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Austin HamiltonTAMPA, FL – Police have charged 24-year-old Austin Hamilton with first-degree murder after he admitted to using a belt to whip a 1-year-old to death because the boy peed on him during a diaper change.

On Saturday, the child’s mother went to work and left him and his 6-year-old brother with Hamilton in a room at the Motel 6 where she lived. Hamilton, who is not the father of either child, called 911 later that night to report the boy was having trouble breathing.

The child would die after being rushed to the hospital by paramedics who arrived and found him unresponsive on a bed. Hamilton initially claimed he didn’t hit or punish the boy in any way, and that the boy was not involved in any accidents.

That story would change after the Hillsborough County Medical Examiner’s Office report stated the child died as a result of blunt force trauma to the lower abdomen, and ruled his death a homicide.

When detectives confronted Hamilton with these findings, he changed his story and admitted he was responsible for the boy’s death. He said that while changing the toddler’s diaper, he “lost control” when the boy urinated on him.

“Lost control” is a bit of an understatement in this particular case, as Hamilton told detectives he used a leather belt to whipped the boy several times all over his body before picking him up and dropping him, causing the boy to hit his head.

After Hamilton’s admission, police arrested him on charges of first degree murder and aggravated child abuse. He’s currently in the Hillsborough County Jail. The 6-year old was not injured.

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Police Looking For Man Captured On Camera Abducting Toddler From Washington Park
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  • Dorothy Petrillo Zbornak

    My heart breaks for this little boy. I keep thinking of the pain he must’ve felt while being brutally beaten. That fear…it’s chilling.

  • mean birch

    Just sounds familiar. Mother at work, boyfriend babysitting. Child gets hurt or killed. WAKE UP BREEDERS. YOUR CHILD, YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.As for those looser boyfriends. Remember…there’s nothing lower than a baby killer…rot in hell tough guy.

    Poor baby.,, r.i.p.

  • King A sshole

    It’s in Florida so… what was he high on?

  • LovableFreak

    How the hell do these “moms” just leave their babies with their dick of the month? I’ve seen this story repeated so many times on this sight it’s almost like a broken record, just change the faces and city in FL. That poor baby. My youngest recently had his first birthday and I just can’t imagine why someone would beat the shit out of someone so innocent and small. RIP little guy, you’ll never be scared or hurt again:'(

  • itsknotme

    “… changing the toddler’s diaper, he “lost control” …”

    Did Austin Hamilton have penis envy?

  • 1DireWolf

    If you ever change a baby boy, they will get ya sooner or later. I am sure this piece of shit peed on his parents. I hope he dies in a fire.

  • Leslie33

    Two words…..peepee teepee. I have two boys & let me tell you…amazing invention!!

  • Harper

    A 1 year old weighs around 20-25lbs, absolutely no way for a child that small to protect himself against an adult. I hope the boys in jail hunt this fucker down every day and he spends every moment in fear for his life.

  • Harper

    It’s the cool air, happens to everyone who has a son. What do you do….get a wipe and clean yourself up, change your shirt….no this asshole decided to grab a belt and beat this child to death.

  • Kim Graves

    You can basically make a template out of these cases and just fill in name, age of child, gender of child, cause for example, fell down stairs, fell in tub, stopped breathing etc, or should i say excuses

  • Kim Graves

    Last week probably

  • Tender Branson

    Oh it was just a baby, come on.

  • Sejanus

    This is one time R Kelly would have been the preferred choice.

    This guy needs to be slow boiled in a vat of horse piss.

  • Aussie Sabbath

    What happened to just putting a peg on it?
    Imagine how he’s going to feel when Bubba and his lackeys piss all over him.

  • Gamedame

    I had two toddler boys when I met and fell in love with my husband. It was at least a year and a half after we moved in together that I trusted him enough to leave him alone with my boys while I made a quick trip to the store, etc. I knew that I loved the man, but until I was absolutely positive that he loved and would protect my boys I wouldn’t agree to marry him. Thirty-three years later, and I can honestly say that I got one of the good ones. Although their “natural” father has always been in their lives, my boys consider their step-father to be their REAL dad, as my husband is the one that taught them how to grow up to be hard working, successful, loving men.
    WHAT are these women thinking? Before my husband took over, I had my mom or my sister watch my children while I worked. Yes, I had to work nights, when they were available, and no, it wasn’t ideal for a new relationship, but it was what was best for my boys.
    That mother should spend the rest of her life hearing the echo of her little boy screaming for her, as he must have done when he was in sheer agony and pure terror, as his mommy’s fuck of the week beat the life out of his tiny little body. And that “Big Man” who couldn’t handle a little baby pee and used all of his might to torture that little guy to death, he doesn’t deserve to live.

  • Jessie

    You know you’re a fucked up piece of trash when you live in a Motel 6 with a man who is NOT THE FATHER of your children. That’s when you know. Well that’s one less mouth to feed, mom- right?

