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Jessica SmallwoodAKRON, OH – Jessica Smallwood was sentenced to one year in prison after she attacked the principal of her son’s elementary school, along with two other staff members, when told she could not eat breakfast with her son without a visitor’s pass.

The incident happened back in February and caused Glover elementary school to go into lockdown mode. It started when Smallwood, 26, accompanied her 7-year-old son inside the school to eat breakfast with him.

According to Smallwood, her special-needs son was often the target of bullies, so she would often eat breakfast with him at the school. According to Smallwood’s sister, she is known by the staff at the school and had made them aware of her son’s bullying situation.

When she arrived on the morning of the incident, a staffer allegedly told her that she didn’t need to sign in and let her proceed to the cafeteria with her son. Moments later, Principal Nancy Rich approached her and told her she needed to get a visitor’s pass or leave the school.

According to police, this resulted in an argument between Smallwood and Rich. Smallwood cursed at Rich and another teacher before pushing the teacher then wrestling the principal to the ground. Police say she also hit a cafeteria worker who had intervened.

The school was put on lockdown after a couple of calls were made to 911 during the fight. “She’s on the ground fighting one of our staff members,” an office worker told a dispatcher. “She threw our building principal onto the ground.” You can hear this call by clicking here.

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Of course Smallwood’s son witnessed the entire incident and watched as his mother was taken to jail in handcuffs by police. Smallwood was charged with three counts of assault. Two of these counts were felonies because they involved school instructors.

The teacher and cafeteria worker were not seriously injured during the melee, but Rich had a head injury treated at the scene by paramedics.

Earlier this month, Smallwood pleaded guilty to the charges. On Tuesday, Summit County Common Pleas Judge Jane Davis sentenced Smallwood to 14 months in prison. “She was very upset and surprised that she was sentenced to prison,” said her defense attorney, John Greven, who added that he was going seek an early release for Smallwood.

One reason for her surprise may be the fact that she never served any time for her 2011 conviction for trafficking marijuana and attempted tampering with evidence.

“She’s not a bad person,” Smallwood’s sister said. “Had this happened at a bar or something, OK. But for a school? That’s out of character for my sister.” So is she saying that bar fights are in character for her sister?

Regardless, I only feel bad for her son, who is now with relatives. Smallwood should have just gotten the friggin’ visitor’s pass — one of the recent security related policies enforced by schools that I actually have no issues with.

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  • mean birch

    stupid. enjoy the consequences dumb ass lady. A real help you are to your son NOW.
    IDIOTS. I hope the child wasn’t placed with the sister of the hitter……
    I’ve no patience today. Its official:

    I’m changing it from throw back Thursday to throw up Thursday.

  • King A sshole

    Smallwood… looking at her, I can see why.

  • Malodorous

    I wonder if she’s considered changing her son’s last name? Might lead to less bullying.

    I kid.

  • Texas Ranger

    you keed?

  • Texas Ranger

    She’s a colossal dumass….now that is out of the way….how does a visitor pass actually add to security? Maybe a locked door to where the person can’t walk all the way in like Smallwood did would be a good first step in “Security”?? I agree she should have played the game and got the pass, but it really seems to be a really dumb way to feel “secure”

  • BearsBluff

    Did she really think that eating breakfast with him would stop the bullying? I would think it would only make it worse…

  • CT

    JFC, I had to have a background check in order to help out at my son’s school in the cafeteria and this bitch was pissed she had to have a hall pass?

  • wastintime

    At my sons school adults have to use a separate entrance, and be buzzed in. Security makes sure that even during drop off and pick up times non students use the side entrance. But I know not all schools do this.

  • CT

    I love the Throw Up Thursday – may I borrow this?

  • wastintime

    I don’t know what her big deal was. Apologize to the principal and get the pass. I don’t think her fighting and getting arrested in front of the whole school helps this boy in the least. So much for helping her son.

  • Seems obvious that enforcing a visitor pass for visitors is an easy way of separating an authorized visitor from someone who is on school grounds that shouldn’t be.

    Having a locked door would not stop an adult from getting on the grounds, as not all schools are in self-contained buildings (not even counting outdoor play areas). Employing a security guard with a “buzz in” system would require re-design and, more importantly, money — something taxpayers never like to give to public schools.

