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Jenna MontgomeryPORTLAND, OR– Two of the four teens we reported on earlier this year have been sentenced to prison after beating a 16-year-old boy and carving a swastika into his face.

Back in February, 15-year-old Jenna Montgomery lured Dustyn Murrain into a shed during a snowstorm. Waiting inside the shed where Blue Kalmbach, 15; Jess Taylor, 17; and Shane Connell, 14.

According to the initial reports, the three teens struck Murrain in the head with a crowbar, shot him in the chest, groin and index finger with a bb gun, forced him to swallow a cat turd, and then carved a swastika into his forehead. All four teens were quickly arrested after Murrain ran from the shed and called for help from a nearby service station.

Montgomery, Kalmbach, Taylor, and 14-year-old Shane Connell were arrested and charged with second-degree assault, first-degree kidnapping, criminal conspiracy to commit first-degree kidnapping and first-degree robbery.

The teens told police the motive was retaliation for Murrain’s bullying, but this was later called into question after several comments on news articles stated Murrain hadn’t lived in the area long and considered the teens his friends. The “bullying” was allegedly a derogatory comment Murrain made about one of the teens on Facebook.

Montgomery and Taylor both pleaded guilty to kidnapping, robbery and assault charges and sentenced on Thursday. Montgomery will serve nearly 10 years in prison, while Taylor was sentenced to more than seven years. According to the victim’s mother, the teens cried in court as they heard their sentences.

“There was a lot of tears on their side,” Kelli Murrain said. “I don’t know if it was because they don’t like the amount of time they’re getting or if they really feel remorse for what they’ve done. I’d like to think they do but I don’t know.” She added that her son was recovering from the attack with help from friends and family.

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As for Kalmbach, he will appear in court in August. Connell got lucky, because of his age, and was charged in juvenile court.

Jenna Montgomery, Jess Taylor, Blue "WTF" Kalmbach

Jenna Montgomery, Jess Taylor, Blue “WTF” Kalmbach

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  • t0ofIy

    I suspect these kids were charged under Oregon’s measure 11 laws. Meaning these kids will serve every day of their sentence behind bars, No early release. I’m not normally a fan of mandatory minimums but these psychos deserve hard time. I’m so glad they weren’t given a slap on the wrist.

  • t0ofIy

    They probably should have just executed the kid on the far right.

  • Muerte Roja

    For as much as these kids deserve extreme punishment, they will probably only be much worse off as humans once they get out of jail.

  • King A sshole

    I’m starting to think people wakeup in the morning and try to figure out how to end up on this site.

  • Delaney3030

    You’re not my boy, blue! YOU’RE NOT MY BOY!

  • MrTwoPlums

    Would you want to run the risk of having Razor McMawface there haunting you?

  • Lena60

    It was real easy for me, I just signed up. :p

  • Lena60

    I am glad they got charged.They could of killed this boy. I am sure they are not remorseful, just sad they got caught is all.

  • Lena60

    The site is not letting me view photos for some reason. I will have to come back later to take a looksie.

  • Buffettgirl

    I walked into the convenience store yesterday and overheard someone reading off the list of what they had done to that boy to the clerk from the Sunday paper. I was astonished. These kids are pure monsters and I dread the day they are returned to society…

  • Mandatory minimums are short-sighted, knee-jerk reactions applied with a broad brush in an attempt to address intricate justice system issues.

    I hope OR has spent equal attention on their rehabilitative efforts, or hard time will do nothing but turn these kids into further hardened criminals.

    These kids deserve plenty of incarceration, but if it’s not focused on turning them into better human beings, it’s focused on turning them into worse ones. Which is unfortunate when you consider this to probably be a “ring-leader” situation that leaves three offenders capable of relatively straightforward rehabilitation.

    We elect (and/or appoint) judges for their ability to… judge. And the Great Unwashed think they know better, banding together to tie the judge’s hands? It’s not sound social policy.

  • ZodiacKiller

    Did any of the articles say why they chose the swastika?