  • Jessie

    I thought it was the water there?

  • What are these women thinking?

    That’s great that you had a support network. Many women don’t. If I were single, I wouldn’t. Mom’s long dead; sister’s got two kids of her own, one only four months, and a third child to care for would throw her off the deep end. Luckily, I’m neither single nor broke and living out of a motel room. But full time daycare is expensive, and something that many “working-poor” moms simply can’t afford even with government subsidies. Yeah, “they should have thought about that before they had a kid.” In a perfect world.

    But this world is far from perfect, and a lack of resources forces people into unideal scenarios. The bottom line is, no woman thinks the man who holds them tenderly and tells them how much they love them will turn around and kill one of their children. It’s just not an automatic consideration. Should it be? Sadly, yes. But I can easily see how a desperate woman would fail to contemplate the possibility.

    This woman will spend the rest of her life wallowing in regret. It’s a hell I can’t even imagine. But the piece of shit who murdered a baby should be the target of our judgment. This woman is a victim as well.

  • Let’s not kid ourselves. Us catty females would still find a way to blame the woman if she was living in a mansion with the child’s father who did this. “This doesn’t just happen! There were signs!”

    Women: Tearing each other down at our best moments and our worst.

    …and people wondered why an internet-heavy individual like myself stayed away from mommy boards as a new mother. Bitches are cruel. 😛

  • Jessie

    Lololol YES. Especially ME :-p PS I had to remove myself from the mommy boards too. You guys are the only ones who still tolerate me.

  • Too cruel for even a mommy board?!

    Yeah, we still love you. We’re kinda fucked up, if you hadn’t noticed. In that, twitchy eye, occasionally drooling sort of way. <3

  • Jessie

    Don’t I know it! ;-D And I love you all like family- a sick and twisted family from a Rob Zombie movie, but I digress….

    Yes I had to get away from baby center when I got into a very heated arguement with a woman who was still rear facing her TWO YEAR OLD. I was furious! I asked her where she got her safety statistics that showed two year olds were safer if they were facing the back of the car. She said she didn’t have any but that if it was the right way to place her newborn then it must also be the correct way to face the older toddler.

    I swear some women are MORONS! And they’re the ones with the most kids! I’m always harder on the females because I guess I just expect more from us.

  • Texas Ranger

    Baby-Daddy and Baby-Daddy-Family has some responsibility too.

  • Texas Ranger

    If we are family and all…..can I borrow 50 bucks?

  • Jessie

    Ahhhhhh Tex, I’d be more likely to buy you a beer or a lapdance :-p That way I know where my money is going.

  • Jessie

    In all fairness, my dear Athena, you don’t know for sure that this woman will be wallowing in regret for the rest of her life. She might be a remorseful, but she also might not give a crap like the lady who shoved her newborn in the trash can while working her shift… The only victim is the poor baby she left in the hands of a monster.

  • It’s a MUCH more reasonable assumption than the assumption people are blaming her for not making.

    This woman was working. Presumably, to provide for her child, as we have not heard of a drug habit or prior CPS involvement, both of which would typically be reported in a case like this.

    A parent mourning the loss of a child and deeply regretting any hand they may have had in it is the norm. It is the affirmative that one must create a compelling argument to debunk.

  • Texas Ranger

    I can promise you I wouldn’t waste it on rent or food if that’s the issue..

  • Stormclouds

    Wonder what he’d feel like if someone did it to him, hmm? It’s a baby, male, thus an involuntary reaction to cold air at that age and the person changing the nappy gets wet. It happens, it’s called having a baby. To kill the poor little tyke… smh

  • Jessie

    I agree that the fact this woman was actually WORKING does mean she might give a shit… But we cannot know for sure. You’re right, we are all attacking her poor decision making skills. But let’s not call her a victim just yet!

  • Kristina

    Why aren’t you working Loser…..parasite, I hate men who lay down with women they don’t love just so they have a place to sleep…And sometime i hate the women that let them even more. Enjoy the three hots and a cot you were ultimately after fuck face.

  • thebossessecretary

    If you have a baby, and haven’t been pissed on during a diaper change, I would call you a liar.

  • Poor decision making skills? The other person in this story beat a baby to death. But, yeah, let’s talk about the decision making skills, lol. You’ll have to excuse me if I just don’t see the logic in that. Because we expect more out of each other? Maybe that’s where our difference in opinion stems from. I see how my fellow “sisters” drive, and that leads me to not expect a goddamn thing. 😛

    She is a parent who lost a young child under particularly tragic circumstances. She is a victim until someone can prove otherwise. Remember, she also had a 6-year-old. No word of that child being in poor condition.