    Most companies use a simple visitor pass system to help protect their employees, equipment and info from someone randomly walking around their building, why wouldn’t a school – especially when all it costs is a sticky piece of paper? I know of know school in my kid’s academic history that did not employ this.

  • Texas Ranger

    I understand why they do it, but didn’t she already sign in? What about the 50 other times she came in and did not have a pass? I guess I feel like if someone is on the property, pass or no pass, that the so-called security would have vetted them already. It just seems that a sticky saying Visitor doesn’t give me any more feeling of security than not having one. I can get a visitor pass at the school, that’s a fact, but how does that keep me from going nuts and tearing the place up? To me, Security is just that SECURITY, not an implied thing enforced with stickers on peoples chest. Stopping her after signing in, already who-knows how many steps into the building, and saying she needs a sticker is ludicrous, she could have killed 20 folks by that time. So the sticker doesn’t “Secure” a damn thing.

  • Texas Ranger

    that makes sense, and they should all practice it.

  • Texas Ranger

    Well damn, I’d background check you too…Do you not realize your reputation proceeds you?

  • She didn’t sign in and we don’t know how many times she’s done this before or whether she had a visitor pass when she did. As for security, how many security guards do you think roam the grounds of an elementary school?

    As for security, there is no ONE thing that secures a school. There are THINGS that do. Things that include participation on behalf of the school staff, parents and students as well as things like “buzz ins”, metal detectors, roaming drug dogs, armed guards, security cameras, locked doors and something as simple as visitor passes.

  • They would probably love to, if they had the money to put it in place.

  • mean birch

    Its yours, my gift to the wonderful CT!

  • Texas Ranger

    I’m not going to argue with you, because I don’t think we are on opposite sides here, just opposite ways of saying things, but I’ll leave it at this. Is the cost of a door buzzer system more than the lives on 1 kid let alone 20? My kids school is a 1A school, less than a 1000 total kids in the district, and it is NOT a rich district, but we got a door-buzzer, and a cop roaming around all day. That makes me feel better considering it is minimum of a 30 minute drive for the sheriff to arrive out here.

  • Texas Ranger

    It is a piece of the puzzle, but not as important as some of the office staff make it out to be.
    She didn’t sign in, my brain saw it as she “did” when I read it. My bad, I take that off the table.

  • curiousalways

    It might not prevent someone from going nuts, but it certainly prevents people who have no right to be around kids from being there and it also prevents children from being “taken” buy an adult who does not have legal custody or parental permission to take or associate with a child.

  • Texas Ranger

    Really? The sticker has that kind of power? I did not know that. I’m putting stickers all over my shit so it doesn’t disappear…just sarcasm on my part… I’m saying if the whole damn security system is based on a frickin sticker, you do not have any security.

  • curiousalways

    lol! Well in my sons school, there is only one entrance and you have to check in at the front desk. If you are not known to the receptionist, you can’t enter the building without having an approved reason to be there. So you get a fancy yellow sticker to slap on your shirt (if you approved to be there). So if you think about it, there really is no need for a sticker, because no one should be able to get past the front security…

  • Buffettgirl

    I’m hoping they require her to attend mandatory anger management classes while she’s in jail, she appears to need them, badly!

  • Texas Ranger

    bingo…that’s my point.

  • Belinda Morris

    Maybe she was already pissed off because she was tired of her son getting bullied and her principal being an asshole just sent this nut job right on over the edge? She still looks mad as fuck in her mugshot too!

  • JohnQknowitall

    I just thought that the child is probably better off with relatives, but on second thought those are the people who probably produced that hot mess.

  • Lena60

    I think she should stick to bar fights. 😛

  • laurablue87

    And now her son will need a visitor’s pass to see her. Good grief.

