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Shari WaltersAlbuquerque, NM — This lovely lass is facing multiple charges for allegedly poisoning her roommates’ food shortly after they learned she was shaggin’ their shepherds.

Shari Walters, 53, was charged Thursday with aggravated battery, cruelty or extreme cruelty to animals, and assault with intent to commit a violent felony.

According to the criminal complaint, one of Walters’ roommates called police a couple weeks ago to report she had been poisoned.

In the complaint, Walters’ roommate, Beverly Bradley, stated to police that she had witnessed Walters having sex with her German Shepherd, Spike, in a shed on the property. She was shocked, she told police, and returned to the house to wait for Walters.

When Walters walked into the home, she didn’t even try and deny that she had been screwing the pooch. Instead, she admitted to Beverly that she copulated with her dog. Multiple times. Furthermore, she also admitted she had been fucking dogs since she was 14. Hell, she even fucked her boyfriend’s German Shepherd, Jake. Multiple times.

The boyfriend, Jeffrey Bradley, also a roommate in the home, was informed of such and dumped Walters. Presumably after scouring his dick with bleach two or fifteen times.

While eating dinner the next night, both Beverly and Jeffrey noticed their food tasted a little ‘off,’ but Walters continued to nag at them to eat it. One complained that the water looked a little murky, but drank it down anyways.

Both of the roommates reported some minor symptoms after eating the food, which Walters later told them was laced with toilet bowl cleaner and rubbing alcohol. Walters reportedly informed her victims that she would “stop trying to kill [them] if Jeffrey would be with her.”

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“That’s psycho to me,” says Beverly. “I just don’t understand it.”

Know what else is psycho? Walking in on some gutter trash fucking your dog, allowing said trash to finish fucking your dog, and then allowing that same nasty bitch to eat dinner with you and yours. In your home. Around your dogs. That she has admittedly had sex with multiple times. There is nothing about this story that’s not psycho.

The head of the household said he was concerned the dogs would contract the diseases he was aware Walters had, the complaint says, but a veterinarian at the VCA Animal Hospital said they wouldn’t get the herpes or any other nasty STD. They do, however, have minor injuries that could be attributed to being raped by a skank.

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  • Been fucking dogs for almost 40 years, she needs put away forever.

  • Texas Ranger

    What I want to know is…how she get the dogs drunk before screwin her nasty ass… She’s a bottle of Jack and 2 paper sack chick…at her very best.

  • Mr.CustodialArts

    The only victim in all of this is the German Shepherd as far as I can tell.

  • Belinda Morris

    Know what’s even more psycho than fucking dogs? People who are upset more so over the dogs than the human lives she tried to take!!! WTF!

  • mean birch

    such a huge cluster fuck.

    seriously? they never noticed she was psycho before she was caught torturing the dog?

  • 1DireWolf

    If I had ever fucked that ugly skank I would not only bleach my dick but also my eyes. Then hang myself.

  • Davemthree22

    At 0:55 in the video, try and tell me Matt Howerton isn’t overjoyed about getting to report this story. I lost it when they tossed him the dish soap and toilet cleaner XD

  • King A sshole

    Moist, much, bitch.????

  • DeweyCheatam

    I think the article said it all: how psyco are the two “victims” who, knowing what the crazy bitch was all about, continued to let her live there, shared meals with her, etc. They didn’t throw her out or call the cops or some other reasonable response. They knew what they were getting into. The poor dogs had no choice.

  • Lena60

    Apparently, she must not have gotten in trouble before all this.Sick skank.No excuse for the people she lives with either.

  • Peggy Storer

    I do know that im sick and twisted for even asking this. Its not that I want to know.. I NEED to know! How is it possible for a female (if thats what you call it) have sexual intercourse with a dog? Does anyone have a clue? Haha..

  • jansav

    why would you let a dog fkn bitch touch your food?. Let alone stay in your house after you caught her fkn the pooch? Some people absolutely astound me.

  • MrClayton

    I heard of screwing the pooch, but DAYMMM..The news program didn’t need to show the rape victims. I thought it was pretty much policy everywhere not to show the faces of rape victims, and these looked under age too.

  • EmilyClocke

    “‘That’s psycho to me,’ says Beverly”

    That’s psycho to everyone, Beverly

  • LuvsHorror

    She let it hump her?