  • GracieW

    Children that young have no bladder control. They can’t hold it or even pee on someone on purpose. I have 2 boys and I’ve been peed on so many times. I just scream and laugh and the boys would laugh and it becomes a memory that I tuck away and chuckle at as they grow older. I cannot imagine beating any baby for anything. There are so many people today with no self control whatsoever. They go from 0 to 60 in a second and the rage immediately bubbles over. What ever happened to the virtue of temperance (self-restraint)?

  • 1DireWolf

    All true, but I have to wonder if she had never seen a sign of his rage. Someone who goes off like that is not going to be a surprise.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Sounds like just as good a reason as I can think of to be a complete piece of shit sociopath bully murderer of children. People without a fuse are dangerous and either need intensive therapy or incarceration – before they do this kind of harm. Jesus Christ what an ass.

  • Jessie

    LOL @ “how my fellow sisters drive”. It’s not that I expect more from women/mothers, but that I would never trust a young man with my kids and I expect other women— no matter how desperate they are for child care—- to do the same. Sadly, I EXPECT a young man to act like an animal when left alone with children that aren’t his. I EXPECT a woman to not leave her children alone with an animal. Would you?

  • I think it’s pretty much always a surprise when someone violently beats a baby to death. Very rarely do you ever hear anyone say, “Yep, we totally saw that coming…”

    Surely you’ve been in a situation where, afterwards, you thought to yourself, “Why the hell didn’t I see that coming?” Hindsight is an advantage one can only enjoy (or torture oneself with) after the fact. Even if this guy had a temper (as lots of people do), it’s not normal to extrapolate out to, “This person is going to beat my child (to death).” Unless he had abused the children before, that’s just not going to be the logical conclusion of that particular train of thought.

  • Mz. Aquafina

    I agree with you Tex but you can’t make a man be a father if he doesn’t want to and their family sometimes is just as trifling. I have a 7 yr old daughter and I work full time. Her father has only provided support for 6 months of her life. His parents made it difficult for me to even get him served with child support papers. They don’t do a thing to pick up his slack neither. Sometimes I think his parents condone his behavior. Like they say, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  • patrickdh10

    This is a horrible story and I hate reading about babies and children suffering or losing their one chance at life by those who are supposed to love and protect them.
    I realize in this day and age we live in a so called ‘Civilized Society’ but sometimes I believe the punishment should mirror the crime. I would not have a problem with this baby killing coward being beaten with that same belt once a week for the rest of his worthless life. It has been suggested there should be a law called the Adult Death/Life Penalty,if you kill a child,you will be executed. If you intentionally seriously harm a child, Life in prison. I could live with that.

  • Defafan

    I doubt that POS was even changing the kid’s diaper, somebody who obviously doesn’t care if he violently murders a helpless one year old isn’t going to care enough to change a diaper. Just an excuse, probably got annoyed that the child was talking or god forbid making noise while having fun doing 1 year old things during one of thug-guy’s favorite shows… SICKENING. Good choice on the babysitter Mom. Hope his D was worth it.

  • anonymous

    If a man saw you homeless andand, paid for a hotel room for your kids and you to be off the street would you feel that if he cared enough to see us off the street that he would care for my kids enough for me to go to work so that I could provide for them? That’s how she felt. She was in a desperate situation; homeless with two kids.

  • LuvsHorror

    I never changed them without a cloth over their water gun.

  • thinkaboutit75

    Why oh Why do these whores keep trying to turn these non-working pieces of shit into babysitters for other mens children. It’s as much her fault as it is his. When will it end, I’ve read like five or six of these in the last couple months and they have all been about the same. Some piece of shit that’s not man enough for anyone else gets with them, lays around all day while she goes to work and he keeps the kids. Then when they do what kids do, cry, interrupt their video game, football game or just happen to be there when they are tweaking…they end up dead!!! They should go ahead and get the other out of their. I’m sure it’s not the first time his temper has gone to far but these dumb chicks want a man so bad they say screw my innocent child. Sick of this shit…..

  • Jessie

    There are plenty of shelters in the Tampa area. In fact, I have a good friend who is currently homeless in Florida (by choice–she left her worthless baby daddy) and will receive transitional housing soon. She has a two year old son with her and they live in a shelter. And my single mom managed to raise my sister and I without boarding us in a Motel 6 with a stranger. It was tough, but we made it work.

  • RobotSocks

    My boyfriend has a RIDICULOUS temper, he would kick the shit out of someone and not think twice about it, but when it comes to our boys he’s the biggest soppiest sissy ever. I’ve seen him punch and kick and throw shit when he gets mad, but never around the kids. But, it would completely shock me if he ever hurt one of the boys, because as aggressive as he can be, it’s never directed toward them. He has nothing but love for them.

    So, I do agree. Just because someone is naturally hot tempered doesn’t automatically brand them as a baby killer.

    But, fuck this guy, he’s clearly a baby killer, and I’d love to see him try to beat the guy in prison to death for pissing on him after finding out why he’s in there.

