this shit many, many times before.

  • t0ofIy

    A sister named Christopher? I have heard of girls named Chris or Kris but never Christopher.

  • mobiusclimber

    … And the name of the place is Effingham county. Effingham.

  • ShelbySP

    …but it did get him laid.

  • Texas Ranger

    Exactly. That was the intended outcome all along.

  • Gamedame

    Exactly! Sounds like they shoulda been screwing pigs instead of siblings.

  • DeweyCheatam

    Swallower? lol

  • DeweyCheatam

    In bed, missionary position, lights out, and the neighbors not home!

  • DeweyCheatam

    Ehhhh, looks to me like the two aren’t mutually exclusive. That sister looks pretty porky to me.

  • thebossessecretary

    My mother keeps recommending that movie to me. Now I have an even better reason to tell her no.

  • Texas Ranger

    Unless you need a nap, don’t watch it.
    The ONLY redeeming thing about the movie is that Ol’ Jim Rockford ( James Garner) is in it. That is IT.

  • David Richter

    Might just be a Southern thing. I live in Tennessee and know of not one, not two but three girls named Michael. So maybe in Georgia, Christopher doubles as a chick name.

  • Lena60

    Its portly…PORTLY! 😛

  • John

    OK all the obvious weird shit out of the way. Did anyone mention or
    realize the dumbass just came out and told the police what they were
    doing? Uh, we are just walking home…No wait, really she is my sister
    and we just had sex three times…In a van down by the river…SNL Oh
    and her kids were in it too. SMH

  • Bevish

    There’s something bad wrong with that whole story. Christopher & Timothy, brother and sister… there’s your first problem. Admitted to watching the notebook, there’s your second problem… Admitted to being siblings, there’s your third problem… Admitted to having sex on church property… I don’t know where you can go from there, but I’m damn sure glad I’m not a public defender.

  • Bevish

    I feel sure there’s a country song in there somewhere.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Red eyes = Ask if they were smoking pot. Staggering = Ask them if they have been drinking. Incest? What the fuck even triggers this in a conversation/questioning?

  • Buffettgirl


  • Buffettgirl

    For SHAME! Why are you people judging these fine, fine citizens? Surely they need your compassion and support, not your harsh, negative judgments at this harrowing time in their lives? 😉

  • JohnQknowitall

    Some older names have odd origins to our ears. Kimberly used to be a male name as well as many others. I think these kids probably share the exact DNA of their single pair father-mother/aunt-uncle/brother-sister, brother-brother, sister-sister (i.e., they come from a long line of the same damaged DNA— come on, who is stupid enough to admit to sibling sex, muchless participate without force except if it seems within familiar norms?).

  • salad

    Disappointed in myself that I find this somewhat erotic.

  • Taster’sChoice

    Effingham county – That made me laugh – They didn’t mean FuckingHim county?

  • Sejanus

    Please for the love of all that’s right in the world be sure she isn’t knocked up with his retard seed.
    To be fair though she looks like she musta had mega tits….and some guys ..well boobs are our kryptonite.

    I would love to see that confession on video though…
    “well officerwe watched that there movie with the good lookin gir and the fela and I gots to thinkin…hmm some of my sisters biscuits and gravy would go awful good right now. So I done put it to her…ya right in the snatch hole.
    I know it’s wrong but ya see, she just looked so good….so firm and round and mah pecker was so achy.
    Anyhoo I done it to her, liked it…done it again..and then figured well sheeit, the Good Lord didn’t stop us so it must be ok..
    You wanna have a go at her..she is real tight sir.
    Dad once told me she was but I didn’t believe him til tonight. “

  • Sejanus

    More like Fucked a Ham cunty.

  • Veritas

    What do you expect in “Efingham”? Sex is so fun they named an entire town after it! Cops: what are the two of you doing? Couple: we’re Efing!

  • Edward Hickey

    Once their adults who cares what they do and why should their name be released to public? I think the family should be investigated for sure. Now forever be know for incest which is creepy but its a free country were told

  • captaingrumpy

    As long as you don’t swallow the evidence.

  • captaingrumpy


  • Leasha

    There’s some risqué stuff in the deleted scenes 😉

  • ScarletHarlot

    I’ve had this film on my shelf for several years now, and despite several crippling bouts of depression and a long gap of unemployment, I’ve yet to hate myself enough or be bored enough to actually make myself watch it. I don’t know why it’s still there even, perhaps to remind me that there’s always something better to do?

  • ScarletHarlot

    Leaving aside all the ick, I can’t wrap my head around why they ‘fessed up to the police. Police were called on suspected prowling… so dumb and related dumber thought “Not prowling! We can’t be known as prowlers, and the jail time! Let’s confess to incest on church property, and maybe we’ll get out of the prowling charge..which is clearly a far more serious crime than fucking your sibling or enjoying The Notebook.”

  • West Covina


  • Scrappy

    So why are we leaving out Florida?

  • Scrappy

    Okay, that is too sick to give you an upvote…but it really IS funny in your interpretation…

    I especially like the vernacular spelling. Nice work there Sejanus.


    I’m ashamed that I laughed. I shouldn’t encourage. (it was funny, though.)

  • esmerald 2006

    He is being charged with sodomy because his sister looks like a beast. Why are you guys burning your brains giving so much thought to the obvious?