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Mason ZisetteSAN DIEGO, CA – Mason Zisette, a 16-year-old high school junior, died after he struck a freeway bridge while standing on the top section of a double-decker tour bus.

The bus had been chartered for another teen’s private birthday party on Thursday and was traveling about 45 mph on the San Diego Freeway when the incident occurred.

The bus had 45 passengers, most under 18 years old, along with some adult chaperons who were in the lower section of the open-roof bus.

Witnesses say about two dozen teens were dancing on the top level of the bus at around 8 pm as they passed under the Vitae Street overpass. Zisette may have been dancing on a seat cushion with his back to the freeway signs when his head and hands slammed into the sign.

Zisette collapsed to the floor and was carried to the lower section until help arrived. He was taken to UCLA Harbor General Hospital where he would die on Saturday.

In 2012 we reported on Daniel Fernandez, another 16-year-old boy who died on a party bus after hitting his head. He was with a group of teens headed to a party when he decided to stick his head out an emergency hatch on the roof of the bus. He happened to do this just as the bus was passing under the Fletcher Avenue Underpass.

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  • Vincents_Sin

    “This party’s awesome! Mason, meet sign. Sign, Mason.”

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    Dancin’, dancin’, DANCIN’ …BLONG!

  • DeweyCheatam

    he’s (no longer) a dancin’ machine, ooh baby, do it baby ….

    We are so old.

  • Buffettgirl

    White boys just can’t dance… (I know, I KNOW, I’m SO going to hell…)

  • Charlie Nonya

    SMDH at these comments. Someone died and all you guys joke about it. Prayers to the Zisette family.

  • King A sshole

    Do people wakeup dumber every day?

  • Cinemasochist

    You must be new here.

  • mean birch


  • Dilligaff-y


    Poor kid. Who hasn’t done something incredibly stupid? I know a certain someone who used to ride on the hood of cars while her friends did donuts out at the gravel pits. No names.

  • Malodorous

    I can’t wait until they pass a law forcing all buses to slow down/stop before every overpass on the off chance that some idiot passenger is sticking their head out an overhead hatch or dancing on the roof.

  • Alexander Pataki

    Man, I did even stupider shit when I was that age, I guess I was just lucky

  • Chinchillazilla

    I expect you’ll get over it.

    Or under it. Just try not to hit it.

  • Alexander DeLarge

    I’m glad I can go down to the comments section and laugh. Especially since this article just genuinely depressed me.

  • Sejanus

    This must be prevented from happening in the future.
    They must raise all overpasses so that stupid entitled little rich dicks can act like poncing fucks without fear of cracking open their melons.
    This should never have happened had the municipality only had the foresight to make over passes at a minimum clearance of 30 feet.
    Think of the children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Previous generations had Vietnam to thin the herd, now we rely on party vehicles to do it.
    We have advanced so very much.

  • Sara

    It’s really hard to feel sympathy for someone who contributed to his own demise by doing something incredibly stupid. There’s a good reason kids are told to keep their heads and arms inside moving vehicles; this is why.

  • thinkaboutit75

    However unfortunate this may be, we live or die by our choices. In an attempt to noticed he lost his head

  • itsknotme

    As children grow, their motor skill develop. This is why they go from “duck, duck, goose” to “duck, duck, overpass.”

  • kcjosh

    It’s a shame to because by all accounts he had a good head on his shoulders.

  • JohnQknowitall

    All his hopes and dreams ended with a thud…

  • Charlie Nonya

    Well i guess. He still lost his life though

  • Leasha

    Moron. Natural selection at its finest.

  • sharpey

    no, we we need selective breeding so all idiots whether rich or poor are all under 4’6″ so they still have a chance in life

  • Sejanus

    Only Peter Dinklage may make baby batter yogurt…lol

  • 1DireWolf

    Who among us did NOT do stupid shit when we were his age? I know I did. I feel bad for his family and friends.

  • 1DireWolf

    Hell, I used to jump onto moving trains and then back off. Also played “Superman”

  • takurospirit

    This would also have people needing less food and water. Taking up less resources. You’re on to something. Let’s start selectively breeding us all to be little people. It’s good for the environment.

  • Bill Smith 999935

    I bet that left a splat mark.

  • Sara

    Not everyone does stupid shit when they’re young. I didn’t. Unless you count studying and reading as stupid. My brother, now, there was a Darwin award waiting to happen. He went surfing during a hurricane, swam in a drainage ditch during a flood (we have a ton of cotton mouths here!) and lit a bottle rocket off from his pants. If something were to happen to him, oh yeah, I’d mourn. That’s my only sibling. But I’d also be saying, “Yep. He was a dipshit.”
    I still don’t feel sorry for the kid, but I do concede that I feel bad for those who loved him. It’s hard to lose someone you care for, regardless of the circumstances.

  • Sara

    True. I’m not exactly celebrating his demise, since it was unfortunate and innocent enough. But I’m not that broken up about it, either, because it was entirely preventable.

  • Der Mac

    He’s only dumb in that he placed trust in a society that is stupid and corrupt enough to allow open-air double-decker buses to be driven around with dancing passengers on freeways.

  • Sara

    Admittedly, the whole concept of an open-air double-decker bus with dancing passengers being driven around is rather inane. And it seems more than a little unsafe. I certainly wouldn’t allow my son on something like that! But I also teach him to keep his head and arms inside a moving vehicle, and that our safety begins and ends with us.

  • Der Mac

    That’s a fine individual philosophy, but it does nothing to address the greater problem, that such an assinine idea was allowed to hit the road and keep rolling.

    Mommy can’t always be there to keep peer pressure from taking its toll. This reminds me of how any Tom, Dick or Harry called himself a bungee jumping expert and impressionable young people were left to take the fall.

    The same goes for these parasailing “instructors”.

  • Sara

    I think you and I are focusing on two different social ills. You are concerned with unsafe, idiotic things that people encourage others to do for fun, like having a party on a moving bus with no roof and minimally-trained bungee jumping and parasailing instructors. These are valid concerns. You’re absolutely right–there was no reason that such an accident waiting to happen should have been on the road. My focus on the matter is that there’s a way to stay safe even when engaging in a potentially dangerous activity. I’m not an overly adventurous person, but I haven’t exactly stayed inside in a bubble-wrap cocoon all my life, either 🙂
    It really irks me when people fail to take responsible for their own safety. I feel that when so many people want government regulations to protect them, personal freedoms are eventually infringed upon. Every time the government comes up with a law meant to protect people from their own carelessness, I cringe, because I know that, somehow, they’re going to take it too far and it’s going to be interpreted into some ridiculous caricature of its former self. If people were taught from an early age to be vigilant and responsible for their own safety, we wouldn’t need “nanny” laws and fewer people would die from such unnecessary accidents. (I know, I know…If ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ were candy and nuts, we’d all have a Merry Christmas.)
    But it’s easier to pass laws to enforce common sense than to actually cultivate it. In the end, it becomes a vicious cycle. The more laws passed, the less responsibility is learned and the more our freedoms become chipped away, one law at a time.