  • Kerry

    Once again, I am speechless. I had infertility for 10 years. I became a mom through adoption. I waited 19 months to adopt a baby. There are so many more parents that want to adopt than there are babies. I know there are tons of older kids who are needing a home and available. Its not about many couples would be thrilled to gave a baby of any race a home! Why are children seen as nothing..throw away…? Any number of people would have loved to give this baby a home. Clearly, his mom wasn’t giving him a good life!! Please, make an adoption plan for your child if you can’t make good choices!!!

  • Twisted1

    My son got my hubby on day two of his life while still in hospital. Hubby was able to turn him mid stream while I was out talking to a doctor. My wonderful hubby failed to mention that he turned our son in the direction of my bed. When I crawled back into it and asked why it’s wet he just started laughing. Said if he had to wear it so did I. Lol

  • Jessica Storton

    The idea of my sweet baby crying, crying for me, mommy, mommy hurt..dear God. I hope she loved him enough to be in excruciating agony right now. I hope she dreams about what happened to her baby every night. Maybe if she does, she can still turn life around for the other child. I think the punishment should fit the crime. Beat this man every time he pees until he dies, no medical attention, no comfort. No food, but by all means, copious amounts of water.

  • SayAnything

    Story after story reflects the same thing, momma’s too immature to care for her precious child. Or children. For some reason, it seems like when people shouldn’t breed they not only have 1 kid but 2,3,or 4. So she leaves them with her current cum-machine not a thought about his personality or who he is just the way they screw and the innocents end up paying for it. Glad that sex is the basic control of the world, that and money. Poor little boy. No one deserves to die that way.

  • slowbutsteady

    Is it me or does anyone else find that there are an unusual large amount of fucking morons that live in Flori-DUH??? I hope & pray he gets his fair share of beatings by his future cell mates that no doubt will “lose control” when he goes to prison. Fly with the angels baby boy.

  • I appreciate your perspective Kerry, but it’s a bit out of line with statistics. At any given time in the U.S., there are hundreds of thousands of children in the adoption and foster care systems. There may be more parents wanting to adopt than there are babies, but the backlog suggests that many are unable. And, it’s kinda is about race. White children are adopted at a substantially higher rate than children of other races. Black children are actually cheaper to adopt as a result.

    Congratulations on adopting. I hope to do the same one day. But this nation’s answer lies in education and increased access to birth control. The adoption and foster care systems simply can’t handle the kids they have, much less an increase.

  • 1DireWolf

    That is true and I am only blaming the asswipe for the death, but if someone loses control that quickly, people around them know it. I used to have a major problem with rage, and although I never killed anyone or anything, every one around me knew it. But his level of crazy is more than rage.

  • Robyn Singleton

    The mom WAS trying to give her kids a good life, in the best way she probably if she was layed up with this dude just getting high all day, then i could see how your comment makes sense…But it doesnt..she was trying..she was working, she wasn’t sleeping on the street.

  • Kat

    I think it’s sad that there are more posts here condemning the mother than the actual perpetrator. I also wish she hadn’t left the kids with this monster, and I’m sure she wishes it with all her heart now. The fact is though that he is the one that beat the baby. Every time we blame the mother we are taking some of the responsibility for his actions away from him, and god knows, he needs to be accountable for every inch of those actions he took. Her mistake was not a deliberate attempt to harm her kids, she appears to have been a good mum, the kids had a home, she was working, there’s no indications of prior abuse. His actions were deliberate, he chose to beat that child, chose to lie about it afterwards. He is where the blame should rest.

  • Nicole Wright

    You’re kidding, right?! You obviously don’t know shit about car seat safety. First of all, the APA has recommended a child remain rear facing until 2, this has been their recommendation for at least 3 years. Second, rear facing IS safer. It’s safer for a 2 year old, it’s safer for a 5 year old. Do you not even do basic fucking research when it comes to your child’s safety?? Google bitch. And you say you were furious at another mother for actually keeping her child safer…. That’s what we call “going full retard.” Fucking moron.

    P.S. Here’s just one article detailing the benefits of rear facing. Seriously, you should get the google on your ‘puter.

  • Jessie

    Listen you shriveled up nasty cunt, rear facing is only safer when a child is of a certain height and weight. Age should have NOTHING TO DO WITH THE LAWS. Thanks for your swedish website but there is NO PROOF that a child weighing more than 20 pounds is any safer facing the back of the car than facing the front of the car. All rear-facing seats have a weight limit of 30-35 pounds and my 22 month old weighs just that. Will I shove her into a rear-facing seat to placate a neurotic and over-protective douche canoe such as yourself? Nope! She get’s to look at what mommy looks at because THAT’S THE LAW. 20 pounds and you turn it around bitch.