  • itsknotme

    Fourteen short months from now and several pages later, she’ll get the chance to tell her ‘True’ side of the story in a book. With a special needs kid, hungry for breakfast, Hollywood will have to make it a movie. Thankfully, I have a 1000 sheets roll of Scott TP and a full box of Crayola’s, I can have a screen play written. Using my Super-8 camera, I can film the movie in minutes. Now here’s the real problem,, if I try to make this venture as historically accurate as possible, so I can begin with
    based on a ‘True Story,’ does anyone know where I can get a couple of blond bimbos, a small baby pool, and a couple boxes of Jell-O? A vertically challenged adult dressed as a kid would be a real plus, too

  • Spifftastic

    The cost is having someone monitor it at all times. In any decently large school this would basically be a full time job which means the elimination of something else, like special needs teachers, arts, or music programs. It’s way more than a $20 buzzer.

  • Texas Ranger

    Why would you need a monitor at all times? Isn’t that the reason for a “buzzer”? Someone wants in, *buzz*, look at cctv, open door. I don’t or can’t see this being a busy, busy thing needing a person staring at a screen 24/7. It’s a school. After school is in session, doors are locked. Visitors are then buzzed in as necessary. It’s fairly inexpensive, It’s a lock that is operated with an electrical switch, I’m not talking Fort Knox locks.

  • Tom Octopus

    Ah yes. This is the best way to protect children. By sticking your fingers in you ears, singing “lalala” and closing your eyes. Assessing each situation as it comes along? Nah. Just be a stiff bureaucrat.

    Perhaps if the school doesn’t want parents to participate in certain activities with their children – They might as well just cut the crap and build a razor-wire topped perimeter fence and employ a sniper in a tower.

    Because, as we know, everyone’s a pedophile unless they have a pass…

    (If you wish to comment negatively on my post, please inform me in writing complete with photo ID. I will assess the request within 48 hours and issue you with a ‘pass’ if I feel like it.)

  • thebossessecretary

    I am so goddamn glad my kids are over 18. Because I hated all that school bullshit.

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    The best part would have been seeing the priceless looks on the kid’s faces when she served up the mac ‘n cheese with a crowbar. Rough on the trays, but I’d bet they ate every bit.

  • Vesper Bond

    “She was very upset and surprised that she
    was sentenced to prison,” said her defense attorney, John Greven, who
    added that he was going seek an early release for Smallwood.

    Well, my goodness, who knew that starting a ruckus, assaulting a few people, and causing an elementary school to go into lockdown would have consequences? Goodness me!

  • wolfe

    Yeah cause it is so hard to fool a school receptionist – “I’m here to pick my kid for a dentists appt.” I’m here to see my mom she’s a third grade teacher” (and there are probably a dozen teachers at least to choose from on the school website) – “I’m here to fix the internet/copy machine/vending machine.” – anyone who believes that the “sign in” process is form of security is fooling themselves.

  • wolfe

    Right, but when you have done everything else, and begged the school to help and they do nothing, you have to do something. Schools will continue to see violent outbursts from parents and students if they continue to punish the kids/parents who are trying to protect themselves from bullies, and yet still do nothing to the bullies themselves.

  • wolfe

    I supect you are right. And since she was known to have be doing this and the the person in charge of handing out the passes let go in without one, it seems like the principal was trying to push her buttons.

  • wolfe

    To be fair schools go into lockdown over absolute nothing these days – my daughter’s school went into lock down 4 times last because each time they found a single spent shell on the ground.

  • Texas Ranger

    Yep, And said “Thank-ya Mam” too. Maybe even a click of their heels as a salute also.

  • Hanson Larkin

    Wow, she makes the lady from Kevin Bacon’s Lover Boy sound pretty reasonable.

  • Benighted

    We could walk into the school with our kids in the morning if we dropped them off but there were always two or three staff members just inside the door who would challenge anyone who tried to go further than the entrance. We only have a ten minute window for drop off then the doors are all locked until pick up time. If you need to get into the school during the day you have to call ahead and get a visitor pass when you go in, or wait in the office to have your child brought to you. If you get caught wandering the halls without a visible visitor volunteer pass, they chuck you out.

  • Winka Hush

    Pleaseeeee a mother sitting with her child will bring more bullying! Is she stupid she just ruined her life and her sons life mentally!!

  • Sejanus

    So many jokes in that name.
    It is just too damned easy.

  • You may not be talking about Fort Knox, but you are talking out of your ass.