  • Helen Payne

    I hope those dogs did not get a disease by her

  • Kristina


  • DeweyCheatam

    Uuuuhh, I guess I just assumed “doggy style?” *heaves* *retches*

  • link07

    “And the award for absolute worst roomate ever goes to….”

  • link07

    Imagine finding out your significant other is really into dog sex. Then he lets her stay in his house/touch his food?

  • colliefreak


  • colliefreak

    And no, being more upset over the dogs than the roommates is not more psycho than fucking them. I can’t think of many things that are.

  • Two German Shepherds. And let’s not forget about all of her other four-legged victims.

  • Like we needed a visual to know what they were talking about…

  • If you’re really curious, you could google. I’m betting there are tons and tons of informative videos out there. 😉

  • They didn’t.

  • Mr.CustodialArts

    Just in case one wasn’t in the mood, I guess.

  • BoyGirlBoyGiraffe

    You people obviousely have never made sweet love to a dog… from what I hear, its quite thrilling! Or is that cats?!?

  • Dogs may have not had a choice but it doesn’t matter, still had sex! Who is it always says that here?

  • Sejanus

    Well to be honest the only sex she would get with a face like that would have to be..

    ….wait for it…..


  • Sejanus

    I can sort of empathize with the vics in this.
    Once knew a girl and she asked me over for some freaky random internet sex…so being horny …anyhoo long story short…
    I get there early and she is doing her shepherd on the living room floor with the front door open.

    Stayed dry for 6 months trying to get over that barnyard freak.

  • NoBS

    Kiddy porn, it gets worse from there 😮

  • Lucy Van Pelt

    I didn’t even approve of Big Boo and her implied dog sex on OITNB and that is fiction. How can anyone go there???

  • colliefreak

    Agreed, that is a pretty obvious one. Psycho and sickening.

  • colliefreak

    It says that they were injured and she was charged with extreme cruelty, so she obviously harmed them in some way.

  • Dragonsmuse

    How does one fuck a dog? (Or any other animal) I can see how it is possible to molest them via handjob/blowjob, and penetration- but you can’t exactly ride a dog cowgirl, and if the dog was horny- could it even fit in?

    These are the disturbing questions I ask myself after reading this article. Poor pups :'( and poor poisoned people. I hope she gets serious jail time.

  • Flomox

    not charged with attempted murder? when she SAID ‘ill stop trying to kill you’?

  • itsknotme

    My thoughts are with a little luck, and the right persuasion to the DA, she may get away with shagging a dog.

  • Anatomycat

    I know. I seriously died, I was laughing so hard. The victims look mostly okay though. Smiling and wagging their tails…

  • Malodorous

    Well first of all, they generally bind the pouch’s forepaws up in wrappers, so they don’t scratch the fuck out of their breasts while fucking them…

  • Defafan

    I had the same questions… not sure how a woman f*cks a dog… Not sure I want the answer though. She is one dirty dog.

  • Defafan


  • thebossessecretary

    The most interesting thing about this sickening story (which is disgusting all around) is that dogs don’t get herpes or other STD’s. Really?

  • CT

    She must have a thing for foreign men.

  • CT

    OK, how is the brother not pissed that she went from dating him to dating his dogs?

  • CT

    NOOOO, I fallen for this trick here — remember, two girls, one cup? That shit can not be unseen.

  • letinstar

    sick bitch needs to be put down…and what idiots the roommates are for letting that continue to live with them AND allow her to cook for them…

  • lol.

    Cross-species transmission of viruses is actually quite uncommon, as immunities are often species-specific. When viruses do make the jump, it is generally between similar species. We aren’t clear on exactly how it works except in specific examples (like rabies), but there are a number of factors involved.

  • Inferus

    If you’re gonna shag dogs, might as well be a bitch.

  • wastintime

    Oh my Gods! Why wasn’t she arrested when she was busted doing the dirty with the pets? Why was she still in the home? Why didn’t one of them shoot her?

  • Jessie

    Animals have their own versions of our STDs. Similar viruses but slight differences make them species specific. But we can catch things from primates, as Athena mentioned.

  • Jessie

    That picture of her is awesome. Kinda says it all.