  • Nicole Wright

    Lol at your entire pathetic response. You are no fucking better than this mom who chose the convenience of having her man babysit despite the possible risks. You want your baby to have a better view so you ignore scientific FACT by facing her forward. So, despite the risks of forward v. rear facing you choose convenience. You’re a negligent piece of shit. God forbid something happen to your child in an accident because it will be your fucking fault. You are EXACTLY like the women who make it onto this site for leaving their kids in hot cars, home alone, or with pedo/abusive men. Negligence is negligence. Willful negligence makes you a piss poor parent. You are wrong that all rear facing car seats have a max weight of 35 lbs. My britax marathon rear faces to 40 lbs and there’s other seats that rear face to 45 lbs. You probably wouldn’t dream of spending $200 on a car seat though.

    As for your ridiculous argument that it’s not a LAW, who gives a flying fuck?! There’s no law where I live that sets a minimum age for a child to stay home by herself but you wouldn’t leave your 22 month old home by herself, right? Or maybe you would. Face your kid forward from day one, I couldn’t care less, but don’t spew illogical and flat out DANGEROUS ideas because you think you know it fucking all. And take a defensive driving class for Christ sake. You could be the safest driver in the goddamn world, but the people on the road with you may not be so good.

  • Malodorous

    So I suppose the Swedes must be working on a new car design with rear-facing driver’s seats? With either some complicated arrangement of mirrors or a dashcam fed to a monitor for the driver? If the latter, I see problems when the camera, feed, and/or monitor fail in mid-drive.

  • Nicole Wright

    Oh and here’s a link from the good ol’ US of A for you to peruse

  • Nicole Wright

  • Jessie

    As I said, you neurotic and over – protective cunt, the laws in the United States are based on safety tests and statistics. I have a very expensive safety first seat, btw, that I placed in the MIDDLE of the back seat, where it’s safest to have your child. Did you research that you dick trickle? I got news for ya, we all survived when the laws weren’t so severe. Age one, twenty pounds, and you turn it around. Do you REALLY think, in a horrific accident, that the direction your kid is facing will matter? And if you live in a land where there is no minimum age to leave a child home alone, it’s time to move. I’m guessing your kids walk around with helmets and knee – pads on too, yes?

  • Jessie

    Quiet you :-p

  • Nicole Wright

    No I’m more of a free range parent, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to ignore evidence based research because “we all survived” the old way. FFS.

    FYI- my state is one of 29 with no law regarding age at which children can be left alone. I think I’ll stay here anyway. I don’t need a law to tell me that some things are safe and some are not. It’s called common fucking sense. But you’re waaaaay too high up on your fucking horse to have any of that

  • Jessie

    Yes, the air is cleaner up here, won’t you join me? And you’re not too intelligent if you believe age is the important factor for car wrecks. It’s the weight of the child and location of the seat in the back that truly matter. I did my homework, thanks.

  • Jessie

    Yes, the air is cleaner up here, won’t you join me? And you’re not too intelligent if you believe age is the important factor for car wrecks. It’s the weight of the child and location of the seat in the back that truly matter. I did my homework, thanks.

  • Nicole Wright

    Your reading comprehension is not so good. Nowhere did I relate age to rear facing except to point out the APA’s recommendation. Like I said, I couldn’t care less how you choose to parent your child, but I do take issue with the fact that you are willfully neglecting SIMPLE safety recommendations while claiming to be morally and intellectually superior.

    One narcissistic wench’s outdated opinion<Science, bitch

  • Well, I perused it (you did too, right?) and it clearly states “Use of an RFCS, in accordance with restraint recommendations for child
    size and weight, is an excellent choice for optimum protection up to a
    child’s second birthday.”

    1.) According to your own source, this information applies only to those 0 – 23 months. Jessie was bitching about an uptight woman who is rear-facing a child who is 24+ months old.

    2.) Jessie stated quite clearly that size and weight is the important element, not age. Your source confirmed this.

    3.) The source even states that the benefit only pertains to side impacts, and is “statistically insignificant” for frontal crashes.

    You stated it’s still safer at two and at five. Provide statistics, or quiet your foul mouth. That first link you provided is devoid of any links to actual research, and the numbers they throw out contradict the data in your NIH link.

    Owning a pool is substantially riskier than not if you have young children, but many people do, because owning a pool is an enjoyable experience for kids, and we often take risks to that end. Are pool owners negligent?

    We’re not talking about strapping a kid to the roof, hon. We’re talking about flipping them around at an appropriate age… something that presents a mere 15% increase in risk of injury in a side-impact crash, but makes the experience much more enjoyable for many children.

  • Jessie

    Thank you! God you are so much nicer and more articulate than me sometimes…. oh who am I kidding. All the time.

  • Jessie

    It’s only a reccomendation that was put out there so people like you would buy the expensive rear-facing models for toddlers. The laws are based on safety tests and statistics. I don’t listen to recommendations. They are for easily swayed morons. I listen to science and statistics.