    For example, one school is implementing a lock down process that is going to cost $190,000 and take five years just to replace all the doors. Another school spent $170,000. That same school also budgeted $558,839 for this current school year’s safety procedures, a budget that included police officer salaries.

    TIME did an article a while back that talked about the main reason a lot of schools have not implemented any of these “advanced” security features is because of the exact reason I already mentioned – funding.

    The article also notes that at the Sandy Hook shooting, the school already had a lock door policy… unfortunately, a locked door doesn’t stop someone from shooting it open.

    My point being, a visitor pass may not stop a shooter, but neither will a a $20 dollar buzzer from radio shack, or $500,000 worth of security. It is impossible to make a school 100 percent safe from someone wanting to cause harm to students, and were not even talking about harm that may be coming from a student themselves inside the school already.

    If you really want schools that would provide maximum safety for your kids during the school day, I have a perfect solution. They’re called prisons.

  • Me0w

    Even the school my kiddo attends(population of town is around 1000 and the school is always lacking in budget, she only has 24 children in her class this year and most classes range between 11-30) only lets you use the main entrance that brings you directly to the school office. You have to sign in and usually show ID. I can show up whenever I wish and have breakfast or lunch with my child, but I still have to pass by the office and I still have to sign in and get a pass like everyone else. It’s more of a simple fix of only keep one main entrance for everyone and keep someone at that entrance.

  • thesource

    wait a second. she came in to eat with her son knowing hes being bullied. tells staff tells principle. was there anything done about it? maybe they didnt believe her and tagged her as a nuisance. Someone obviously knew her to let her in the school. was the principle being an ass because he or she is an authority figure and had a personal issue with her? someone screwed up and didnt give her a visitors badge, dont make a big deal out of it. 20 minutes to eat with her son and she leaves. no incident, no fight, no charges, no big deal. next time she will make sure she gets a badge no matter what they tell her. there are two sides two every story. this is half.

  • thesource

    open up your mind. you might learn something. might even evolve. smh

  • Texas Ranger

    I don’t know why your getting twisted about this, but you originally said a visitor pass is good security, I said bullshit. In my opinion I am right. You also stated exactly what I believe and that all the security shit in the world ( 20 bucks to 20 million bucks) don’t make you safe….so what the heck is your point? I’m missing something here. I am only talking about Texas, but 200,000 bucks is the football budget around here, and I think that’s a complete waste. Use some of that Gatorade money and get a door that locks on closing. I cannot speak for the schools where you are at. Maybe that’s the issue? Our schools waste tons of money, hence my anger, maybe yours are a little more tightly run?
    But, If you can tell me that a 60 year old woman sitting at a reception desk, determining who has access or not in a school is good security, than I have nothing else to add. I do agree SOMETHING is better than nothing, but if you going to sit there and tell me that our kids are safe because she gave someone a sticker…I will say it again…bullshit.
    There is no amount of things you can install or buy that will make someone secure. All the security stuff is nothing more than a façade to make people feel safe. If TSA security didn’t stop an armed man shooting up an airport, nothing a school can add will either. If you can’t stop it, you prepare for it. Our school also has locks on the classroom doors that can only be locked/unlocked from the inside. Active shooter comes in, you turn out the lights and lock the door. Deny the shooter a target.
    Maximum Security Prisons? No, all I ask for the schools to do is proactively listen to valid complaints, and make good faith decisions to benefit all. Do the best they can. If the school trip to Europe is cancelled because they need to hire a security guard, so be it. Call the cops and lock a kid up because his mom put a plastic knife in his lunch to cut up his banana?? Not the direction they should be going.

  • rhinana’s raging red beaver

    The statements “she’s not a bad person” and”her 2011 conviction for trafficking marijuana and attempted tampering with evidence” really say it all.

  • Karma

    OK – I am no fan of violence, especially in front of children, but according to the story, the mother came to the school fairly regularly, and underlying the story is that she did it because the school didn’t protect her kid. There is no indication that there were any issues previously. So why did the principal decide to call her on it, and what did the principal say/do? I mean, this woman clearly cares about her kid, so she can’t be ALL bad. My guess would be that if she were told to get a visitor badge from now on, she would. I suspect that the principal is a bully (as most are) and told her to spit out her eggs and go get one NOW, or something along those lines. It’s not an excuse of course, but it would definitely be a mitigating factor. I mean, I can see how this situation could happen, especially with an already pissed-off mom who feels like the school is not protecting her child!