  • t0ofIy

    I completely agree. The sad fact is measure 11 is scary and the cops know it. Often times they will charge you with measure 11 crimes just to get you to plea guilty to a lesser charge. They scare you to the point that you will not even try to defend yourself because if you do lose the minimum sentence is about six years. .

  • Alexander Pataki

    Could have been an homage to Charles Manson, maybe? I dunno, maybe just to mess with the kid- if I had to think of things I wouldn’t want carved in my forehead, a swastika, or maybe a penis, would be neck and neck for #1.

  • Yeah, considering everyone pictured is white, I figure it won the “What will fuck with this kid’s life the longest?” vote.

  • Sejanus

    Awww they cwied in court.
    Too effing bad.
    Little pricks.
    They bawled cuz they were caught..nothing more.
    Like all bullies they shit their pants when it comes time to pony up for what they did.
    I relish the beatings and ass violations that await them in their new homes.

    Anyone know if the offending carvings could be cleared up on the victim?
    God I hope so.

  • itsknotme

    It’s a sad day for capitalism. Four youths, coming together, doing backyard research, trying to create the first domestic Kopi Luwak coffee. Hell, they’re not youths. They’re Entrepre-manures.

  • Ass violations?

    You’re advocating the anal rape of juveniles by adults? Because, you know, when it comes to juveniles in custody, the lion’s share of the raping is being done by faculty.

    Just so we’re clear.

  • Sejanus

    I advocate anything that makes these little peckers suffer for what they put another kid through.
    I advocate for violence to be visited upon the violent.

  • EmilyClocke

    I hope the kid’s forehead doesn’t scar. Imagine how awful it would be to walk around with a swastika scar on your face for the rest of your life.

  • These kids should be fine, they look like they are real tough and able to defend themselves..haha

  • So then you are also wishing for the ones doing the ass-raping to also be ass-raped by people who would also be ass-raped, and so on, and so on. Basically, you are wishing for a neverending cycle of ass-raping? That’s a LOT of ass-rape. 😛

  • Miss Monday

    I’m dying at these comments they are way too fucking funny mahaaha

  • Miss Monday

    Yeah dude rape is like super not okay ever no matter what. its just the worst you can do to someone else.

  • Miss Monday


  • If it’s not an activity you’d be willing to perform personally, you should probably steer clear of advocating it.

    …and if it’s an activity you’d be willing to perform personally… mind posting a picture of yourself so I know who not to accept a drink from the next time I’m out? 😛

  • lololololol.

    It’s too early for this picture of an infinite, human centipede-like ass-raping chain that I’ve now got in my head.

    Actually, I don’t think there’s ever a good time of day for that, come to think of it.

  • Chinchillazilla

    Because she’s the goddess of wisdom, law, and justice, obviously.

  • Chinchillazilla

    Yeah, I’d rather be murdered than raped, honestly.

  • LuvsHorror

    Imagine if he was forced to eat a turd and it was smeared all through his braces?

  • Sejanus

    Yes, yes it is. And I would make a fortune in Lube futures.
    You figured me out. 😀

  • Sejanus

    Sorry butts are exit only in my universe…and I don’t

  • Sejanus

    And where do you think the kid walking around with an effing swastika thinks THAT hits on the scale of what is worst?

  • Miss Monday


  • I like the way you think.

  • Miss Monday

    I’ve been there so I’m telling you, thagt kid should thank his lucky fuckin stars they ddidn’t rape him, which is conceivable since this crime seems to be one focused on power. Ill stop here though cuz its a real fuckin prick ass move to compare traumas.

  • Miss Monday

    I’m hoping there are no scars either. I hope they did it with a tack or something so it heals okay.

  • Jessie

    Is it wrong that I think the worst part of their crime involved the cat turd? EWWWWWW. I don’t know why that bothers me so much.