  • Nicole Wright

    “Children up to four years of age would be better protected in cars if they travelled rearward-facing in a suitable child restraint, rather than forward-facing as is the usual practice in most of Europe. Suitable seats are widely used in the Nordic countries, but are not readily available in the rest of Europe. The law and the supply of seats, together with the information for parents, are in urgent need of revision. These are the conclusions of a study commissioned by ANEC looking at the lessons to be learned from accidents in the UK, US and Sweden.
    ANEC undertook the study to evaluate the limits of protection offered by both forward and rearward-facing restraints for children up to four years of age. The US, Swedish and UK data showed that children in forward -facing seats suffered head, neck, chest and abdominal injuries in circumstances in which a rearward facing restraint would have provided much better protection. ANEC concludes, in common with all other researchers who have examined this topic , that the rearward-facing restraints offer a higher level of safety over forward-facing restraints to children at least up to the age of four years and would have prevented many fatalities had their use been more widespread.”

  • Okay, that’s a start. Now, what I’d like to know is what constitutes “much better protection”. This was not addressed in any point of that study. The NIH puts numbers to it. I’d like see someone else do the same. That 15% that the NIH lists just isn’t significant enough for me to call those who choose to face their 2-year-olds forward “negligent”.

    The study also said, “The time is right to examine carefully the merits of extending rearward restraints for children up to four years.”

    They only say that when their data is not sufficiently conclusive.

    But I will give you that such car seats are likely safer. Still, to call parent who don’t use them negligent? You realize that some cars are substantially safer than others, too, right? Are parents negligent if they don’t own a car maximized for child safety?

    I find it hard to believe you are of the free range variety if this logic of yours applies consistently.

  • I have this “mod” thing next to my name. I have to behave…

  • Jessie

    😀 Hahaha! Well then I’ll be your loud-mouthed obnoxious sister from another mother. Behaving is SO over-rated.

  • Jessie

    The American Dental Association recommends you brush your teeth three times a day. Are you making sure your kids do that? If not, you must be just as bad as the woman in this article!

  • Buffettgirl

    Shit – did this one forget to take her nipple clamps off or something? Personality disorder? Or just an egotisitical cunt by nature? I think it’s funny that she’s trying to shove “recommend” over “scientific fact” down YOUR throat, you being a bona fide scientist and all… =)

  • Nicole Wright

    I don’t personally do extended rear facing so I’m not arguing this based on my personal parenting choices. I adhere to the recommended 2 years because there’s no reason not to. It is irritating that moms like Jessie try to make others feel inferior for making different choices for their children. Calling a mom a moron because her opinion differs is ridiculous. Parenting is hard enough without all these bitchy, self righteous moms sneering down their noses at the moms who breastfeed/bottle feed/vaccinate/circumcise/keep intact/have too many kids/pierce a baby’s ears/feed their kids non-organic produce/rear face for 5 years/forward face at 9 months/ or whatever parenting choice they perceive as wrong or moronic.

    I brought up negligence to make a point about Jessie’s ASSumptions about the mother in this article. If that mother was negligent for making the calculated risk to leave her child with her boyfriend, then Jessie too would be negligent in making the calculated risk to forward face knowing that in an accident her child would be at a higher risk of injury. Do I think someone who forward faces earlier than recommended is negligent? Not necessarily. I generally think that a majority of mothers have the best intentions when it comes to making parenting choices. I also think that moms should be free to make those choices without condemnation or vilification.

  • Jessie

    Right? People recommend doing LOTS of things. I guess if you don’t listen to all the recommendations out there, you’re a negligent parent!!! My little sister gets nauseous when she has to face backwards on the subway, so I can only imagine how sitting backwards in a car would be uncomfortable for some. I allow my little girl to face the correct, normal direction whilst we are driving…. in total accordance with the law and current safety standards. And that makes me a moron? What a self-righteous cunt. This is why I stay away from mommy boards. I repeat. They are full of these bitches who think they are the best, most protective women in the world. Their kids are going to HATE THEM, but yes- they’re protected from whatever evil might be lurking!

  • Jessie

    You, my darling, attacked me for my opinion, let’s get it straight. I didn’t condemn or vilify anyone. I just called them morons. Morons blindly believe every recommendation given to them rather than going with the laws that are established by scientific testing. The mother in this article has already replied to me to let me know that YES, she accpeted a stranger’s offer for a cheap motel room in exchange for sex, I’m sure, and to get off the street. But she was desperate. So it was ok. Don’t compare me to that shit. As I’ve said before, when I’m in an article on this site, feel free to let her rip. And let’s keep the child seat discussions on Baby Center please.

  • Nicole Wright

    Don’t you mean people like us? I mean, seeing as you bought the expensive safety first car seat and all. I’m sure your choice was not made based on the safety of the seat since you apparently think a car seat is a car seat is a car seat.