  • Jessie

    Wow, if her kid was bullied before, he’s FUCKED now! All of the middle and high schools here in the DC area have cops sitting out front now. Circling and waiting for some shit like this to go down…

  • Karma

    Which is why I moved out of the city, and ate generic brands of food so my kid could go to private school!

  • JohnQknowitall

    Remember it’s Ohio, so imagine a nasally southern accent in that expressed anger.

  • Sara

    And how is her son’s situation now, I wonder? He has special needs, he’s being bullied, he had to sit there and watch his mom get into a physical altercation with the school principal and other staff, and now he’s going to be without his mother for over a year. I understand how pissed off she was and know from personal experience what kind of people our kids have to deal with in the school system, but it doesn’t justify that behavior. Or the harm now being done to her innocent child, who is now without his mother for a year.
    I don’t think badly of her, though. It looks like they set her up and kept nudging her until she blew up. Public schools don’t exactly treat special needs students or their parents with much respect. (My apologies to those that do, as I am certain there are exceptions.) My son was in public school last year and it got to the point that I’d drop him off, come home and cry. After a while, I’d do everything in my power to avoid interaction with the “educators.” Sometimes, when I had to interact with them, I’d sit there and smile (a sign that I am truly furious.) The prevailing attitude was, “Drop your child off and get the hell out.” When I’d talk to the principal about it, he assured me that I had every right to sit in on classes, have lunch with my son, etc. But when he wasn’t around, the teacher and paras made this very difficult for me. At one point, they even threatened to bring child services into it in order to bully me into submission, but thankfully, I know someone at the schoolboard who was able to help me nip that in the bud.

    That school also had the asinine security measures. I’m not saying that security measures are bad–they’re not. And they’re needed. But the way it’s done is ineffective and idiotic. The only people their security measures cover are people who walk up to the front office and announce their presence. The school building itself was built in the 1950s and has been updated very little in the past 60 some odd years. It was built for a capacity of 250 students, but has 600. At the busiest parts of the day, no one is paying attention to anyone else. It always made me nervous, to know that anyone could walk in there at the beginning or end of the day, or during lunch or class changes, saunter right past the main office and go wherever they like, take whoever they want. And, all one had to do to get a visitor’s sticker was walk up to the desk, say, “Hey, I’m so-and-so’s mom or dad…” and they’re all like, “Oh, here you go!” No ID check. And, you don’t have to relinquish that sticker when you leave. Anyone could keep their sticker and then go in whenever they liked and no one would question their presence. They also kept the stickers right on the front desk! All someone with ill-intent would have to do is reach over and grab one.

    Also, since the school is so out-of-date, it woudln’t take much for some gun-waving madman to get in that school and wreak havoc. The glass on the windows is not bulletproof, the locks on the doors are rudimentary, the hinges are worse, and the only thing keeping people out of the playground is a rusty 6 foot chain link fence. Anyone with malevolent intent would have no trouble getting in. It’s my suspicion that the whole signing in and getting a visitor’s sticker process is a way to ease people’s fears in the wake of certain tragedies and to absolve the school of any blame, should another tragedy occur.