  • JohnQknowitall

    How did the brother not get sick knowing that he was intimate with the same person as his dogs?

  • Delaney3030

    I think the dogs were complicit. It’s statutory at worst. It’s hard for a woman to rape a man and I’m sure she wasn’t struggling to smoosh a flaccid dog penis into her vagina. Furthermore I’m sure dogs are less discerning in their choices of species to fucking hump and if everyone is worried about the dogs dignity…. c’mon it’s a fucking dog. It will hump a leg of any other mammal.

  • Delaney3030

    Haha. I didn’t even have to watch the video. The still was enough for me. I will cut my hair like his next time I’m at the barber.

  • Delaney3030


  • Delaney3030

    That’s why I’ve never watched it

  • Delaney3030

    They entice the dog to Fuck them, dummies. Hehe. It’s statutory. Complicit digs

  • Delaney3030

    He is handsome for an old guy

  • Dude. If I wasn’t working 50-hour weeks (with 10 hours a week of commuting on top of it), I’d write some shit up myself just so that I didn’t have to see this nauseating picture as soon as I popped in every time.

    But, 4-year-old.

  • Kim Graves

    So they called the cops about being poisoned but not about the dog fucking ugh

  • Jessie

    50 hour work weeks?! Why??? Nothing is THAT important.

  • Ohhh… in the design engineering of large machines, some things are. Not forever, though. Just need to catch us up over the next month.

    And then I’ll take, like, a week off. 😛

  • Buffettgirl

    Did she style her hair with dog jizz? WTF?

  • ShelbySP

    Ugh, that incident made me really dislike boo and she was one of the characters I really liked. I know what you mean. How can you let a dog lick your geen-gine? On top of how innocent and childlike they are, they also got some nasty ass breath. Like, mine go out in the yard and eat shit. I’d be the one concerned about diseases.

  • Jessie

    I thought for a moment that MAYBE it was because you lived with your MIL :-p

  • I can’t front like work isn’t my vacation sometimes.

  • salepo

    Find a disturbing little book called The Virgin’s Pet.It describes it in detail

  • salepo

    Trying to make sweet love to a cat sounds dangerous as hell!

  • captaingrumpy

    I care more about those dogs than the creeps that live with the Psycho.

  • Stephen Williams

    OK it’s clear to me now, from her mugshot those two dogs need to be arrested for Bestiality. Her ex-boyfriend is concerned that she gave THE DOGS a venereal disease? OMG!

  • Stephen Williams

    How about a guy that’s fucking her knowing that she’s been fucking the two dogs AND that she has VD! Unbelievable.

  • Stephen Williams

    She gave them VD, that’s how they were injured.

  • Stephen Williams

    Well granted the dogs were probably eager to fuck her. Dogs can be very horny creatures and will hump your leg to get off. I guess a human pussy to them is just as good as a canine one. The trouble is she had VD and gave it to them.

  • Stephen Williams

    Fucking a skank like that is sheer torture for any human or animal!

  • Stephen Williams

    Well I saw some films at a bachelor party and yes it is VERY possible for women to fuck male dogs. It was gross to watch but some very good looking Swedish girls were down on all fours and Fido was giving them the bone.

  • Stephen Williams

    They get down on all fours and let the dog fuck them like they were a female dog. The male dog’s cock swells up and locks inside of them for about 15 minutes. I saw a foreign flick at a bachelor party, two very good looking Swedish girls were doing it like that.

  • Stephen Williams

    Yeah it’s called “hair of the dog that fucked you” LOL

  • thebossessecretary

    I will NOT be screwing any monkeys this week.

  • WTFOMGLOL thing you know, she’ll be on the welfare, loading up on Alpo and pupperonis to feed her litter of 16, while she’s out turning tricks at the local dog pound. THINK OF THA PUPPIES!!!!!!!!

  • sativagrl

    Who else was gonna pound that out

  • sativagrl

    Looks like Tan Mom is back.

  • Amercan111

    The farther West you go, the stranger the people become.

  • Amercan111

    Welcome to the world of meth, my friends…

  • Barely There

    Sorry to all you sensitive folk, but this is hilarious! She should be locked up for attempt murder yes, but, look at the other news people! POS selling infant rape, and this bitch wants a German Shepard for a bf..who gives a shit!!