  • Buffettgirl

    Crap – it’s back to tell you how horrible you are you negligent cunt… ;-P Safety Nazi Mama’s are SO annoying. Just one more reason I didn’t have kids, I didn’t want to deal with the Nazi Moms out there like this one!

  • Jessie

    I didn’t buy SHIT. That’s what baby showers are for. I did extensive research through Consumer Reports before requesting that seat.

  • Nicole Wright

    Please, oh wise one, enlighten me with the reasoning for a safety recommendation if not for scientific evidence. What exactly do you think the APA does? Hint, here’s a tidbit from their webpage: “The APA is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of all children and adolescents by promoting research, advancing a scholarly approach to education, developing innovations in health care delivery, advocating for an equitable child health agenda, and fostering leadership and career development of child health professionals.” Sounds like there might be a few bona fide scientists responsible for those recommendations after all.

  • Nicole Wright

    Where do you think the recommendations come from? You keep spouting off about scientific fact vs recommendations when in reality those who make the recommendations are scientists, scholars, and doctors. You claim to be a scientist but reject the overwhelming evidence in support of the rear facing recommendation. I’d be interested in reading those peer-reviewed, scientific articles that suggest rear facing is not safer. Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

  • Buffettgirl

    Piss off mmmkay? Look up recommend, look up scientific FACT, then you’ll have your answer. The English language can be incredibly subtle, but you appear to have a brain cell or two despite your rabid posts, you should be able to comprehend the difference between a recommendation and irrefutable scientific fact… Do be pissed at me that you came on here like some batshit douche-bag. I didn’t attack Jessie, YOU did. If you don’t want people to comment on your over zealous gash like behavior, don’t be such a bitch. You could have been a decent, normal person and presented your evidence to Jessie with a normal tone instead of acting like a complete cunt but you didn’t. So shut it already! Sheesh!

  • Jessie

    As Athena mentioned these recommendations are based on scientific tests where the data was INSIGNIFICANTLY different. There really is no advantage to keeping your three year old miserable and facing the back seat.

  • Nicole Wright

    How fucking old are you bitches? Can you not fucking read? I clearly fucking stated I don’t give two goddamn shits about your parenting choices and I couldn’t care less what you think about mine. My kids are allowed to be kids, they play and get dirty and sometimes they get hurt. I fucking know damn well I can’t keep them safe from every potential danger and I never claimed to try. Yes I choose to go the safest route when it comes to car seats and babies, are you really trying to make that seem like a bad thing?? I have experienced it all: fibrils seizures when one was 10 months, staples in my 8 year old’s head, football head injuries, my toddler tumbling down the stairs, another one falling face first into a treadmill, skinned knees, a dislocated shoulder, a broken pinky finger, a ripped off toenail, the list goes on. So please excuse me if I exercise caution in the one aspect of my children’s lives that I actually have an iota of control over their physical well being. You are exactly the mom you claim to hate, self-righteous, condescending, know it all, mother of all cunts. Keep projecting your insecurities hon, I see right through you.

  • Oh, so it’s all been one big miscommunication. Because I presume to speak on Jessie’s behalf, I can practically guarantee that it was the rear-facing advocate that was being the judgmental, self-righteous one, and Jessie asked her to provide some evidence to back up her self-perceived superiority.

    That was certainly my experience with the mommy boards that I lurked. Filled with women who were just waiting to publicly stone any mother that admitted to leaving their coffee tables un-bumpered or placing a Bumbo on an elevated surface. “What? You’re not rear-facing and breastfeeding your 14-year-old? You monster…”

    I won’t front. Jessie’s mad judgmental. But I have the benefit of being able to put her judgments in context. Believe it or not, it grows on you fairly quickly.

    Although, she had me with a pro-MSG comment long ago. I’ll still give her a hard time if I think she’s being a thick twat, though. I do believe this thread is evidence. And she’ll give me a hard time right back.

    So, let’s all settle down, shall we? Turns out, this was one big false alarm. 😛

  • Buffettgirl

    No – you don’t. You just THINK you do. There is a HUGE difference… We know Jessie, we don’t know you. We can pretty easily determine how Jessie means what she says. You, you come out guns blazing into a conversation two people that happen to know each other were having acting like a total cunt. Then you think you can psychoanalyze us? Pppffffttttt! Get a life you controlling BITCH!

  • Guest

    Get out of here!

  • Nathan Lovell

    Can we PLEASE stay on topic!?

  • Nathan Lovell

    What difference does it make? A child is dead!

  • Leasha

    So not ONE single guest at the hotel heard fucking shit?!! FUCK this happened in Florida.. this cunt will be out in a few months. I bet his gf is just dying to get her dose of dick back

  • Jessie

    Sorry Nate :-p

  • Aussie Sabbath

    Is it really that hard to just stick with the one baby-daddy these days?
    My friend’s cousin constantly parades new paramours in front of her very young son. Every weekend it seems she’s out with a different man. Something just does not sit right with me about that behaviour.