    But I do believe very strongly in following rules, so I always stopped by the main office and got my visitor’s sticker. There was one time, however, that I ran into a problem with it. I was dropping my son off in the back of the school one day (since he has special needs, he had to be dropped off and picked up at the back of the school) and security locked the gates behind me. When I realized this, I went back into the school to get some help, but when I found someone, a paraprofessinal (who knew me!), before I could explain to her what had happened, she said, “You can’t walk through the school without a visitor’s pass.” I said, “I’m sorry; I know and I’m heading back out, but I have a big problem: I’ve been locked in; can you contact security to let me out?” She shook her head and said, “That’s your fault. Now go back out.” And I said, “Do you expect me to hang out in the school yard for the next 7 hours?” And she said, “Not my problem, ma’am.” I went back outside and was reaching into my pocket for my cell phone–I was going to call the police–when the head of security spotted me and said, “Oh, no! I’m so sorry! I didn’t realize you were still here. Hang on, I’ll have you out of here in a jiff.” (She was a sweet lady–made interacting with others at that school a lot more bearable!) But some of these educators are vicious and they really seem to hate parents in general. By the end of the school year, the feeling was quite mutual! There certainly were times I felt like drop-kicking a few of them to the moon. But I held off because my son needs me at home, not in jail.
    On a personal note, things are going better for us this year. He’s now in a private school specifically for special needs kids, on a full scholarship. The difference is noticeable and the atmosphere is 100% better.

  • Sara

    I wouldn’t doubt it at all if it went down that way. I’ve been there, done that! Well, minus the part where I would be wiping the floor with whoever decided to piss me off that day. I strongly believe in staying calm and then going to someone’s boss and complaining as eloquently as possible. I find it gets more results in my favor. It almost seems like they set her up to go off just so they’d have an excuse to have her arrested. I certainly felt like some teachers were setting me up so I’d do or say something inappropriate and they’d have an excuse to get rid of me. People like that really do suck:(

  • t3chsupport

    If a bully becomes a bully because they were bullied, they’re just another bully. This woman should be hit by a truck. She made victims not just of school staff, but her own son and any other kids who had to witness that.

  • I never recall saying a visitor pass was good security. I said a visitor pass was a cheap way of implementing a type of security. A type of security that seemed to work in this case, it seems, as this story (or this convo) would have never happened because had the idiot been wearing one, the staff would have known she was an authorized visitor and not some custodial parent about to abduct the kid she didn’t have custody of.

    My disagreement with you is your assertion that since it isn’t as effective as a door buzzer, and was “dumb.” I think the question you asked was: “how does a visitor pass actually add to security?” All I did was answer your question while providing reasons why some schools are only able to employ that form of security over electronic doors and armed guards.

  • Texas Ranger

    Fair enough. I guess where I got crossed as to its effectiveness was when the lady had already passed the receptionist, told not to sign in, then was run down by the principal to get one. To me getting the sticker at this time made no difference, if she wanted to shoot the place up, she had already been given ample chance. To me the “getting a pass” then was wayyyy past any effectiveness it was supposed to be giving in the first place. That’s was my point in that they are stupid security if not used correctly, the pass isn’t the security, the receptionist was. To me it was a moot point and the principal was just being a douche/bitch for whatever reason she had that morning.

  • If someone was found walking around one of my workplaces without a visitor badge, we had to stop them and walk them to the receptionist to get one. We were not instructed to say, “You got us!” and then let them go about their business.

    Sometimes trespassers are not trespassing to harm anyone. Sometimes they are there just to steal or cause damage to property.

    The principal was merely enforcing the security rules they had in place that helped them easily identify someone who was not authorized to be in the school. It didn’t matter if a staff member had also broke that rule.

    The only one being a douche/bitch in this scenario was the mother.

  • Texas Ranger

    Mom was a bitch for sure. I am not so sure the principal was innocent of being one though. Escalation to the beat down point takes 2 bitches in my experience.

  • iwantapony

    Does anybody else think that Miss Piggy nose is kinda hawt?

  • thesource

    this is exactly my point.

  • tkaz

    That poor little boy. I hope the family he’s with is a good change for him.

  • AbsintheSummer

    Lol actually residents of Ohio have a somewhat northern sounding accent to those of us who actually live in the south.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Hmmm I work with and live near some former Ohioans. As far as a northern accent goes I only hear loudness on top of Hannah Montana. lol ;P

  • Miranda Mosley Lasure

    So glad things are better for your son this year…..I also have experienced some of the same attitudes with the ‘educators’ in my children’s schools, over the years. Many of the people who work in schools have that ‘holier than thou’ attitude, and are allowed to treat parents very rudely.

  • Nikki

    It says right in the article that she went to get a pass and the lady in the office said she didn’t need to get one

  • BlackHeywood

    When keeping it Real goes Wrong.