  • AD Fkin Ate

    its funny to say that out loud from the bottom

  • AD Fkin Ate

    Well what can you say really I mean who hasn’t wanted to just carve a swastika in someones head like YAHHHHHHHHHHHH TAKE THAT AH HA… But seriously they need to stop watching those rob zombie movies pretty sadistic shiT

  • Taster’sChoice

    EWWWWW. Wow, I guess that’s example of an “eye for an anus.” Thanks for that Morbid. You had a couple zingers today!

  • Taster’sChoice

    And all of that retaliation was over an insult of some sort on Facebook? From what I gather, his punishment didn’t fit his crime. These chicks, particularly the ringleader is psycho. And fuck the two others for not leaving as soon as the crowbar hit this guy. Even at a young age and despite the gang mentality angle, if I had seen that happen at 15 I’d have wanted no part of it and I’d have run to get him help myself. Don’t get me wrong, I made bad choices and was a fuckup at 15 – 25, but I am SURE I was smart enough to know, even by then, to hell with my parents and their wrath; I’d have known at 15 that I’d be in a HEAP of LEGAL TROUBLE if I didn’t. I’m glad they got this mandatory minimum if true, but can see how that could be mis-appropriated. In this case I don’t believe it is.

  • Taster’sChoice

    I’m glad you stopped there because I already had the visual of them ass raping him with a rake handle. You know, the wooden kind that has yellow paint that is flaking off. Good, now you have it in your mind too. lmao

  • Taster’sChoice

    That reminds me of the time in college I got in a fight with a “friend” and didn’t take our jostling around to be “serious.” He basically jumped me at a party when I was drunk over nothing (he was jealous his bestie had become mine I think) Anyway, Once I realized otherwise and I was getting my ass kicked and was upside down over a bush getting my head punched into the building, I spun my beer bottle around and knocked him in the head with my Red Dog bottle (I did say it was college, right?) Somehow I managed to hold it the whole time. He ended up with what looked like a superman looking cut in his forehead which required 10 stitches. I got cut too – just so you know the bottle usually breaks in your hand – I got 2 stitches. I used to say 2 in the hand is worth 10 on the head. He had super short hair so I’m sure to this day remnants of that remain. I hope so. I’m sure he turned out to be quite the cop he was studying to be. Scary because he has issues and probably shouldn’t have the power of the badge based on my experience.

  • Buffettgirl

    Pissing off Mom was NOT worth doing ANYTHING that would have gotten me into this kind of trouble. Shit, the woman still scares me and she’s 71! =)

  • “I got cut too – just so you know the bottle usually breaks in your hand”
    I learned to throw it at an early age 🙂

  • Miss Monday

    that’s terrible. I’m a survivor of sexual violence and I seriously don’t wish that on anyone.

  • I dont condone or call for the rape of anybody but I am aware that if you put a group of aggressive men in cells for a lengthy period with no women around that shit can get weird and lead to unwanted man love. I believe this is common knowledge so therefore if someone commits a crime and gets themselves locked away and are not able to defend themselves against such things then it is their own fault. My point is I dont wish rape on anybody but in cases like this one I just dont give a shit.

  • Why did you have to force that image on me?

  • Don’t forget useful arts & crafts…


  • CT

    OMG, cracked me up with this one. Just great, this is one of those comments for me that I will be somewhere totally inappropriate and this will pop into my head — I will explode into hysterical fits of laughter.

  • Christopher Peterson

    No one will miss this brain trust. I hope they get what’s coming to them when they are locked up.

  • Christopher Peterson

    Poop coffee is delicious when it comes from a Civet. I do not think the results would be the same passing through a teenager. They eat too much crap. Pun intended.

  • Ursula Pine

    after you see one after another budding psychopath come through various areas of the system, it is pretty dang hard to be all oh, we have to be compassionate, and liberal and idealistic and oh, prison will only make them worse…especially when you see them come back again and again and the things they do getting worse and worse. I mean come on this isnt like a kid pushing someone or calling them a name, or talking crap on social media, they fucking shot this dude in the chest, made him eat shit and carved into his flesh. Fuck them.