  • Aussie Sabbath

    I think she’s partly to blame, especially if she didn’t know the new penis for all that long.

  • Aussie Sabbath

    I wouldn’t leave a child with a new paramour. I’ve seen too many National Geographic docos about lions. A new male lion who takes over a pride will kill any cubs that are not related to him. Apparently it makes the females go back into heat quicker and makes room for his own DNA. I just extrapolate this theory and apply it to humans as well. It serves as some sort of logical explanation as to why Mum’s new sex toy kills her child.

  • Aussie Sabbath

    Lions. And what they do to cubs that aren’t related to them. ‘Nuff said.

  • Aussie Sabbath

    It’s like mum just can’t hold onto a baby-daddy any more. When baby-daddy leaves, they have to go out and find a replacement. Probably explains sometimes when they spend all their child support on getting their hair did and manicures and flashy clothes. Gotta tart up to find the next sperm donor.

  • Are motels considered homes now though?

  • Sounds like a bitch I know actually.

  • Kat

    You’re right and I am sure the guilt will take care of punishing her for that. I just dislike that the posts seemed to be placing MORE blame on her than the wombatard that beat the child to death. She had a responsibility to her child and she should have found a better care giver than she did…. but the deliberate murderous actions were done by Austin, he is the one that killed this child.

  • Kat

    Welllll it is a stretch…. but they had a roof over their heads and there’s no reports that the place was falling down, maggot and roach infested or contained kiddy cages, chains etc. Presumably they had beds, adequate food and clothing and shelter from the weather.

  • Delaney3030

    The fucking dumb batch just had bad judgement or no choice but to leave the baby there. Someone has to watch the kids while someone has to make the daily motel six rent.

  • Ronald

    The mother emailed you and told she accepted a strangers offer for a room in return for sex.? Unfortunately you were lied to by an individual who likes to spin lies. That is the furthest thing from the truth and its sad that this mothers life has been forever altered thanks to an evil selfish cruel inhumane act. This young woman and her 6 year old son have gone through pure hell since this has happened. They both have been under the care of a psychiatrist trying to cope with the heartbreaking event. She is a nice girl it breaks my heart and any parent would have to live through the murder of their child. For the record she was in the hotel room because her room mate abruptly left and didn’t tell her and left her with all of the bills she could not afford to pay everything by herself so she moved into the hotel to save money. The sad and cruel twist of fate she psid the down payment for an apartment the day her child was murdered. There are a lot of evil people walking this earth and we have no clue until the show that side of the. I personally apologized to this mother she went to my church had I known she was having financial difficulties I would have financially assisted. This is a cruel world we live in. And its sad when you find out people are not who the make them selves out to be. A grandmother was just in the news for killing her 7 year old grandson by stabbing him to death … Because she was tired of baby sitting. Are we going to Blame the parents because of an evil act by the of all people the grandmother. We have to learn to show a little compassion when people are hurting . I can’t imagine how these patents feel having their children taken away so violently. I can only pray that god guides them through this and help them to press on with their lives.

  • Jessie

    She didn’t email me Ronald, she replied she was desperate and rather than go to a shelter she accepted a stranger’s offer for a room. I only assumed he expected sex for it. Maybe she didn’t give it to him and he took it out on the child? Either way I agree he’s fully responsible. But I expect that behavior from a young man who is left to mind children that aren’t his. PS I’m a judgmental cunt.

  • captaingrumpy

    Not for long I dare say.

  • john doe

    Lol my son peed on me when he was A little baby and you know what I did?I laughed so much it hurt my stomach.Poor baby,its sad that we as A people,A society have been demoralized like this!!!Ive done some stupid things in my life,but stuff like this makes me feel like I really have not done anything really bad!I hope he rots or gets prison justice!!!

  • Nikki

    That’s not always the situation.. My fiancée is fantastic with kids n my child is not his,he actually took better care of his exs child then she did..she never fed him never paid attention to him he would always have to feed him after getting home from work Bc she said I couldn’t feed him he will not eat for me anyways!! He doesn’t like me…bitch I wonder why he doesn’t like U!! You sit on ur ass all day playing video games not feeding or changing your child!!! Sorry I don’t agree with that I do although agree with how about u get to know a bastard before leaving him home alone with your one year old child!! I wouldn’t trust anyone that offered me a hotel room while being homeless…lol right there would wave a signal in front of my face hello weird crazy guy offering a hotel room…. I hope the poor kids didn’t have to watch while mommy was getting pounded in the motel six that more then like didn’t have two conjoined rooms like four-five star hotels… Both the adults where in there wrong here she should of bucked up and did everything on her own instead she took the (easy) way .

  • I told my cousin i hate him and mom beat my ass for almost 6 hours.

  • Kim Graves

    that is very sad 🙁 i know that feeling all too well, i am sorry

    Beverly graves